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Back to it!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Well, I got my new Ipod Touch this weekend and discovered the Spark App for it is pretty darn nifty. So no more excuses on the writing everything down. My workout plan for this week is:

Tues: yoga
Wed: weights/cardio
Thurs: yoga
Fri: weights/cardio
Sat: gym/ice skating
Sun: snowshoe day?

My food plan is mainly coming from Healthy Cooking magazine. I'm trying 2 new recipes out of there, Enchilada Casserole, barley stew, and an oldie but a goodie Tuna bake.

Tues: A1 Chicken/green beans
Wed: Enchilada Casserole/salad
Thurs: Tuna Bake/salad
Fri: Lo!
Sat: Stew
Sun: Roast Ck/mashed potatoes


Must resist the sugar....

Monday, November 02, 2009

So I pretty much blew it over the weekend. Add the Broncos party and it was over before it started (kinda like the game!). But, I was slightly smart this time in my candy purchase for the kids as I got minimal chocolate. So, temptation hasn't been quite as high. But, back on track.

Got my workout in today. Prepping a healthy meal for dinner tonight. Chicken parmesan from my Cooking Light magazine I picked up last summer. It's beginning to fall apart, I've used it so much. It was one of those special Cooking Light during the summer editions. All the recipes in it are simple and yummy. And the boys like it to so that is a bonus. I don't get the "This-is-a-healthy-recipe,-isn't-it?" whine.

Didn't meet my goal for October. Oh well. My new goal is to survive the holidays. haha

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SOCKITTOME 11/2/2009 11:36PM

    Hang in there and keep your goals in focus. The holidays are a tough time for those of us trying to forego sugar. Keep some healthy alternatives around and force yourself to think twice before grabbing a piece of candy. I'm going to follow my own advice and do likewise!

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STURPEN 11/2/2009 5:18PM

    Sounds like you are have a very positive attitude. I'm sure you will do well over the holidays.

Comment edited on: 11/2/2009 5:18:59 PM

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Back on Track

Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm sticking with last week's goals this week (I also added a few):
1. Get to bed on time.
2. No computer after 6p.
3. Track my food.
4. Clean for 15 min each day.
5. Exercise every day for at least 30 min.

Weekends are my biggest problem. I can stay on track fairly well during the week but weekends is when I blow it. Too lazy to cook and if I go to a movie I DESERVE something, right? I was thinking after my sugar overload yesterday at the movies, that I could sneak in celery sticks with peanut butter or baby carrots and still feel like I was getting a treat. Maybe I could take in some of those mini popcorn flavored rice cakes from Quaker. Mmmmm. Save money too!

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HIGHBURY.HOUSE 9/28/2009 1:27PM

    My bad times are weekends as well. I tend to relax more and chill. Like you, I like a treat as well and when everyone else is having some, you just have to indulge. But we gotta be strong and make good choices. Good luck.

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Double Take

Friday, September 18, 2009

I used to get a subscription to Healthy Cooking magazine but it only came once every 3 months. Not only that, but the recipes in it were hit and miss (mostly miss) on turning out good so I ended my subscription. They keep sending me magazines in hopes I'll reconsider so I thought I would try a Greek recipe last night.

It has sundried tomatoes in it. Well, I couldn't find any that weren't packed in oil in the grocery store so I just grabbed one that was packed in oil thinking I could wash off the oil and go from there. When I opened the jar last night and dumped the contents into a colander, I about gagged. That's stuff is nasty smelling. I tried washing it off but I just couldn't take the smell. Knowing Jake doesn't like tomatoes anyway, I tossed them and decided to go without. It pretty much went down hill from there. I cooked as instructed and took a taste. YUK. So I served it to the crew. DH took one bite looked at me, then inhaled the rest. I was shocked! I couldn't believe he ate it! Jake took one bite and said, "Ewwww. I don't like this." So, I told him to eat 3 bites and finish his corn on the cob. I asked hubby if he wanted more and he said "No." And then he left the table. I didn't have the heart to throw it out so I told dh to throw it out after I left for work the next morning. It was ghastly. So, in bed, I asked hubby what he thought of it and he said it was awful. I said I was amazed that he ate it all and he said he ate it fast so he wouldn't taste it. LMAO. Ah well. Back to the drawing board.

Some days working at a college has its perks. Yesterday, dh came to pick me up at work as I had my car in the shop for the milestone tune up. As we drove 1/4 around the roundabout, I looked out my window and saw a group of about 20 young men running together. I commented to my husband, "Hmmm. That's interesting. A bunch of guys running in speedos." At that point I took a double take and hubby was trying to cover my eyes while driving at the same time. Sure enough. They were running in various colors of Speedos and tennis shoes. Nothing else. LOL At first I thought, must be pledges for the fraternities, but school started this week and pledging usually doesn't get going until about October. Not only that, all these guys were in top physical shape so I doubt it is a fraternity. More like a sports team. They were all around the same height too which was funny. We drove out onto University and turned into the left turn lane to go onto Evans. The guys were behind us at that point but heading our way again much to dh's dismay. I was laughing so hard by now that I was in tears.

I turned to watch them run down the sidewalk toward the light we were sitting at. There was an old lady standing at the bus stop and I was dying to see her reaction as they ran toward her. But unfortunately, the bus pulled up right as they ran past, so couldn't catch her reaction. I'm sure the bus occupants thought it was funny. The guys ran to the light and stopped waiting to cross. DH was groaning and going on about how awful it was. Meanwhile cars were honking at them and a moving van full of guys were yelling at them too. One guy wearing a polka dot speedo leaned over and started stretching his legs. DH exclaimed, "Oh geez!" in disgust. I was howling by then. The guy turned and grinned. LMAO. As we started to turn the guys started running across the street. DH yelled at them, "You all have A's!" I told him they probably will think he is gay but he said he didn't care. Awww. What a great ride home. I still snicker thinking about it.

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SACTOKAREN 9/18/2009 11:12AM

    PS Speedos should be outlawed!

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SACTOKAREN 9/18/2009 11:11AM

    Check the aisle with ethnic foods near the organics and spaghetti sauces (at least that's how it's set up at Safeway.) I found sundried tomatoes packed in balsamic vinegar. They are wonderful. Safeway also carries "fresh" sundried tomatoes in their deli section, but I wasn't as happy with the taste of those.

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Week Goals

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My goals for this week:

1. Exercise at least 30 min every day.
2. Eat healthier-make sure I have a balanced plate of veggies, fruit, meat.
3. No computer after 6p.-I'm on the computer all day so enough already. :) I actually think I sleep better too if I don't get on.
4. 15 min of cleaning every day. (Inlaws are coming! And Jake keeps asking to have friends over. Need to get on this big time.)


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