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My first few weeks.

Monday, October 22, 2012

I've learned a lot about myself in the past few weeks.

I've learned I wasn't eating enough calories. I grew up very poor. Food was a luxury many days, one my parents could barely afford. As a result I was so used to eating so little I wasn't hitting 1200 calories, except Sundays when we had big breakfast and I downed about 800 calories, in one meal. Every other day of the week I was lucky to hit 800 calories for the full day.

I've learned I eat when I'm tried. Not fruits or veggies either. I ate crackers, cookies, chips. I'd raid the pantry for anything salty/sugary and fast to keep awake. Now when I'm tired, I go to bed instead.

I've learned exercise really CAN be fun. I like pilates, zumba and even walking. But in the past I tried to just stick to ONE routine every day I exercised instead of mixing it up. I rarely kept on exercising more than a week. I've since added biking, and p90x when my husband joins for a work out.

I've learned how to balance my meals each day so I'm not constantly thinking about food while trying to loose weight. Still hitting my 1200 calorie goal, and getting enough of the right nutrients.

The best thing I've learned though. Is to put myself first. That it's not selfish or shameful to put myself first. A notion my father was so diligent on instilling in me. To EVER think of myself first, ever, was wrong, selfish and shameful. I've since gratefully learned otherwise.

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GRANDMASHUNGRY 11/12/2012 8:18AM

    You need to think of yourself first. You need to be healthy so you can take care of your family.
Take some time out every day for yourself. Good luck on your weight loss journey. Your doing a great job. Have a good day!

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OFFICIALOLDY 11/9/2012 10:55AM

    You are SO right about putting yourself first. You have a young family who love and need you, so keep doing what you are doing. I know you and I found the right place to do that. SparkPeople is just amazing! Yhere is so much support here from the great people who run the site and all the Spark friends who laugh, cry, share our frustrations and celebrate with us. Keep up the good work!

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My D day!

Monday, October 22, 2012

I probably should have posted this when I decided to start 3 weeks ago. But after many failed attempts to loose weight, I wanted to be well into it before blogging about it.

My D day (decision day) to start loosing weight wasn't when I expected it to be. I tried after the birth of my husband and my's first child. Again after our second. Heck I really believed after being diagnosed with emphysema at 31 this past June I would really get on that get healthy for my health bandwagon. It just. didn't. last.

After 5 days in the hospital this past June, where I received my diagnosis I was immediately put on a no exercise restriction until further notice. My lungs needed to heal, my medication needed to be balanced. As weeks and a month or two passed by I put on more weight. Eventually weighing 142 lbs on a small bone 5ft 2 inch structure. I wore a size 12. Bought them two weeks prior, and already they were getting tight. That was my D day. The day I looked in the mirror and said I HAVE to do something. I just spent $60 on these pants and they don't fit, already. I have lungs problems and a family to live for. I have GOT to get off my fat rear and thighs and get healthy for myself and my family. I refuse, darn it, refuse to buy new cloths until I'm buying the next size smaller. I refuse to let my health deteriorate to the point of needing oxygen 24/7 by the time I'm 40. I hate those things to begin with.

This is my beginning. My very last begging. Because come heck or high water. This is going to work for me.

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LISA_SUMNER08 10/22/2012 1:57PM


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