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Prouf of myself today!!

Sunday, January 02, 2011

I remember this time last year being invited to my sister's place for a New Year's Day dinner. I ate like crazy!!!!!! I had just made my goal weight and though t" I deserve this." Well, after losing 60 lbs. in 2009 I came across alot of personal obstacles in 2010 and ended up gaining back 25 lbs. Yesterday my husband and I were invited over to our friends house for New Years Day dinner. I ate one normal portion and went I DID go back for seconds it was ONLY a salad. Sure I had a small red velvet cupacke, but I only had ONE!! Normally I would devour a few. I drank alot of water and was engaged in great conversation even as the box of cupcakes and munchkins literally sat in front of me!!!!!! I ams SO PROUD OF ME!!!!!!


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    Good work lady! Keep up the good habits!

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PATTYKLAVER 1/3/2011 5:45AM

    emoticon What a difference a year can make! You should be proud of yourself. I know how hard it was for me this holiday season.

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BLOSSEM69 1/2/2011 6:52PM


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SHESTOUGH 1/2/2011 5:48PM

    Great job!!!

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Discouraged by weight gain this year ! Any advice?

Friday, December 10, 2010

I was sooo proud of myself for losing 60 pounds last year, having my success story published in Health Magazine, having people tell me how great I looked, feeling great about myself and finally being comfortable in my own skin!

Well, it's been a very tough year 2010 with my husband losing his job after 21 years. The stress has built and built and built and has taken a toll on our marriage as well as on my weight. I'm so mad at myself because I've gained back 15 pounds. My clothes are tighter, my face is looking fuller again, I am sluggish and bloated, but I don't know how to stop stress eating. I was never a binge eater, but now Iam! I need support, I need to be accountable, I need happiness and encouragement back! I am now embarrassed to see people I know who may wonder if I've gained any of the weight back. I need someone to talk to on a daily basis.

I want to be a slim, healthy, sexy mommy and wife again!



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SHESTOUGH 12/24/2010 10:43PM

    I know you can do this! Keep your chin up! You've conquered a mountain before, this is just a molehill compared to that!

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GODDESSOFHOME 12/13/2010 6:58AM

    Hey girl, I feel ya, and I know you can lose the weight again.

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183WANTS2B140 12/11/2010 9:30AM

    emoticon I am not that good with words. But I wanted you to know that you are being heard and I wish you the best of luck.

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TOOTHFUL99 12/10/2010 10:32PM

    Sorry to hear about all of your added stress. We sound a lot alike. I lost 30 pounds last year and then slowly put 15 of it back on. I would look in the mirror and feel so disgusted with myself.
This fall, I finally found that spark to get back on track. I'm not sure whether it was my image in the mirror, the fear of having to sqeeze into those too tight jeans as the weather cooled, or just remembering the good feelings I had about myself when I was thinner. Something clicked. I got within 1 pound of my goal and now I've been juggling the same 5 pounds around for a month and a half. (I think it's all of the traveling I've done this fall.)
I agree with Cindy. You have to reach into yourself and find what will spark you. Plant that seed and nurture it till it grows. Remember to treat yourself the way you would treat a loved one. You're worth it!
Good luck!

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CSIENK 12/10/2010 10:19PM

    Hi Carmen. I'm sorry to hear about the stress you've had this past year. I can only imagine how hard it was for you and your husband (and your marriage) - facing his job loss. And I can feel how frustrated you are with the weight gain. Stress will do that. I've gained back 5 of the lbs. I lost - they were my 'wiggle' room lbs. so that I had a range to stay within. I'm concerned that I won't stop with that 5. My problem isn't so much stress eating as it is a lack of motivation to work out. So I'm still tracking and staying within my range... unfortunately, it's my maintenance range which is set for me burning 800 calories a week and I'm not coming close to that.

I think you and I need to go back to the beginning... and start with the little things we can do to turn it around. For me... I have to go back to making time for at least 10 minutes a day for working out... no compromises. What do you think it needs to be for you? Recommitting to tracking your calories? Making sure you're drinking your 8 glasses of water? I don't know what will jump start things for you, but you've done it before - you can do it again.
You CAN do it! emoticon
Cindy emoticon emoticon

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My weight loss story is in Health magazine!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Hey guys, as I mentioned last month my weight loss story is being featured in the Health magazine July/August issue. I received my advanced copy the other day, please pick up a copy and check me out on page 64...I am so proud and I love it!!!!

Thanks for my Sparkbuddies who supported me on this journey!!!

Love, Carmen Hollinsed

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250STRONG 7/5/2010 11:34AM

    Good for you!

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CSIENK 7/5/2010 8:50AM

    Congratulations Carmen! That's emoticon Looks like you're still doing a fantastic job at maintenance. Keep it up! emoticon

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MICHCLEARY 7/4/2010 8:47PM

    Way to go!!!! That is awesome.

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RITAROSE 7/4/2010 7:48PM

  Wow! I'm so proud of you and your success! Can't wait to read the article!! You are a true inspiration to your fellow sparklers! emoticon

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GRITS46 7/4/2010 6:41PM

    Congratulations on your success and your story!

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LJCANNON 7/4/2010 6:33PM

    I am going to Hastings (a local Books, Music, & Video Store) now to look for it!!


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LYNMARI 7/4/2010 6:10PM

    Awesome! I will look for the magazine! Congratulations!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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REJ7777 7/4/2010 5:52PM

    emoticon emoticon Congratulations on your success! You look great! emoticon

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LIFE_IS_SO_GOOD 7/4/2010 5:25PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ZNEKITA 7/4/2010 5:22PM

    That's Awesome! What a great accomplishment!

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WANNABE751 7/4/2010 5:20PM

    Congratulations, such an inspiration.

Comment edited on: 7/4/2010 5:27:16 PM

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MONTANA_ED 7/4/2010 5:07PM

    Fantastic! Way to go! Woo Hoo!

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MAZZALIN 7/4/2010 5:02PM

    Congratulations on your success. I'll be sure to be on the lookout for it.

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DESERT_BIRD 7/4/2010 4:58PM

    That's awesome!!

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LHLADY517 7/4/2010 3:37PM


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VAMPS351 7/4/2010 2:23PM

    Congratulations thats fantastic.
You should be proud of yourself...well done.
emoticon emoticon

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WINWIN1 7/4/2010 2:20PM

    Hey - that is soo cool!! I will get one. I stopped getting the mag - you know, changing it up! Good for you - you look great! donna emoticon

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GRADLY 7/4/2010 2:19PM

    Congrats :)

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Only 1 pound away from my goal......I am SO PROUD of myself!!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Many people don't believe me when I tell them I started this journey at 190 lbs. I started in January 2009 and completed my journey in December 2009, just ONE pound shy of my goal at a very happy and healthy 131 lbs.!!

Thanks to everyone who supported me along the way especially my darling husband Roland for telling me how proud he is of me and sometimes hiding the goodies from me :) Also, to my phenomenal twins Sierra and Shane who always reminded me to get up and dance as soon as the music came on ! :)

As I look to the year ahead, I am armed with the tools to maintain my weight loss. I've learned so much about eating the right kinds of foods, excercising, portion control and learning NOT to deny myself anything as long as it's in moderation.

It's been a fabulous year and Iam looking to foward to many more fabulous years ahead!

Happy New Year!

Carmen H.

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GODDESSOFHOME 1/11/2010 8:46PM

    Incredible! You look amazing, your hard work really paid off! I hope I can achieve your success myself, you are an inspiration!

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CARRIE535 12/31/2009 4:13PM

    emoticonCongratulations on your weight loss!

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HOFFARD 12/31/2009 3:09PM

    You look Great! Congratulations! An amazing transformation. You have every reason to be proud. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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_RACHEL 12/31/2009 3:05PM

emoticon emoticon Double thumbs up!
I'm so proud of you too!!!

I just started sparks a week ago at 209lbs. You've inspired me! This can be me! Thank you!

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ISHFISH 12/31/2009 2:52PM

    That's so great! emoticon

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RONDASUE27 12/31/2009 2:41PM

    You're an inspiration :)
I'm hoping to do as well in 2010.

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ANITA1156 12/31/2009 2:38PM

  How fantastic! I hope I can follow in your footsteps in 2010! I really want to make this the year to get healthy and fit!!

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ALYFITN 12/31/2009 2:37PM

    emoticon emoticon You should be proud of yourself!! And proud of your lovely supportive family too!

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BLUEANGELLK 12/31/2009 2:36PM

    Congratulations for reaching your goal!!! You are amazing.

Keep up the good work maintaining!

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So close to my goal!!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

OMG! I was pleasantly surprised when I hopped on my scale this morning!! I am in my 130's again!! I haven't been there in a LONNGGGG time!!! I can't believe I am only a few pounds away from my goal. I hope to continue the hard work and make wise decsions (sorta) through my twins birthday and Thanksgiving this month emoticon

I hope to be at my ultimate goal weight of 130 by Christmas emoticon

Thanks to my buddies here on Sparkpeople for inspiring me and helping me get this far!!!



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