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Shut up, stop whinning and get a life!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

We all fall into the habit of making excuses for ourself or blaming others for the way our life turned out. Taking responsibilty for our present state takes courage. Go to your mirror, look at yourself, and realize that you are resonsible for the way you look and the way you fell about it.. Once we admit that it is our fault, we can do something about it. We can change the things that we don't like, by changing the things that we did to allow them to get that way. WE are the ONLY ones who can change us. It is not our parent's fault, or spouse's fault, or our friend's fault.. We are the ones to blame and when we successfully change our situation, we can pat ourselves on the back and go onto the next thing that we wish to change. First things first, next things next.


The Potential of Lent in our lives

Friday, March 02, 2007

Lent is a season of renewal and recommitment. If we imagine the person that we were created to be: fit and healthy and think about what prevents us from being that person, we have to realize that it is only us. We have to change those things that keep us from being the way God sees us. Lent offers us a time to consider those habits which prevent us from being our best and replace them with postive, life affirming habits. God wantsus to succeed and it has been given to us the power to make those changes. We have to take the initiative and do the work. We have the tools, the information, and the support: we only need to make the decision. Let this Lenten season be a turning point in our lives and give up those things that stand between us ans our goals.

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CARNEY8 3/13/2007 8:36PM

    I appreciate the wisdom in this entry, Chantetc. This particular Lenten season has been a difficult one for me, for various reasons. With the chaos that has been occurring in my life these past months it's been a problem, trying to find quiet time with the Lord.
I was encouraged by "Potential" and will use that as a jumping-off point for meditation this evening. There is much that needs to be changed in my life and it's been nagging at me that I've allowed so much to obscure my vision: bad habits, possessions, distractions....the list goes on.

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Two steps forward and One step back

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Today, I weighed in at the gym and I had gained back 2 pounds over the day before, but i realized that I had used a very salty new seasoning on my fresh salmon and that probably added water weight. My calorie consumption was down and my exercise intensity was the same. I decided to really watch my sodium intake and I was shocked to see that it was too high to day too. I'm going to wash my canned beans before I heat them, watch th sodim content of food items much more closely. I know that I am on the right course, but I will have to make a minor course correction to stay TRUE NORTH!


A glorious day

Monday, February 26, 2007

Julieta and I left our house at 6:00 am to go to the gym. I rowed for almost 5953 meters. I had planned on 7500, but I had taken a lot of time prepping before my row and Julieta finished before I did. My left leg was sore and I could hardly stand on it or walk. I used my cane for the rest of the day.

I had a very healthy breakfast of oatmeal, yogurt, blueberries, flax meal, and a high protein oatmeal pancake and a cup of coffee, my new indulgence, with non-fat milk.

We arrived at church and only then remembered that the Bishop was visiting and there were almost no parking places left in the lot. The Bishops sermon was about lent, a time for a change of direction and the need to resist temptaion. It all sounded like I was in exactly the right stage fo my lifestyle changes and that my timing was perfect for this lenten season.. I have made permanent lifestyle changes and I am becoming a resource for my friends and family.

After church we went to a small Filipino restaurant and ordered penukbet vegetable and senegang soup. I ate only the vegetable and the broth from the soup. When we went home, I had a salmon filet and blackeyed peas for protein for my lunch as the restaurant didn't have any fish that I wanted to order, it was fried.

We went shopping after lunch and bought healty vegetables, omega 3 eggs, unsalted peanuts, yogurt, and salmon for the week ahead..

At home I logged all of my exercise and food onto SparkPeople and read blogs, articles, and email. It was a very good day.


A little introduction to my fitness journey.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

I'm new to SparkPeople and I can't believe what a grea resource it is and it is all free. I have subscribed to fitness sites that were not as complete as this one. We are lucky to have this resource.

I have been concentrating on successively meeting all of my health challenges and making 180 degree lifestyle changes. I found that changing everything at once was overwhelming, so, being a mere man and not great at multitasking, Iíve tackled each challenge one at a time. Sleep apnea: I have a machine which allows me to breath while I sleepóan amazing concept and apparently a new experience for me, based on testing. I successively reversed my insulin resistance through dietary changes and exercise. I then had to tackle the excessive cholesterol that I had developed from the WRONG AND ONE SIDED dietary changes I made. I found Dr. Mirkinís book, THE HEALTHY HEART MIRACEL and followed his two week Show Me diet and then his lifetime Dash Plus diet which has lowered my cholesterol to the normal range. Iím still working on my blood pressure; it is high normal, but Iíve recently started living a more mellow lifestyle and become an addict of Smooth Jazz on on my computer or 98.1 F.M. in San Diego. I need to take up Yoga for relaxation, flexibility, and stress reduction. I have alsolost 22 pounds of fat in 5 weeks and I am getting stronger and more fit everyday. All of the changes are good, but the end of my Medical Leave (wellness leave, actually) from my profession is coming soon: March 1, so I am trying ot organize my fitness habits so that I can maintain them when I return to work full time. I excited about my progress and positive about my future. I love this site and I hope that I can make a contributio to someone elses progress while I am working on my own.


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