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Friday, January 07, 2011

Since I have on on "HOUSE ARREST" I have been trying to use the time wisely by tying up tons of "LOOSE ENDS".. Yes I am a procrastinator [my picture is probably in the dictionary].. I found out I still had a ton of Yoga Classes left over. Planning on using then soon as I can stand , squat, sit etc bare feet. I am thinking about investing in a few props to take to class.. I was never that good at it to begin with [NO FLEXIBILITY AT ALL] emoticon I guessed that's why I stopped. MY questions is.. How silly would I look if I took them to the class just for a few sessions to help my confidence. Or just forget about them and dive in feet first?? like I did the fist time.. LOL

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ZONE5GIRL 1/31/2011 9:30AM

    What I personally did was buy some beginner yoga dvds (like Rodney Yee's AM/PM yoga)...they helped a lot to become familiar with terminology and correct posture, etc. Then when I took the classes, it was like old hat. :-) Tamara

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CHAOS247 1/8/2011 12:04PM

    THANKS GUYS emoticon emoticon

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JAB0929 1/7/2011 2:41PM

    I don't think you'll look silly at all. I have tried many classes and a lot of teachers want you to use props. Yoga is should be accessible to everyone!

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DAWNSYOGAFLOW 1/7/2011 11:23AM

    I love yoga, I'm an instructor.
Most studios have the props already, bolsters, blocks, straps. But most will want you to bring your own mat. More sanitary anyway for you. And they may charge you to use one. Call first and ask.
Don't worry about flexibility, you HAVE to start where you are right now, no getting around it. I have all shapes, sizes and ages in my classes. I teach at a Y and they just wander on in sometimes, it's a beautiful thing!! I love my peeps!!
Good luck and use those coupons!!

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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Well in case you are new . I had MAJOR SURGERY on both feet back in November. Well went to the DR today and I am still off of work for another 6 to 8 wks. He said that I am healing really good but now we are just waiting for the swelling to go down so I can wear shoes. As far as the gym goes he said NO till April the earliest. When I do go back my training will have to be modified.. It would would almost be like a"WHEELCHAIR" workout. I would have to do 90% of it seated with dumbbells{before I was doing 50-50 standing and seated depends on the exercise used a lot of free wts} and NO lower body training till maybe August... Kind of bummed because by the time I get back to the gym my buddies will be so far ahead I will feel like I will be holding them back. And they will all have their Summer bodies... LOL
But on the plus side emoticon I get to buy a couple pairs of NEW SHOES real soon.. LOL> emoticon

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IRMA63 1/5/2011 7:27PM

You will make it, just take your time & do what you can little at a time.


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Sunday, January 02, 2011

One of my New Years Resolutions was to try to connect with more people. So I am going to give "BLOGGING" a try. I have a "FACEBOOK" but really I just read it and not post anything except wishing people happy birthdays and adding comments to what other people have said. Who knows what I may write. Well see..
As far as my weight loss journey I have 25lbs to dump so this may interesting. I used o work out but recently had surgery in November on BOTH FEET the doctor said maybe by March but no promises. So my Christmas gift was 25lbs. Thanks to all the loving people who assisted me by cooking for me emoticon.. Now I am hobbling around with the assistance of a walker and can cook a little. But no 7 course meals anytime soon emoticon. Well thanks for stopping by hope you come back ..

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IBECCA 1/2/2011 10:17AM

    Hi There! What a great place to connect and lose weight!
best wishes!

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