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Monday, October 04, 2010


I have been eating very healthy 3 meals plus a snack every day and I stay at 139 to 140 like clock work. I have decided to change my exercise routine to take and make more muscles then trying to loose weight. If I can trim my stomach in, arms and thighs I will be a super looking grandma. HA HA.

When I joined Spark it wasn't to loose weight, it was to learn a healthy way of eating and exercising. I am going to cut my calories down just a little because I have to eat more than I am use too. But I also want to maintain the vitamin levels to be healthy. I may not always get the vitamin levels but I take 2 very good mufti vitamins each day and that gives me more than enough minerals and vitamins. I drink 5 different juices each day but only 4 ozs of each because they are very high in calories, carbs, and protein. I also drink 9 to 14 glasses of water each day. When I go bowling I take a 1.5 Qt bottle of water with me and when I walk I carry 1 with me. I drink more in the summer because i have water with me outside and at the pool. At night when I am on the laptop I have a bottle with me too.

So too healthy living I salute and I have always and will always adhere to it.
If the young could only have the knowledge we have so they could change the way they eat and live. According to some articles by the time they are in their 30's they will have illnesses that the older people get. We already have obese, high blood pressure, diabetes, is the very young and it is a shame. I get ill when I see shows that have a 5 year old as big as a 10 year old and obese because the mother doesn't take control. If she can't who will, that problem started at a very early age 2 months.

Stay strong in your healthy eating and routine exercise so you can reach you final goals. Take care and I will catch you tomorrow.


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CATTI53 10/5/2010 10:35AM

    Strength training will help build muscle and tone those areas. I'm sure you're already a super looking grandma!!! Here's to living healthy!! emoticon

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JEANNE229 10/5/2010 9:16AM

    Great going!

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APPEALSTOME 10/5/2010 2:34AM

    emoticon Good goals. Stick to your goals and you will be hot grandma. Forgot to take my vitamins today since I was busy emoticon

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TURTLERAE55 10/4/2010 11:51PM

    Keep up the good work. emoticon

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Saturday, October 02, 2010

October 2, 2010 Saturday

I rested this morning and little one came after bowling. She is low on her score the first game and doubles it the second. If we could get her to throw the bowl straight she would have 2 good games. Her team is still in first and she gets I the newspaper again. I made her lunch and then we started too do work in the small bedroom that is now my project room. she wants to play in there and be a doctor for animals and people. I was a patient all day. Her mother from 4 to college wanted to be a teacher and she is. Now little one is a doctor all the time. May have a doctor in the house when she grows up. She is getting the grades now. She has only missed 1 question on all her test. It is like a ritual 1 missed question. She had 1 bad paper and it was what would float or sink and she wasn't up on that. I when around the house and show her how different things reacted to air and water to help her. We baked cookies and biscuits. Had shells with the spaghetti sauce I made last night. Daughter didn't have money to pick up the romaine lettuce I needed so I will get it Tuesday.

She watched a money while i did my spark page and then we did her site words which she knows 129 and only 8 she needs help with. She is doing really good.

Doctor time again so I have to go and then she wants to exercise so have to jump to it.

Stay safe and I will catch you tomorrow.


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LYNNOTT 10/2/2010 10:13PM

    Sounds like you have quality time with your granddaughter - that's so great! And she keeps you on your toes so you should be burning those calories! Hope you have a great weekend - and Jr. does good tomorrow!

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Friday, October 01, 2010

October 1, 2010 Friday

I am glad Thursday is done and over because it was an experience to say the least. It rained and rained by the time we got done we had 5 1/2 inches. Yard is partially flooded so no cutting grass for a few days. By the time I can cut it is going to rain again.

I had just decided to get my hair curled because I had to go to the doctor for my eye on Friday. Getting ready to turn the laptop off and everything went off. No curling nothing so I felt my way to the utility room and took out the flashlight.
Went back in the rooms and tried to remember to turn everything off so when it came on it wouldn't wake me. I went to bed and really didn't sleep sound because it started pouring rain and wind beating against my bedroom walls. It was about 5 this morning when we had the electric restored. Didn't make it too the doctor because I was tired and hurting and when I called I couldn't get anyone. They may have had a problem from the storm.

The pool almost overflowed its sides and that would have been something to see.
The pool was closed today and the wind was really blowing but they got it on. I talked to the owner of the pool business and asked him if he could fix up something for me to heat the pool next year. Lucky me he had devised a system and put it on other peoples pools and they are swimming till December. It is just putting pipes around the pool and let the sun heat the pipes and run the water into the pool. He said the pools get 85 degrees. Summer I don't need it but May, June, September and October I would. It won't cost me and arm and leg at least. I won't need any heater or lines to the shed and so on.

So I have all the plants in, pool closed, house cleaned totally, and back broke. HA, HA. Now I just have to get the grass cut and the rest of the things in the garden in and that will be the end of warm weather work.

Now time to change exercises, keeping the house up and relaxing a little. I made some spaghetti meat sauce tonight and when little one comes tomorrow I will see what kind of noodles she wants. Her team is in first place and she was in the newspaper for high series and handicap series. I am going to make her a scrapbook of her bowling papers and newspapers.

Well, that is it for tonight and I hope everyone made it through the storm. My prays are with the ones that didn't fare good.

God bless all my Spark friends and I will catch you tomorrow.

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DAYCARELADY150 10/4/2010 11:39AM

    You stay so busy and on track!!! Wow. Inspiring! emoticon

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

September 30, 2010 Thursday

I am starting this because I don't know if I will loose electric during the day. I worked on the living room and only have about a half hour to go and then vacuum. During the mess tomorrow I can finish the inside and get the floors vacuum and kitchen floor cleaned. Kitchen may wait because dogs will be coming in with wet feet all day. So for now that is it and I will add more today as the day progresses.

So far so good we haven't been in the direct line of the hard rain but it is not done yet. We have had 4 inches of rain so far and could get 2 more tonight and another 1 inch tomorrow. 30 to 40 miles wind and I am in an open field. I don't worry about it because I have a very solid built house. When they build it we where out to inspect every day and if it didn't suit do it over.

One year in our old house we had to have a window put in our bathroom. I came home from work and went up to it and sat on the toilet, well, the neighbors could see my whole body if they wanted to look and if I put curtains up everyone would have to push them out of the way. Needless to say they had to take that window out and redo it. Think before you do are you kidding me?

It is still raining and the pool was canceled of course and he said he would come tomorrow but it is a replay of today and winds 30 + and you can't put a cover on in a field that goes 40 + so maybe next week. Right now the days have showers every day. May I will get a heater and swim in the winter Ha Ha. Anyone have $1000.00 they don't need?

Living room is back in order and now all the rooms are done. Just have to vacuum and dust and I am done. Makes me very happy.

Well, I will close for today and let you know what the outcome of the storm is tomorrow. Stay safe and God bless. Catch you tomorrow.

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GATOR12 9/30/2010 1:08PM

    Why might you lose electricity???

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TEENY_BIKINI 9/30/2010 1:05PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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GAILRUU 9/30/2010 11:26AM

    We have 5 dogs and although most of them are confined to the kitchen area, they really do track in when it is rainy. Love them though!

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JEANNE229 9/30/2010 9:03AM

    Are you in the bad weather path?

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September 29, 2010 Wednesday

Today of course first thing I had bowling and we won 2 so we are still in the first place but the team we bowled are tied with use again and in 2nd spot but we have more pins. I was going to get groceries and visit a friend but I was tired so I came home.

The missing umbrella came home with me too and I am really glad. It was my husbands and maybe that is foolish but I don't want to loose it.

I am just about done the living room and have started putting things away in the small bedroom. I gather all the trash from the living and house to take to the van. We are to get about 6 inches of rain and wind tomorrow so I took the trash to my daughters trash barrel today instead of tomorrow. They pick up on Friday and she lets me put mine with hers. When she is not there anymore I have to find another place to do it.

I am so glad I am almost done and everything looks so nice. Now I will be able to keep it all nice. If I didn't have those 3 years of my life that where really bad my home would never would have gotten out of sort.

To the concerned part we have already had 3 inches of rain and they are saying we are going to get 6 inches and strong winds. The eastern side of the country is really catching it with these storms. We haven't had rain and really need it but not in down pours. I still have my sweet potatoes in and they are to be dug the middle of October. I pray we don't get what they say because I don't want them to rot. I have a really nice crops this year if I am reading the hills and vines right. My friend said they are big this year and they where small last year because we had to replant 3 times. These where put in on time and watered and taken care of.

Well, I have to go out and put the summer small chairs away because I don't need them in the pool.

I will close for now, catch you tomorrow I hope. If you are on the eastern shore part of the country I will have you in my prays. Have a lovely Thursday.


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LYNNOTT 9/30/2010 1:57PM

    We are inundated with rain too and they are already giving flood warnings out for the area - we needed some rain, but not like this! Hope your sweet potatoes make out okay.

Take care,

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TWEETYKC00 9/30/2010 12:07AM

    i'll help you get those chairs out of the pool if you want! i'm in the middle of things here, but we do get our share of extremes, too. try to enjoy the new day ahead of you.

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