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estrogen smestrogen

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Estrogen sucks.

Okay, not really. I appreciate its finer points, too (like a rather key role in basic human functioning, pretty complexions, and creation of new humans). I get that. I'm not entirely without reverence for the stuff.


I was NOT particularly pleased with the as-yet-unexplained and quite sudden gain of FOUR POUNDS. Count 'em, folks, FOUR FREAKIN POUNDS of what HAS TO BE water retention from Sunday to Monday.

I promise you, I did not eat New York State. Not even Rhode Island. I exercised. I stayed with my calories. I was very, very good.

So, my money's on some devilish combination of female hormones and cortisol, resulting in a freakish magnetism to mass amounts of water that likes to pool around my knees and, in more recent years, on my ass.

I practically slosh when I walk.


Reality Check (hold the sour cream...)

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Okay, so it was a rainy Friday afternoon, I had been in research methodology training all day, and my evening promised a riveting session at the laptop, finishing up my public financial management paper on (don't laugh) property taxes.

Yee ha.

Not wanting to cook, I stopped by Chipotle to pick up dinner and thought I was doing okay since I skipped the dairy products.

Geez, was I in for a rude awakening!

When I went to their website later for nutritional information (so that I could track it all on sparkpeople), my mouth dropped open.


What I had *estimated* to be about 600 calories (horrible for one meal, but acceptable given that I'm training for a half-marathon and have been burning calories like crazy) turned out to be 985 calories. Yikes.

At first, I felt almost sick... but then I was grateful for having had the reality check. Thinking back to Life Before I Woke Up to the Reality of My Expanding Waistline, I realized that I mindlessly ate like this a lot. In the past, this epiphany would have prompted a downward spiral of self-loathing and guilt. This time, however, I really just appreciated the new awareness and then spent a few minutes figuring out how I could still enjoy the occasional Chipotle run without the subsequent terror. It wasn't difficult to transform the 985-calorie choices I'd made into 400-calorie meals I'd relish just as much.

That felt GREAT.

It's very empowering to be AWAKE again and to know that it's all about being mindful and making better decisions.

Nice to end the workweek with such good news! (And the burrito sure was yummy going down.)

Incidentally, I made up for the calorie splurge by cutting down to about 1300 cals the following day. This morning, I was no worse for the wear and was down another 3 pounds!