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Castlewood Canyon

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Met another Sparker to hike Castlewood Canyon just outside of Castlerock, Colorado. What a beautiful hike. I must admit I thought it would be all plains hiking due to it being so far from the mountains but it was a pleasant surprise. We hiked down along the canyon floor to the dam ruins and looped back around to the visitor's center. It was gorgeous. Molly loved it too. She finally won over and yanked the leash out of my hand and dove straight into the creek. Silly dog.

Today was weigh in day and am down .8. Probably would have been more if I hadn't eaten a bag of dark chocolate moose munch. That evening snacking puts me under every time. Oh well! Today is a new day.


No more hot dogs!

Monday, September 10, 2007

I took Jake to the zoo yesterday and regretted the hotdog last night and today. Talk about sick! I can't look at food without feeling yucky. I'm so tired today too. I should have stayed home from work but thought I could do it.

Molly and I did a fun hike on Saturday. We hiked Rattlesnake gulch in Eldorado Canyon. It was pretty....and challenging. I stopped 2-3 times to catch my breath and get my heart back into my chest. But it was worth the climb. I love climbing to spots where historical ruins lay. Also, a well used train track was on another mountain and saw a couple trains go by. Jake would have loved that! It was a pretty day. I started the hike about 9a. No one was there except the rock climbers but once I headed down the trail really picked up with hikers. Molly loved it too.


So Far So Good

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Last night was the first night w/o the binky. Jake cried a little and kept calling my name. He eventually fell asleep when I turned on the bathroom fan (white noise). I expected him to wake up in the middle of the night howling for it but he didn't. He woke up saying "Daddy's boat" a couple times and then fell back to sleep! I didn't sleep well for fear he would wake up wanting it. This morning he was fine. He did have a howling fit at daycare but he does that every now and then. I took the paci from his daycare box so he can't have it for nap time either. I warned the daycare teachers and they were on board. I think I feel worse about it than Jake. I ended up binging last night on chips stressing and feeling guilty over it! Af finally came so I'm sure that isn't helping either.

Which reminds me...my goal for September is no snacking after dinner! Gotten back into the bad habit of that.


bye bye binky

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

This week while dh is out of town, Jake is going to "lose" his binky. I've gotten him to the point where he only has it in bed. But, when I got him to smile at me recently, I noticed that he couldn't close his front teeth! His molars were touching but the front teeth were not. So, bye, bye binky! It will be a stressful week. But! I rather do it with dh not present as he will not stick with it. I warned daycare that it was coming. Jake may be a cranky butt for the first couple weeks. I haven't taken it away at daycare yet (he only uses it for naps). He has several blankies and a horse that he loves so hoping they will take the place of the binky. Wish me luck!



Friday, August 31, 2007

Everytime I get close to my goal weight, I sabotage myself. Why is that? Do I panic because this journey is about done? Maybe it is time to set new goals for once I reach my goal weight in the maintenance department.

Exercise at least 3 times a week for at least a half hour.
Make healthy choices in the food department and stay within my calorie range.

BTW, I met my goal of no soda. I haven't had any since vacation. I had a Canada Dry as my stomach wasn't feeling well. Other than that I haven't had any in a month. I haven't had caffeine since vacation either. Don't miss it! I guess I do get a little from chocolate when I crave it. But mainly I crave tart stuff in the sugar department. Sweet Tarts, smarties, Jelly Bellies (my archnemisis).

I'm going hiking tomorrow at Maxwell Falls with Lisielove. We met up for a hike last week at Lair of the Bear and had a good time. We are trading off who picks the park each week. Molly gets to come along too. She'll be so excited. She doesn't get out much. I know...bad mom. I have been walking her nightly starting Wed night. Of course she loves it. We don't go far as it gets dusk pretty quickly.

I keep waking up at 5:30am every night and can't go back to sleep. Why is that? I'm not stressed out. Strange. DH gripes that I've been tossing and turning alot at night. Last night I dreamt that I might be pregnant. I know I've been slightly off late about that as I missed my last period. But, when it was due, I was really stressed out and according to webmd stress can cause you to skip. I took an HPT to be sure and it came out negative. I took it at night so maybe that had something to do with it. Diluted from the 64 ounces of water I drink during the day. I'll have to try again to be sure in the morning. I meant to this morning but forgot. Funny thing is, this happened last time I got pregnant. I know I took the tests and they came out negative so I assumed I just skipped. I didn't realize I was indeed pregnant until the the 3rd month when I started feeling sick to my stomach. That lasted 1 day and the rest of the time I had heartburn. I wouldn't mine feeling the same way for #2! When I tested by the 3rd month, it was a resounding positive! Maybe it took that long for my hormones to kick into gear. Who knows?

Long post. I'm just spouting whatever comes to mind. Jake is in a new daycare today. I was worried he wouldn't do well, but dh dropped him off and seemed to feel good about the people and the place. So that was a relief. I'm sure Jake wasn't too happy when dad walked out the door without him! Our current daycare is run like a school so they have teachers' planning days off and every quarter a full week off along with all school holidays. So, I have to have a backup daycare for drop in on those teacher planning days. My workplace didn't have any backup options until July of this year. So, I'm taking advantage. The current daycare is a high quality facility so the days off are a minor inconvenience to me.

BTW, Jake's word for fire hydrant is "fire fly". LOL


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