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It's Cold Outside!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh my goodness! I have never run when it was so cold outside I could see my breath! I was VERY cold my first lap, then got progressively warmer. By my last lap I had shed my jacket and on the cool down I took off my hat and gloves. It was 43 F with 10 mile winds, wind chill 38F but I put in 6k in 48 minutes!

My Kohl's purchases were well worth the money, by halfway through I was warm except when I was going into the wind. YAY! No more "it's too cold to run" excuses!


Week 2 c25k

Monday, January 17, 2011

It was REALLY cold here in OK last week so I didn't run at all until Saturday. I ran mostly 60 second intervals from week 1, but every now and then I got distracted by how nice a day it was or my own thoughts or whatever and had run 90 seconds before I realized it.

Today will be the first run day of training week 2. I'm really excited, DH let me go shopping for some warmer running clothes. I read some of the threads and went to kohl's, sale + coupon = more clothes! I got 2 pairs of pants and 1 base layer shirt and 2 heavier wicking shirts. I was really sad because the under armor heat gear at academy was $50 per piece, and I got all that plus a tank and shorts to wear in my race for $90. It looks cold outside today, I'm going to try it out and see how warm I stay. I really don't like to be cold.

I haven't found anyone to go running with me, but it is great motivation to be signed up as a team for a race. I have to train so I don't let my team down. I like it!



Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The race was a huge success and I finally feel like I have my life back. We made a lot of money, met a lot of dog owners and grew several rescues and businesses in the process. It totally unraveled my fitness routines though. By October I was working on the race 10 hours a day everyday trying to tie up lose ends and get everything ready. I'm ready to get back to taking care of myself and my family.

We took a wonderful vacation to South Padre Island, TX the week between Christmas and New Year. Coming back home to cold Oklahoma was hard. But walking everywhere during vacation definitely kick-started by "it's spring get outside" itch.

I restarted the couch to 5k program this morning, even though it was COLD. It felt good to run again. I have 116 days to the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. The Ghost Runners 5k prompted several of the dog rescue volunteers to start running and they liked it so much we are running as a relay team in the OKC Marathon. I'm really excited.

My goals are to do the 28 day challenge twice and the C25K for a total of 8 weeks and then spend the next 8 weeks building speed and distance to hopefully finish the 10K leg in just under an hour. If I lost 10-15 pounds in the process, that would be awesome! I'd like to lose 20 pounds and get to my original (like 2+ years ago original) goal of 135.

Since I have 16 weeks and 4 days, I'm going to do a blog once a week to update on progress emoticon


Update on everything

Thursday, September 02, 2010

So I survived the HCG Diet and stabilization period, I lost 30 pounds and a ton of inches. I can run a half mile without stopping, walk a little and do it again. I need to add strength training, but I don't know why I can't make myself do it. I know I'm a little afraid of the Insanity video still, even though I bet I can do better with it now than in May, I think I'm just tired of doing the bootcamp videos, even though they are short, I'm thinking about going through the DVD's this weekend and seeing if something inspires me.

I've been committing 2-3 hours a day to working on the race
in order for it to be an event people want to come back to next year. Every time I think I have won a battle, I step on a land mine. I talked a screen printer into printing our shirts 2 color front, 1 color back, for $0.75 each. Do you know how ridiculously cheap that is??? The next day I find out the last order he filled for a friend of mine, he melted 48% of the order. At $6 for a tech shirt, I can't afford to order an extra 50% just in case he melts them!!!!!

I got a god deal on portable restrooms, there are no problems on that front and it is a very important front when you're expecting 600-700 people for 6 hours. I've contacted every grocery store in town to provide food for our runners tent and I'm not getting any response. I've contacted restaurants for coupons and or catering, no response, print shops tell me I'll have a bid by end of day, 3 days later still no bid, will they be three days late with my posters too???? Fundraising, OH GOODNESS, I know dogs aren't people, but ferrel animals cost the government tons of money every year, all we are trying to do is promote adoption from rescues and shelters and spaying and neutering. You'd think sometimes when I contact these companies that I'm asking for millions of dollars to shred and burn. I'm just a little scared that after I make it through the other side of this 5k I'm going to be burned out so badly that I don't want to speak to anyone for a few months, or ever.

Also, DH's guard unit is getting ready to receive their UAV's so he will be gone, again, for months, again. Thank God all three children are in school now or there wouldn't be any time for me to work on the race at all. Also, the FRG (Family Readiness Group, sorry) is getting into gear and I have those responsibilities.

God's graced rained upon dance and soccer though. I drive a lot on dance/soccer nights, but they are on the same nights and not too far apart this year, so we actually have more time home than last year and less asking for favors from friends to get them where they need to be.

So, I thank God for the small miracles of port-a-potties and schedules and I pray for strength and patience as I try to get all the loose ends of the race and FRG events tied together. I pray for sponsors and soft hearts in a hard economy and for all lives that are homeless, alone, hungry both animal and human, for something I can do to make a difference.


Getting back in the groove

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

So, I updated my spark page today. And I'm blogging. I haven't done either of those things in a while. As I mentioned on my spark page, I'm starting at the beginning, building up my strength and endurance. I'm doing the couch to 5K program, I'm doing the sweatsuit to swimsuit boot camp videos, I'm doing the HCG diet. Perhaps that seems like a lot all at the same time, but I'm feeling better than I have since October. I don't know if it's because the sun is FINALLY shining, winter and spring were nearly the death of me with all the snow and rain and clouds. I don't know if it's that DH has a steady job that pays the bills and that stress is gone. I don't know if it's that I'm back under 160, which is a magical number that somehow controls my mood and life outlook. I either have to change my emotional attachment to my body or find a way to lose all the weight forever without living at the gym. Both would be nice. I don't know if it's the daily morning walk without the children, in the mostly quite neighborhood with my friend. Or possibly the bi-monthly therapy sessions where I am trying to learn to stop putting other people's happiness ahead of my own. Maybe it's a little bit of all of it, swirled together, all I know is that I'm finally starting to feel like myself again.
Honestly, the C25K is my cardio, the S2S boot camp is my strength training, and the HCG is helping me control my emotional eating, so even that is coming together in a magical cooperation that I almost feel like is God saying, "Let me carry you back where you can be who I created you to be." I still have a lot of work to do, but I'm getting back in the groove.

Almost forgot. I plan to try Insanity again after I finish c25k. I think that will help, both with endurance and knee pain.


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