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Poor Molly!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Molly is still walking really stiff. She tries to wag her tail and play a little but she is hurtin! I thought I would be too but not so. I even did my power lift class yesterday and I'm not sore either. We did lots of squats and lunges but nothing. I must be getting in shape! Too bad my baby belly is still hanging around. It too is beginning to get smaller but I'm ready for the jelly belly to go!

AF hit today too so that was a wonderful surprise this morning. Luckily I had something at work with me or else I would have been hosed. My chair at work is a light yellow. Nice, huh? I'm also up a pound and a half. I suspect AF has something to do with that. I did sneak a couple oreos last night though.

DH went to the store last night and that usually means 5 healthy items that I put on the list and 25 bad items. He got a bag of oreos, orange slices, and I haven't discovered what else. I didn't want to know!


Lion's Gulch

Monday, June 11, 2007

Molly and I hiked Lion's Gulch yesterday. I thought it was 3 miles round trip but by the time I got back to the car and looked at my instructions again, discovered it was 3 miles one way. So! We ended up doing an 8 mile hike rather than 4. (We did the meadow loop at the top which was another 2 miles from the meadows.) I didn't feel it until the way down. My feet were really starting to hurt by then. Of course, I hadn't had lunch yet either so my stomach was rumbling. I did take a granola bar and Cliff bar with me so that was good. I didn't take enough water either but I rationed it so that worked out ok. Molly was running circles around me on the way up. In and out of the creek as we crossed it several times. Once we made it to Homestead Meadows where the old homestead cabins (what's left of them) reside, I took some pictures and we continued on to do the loop. The weather was perfect and we saw very few hikers. We ran into some park rangers a couple times (which was reassuring!). I got lost once and had to back track twice but we made it back to the meadows. (Note to self: Pack a compass!) On the way back down, Molly must have sliced one of her pads on her paw so she was limping the 3 miles back to the car. We stopped a couple times so she could rest. She just laid down in the stream. A few times I looked back and she had stopped, wagging her tail at me, like please carry me? Just broke my heart. I can't carry her as she is a 85 pound dog. And the trail was very rocky (which didn't help her paw either I'm sure). I slipped once on the gravel, luckily didn't sprain my ankle. But we made it back to the car. I had to lift Molly into the back of my Pathfinder. She was out the whole way home. I called her name a couple times to make sure she didn't die back there, but she looked up. I got up this morning a little stiff through the ankles. No hyper greeting from Molly. She looked like she was 100 years old the way she was walking. No more 8 mile hikes for Molly. I'll post pictures of Lions Gulch sometime this week. And White Ranch when I find time. Next weekend, I think we will take it easy and do a shorter hike, but at higher altitude. Lions Gulch starts at 7200 ft and climbs to 8500 ft. Here's a blurb on the history of the area from www.coloradojournal.com:

The trail climbs Lions Gulch for three miles to Homestead Meadows, an area where the U.S. Forest Service has preserved the remains of several interesting cabins and other homestead buildings that were built between 1890 and 1920. Most of them were abandoned during the Depression of the 1930s. The loop trails that connect the homesteads are quite level and make for easy walking.


White Ranch

Monday, June 04, 2007

Hiked the rawhide trail at White Ranch. 4.5 miles of very hilly terrain. Molly hiked it with me. It was beautiful out. Very green. At the parking lot we saw lots of mtn bikers. They must have been doing a class. On the trail we saw very few people. A few hikers and a few pairs of mtn bikers. Otherwise we were alone. We saw a weird looking squirrel if that was what it was. It had tufts of long hair on each ear. Strange. I couldn't get close enough to get a picture but I got a couple. I'll have to look it up to see what it was. I'll post pictures later of the trail/surroundings.

The hike was fairly easy for me surprisingly enough. So, Molly and I are going to give Lion's Gulch outside of Estes Park a try next weekend. I know it is a steeper climb with very little downhill portions. I think we can do it. Told dh about my 14er goal and he seems to think I can get it done sooner than I think. We'll see. He wants to hike with me with Jake in the carrier. We'll see how that goes!

I found my old triathlon log book. So have started to record my workouts in there and goals/rewards. My goal for June is to get down to 134. When that occurs I will get new crosstraining shoes. My goal for the end of July is to get to 132. When that occurs I will get a new swimsuit. August's goal is 130. My reward for that is a new hairstyle. September's goal is 128. My reward for that is a trip to NYC in Oct/Nov.

One more goal for this week is no snacking after dinner. I'm so bad about that!


5% Summer Sizzle - Go Care Bears!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

I've joined the 5% Summer Sizzle Challenge which begins June 3 and runs to Sept 1. If I meet the 5% loss than I will attain my goal weight. Works out perfectly. Usually when I do these challenges that have a long period of time between start and finish, I tend to lose immediately and then slowly start gaining back to my original start weight! This time I hope to not do that. It will be difficult, especially when I go on vacation the 2nd week of August. Mackinac Island fudge....need I say more? My SIL who will be with us is also trying to lose weight so maybe we will keep each other on track.

I need to get a hold of my inner "brat". (Coined by the fly lady. www.flylady.com) Your inner brat is the voice inside that says I want this I want that. I'm entitled to that chocolate cake. I want it, I want it now! So my goal this month is to tame the brat inside and stick to my healthy goals.

My long term goal is to climb a fourteener by summer's end. I know I can do it. My goal mountain is Gray's Peak. Torres is a short walk next to Grays so who knows maybe I'll get 2 in one day. I'll take Molly with me. She needs the exercise pretty bad too. (My 6 year old labrador.) My medium term goal is to work my way up to that hike with several small ones once a week but gaining in elevation/length.

I'd like to hike Lion's Gulch again as it is a pretty hike and seeing the left over homesteader cabins is neat. Last time I did it, I had Molly and her sister Morgan with me. Morgan was horribly out of shape and kept laying in the creek to cool off and rest. Molly kept looking at her like, what the heck? LOL. This Sunday, Molly and I are kicking off our hiking project. I think we might start off with something easy like White Ranch. It is a favorite mountain biker trail but that's ok. Molly and I know how to get off the trail when needed. I love driving in the back entrance. It is sooo pretty.

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CEIGSTI 6/2/2007 2:10AM

    Apparently I can't subtract. 5% of my current weight gets me close to my goal but not on it. 130.15. Oh well. Time for bed. Zzzzzzz

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Mother's Day

Monday, May 14, 2007

Had a nice Mother's Day. DH got a sitter (on Saturday) and took me out for lunch at Outback Steakhouse. I did very well in my food choices. I was soooo proud of myself. Later though, I decided we needed ice cream too which put me over in calories but that's ok.

The next day, I was worse. It was just Jake and I so we went out for lunch at a chinese restaurant. I figured Jake liked the food there the last time he went and of course this time wouldn't touch any of it. So I ended up eating it. After that we went to the library and he wreaked havoc on the children's side of the library. After I got him out of there (kicking and screaming), I headed to the video store where I bought a bag of skittles. Needless to say, I ate the whole thing! I regretted it after I finished them. Oh well. For dinner I had a chicken pot pie and definitely went way over calories.

Today has been a better day. I'm eating right and getting a little exercise. I feel much better today although I'm a little tired. We did a 5k also on Saturday. Sunday, Jake, Molly (our yellow lab) and I went to the park and walked 2 miles. So at least I'm keeping up the exercise side of things which I haven't in a long while. One step at a time.


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