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Day 20

Friday, October 14, 2011

emoticon So I've worked out 16 days of the last 20 since I started trying the 10 minute daily workout streak plan... I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! The other day I even shocked myself when I realized I wasn't wondering "if" I was going to work out, I was wondering "how" I'm going to work out... didn't know if I felt like walking the dog, or doing a kettlebell workout or getting on the wii for a while. I hardly even (mentally) fight with myself about it anymore... my body just kind of expects that it's going to happen and deals with it...

On top of the fact that it's getting easier to talk myself into it... 10 minutes is usually not just 10 minutes... it usually turns into 20 or 30... and I've walked a 5k each of the last 3 weekends in a row! And I've signed up to do 3 more virtual 5k races... I just want to get faster at it.... Unfortunately, I don't think I'm losing any weight because I can't get my hand to stop shoveling food into my mouth but at least getting myself to work out relatively consistently is a start.


Day 9

Monday, October 03, 2011

So I've worked out 8 days out of the last 9! Ok, so some days it's only 10 minutes or so, but hopefully I'm working on creating a habit.... it was definitely much easier to get ready to workout today than 9 days ago when I had to force myself. It seemed like my body just assumed my brain was going to make it work out so it didn't argue too much

And the weekend I was so scared of turned out really well... I didn't have much plans and I managed to work out WAY more than I expected... I just REALLY hope I'm not reading this 6 months from now and wondering how I had the energy to do it... Hopefully I'm still working at it... now if only I could stop eating so much! Food is just too good!


Wind energy

Friday, September 30, 2011

So we got a cool front in today and it brought with it some serious energy... for me, at least.... or maybe I was just punishing myself for not working out yesterday.

Either way, I walked the dog 1.26 miles then went to a different trail and walked myself 3.53 more miles.... then while watching the latest Grey's Anatomy, I did some upper body weight lifting. Quite a successful morning.

So far I have 450 minutes for the month and I'm seriously considering trying to squeeze in another 50 minutes of work out so I can get that 500-minute trophy, but I'm not sure my foot will let me. Annnnd I think I want a bike but I have no idea where to begin on what kind I'd want/need so I'll keep thinking on that... maybe I should wii for a while and see if I can get 50 minutes out of that.

Oh, for the first time ever on my fitness tracking page, there was a blurb at the bottom about going over your calorie burning goals.... hm... who knew that would happen?! emoticon


Day 4

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Well I made it through day 4 of my workout streak! When I woke up I didn't think I was going to do it.... I keep telling myself "it's only 10 minutes".... so why is 10 freakin minutes so hard?!.... and it's not that I'm too busy to find the time.... I just don't feel like doing it... I'd rather sit on the couch and watch tv! or read! or anything else! But I did it anyway. I'm worried that the weekend is coming up and I'll slack off... Hopefully not though... Hopefully I'll work (some of) my butt off!


2nd day

Monday, September 26, 2011

So I managed 12 minutes on the dreadmill... and then I did some upper body weights... not much but it's more than I wanted to do!

And then I went to pick up a sandwich and when the guy at the window didn't hear my order for the sour cream & onion chips I didn't correct him (although I REALLY wanted the chips)... anyway, that's a couple hundred more calories I didn't eat so I think that counts for something.

So, the 2nd day of the 10-minute exercise per day streak is a success... here's hoping day 3 works out as well! emoticon


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