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Monday, April 09, 2012

Today was to get a lot done and the cleaning lady but I was not up to it and told her not to come. I am just going to have to do my house myself. One room at a time but it will be clean. My cleaning is different than others because I tear a room apart and under, over and in between is how I clean. So I will start doing it this week. Already have started scrubbing the cabinets in the kitchen a couple a day until I bowl and then more. I have a lot of cabinets 4 walls have them.

I was going to plant seeds today and the wind would have picked me up and placed me some where else if I let it. Seeds would not have stayed on the row till I had put the dirt over them and water. I was going to try later when the sun was going down but it started to sprinkle rain and I had washed my hair and curled it so that was not going to happen.

I had a coaching session which I had not put on my calendar and he called a half hour late while I was walking. I figured if I couldn't do what I wanted then I could walk, right. He called and got done at 9 PM and then daughter called so I give up. I have to get some kind of schedule to get what I want done. I am trying to get up by 10 AM and go to bed by 1 AM. Last night it was 3 AM and I was up by 8;30AM. Now I will have to get a lot done each day and the coaching is going to change and I have to keep up with that.

Tomorrow bowling all day and hope my back and arm hold up. This week I have to get Callie cut and make sure I do. So Wednesday afternoon till Sunday I have got to get everything done that I can before DGD starts coming again.

My daughter had the staples removed from her head and when they took them out they where upset that her hair was tangled in them and the cut. She said it hurt and she has had a bad headache all day. I told her she should call the hospital and talk to the social service and complain about how they did the surgery. She probably won't but they where way off doing it right.

I am going to close because I am worn out mind and body so I am going to get to bed early since I have to be up early, at least I can come home and rest during the afternoon for a couple of hours. Usually I stand for the 2 hours and that will start next week again. i can't go to bed I have to do the Spark points after 12 AM.

Everyone have a happy Tuesday, smile and laugh have some fun. God bless you always and take care of you.

Catch you tomorrow hopefully bowling good.

Smile Joyce

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IMAVISION 4/11/2012 5:18PM

    Hey, Joyce!

I, like you, really deep clean our home - one room at a time from top to bottom. I can remember when I used to do the whole house in two days time. That was when I had energy to spare, don't you know?

Your kitchen sounds roomy with all that cupboard space. Ours has only two short walls of cabinets & cupboards. We make do rather nicely; however, at times I find myself wishing that there were a few more cupboards. The good news is that we have a large walk-in pantry with lots of deep shelves, so there is always room to store extras in it.

One thing that I do that saves time & energy in the long run is to wipe down our kitchen cabinets & appliances each night as the last "must do" in that room after doing the supper dishes. The cabinets are white & I like them to stay show room clean.

I sure do think that your daughter should report the lack of professional work done. As long as folks don't voice their concerns over the like & such sloppy work isn't checked there is a danger that in some circumstances it could become life threatening.

Be blessed!

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TWEETYKC00 4/10/2012 6:23AM

    I hope things get better soon so you can get into a routine. Good luck bowling.

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DOLLBABY3892 4/9/2012 11:00PM

    Sounds like you had a very active and good day overall. :) Even though you couldn't get your walking in housework can be concidered to some as excercise. It's great that you got a lot accomplished. Sorry to hear about your daughter. Hope she recovers well from it all. Hope you have a great time bowling. :)

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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Today was a beautiful day and I was outside and didn't have to have a coat on. I did take my DGD to her bowling yesterday and didn't even say anything about that. They won their games and the little ball of firer was right on it yesterday. He started with a 1 average and is at 20 now. He bowled a 77, 55 for a 132 series and he was so excited. DGD has a 68 average and bowled 82, 74 for a series of 156. The other girl on the team is a sweet heart and she has a debilitating disease of the bones so she misses sometimes. But she bowled good and her average is 44 and she bowled 53, 50 for a 103 series. They all did really good and the other team bowled over their average too. The end of season they turn on and now DGD team is in 2nd place.
As they get older they are going to be really good bowlers.

Well, today I did a lot of work around here. Watered the garden by hand, cut the asparagus and had some for dinner and will have more tomorrow there was that many. Walked around the yard because it was so nice,windy but warm.

After I ate lunch I put 2 loads of clothes on and straighten the kitchen which is a constant job. Now I only have 1 load of towel's to do tomorrow.

Washed my hair and now have to curl it then it will look nice for bowling. Tried to call the Dr to do my toe nail and they will not be back to the office till Thursday and I have to get scheduled so I can get better before we bowl summer league. It should not be that bad taking a nail off I hope.

Had a nice dinner I had a lot of it in the freezer so only had to cook the asparagus. They where the 2nd batch I cut and I will have enough for tomorrow. Then on Wednesday I will cut again but they have started earlier and they are not the size they should be. Now I have to keep cutting the small ones so they will eventually get bigger. I had ham, candid sweet potatoes, baked pineapple, cole slaw and the asparagus. Very small helpings on a dessert plate and I have enough for another meal.

Since it is still early I will do some more work here and get ready for the cleaning lady. move things out of her way. I received notice from Ebay that I sold the cologne I had listed so that was good.

I hope all had a very nice Easter with family and friends and the Lord. God bless everyone and thank God always for the gift that he has given us, his only Son for our sins and salvation.

Catch you tomorrow busy.

Smile Joyce

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COOKNKEL 4/9/2012 9:07PM

    I love knowing you are aware of the real EASTER....

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TWEETYKC00 4/9/2012 5:53AM

    I'm so proud of your DGD and her team, they are really going strong! I am happy you had a good day, you deserve many more good days. Happy Easter.

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Saturday, April 07, 2012

I have had a ho hum day since it was too cold and windy to work outside I worked inside. I hope the warm weather is not going to be heavy winds every day but that is what program that I have watch about our change in weather are saying. Winds are to get stronger as years go on. w hen it is over 70 degrees it isn't bad but when it is 51 degrees it is cold. I don't want to get sick and it would not take long.

I did take my paper trash down to my BILs barrel for pick up on Monday. The sun shining and it looks so nice but cold. I have been working on my lessons and I can only go so far but I will go further and just not put finished on the computer. I will have the knowledge just not able to put it to work yet. My exercises and walking has taken a nose dive along with other things I have to do. At least this week I will not have DGD and I can get a lot done if I get myself moving. I can't do much more on the lessons so I will stay away from them tomorrow and work in the house. No races on either so get wash done, wash hair, vacuum and on and on. I did clean the kitchen and small bathroom today. Our work is never done and next week when my cleaning lady comes I am going to have to tell her I can't do it any more. Have to start cutting corners to make money stretch further. Thank goodness Spark it free so I can keep doing it.

I should get some things done and do some exercising. Hope tomorrow will be better organized. I was to have another coach call today at 4:30 PM but he didn't call.

Have a blessed Easter with family and friends. Give God our thanks for his Son Jesus and what he has given us. God bless you always.

Catch you tomorrow with a smile.

Smile Joyce

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TWEETYKC00 4/8/2012 10:24AM

    Happy Easter. Take care of yourself and just do what you can for now.

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ANHELIC 4/7/2012 11:29PM

    Have a Blessed Easter too. We are having pretty nice weather here today. I will be attending church in the morning. I just know it will be a good day tomorrow. Many blessing you and your family. emoticon emoticon

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DIDMIS 4/7/2012 11:11PM

    You have a nice Easter also.
It gets so windy down here sometimes I think it is going to blow me away.
Yes, everyone has money problems today or so it seems. I put $60.00. worth of gas in my car today. Yikes.

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Friday, April 06, 2012

First thing this morning I had a coaching call so had to be awake and able to talk. After the call I went on Ebay and put some more of my items on to sell. Have finally figured out how to put the pictures on which now I can go ahead on my lessons. I am giving both dogs medicine now so I have to make sure I keep them on schedule.
After the call I made lunch and then did the dishes and straighten up the kitchen.

I was going to go out and plant the onions but the wind was terrible again because I took the slop to the compose and checked the mail but there was none. I don't think the mail comes on Good Friday because schools are closed. I am to get some legal papers I have to sign to get my business license. A 2:30 PM I had another call and it was to be a man and it was a women that I had a hard time hearing. Her voice was scratchy and not clear and I hate to have to figure out what people are saying. If I have to have too many talks with her I may ask for someone else. I am paying to be taught so I have to know what is said.

I worked on Spark and more of my lessons until time to feed the dogs. I also had another call at 5 PM so the wind stopped blowing as bad and I went out after the call and planted the onions, cut the asparagus and pulled some weeds. Then I came in and made my dinner and ate the first asparagus out of the garden and they where pretty good. I turned the heat on in the back bedroom so it would be warm for DGD.

I went back to getting my Spark points done because DGD and her Mom would be here soon. When they came they wanted to talk and little one was in everything trying to be center of attention while her mom and I tried to talk. I gave my daughter one of my pedometers and it isn't work quite right so I went online and bought her 2 that where not real expensive so she will have them next week. Then she left about 10 PM and little one was already in bed.

I have made bacon, sweet potatoes and scrambled eggs for breakfast tomorrow morning. A little special for DGD. Then we will go to her bowling league. They have a couple more but this is the last time I take her. The leagues are winding down and she will not bowl league in the summer but will bowl here at the house. In the summer I get free games and I let her use them to practice, plus other people give me their tickets too.

It is time to stop and miles are not much today, too much time on the phone. After all the training is done I can get back to what I do in my exercise. I wonder how many calories you burn with the mind going 10 miles and hour and a good kind of stress and maybe that isn't the right word. Have a great Saturday and get ready for Easter. God bless you always.

Catch you tomorrow with DGD's bowling.

Smile Joyce

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TWEETYKC00 4/7/2012 4:35PM

    I'm glad that you're able to get some things done even if you can't get outside. Take care and have a blessed Easter.

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Friday, April 06, 2012

April 5, 2012

I took it easy today for a while because I had to pick up DGD from school and once she is with me no stopping. I worked on Spark points because after getting her no time and then when Mom comes to get her no time till about 8 PM and that is not enough time to do it all. As you will see this is late again. I also had a call coming in at 7 PM.

When I picked her up we stopped at my husbands grave site and put some flowers on his grave for the Easter weekend. Last time we went someone put the vase back in the slot but did not get it in straight and I couldn't get it out. I took a screw driver with me and managed to get it out. We put the flowers in and also fixed the flowers on my nieces site. Then we went to the gas station and I told the attendant I needed $19.00 because that was all the cash I had and he let me know that they took charge cards now so I told him to fill it. It was only $4.00 more because I only let it get down to 3/4 of a tank and no lower so I don't have to buy much. Then we went to my daughters old house that now someone else owns but I watch over it. The people that own it are in China as they are missionaries and they had their aunt stay there and pay the bills. That was a really bad situation because the young man that answered the door once did not cut the grass all summer last year. Now her Mom and Dad have come home from China and they are staying there and also trying to straighten the place inside and outside back to the way it was. I went down to see what was going on because people where telling me all the mess that was going on this past week. One set moved out and the other moved in yesterday. I got my post that I needed for my garden's fence and let them keep the fence, they will have to get more post.

Then we came home and I was going to plant the onions but it was getting too close to the time little ones Mom would be coming. She played outside and I cleaned up some of the branches and old nets. I have lost some of the veggies I planted but I can get more and I have seeds. I put on some sweet potatoes to boil and started to clean up a few dishes. I needed more trail mix made up and I have to stop eating it so much. I munch all day and that has to stop. Finally her mother came and we talked for a few. I fussed with her because I found out she doesn't wear her seat belt and if she had she would not have gotten hurt. Her face isn't cut at all thank goodness but it is in her head. Problem is they did not shave her head and put staples in so the hair is right on the cut and can heal under the skin. That doesn't sound to sterilized to me.

I needed to eat and it was almost 6:30 PM, call coming in at 7 PM so I told her I had to eat and got out my small piece of chicken and small spoonful of mac and cheese. I don't eat a lot at a time. I walked her out to see her rental car and it is a 2011 Impala LP or what ever the initials are but it is pretty. So now they are waiting for the insurance company to do what they have too so they can get another car.

I had my call and another coaching on what I am trying to get started. Trying to learn a the legal ins and outs of it and how to run it is fun. Then every time I turn around I am talking to another person and then another fee for this or that until I told them no more get done what they had too and there was no more money to spend. They do listen because he changed some things around so I would not get charged. I hope I can get it done and start making money. I listed my first item on Ebay tonight some Splendour Eau DE Cologne by Avon and I am only asking $12.00 and the rest are asking over $20.00. Hope I sell it and I have other things to sell but have to be shown how to get the picture on again because he did it so fast.

I have 3 more appointments in the next 2 days and my head is spinning. I have to get myself up and start getting going early in the morning but then i have to get to bed so I can get my 7 to 8 hours sleep. It is the hardest thing for me to do and that is go to bed at a decent time.

At least today I worked outside and didn't get all my walking in but when I have to do everything at once it is going to be hard to do my walking in the numbers I want. I know one thing that is happening I am getting headaches when I sit too long and I think it is about my disc in my neck that are causing it.

Well that time is going by and as usual I have things to do. Have a blessed Good Friday and may God bless you always.

Catch you tomorrow and hope I can get my onions in.

Smile Joyce

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NOTFATCAT 4/6/2012 5:04PM

    Slow down. You are so busy. You know it will still be there for you to do later. You need to stay healthy.

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JERIBERI1 4/6/2012 9:58AM

    You are so busy!!
I hope your daughter heals completely from her accident, and nothing major comes from the cut on her head. :-(

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TWEETYKC00 4/6/2012 5:23AM

    I don't know how you keep on going sometimes with everything you do. I hope things work out with your business.

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