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Random weekend update *starring Myth

Saturday, March 05, 2011

*Note after reviewing: ... the lighting is sooo much worse once it uploaded, than on my camera, I swear! Ridiculous!*

Well today has felt like a rather productive day... we started our day running by Wal Mart for a few exercise (other essential) clothes items, another place, then the Y, for our first day! :-) We definitely took advantage of our first day, with all of their exercise equipment! I hardly broke a sweat, and had a lot of fun! When I was kid, I thought of exercise machines, bars to hang from, etc. were all just really fun TOYS... I believe I've never grown out of that. ;-)

It's amazing how just setting a few goals on Sparkpeople can encourage you to enjoy it more! This 28-day Bootcamp Challenge is fun so far! I finished Day 3 about an hour ago. It was funny. A thaisce (William, his pet name, which is Scottish Gaelic, pronounced a häsh-k) and I walk into the house, and both exhausted, I say, "I still have my 10 minutes of strength training video today..." He said, "You're kidding!" LOL

I'm glad that we're both doing something to improve how long we'll live. Feels great in so many ways. :-D

*random note: the other day at Wal Mart, A thaisce left me to find a deodorant ( I was out), and an older gentleman, to my left, turns to me with a "green" bottle of Equate Mint mouthwash, and says, "Is this green or blue...?" I told him "Teal. A little bit of both." Just random. A thaisce and I think he was out on an errand for his wife...*


Y Workout today : Boy, did we take advantage of today! :-D We plan on going every Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday (weekdays after work). Every now and then (every other week maybe?), I may wake up early enough to go to their early morning Group Cycling sessions. :-) Once I've had a week of "fitness," I'm going to, aside from my cardio, do Group Cycling, Zumba (which I'm pretty sure I'll LOVE after reading about it), and Pilates. There's also Yoga Tuesday evenings... :-) Everything works with the schedule we want, so let's get to it! :-) I worked a while on the elliptical machines with A thaisce, then we both moved on to the treadmills. After that, I used my favorite machine for the longest, the Cycling. :-) After that, I did outer and inner thigh presses, then walked 22 laps ( a mile ), to cool down. :-) Productive day!



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  Yeeeah, we're in OKC, so it's been in the 50's all weekend. We haven't had snow in almost a month! o,O; And it's been hot all week. Nice, but not so much in July/ August... I'm from Wisconsin, so yeah. lol

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SNOWANGELDIVA 3/5/2011 10:33PM

    I like the traveling vlog style...I was wondering how I was going to handle vlogging if decent weather ever thawed this snowglobe and I could escape. I'll try bringing the cam with!
Tnx! Brilliant!
SO odd not seeing snow all over the place...

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Introductions are important...

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Everything about my life is random, and often fairly boring... till I start rambling at the end. :-p*

And I remember... a neighborhood girl named Susanna, who also helped us... she had a pitbull named Hammer.

Reminds me of the time someone's huge Iguana escaped, ran a muck around the neighborhood... ::giggles::

This is how you do Yoga in our house...

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  It was even shorter in August when I had it cut... it started as a layered bob and has grown out a lot actually. lol :-) I'm glad, it should be past my shoulders by the end of the year. :-)

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PHYMISTY 3/6/2011 3:55AM

  I totally didn't notice this because it got burried in my friend feed. -.- Your hair! OMG, it is short!

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BOBF15 3/5/2011 6:54AM

    Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself, great idea.

I may try something like this myself. I just got to figure out how to post the video from my cam. emoticon

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    Enjoyed going for a tour of your home.
Tight now I'm happy my oven died because at first glimpse I thought your baking was carrot cake and now, well, that's all that I want.

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So to start off with...

Thursday, April 08, 2010

I'm really pretty sure I don't want this to be a blog that centers around what I'm doing at this website... just brief updates on my life and day to day thoughts every now and then... most likely won't be updated.

I've been havin' so much fun (1/2 sarcastic, 1/2 not) with life lately I have no time for blogs! o_O ; Haha... So, where to start off...

I'd really like to get more gardening done next year. This year I'm focusing on more landscaping, and mustn't forget our bedroom project! :-D I'm so excited.

Busy weekend.... there is caulking to be done, mulching, a little sanding and little weed spraying... -.- We're getting off to a late start this year.

... I need to catch up with my online comics... ::blinks::

"There are two sorts of curiosity - the momentary and the permanent. The momentary is concerned with the odd appearance on the surface of things. The permanent is attracted by the amazing and consecutive life that flows on beneath the surface of things."
Robert Wilson Lynd

*Note March 4th, 2011: This was written when I had started my first real diet in my life, so my attitude wasn't very productive, although my diet at the time had been...*

~ emoticon