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Sweet Tooth Challenge (STC) week 1, blog 1

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I joined the Official Tame Your Sweet Tooth Challenge. And I am supposed to journal or blog at least 3 times a week on my progress. SO- here is my first blog and progress report.

I had been doing o.k. with this on my own.
For months I didn’t have any pop. Then I cut our fruit juice on most days. I still have to cut out all the sweets stuff. There are days I do well and days I don’t.

Wednesday at work- not so good. I didn’t have any of the donuts or bagels that we had available. I did however have a few strawberries and then on break I had some frosting of a cinnamon roll, and about 1” by 1” piece of chocolate bunt cake. That started it- so then I had a couple of Oreo cookies too.

Today the only sweet things I had a banana and some Almond butter which did have organic unrefined cane sugar in it. I say that is good. I think the bodies’ ability to tolerate and deal with natural sugar is not a problem and even the other types of sugar on occasion. The problem is that it is not occasionally that we ask that of our bodies. We, as a nation, ask our bodies to deal with other kinds of sugar 100’s of times a day between the sugar in salt, soda pop, and most processed foods.

So by cutting out most processed foods I believe I will be fine with sugar in my everyday life. By Processed foods: foods that have over 4-5 ingredients or if those ingredients are processed in a way that makes them not have any nutritional value (like white rice).

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CHARTHESTAR 7/20/2012 5:45PM

    Thinagin2- You are correct about the unsweetened fruit passing the test. I had just done some reading and it said to have juices moderately also because you are not getting any of the fiber along with the juice. So granted it is a natural sweetened drink- it doesn't have all the benefits of eating a piece of fruit.

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THINAGIN2 7/20/2012 5:28PM

    Nothing sweet, not even fruit? The cake and Oreo cookies I understand but I would think that unsweetened fruit might pass the test!

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Monday, July 16, 2012

I thought to myself “Maybe I will start tracking something else so I have more than one indicator to tell me what is going on.”
You don’t take a test and only have to answer one question to pass a course. Answering one question about chemistry doesn’t make you a chemistry wiz. Neither does one number always tell me if I am making progress or not in my ‘Get Fit and Fabulous goal for my Fifties!

I have been cutting down and eating healthier so quite a while and it has helped me in becoming slightly healthier overall. Yes- I had my weight numbers to go by but the problem with just tracking weight is that muscle weighs more than fat even though you look thinner. I know this. Still you want the numbers to go down. So adding another indicator besides the weight is something I need to do. I know this too. Last year I lost 15 inches in 4 months. That is great you say! And it was. However, I didn’t loose one pound. So what did I do? I quit working out the 4 days a week I had been dedicating myself to working out. How did that help me? It didn’t.

I have been listening to the book “The Four Hour Body”
by Timothy Ferriss on CD. He is not a fitness or health geek. He is a numbers guy. No, he is more than that he is a time management guy. Nope that is not it either. He is a RESULTS kind of guy. Do what you can, with what you have, in the least amount of time, for the MOST RESULTS. I have listened to it once a while ago and started some of the suggestions. Now I have borrowed it from the library again and I have listened to the first CD MULTIPLE times. He talks about how important it is and how it motivates you. He also said that 5 is the magic number. If you track something a couple of times it really doesn’t tell you that much. BUT once you track something for five times- you are sort of hooked on what the numbers are telling you.

I listened to this book last year and thought to my self “Well that is fine and good for you but I am just going to do my own thing.” Well, I have been doing my own thing for the past year and I really haven’t gotten very far. So a tracking I will go.

I think all of us have a competitive side to us. That includes beating ourselves!!
So that is what I am going to do. I am going start writing down specific healthy indicators. Then I am going to challenge myself to beat that number. Now anytime I beat my last tracking number I AM MY OWN TRACK STAR!

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LDRICHEL 7/16/2012 9:43PM

    Sweet!!! Whatever it takes to motivate! Believe me, I use ALL SORTS OF TRICKS!!! All you have to do is meet small goals and your brain begins to realize that you are capable...and eventually you are doing things you never imagined you could do. So proud of you for challenging yourself and can't wait to see your growth in the days to come!

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time for everything

Friday, July 13, 2012

How do you do it? I just can't seem to get all I want accomplished everyday. I don't watch T.V. and lately I don't even watch anything online. I check email (95% I delete without even reading- Post about my daily challenge and sometimes respond to my connections posts,

Then I am trying to catch up on my e-mail from spark- I didn't read any for about a year. finely deleted mail notifications and updates on groups and I am doing the current days plus working off the first ones (which I which I had read when they were sent to me) So very helpful- I guess even though I singed up I still wasn't ready to commit.

I track my food, water,fitness and other goals. try to get extra spark points. Then I am supposed to write in my journal? I don't do that. I am lucky to do a blog(which for now I am considering the same thing- you have to start somewhere).

Then do the things that have to be done around the house add in the extra stuff you have to do- it is past the time you wanted to get to bed. AND EVERYTHING IS STILL NOT DONE.

I just get frustrated by how long doing what I want to do takes.

I would love some suggestions. emoticon

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    You're right. It IS frustrating and so often it does feel like there isn't enough time in a day to finish up the to-do list. Just do the best you can, set priorities and let the chips fall where they may. Make lists. It's hard for all of us. I totally understand and think most of deal with it. emoticon

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FALCON_MONICAB 7/13/2012 9:30PM

    If I have time before work and/or on my lunch break, I get on and try to do things on the website. If I don't have enough time, I log all I eat, drink, & excercise in a small notebook I carry with me. I don't get caught up on all my emails either, but I know that I'll get to them eventually. At least I hope I do. emoticon Anyway, hope this helps! Have a great evening and weekend! emoticon

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What happens when ‘First things First' doesn’t work anymore?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

When I have so much to do and only so much time I usually do what has to be done first. The problem there is I never get to the things that need to be dealt with – even though there is not a time limit.

So Now-I am on a time crunch-
I have about six tote bins, big chest, and five boxes at least of stuff to go through yet. The local animal shelter, it’s called pet refuge, is having a sale and I'm donating everything I don't want. (except for clothes because they don't want those). I have them scheduled to come Saturday morning to pick up my stuff so far I have five boxes of stuff, a lawnmower a couple automatic kitty boxes for them to take. (5 bags of clothes which will be going to good will) I just want to pitch every thing. And that is what I am going to do. Take a quick look- pull out the most interesting or useful things and just get rid of the rest.

My mom has had things here for years. 10’s of years. Some things have been in this house that were my grandmothers from 50 years (or more) ago.

My mom came over and actually went through some stuff. She threw out 3 small glass jars, a plastic lid and took home one thing. she said it is just so emotional. My grandfather made a record of my mom crying when she was an infant.
and my grandmothers yearbooks, my dads yearbooks, a postcard from the very early 1900's. She feels depressed because there is no one to give them to that would want them. I told her- I can only keep a few items that are 'family heirlooms'. If there were a bunch of children in the family to split them up it wouldn't be a problem but there is only me. and you only need so much. A lot of the things that were my great grandmothers are really cool- still you only have so much space to keep things that you don't use .Anyway... so she is depressed now because I don't want them and my daughter only wants a couple of things too. she thinks my daughter doesn't care about our family But she does. she just values different things- mostly things that hold memories for her.
The other problem is I had a very bad water problem in the basement and things are very musty smelling. some even have mold on them. What do you do with musty smelling books? Even if they are 1st additions signed by the author? My daughter only wants a couple of things too. she thinks my daughter doesn't care about our family But she does. she just values different things- mostly things that hold memories for her.
The other problem is I had a very bad water problem in the basement and things are very musty smelling. some even have mold on them. What do you do with musty smelling books? even if they are 1st additions signed by the author?
I don’t even want to go down there. I know she got most things OUT of the cabinet but now they are just sitting out on the workbench. NOT what I want either.

If anyone has idea on what to do with things- I am open for advice. There are also Raleigh coupons and TrueValue coupons that you can’t turn in anymore. There are S&H green stamps that you can actually send in and trade them for S&H GreenPoints and then get gift cards and other merchandise. Every thing requires so much time to deal with. I just don’t want to give the stuff more time.

I hate to just give away all this stuff but I don’t want to have a garage sale or take the time to sell it. Sometimes peace of mind that it is done is the most valuable. I just need to get that across to my mom. Sometimes she is so smart. She will say “It is only worth what you can get for it.” A collectors book might list something for $200 but you can get $20 for it today. You can hang on to it for another 30 years but what is the point? Take the $20 or in this case- donate the stuff and take it off of your taxes and LET IT GO.

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LOOKINGUP2012 7/11/2012 11:02AM

    Yep! This house has been in the family since the early 30s. Lots of stuff. I'm not a stuff person, but I'm taking my time as my sister and I try to cut back, a little, here, there, something. Some people say Craig's list. I don't know. I'm not much into selling, I'd rather donate. It's tough. emoticon

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JOANNAIMREADY 7/10/2012 11:36PM

    I am a minimalist and I hate having junk around the house. My mother never wants to go through anything so i bag it all up and take it to the salvation army. I have also rented a dumpster a couple times for things not donatable. It's a great feeling to free the house up from all the clutter and bulging closets and overflowing basements.

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Once a week is enough! (For number tracking)

Monday, July 09, 2012

O.K. So I did it twice this week. What did I do twice this week? I weighed myself. For a several weeks I only weighed myself on Mondays. And most of the time I stayed the same or the numbers moved down. Last week- I felt I was doing great- weighed myself on Friday and had gained in the numbers department. Got back on the scale on Monday and I had lost 2 pounds from the week before.

Earlier in the week I told my self I wasn’t going weigh myself except for first thing on Mondays. But I did it anyway. I weighed myself before the week was up. The number had gone up again and my mood went DOWN.

I also know the weight is only one indicator of how you are doing getting your body back to healthy. Physically I was feeling great. My clothes were looser. What more do I need to know?

This was supposed to post for Sunday July 8th. i guess I need to find out what time zone Spark People is!


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