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Saturday, December 10, 2011

This morning of course we where up and at it early, good breakfast and ready to go. DGD did good her first game and the little guy did a 23 his first game His average is 10 now so his 2nd game he did 14 going over his average each time. The other girl pre bowled and she was over her average too. DGD 's thumb was hurting the last game so she didn't make her average and they lost that game. The won the first so they are doing better than they where for several weeks of no wins. She holds the ball tight and doesn't let her thumb slid easy off it. She will get better and stronger as she goes just like the little guy.

We went to IHOP for brunch and she wanted pancakes. She got the Silver 5 which is 5 small pancakes, scrambled eggs and 1 piece of bacon. She had chocolate milk to drink. I order 2 blueberry pancakes with blueberries and whip cream, 2 link sausages, scrambled eggs, hash browns and tea. She ate all of hers and 1/2 a sausage, a little hash browns and blueberry pancake. She always tries whatever I have and that is good because then she will learn to eat more types of food. Needless to say I brought 1/2 of mine home.

We went to her house after eating and I gave her a tub of cookies and some fudge.
Her father had already left so she didn't get to see him. After I left her I went to the grocery store for bananas, grapes, cucumber and a few other things. Had to be few because there was no carts in the store and it was too cold to go back out for one. Left there and came home, changed my clothes, let the dogs out and took the slop from the food to the compost pile. Then I brought the food in and scanned it, put it away.

Went outside and tightened the strings on the pool cover so the wind would not pull it off. When I came in I changed the bulb in the shower and that is not an easy job. With my bad back and neck it was hard going but I got it apart and a new bulb in and then put the cover over it again after I cleaned it. Then I rested a little to relax my back and neck.

I got on the laptop and tried to find a nativity set but each one was out or too late to arrive. Now even some of the other decorations are not coming. I will just get what I can and after Christmas go in the stores and see if I can find something. After I rested it was time to turn the lights on so I started that.

When I finished I fixed the dogs their dinner and I ate the rest of the tuna casserole and a slice of meat loaf. I put the rest of the meat loaf in the freezor and that is why it will never get empty. When I finished eating I started to fix the storm door by putting a new handle with a lock on it. I took the old one off and started to put the new one on. Now I am doing things I never done before and it took 3 tries to get it together, Then the new piece for the door frame was 4 tries because I put it on and the handle would not stay closed so I took it apart and put the piece behind it and tried that so screw it on again. It still wasn't right so I took it apart again and put another piece behind it and it was too much so apart again. Now this is standing in the cold air because the door had to be open part way but I put some small washers behind it and that worked. Now I can lock it and I don't have to tie it closed anymore. Waiting for other people to do things is in the past. I may not get it done as fast as someone else and some things may not be as well made but by darn, it will be done.

Cleaned up my mess and then decided to start on the pantry but looked at the clock and knew I had to start my point page. After I get done this I am going to do at least 1 shelf in the pantry closet.

So on that note since Calliegirl is by the door she is telling me, she needs me, Have a great, blessed Sunday with the Lord. Enjoy time with family and friends. God bless you richly my dear friends.

Catch you tomorrow with my next project.

Smile Joyce

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IUHRYTR 12/18/2011 8:04PM

    Breakfast sounds delicious and has me wanting pancakes now. -- Lou

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SUNRISE14 12/11/2011 9:22AM


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JKURJACK1944 12/11/2011 8:33AM

    Women who live alone have to learn to do many odd jobs. If I lose my husband I will be completely ignorant. I think I will start asking him to show me how he does things and what I have to do to be as skilled. At the least we will have quality time together.


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TWEETYKC00 12/11/2011 12:18AM

    You certainly have been wearing your coat of many colors recently with everything you do. You are awesome!

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Friday, December 09, 2011

Today when I got up I started getting things ready for DGD to stay and the first thing was turn the heat up. From it getting so cold last night the living room was 55 and I had some heat on. The other rooms where just as cold so I turned them on around 3 PM so when she came back with me things would be warm. I ate breakfast and took a shower got dress and then cleaned the kitchen and started to go through piles of papers, throw away mail and a lot got pitched.

Then I did some on the Spark points because I knew with her here and all we had planned to do no time for it. I finished getting ready and went to pick her up and traffic was terrible. For me to get off Rt 13 to Rt 20 it took 3 light changes, there where so many cars. I was a little late but when I got there I blew the horn which I usually don't do but she wasn't at the door. I did that 2 times and then I went to the door and knock 2 different times and she finally came out. I told her to check to see if I am there and not to let me sit there. I can't go in the place because of the smoke so she has to check.

We came home first she turned the inside lights on and I turned the outside ones on. Then we fed the dogs and let them outside. I asked her what she wanted and she decided on the pizza so I gave her a small piece to see if she like it and then another piece because she did. I made a meat loaf sandwich and gave her a 1/4 piece of it. Then she wanted her fudge pop so she ate that and I ate another small piece of meatloaf plain. She wanted cookies but I had tuna casserole so she ate a small bowl of that. We had a buffet and now I know when I make those 3 things she will eat them. Good way to try foods. We read the directions for making the fudge from a kit and it was easy . We made the cookie and cream but it hasn't set too good. Then we made the chocolate and it has the Dutch cocoa in it and instead of 8 spoonful of butter I put 4 and 4 of crunchy peanut butter and it turned out really good. I am going to mix the cookie and cream again or in the morning it might be okay but it is suppose to set up in 30 minutes.

After the fudge I had a container of chocolate chip dough and we did those and I also made up 2 batches of the Spark peanut butter cookies. So very simple and so good, just 1 cup of peanut butter, 1 cup of sugar and 1 egg, mix and bake 375 for 8 minutes. Love it because no flour or mess very easy. So I have cookies and fudge which tomorrow a bag will go home with her. She left me after about 3 trays and I did the rest alone. Cleaned up the kitchen have 2 containers of cookies and 2 of fudge.

When I finished I gave her some grapes and a piece of fudge and of course we had to try the cookies too. Then we played Candy Land for 2 games and then she exercised. Now she is waiting for her Mother to call back so she can talk to her but she has fallon asleep on the chair. I listen to those children programs till 9:30 Pm from 5 PM and that was enough. Now I have a a Christmas program on to watch which I listen because I am on the laptop.

I am having a hard time trying to find a Nativity lighted set for outside that is at least 28 inches tall and not blowned up or cardboard. The 1 I had ordered they are out of it and it was really pretty so I will still look. I have some wreaths with long bows for the door and short one for the window or side of the house coming.
If I get my Nativity set I will not need anything else and it will look really pretty.
Electric bill should be pretty too but I cut down on the heat and hopefully it will stay low. I can handle cool temps because when I came out in the living room and it was 55 I put the heat up and when it hit 58 it was getting too warm for me. For years I have done this when I found out 62 in this house and not every room the bill was almost $400.00 and I flipped, temps went down real fast. When little one leaves tomorrow as we go through each room I will turn the heat down and when I come home it will still be warm but it is too warm for me right now.

One thing I am glad about last night when I went out to turn the lights off I slipped on the deck, it was covered with ice on the railing and deck. Needless to say I was very careful and made out okay but what I am getting too is the lean too in the garage was still 58 degrees and it stays real warm in it. When the temps where 67 it was up to 70 in it. I get cold in the house I can go sit with the flowers and have a cup of tea.

Well, little one is not going to be happy but she is going to have to go to bed because she will not get up early tomorrow. She will have a stiff neck if she lays on that chair any longer. If Mother calls I will wake her but I think she is probably going to bed herself. Just found out the phone was off the hook.

All have a great Saturday and don't work too hard have some fun. God bless you all and keep you safe in your travels.

Catch you tomorrow with little ones scores.

Smile Joyce

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SUNRISE14 12/10/2011 5:50PM

    our menards sold out of those but yours might still have them. We are looking for one to if you find them let us know ! Glad you had a great time with your granddaughter ! Enjoy your food tips ect thank you ! emoticon

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2BE-MYBEST 12/10/2011 3:04PM

  You sure are a mover and a shaker! I wish I was as motivated as you are to get things done , but I have not been feeling well lately. I am having problems getting my blood pressure under control .

Grandchildren are such Joys! Have a great weekend! Polly

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TWEETYKC00 12/10/2011 12:23AM

    Get some rest, I don't k now how you do it all sometimes. I bet it's fun to do those things with your DGD. You have your hands full, but you always manage and that is what counts. Sleep well and take care of yourself Joyce.

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Thursday, December 08, 2011

What has happen to the promise to do something for someone and doing it. Most likely than not it does not get done till I am at the point I will not ask people to do anything again. It use to be in the day a persons word was good and you didn't think not to fulfill your promise because that is the way it was. Shame those days are gone. Not saying everyone is the same because they aren't but a lot are.

Today I did fix the family room door and the bathroom shower light. Each day get something else done and soon I will have everything done. Talked to my daughter and let her know I would pick DGD up tomorrow. Then next week I will have her 2 days during the week because school will be closed. Then I ask my daughter if she will help defrost my freezer because it took me 13 hours when I wasn't up to par by myself. It is a big freezer and a lot of food in it. I have eaten a lot out of it but I also have to put food that I cook in it so it never gets down. It just needs orgaization right now and defrosting. Get that done and then it will be the pantry closet. By the end of winter I will have every closet, cabinet and drawer cleaned out. Hope I get some time to read and do crafts because once spring comes I am outside doing work. Never enough time is there?

No dishes to do tonight since I ate the pizza I made and that is nice.

Going to close for now because today I kinda laid low. Have a good Friday and have some fun. God bless you and keep you safe.

Catch you tomorrow with little one.

Smile Joyce

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MIMMICA 12/9/2011 5:09AM

    It is sad that people don't feel obligated to follow through on promises they make.

I think I'll use your approach to getting things done around my own house. I find that if I have too many things on the go, I get distracted, and then at the end of the day, I have too many things left unfinished.

Have a great day!

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TWEETYKC00 12/9/2011 12:05AM

    Good luck with all that work, it sounds like you really have your hands full as you always do.

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SUNRISE14 12/8/2011 10:28PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticonDo you can ? I am looking for a good recipe for canning potato soup ? I just canned 21 quarts of turnips for the first time. Never canned them before hope we like them ! emoticon emoticon

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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

I went out early and bowled as usual 2 good games and 1 low and we took 2 again so this week is good 3,2,2 and possible 1 on the unknown games. After bowling I went to the beauty shop to pick up the conditioner I forgot yesterday anf ask the owner if she had an opening give me a call and she took my name so that was good. Then I went to the drug store for my Vertigo medicine. Now I have it in the family room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. I am going to put a small container for pills in the car too. This way I will be ready whereever I am. Since I hadn't had an attack since 1983 I hope it is that long again. Then I came home and had lunch, took care of the dogs and laid down. I hate doing that but I have too after 2 days bowling.

When I got up I turned the lights and tree on in the house and did not do the outside lights tonight since it had been raining. Then I straigthen the kitchen emptied the dish washer and put more in it. That job never ends as you all know. Then I fed the dogs and I ate a piece of meatloaf and some of the tuna cassarole for dinner. Crazy dinner but it was good. Cleaned that up and started my Spark points since none where done.

Walking some but steps are not what they should be and that is going to change. 6000 to 10,000 is most day just walking doing things but they don't add up like my miles. Tomorrow I am going to do a lot of maintaince repair on the doors and other things. I am going to try and walk outside also if the ground is not too wet.

Yes, I like my hair and it is a little lighter than I am use too but it will calm down some in a week or too. Like having it shorter and not all the hair that I can't control with it being so curly. Now I know what natural curly hair people mean when they say they don't like having it. When you have very thick hair like I have and very curly you have to keep it shorter.

You most likely get a lot of things in the mail from places that want donations and today I recieved a very nice tote bag with a picture of Norman Rockwell school children on it. I did not order it and I may use it but most likely not and I am not sending a donation. I get 5 to 10 things in the mail every day plus calls and you would go broke if you gave to all. I have a few that I do and that is all.

All have a good Thursday and bundle up because it is suppose to get cold.
God bless you always.

Catch you tomorrow with a sweater.

Smile Joyce

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SUNRISE14 12/8/2011 10:15AM

    If you donate to one i think you are put on a hit list ! emoticon We just support things locally instead because of the hassle they put you thru ! I been turning on my lights to and turn the overhead lights out it's sooooooo pretty ! emoticon emoticon

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TWEETYKC00 12/7/2011 11:57PM

    Good job with your bowling, you are doing a good job improving there. Keep that medicine handy for your vertigo. I think they make little holders so you can even have some in your pocket when you are away from home just in case. I bet your lights are very pretty after all that hard work you put into the decorations this year. Have a nice night Joyce.

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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

You know me early to rise and on the go but first breakfast, 5 hour energy and Ibuprofen and I was set for the first half of the day. Picked up my friend and it seems if we are to get rain in a week it is on Tuesday and Wednesday. So take the umbrellas in with us it case it rains. We took 3 of the games and I had 2 good games and and 1 low, but I made a series over 400 1 pin.

Then it was time to do the lunch league and I ate my lunch of flounder, lettuce and tomato. Then I walked for about 10 minutes till we started to bowl. 2 good games and 1 low and we took 2 games.

After I bowled I came home and took care of the dogs, made my daughters and granddaughters dinner of salad with turkey, cookies, banana and I also gave them some apples and oranges. I fed the dogs and ate some tuna casserole, fixed my makeup and off I went to get my hair done, cut and colored. No rest today and
I had packed my daughter's food and also 2 bags of sweet potatoes for my other daughter and the woman whose shop she works in. I arrived and now it is raining and my hands are full. Well she did the hair and it is white and she said it wasn't and it isn't all over but the front is. People at bowling even said it was white and it is pretty but I hate to see next time. She also cut it so I can handle it without taking all my curl away. Bad part of this is she is no longer going to be coming to this shop the 1 day of the week and I was hoping the ladies shop it is could take me but she isn't taking any new people. Well I have learnt how to do things around the house and outside so I guess I will have to learn to cut, perm and color my hair and believe me if I have to I can.

I was going to pick up my medicine but it was getting late and I had to get to the bowling lane. So tomorrow after bowling I will get it and use more gas.

Well tonight was not good and we will not know if we won any until Thursday when a girl on the other team will bowl. We beat them by 159 and 135 another game so we have a chance to maybe win 1 of those. I did not do good, did the reverse 2 bad games and 1 over my average.

Hope tomorrow will be better but the girl that is on my team had her husbands and her balls stolen out of their car in their car port. The car was not locked and if it was mine it would have been locked. I think it is someone from the neighborhood because who would go in the yard and steal bowling balls.

Came home and fixed a salad with the turkey and ste that since I ate dinner at 3 PM and only a very small amount maybe 1 1/2 tablespoons. Never did get a cup of tea today and that is not good.

I bowled the guy I thought we could be friends and we talked and had fun. At the end of the night I apologized to him if I had embarrassed him when I asked if we could be friends and do things together. He said it was no problem and he had a lot of things he had to take care of and I think one could have been his father because he has just died. So we may still get together sometime.

Well, time is flying and I have to get this in before midnight. Have a great Wednesday and have some fun. God bless you.

Catch you tomorrow with better bowling.

Smile Joyce

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LYNNOTT 12/7/2011 8:03PM

    Such a busy woman!

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JKURJACK1944 12/7/2011 7:03PM

    Glad you got your average or better in bowling. I didn't understand about your new hair do. Is it something you like or no? I have a cup of tea first thing in the morning. That way I don't miss it.


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TWEETYKC00 12/7/2011 12:36AM

    Wow, you need a good rest now. Good job bowling and getting everything done.

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