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New Shoes

Sunday, July 01, 2007

My goal for the month of June was to get down to 134. Since I definitely made that goal, today I get new cross trainer shoes. (Badly needed!) I'm so excited.

My goal for the month of July is to get down to 132. Since I am currently at 132.8 (as of today), I only have .8 to go! Woo-hoo! My reward for that marker is to get a pedicure.

I really like the way I'm looking now. I can really tell a difference. I even have DH going again. He's back on the bike and talking about racing again. LOL.

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    Congratulatons for reaching your goal during the month of June. You are doing an awesome job and I am very proud of you. Hope you have a Happy Fourth of July.

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New low!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Got on the scale this morning and saw 132.4! Yippee. Now if I can make it through the weekend w/o blowing it I'll be set! It is funny every time I get to a new weight, I fluxuate until I get used to that new style of living. It is a learning process.

Discovered last night that I can't eat fried fish tenders. I felt sooooo sick after I ate them. Too greasy. I only had 6. Oh well. No loss. I have to be careful of fried foods as my system can't handle them very well. Especially since I had my gall bladder out. That made it worse. The sick feeling hits sooner than later!

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SIERRADELTA 7/1/2007 8:32AM

    Fantastic! That's amazing news. Way to go.

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Maxwell Falls

Monday, June 18, 2007

For Father's Day, dh, Jake, Molly and I hiked Maxwell Falls in Evergreen. It was beautiful but a little warm for me. I forgot to bring water for myself so definitely my own fault. I forgot how far it was from the lower trailhead to the falls. It was a little too long for Jake. He wanted out of the carrier and was not a happy camper on the way back to the car.

Decided to go grocery shopping yesterday. DH is not allowed to grocery shop for me anymore! Every time he goes he ends up getting all junk food and no healthy stuff. I planned out what we are going to eat this week and bought what we needed. Only got 1 bad thing-a glazed doughnut. (I allow myself a doughnut once a week.) While I was putting away the groceries, I discovered dh had also purchased 6 pizzas last week. I just rolled my eyes and continued to put stuff away. He knows I'm trying to reach my goal of 128 but he still buys that stuff. Irritating. He said after the hike he discovered just how out of shape he was. Maybe he'll get a clue and eat healthier too!


Added Pictures of White Ranch and Lion's Gulch

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Just added pictures from Molly and I's past 2 hikes. Molly is fully recovered and looking a bit trimmer after that last hike! I think we will do a family hike on Sunday for Father's Day. We will be hiking a shorter hike in Evergreen at Maxwell Falls. It is an old favorite and a very pretty, shaded hike.

Dh and I celebrated our 10th anniversary tonight. We went to Fuddruckers. (Kid friendly hamburger joint.) Jake loved it. He had chocolate chip cookie all over his face by the time we were done!

On a sad note, my Dad's brother died today. He was the last surviving brother. I'm glad we got to see him at the end of March. He was so clear and recognized us all. He was very happy to see us and Jake. It was a wonderful visit.


Poor Molly!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Molly is still walking really stiff. She tries to wag her tail and play a little but she is hurtin! I thought I would be too but not so. I even did my power lift class yesterday and I'm not sore either. We did lots of squats and lunges but nothing. I must be getting in shape! Too bad my baby belly is still hanging around. It too is beginning to get smaller but I'm ready for the jelly belly to go!

AF hit today too so that was a wonderful surprise this morning. Luckily I had something at work with me or else I would have been hosed. My chair at work is a light yellow. Nice, huh? I'm also up a pound and a half. I suspect AF has something to do with that. I did sneak a couple oreos last night though.

DH went to the store last night and that usually means 5 healthy items that I put on the list and 25 bad items. He got a bag of oreos, orange slices, and I haven't discovered what else. I didn't want to know!


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