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Sunday, April 29, 2012

I am doing Chalene's Johnson's PUSH program ( again this year with a friend (thanks Erin:) I was watching Day 21: An uncomfortable assignment and literally had tears in my eyes. Because an action, probably rather a decision needed done to help me reach my PUSH goal faster and I had been hoping to avoid it.
You see..most people view fitness as a punishment. They dread it. I don't. I feel punished if I can't. I guess for me I don't view it as an obsession or way to lose weight-for me it's my ME time, time to unwind, destress, connect with God, and have a feeling of true accomplishment. Oh sure some days I don't feel like it-I mean come on I am HUMAN!
My soulmate workout is running. I do my best thinking with my running shoes on early in the morning outside in nature. I can't think of a better time of day or activity. Running is a hobby for me and it's just part of who I am.
I am a huge believe into overall wellness-which incorporates all aspects of our health: fitness, nutrition, sleep, stress management, fun time, personal development, faith. So I know that sometimes I have to take rest days or a rest week or take it easy if sick or injured. I find the more I listen to my body the less often I became sick or injured.
I have been plagued with digestive issues (ie Chron's Disease) for a few years now. I remember being terrified last year when we went to Mexico that my stomach would act up while there getting married (I mean can you imagine having this beautiful dress that is fitted and then being so bloated you can't put it on-that was my fear!). I was so lucky to have done a cleanse before we left so I felt amazing most of the time we were there. However, I do remember the day of our reception ( a month later) being afraid to eat again wondering if my stomach would blow up (it did). I look back now at pictures of that day and you can tell my face was just swollen (most people can't tell but I can). No one should have to live like that.
I decided after last year that I had enough. I wanted to find some way to heal myself without any use of meds-as up to this point the doctors had no answers for me.
I stumbled across the SCD plan a few months ago and began to experiment. I am now on Day 36 of the full plan-it's basically a plan whereby you eat a base set of foods that are "legal" (mainly they are unprocessed and easiest to digest!) and add new foods every 4 days to see how your body reacts. You also take supplements and as this is all going on your body is healing so that in the end you can live a more normal life.
It has been the most mentally and physically exhausting thing I have ever endured. It has put my faith to the test more times than you can imagine. But...I am healing and getting better!
The one thing I didn't bargain for was the fatigue. Your body is basically detoxing and healing all at the same time-which takes an immense amount of energy. I can tell if I even try to do any sort of vigorous workout (ie running!) that my body gets inflamed and I have a setback. I've talked to fellow SCD'ers and they all say the same thing-the fatigue for the first few months is normal.
Which brings me to the decision I had to make. I haven't really ran or anything of the such for almost 2 weeks now and I kept telling myself that oh next week I'll be FINE. Back to business as usual. I finally had to tell myself yesterday that I am just going to have to put up my running shoes for a few months perhaps and let my body heal.
You'd think a decision like that would be easy but it wasn't. It's like giving up part of ME. But I know in the end it has to be done and I am able to focus on other lighter activities (yoga, light weights, eventually lighter cardio) , stress management, sleep, my faith, and getting this body healed once and for all.
So for now my main focus is yoga and I'll also work in the Turbo FIRE/ChaLEAN hybrid schedule as my body allows. Each week I'll see how my body is feeling and adjust accordingly.
To my fellow runners-run an extra mile for me this week. I cry every time I see someone out running...but know in my heart that when I do get to lace my running shoes on again-I'll be one force to be reckoned with!
Healthfully yours,

Pics from this mornings progress assessment (I've lost over 10 pounds of inflammation since I started SCD!).

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NEWJEANSDAY 2/11/2014 2:52AM


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    Oh, and great pictures. You are looking very toned!

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    So proud of you, Casey! I know how hard it is to have to give up an activity that you love- but once your body is healed just think of all the miles you can put in then! God will honor and bless this time that you are giving Him- it doesn't go unnoticed by Him!

The TF/CE and yoga program sound like an excellent plan. Do you have the extra set of the ChaLEAN Extreme DVDs (the one that uses the exercise ball in one of them)? There is a workout on there called dynamic flow yoga. Tomorrow is my X2 yoga day, but I don't care for Tony's yoga workouts, so I'll be doing this one instead tomorrow :-)

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Accountability to PUSH

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Happy Saturday all!
It's been a while since I've blogged. And by a while I mean like a year:) I honestly love to blog just haven't taken the time. Since I last blogged I got married! I enjoy being married a lot more than planning a wedding..being a bride just wasn't my thing...
I've recently been working my way through Chalene Johnson's Online 30 Days to Organization and Goals ( if interested-it's FREE!). I've done it once before but knew I needed a refresher and someone to do it with to keep me on it (Thanks FEELINGFITERIN for being the best accountability buddy ever!). She also has a book out similar to it (PUSH) so if you like books more there you go.
Anyway back on topic here Casey! One thing she says to do is to tell others your PUSH goals so that you can stay accountable but I also like to do it so others know what I am working towards and what my priorities are. I've told those nearest and dearest to me but wanted to post online too.

**My health PUSH goal is to stay on the SCD Program for 90 days to get the right base program for me and to finalize all my base research on it. For those of you that don't know, I've struggled with Chron's/IBS for years now with no answers. I do NOT believe in meds and the medical community has failed me after millions of tests on answers. I was introduced to the SCD Nutrition plan a month or two ago. I have made HUGE progress on it so far (Day 21 on the official program!) but know I have some healing and learning to do (and lots of it). I have to say-it is by far the most challenging thing I've ever done in my LIFE. It has become mentally taxing on me as I know that it has to take priority right now and that means other areas of my life might have to take a backburner. That has weighed on me heavily but I know that through my faith this is what's right for me.

**PUSH: I am a huge Dave Ramsey/budget geek and always have been. We are working through the Financial Peace University as a family with the church group I volunteer in so I want to finish it with them and implement any changes we need to as a family (now that I am an old married lady:) to lead a faith centered financial life. We hope to be done with our changes by 6/1. We have made HUGE gains on our goals for finances by doing it and I feel like we lead a lot more simple/faith driven life because of it.

I have some other goals too but those are the 2 major PUSH goals right now. I have to say a HUGE thank you to my wonderful family and husband (and Erin my accountability buddy:) as they have been by my side through all this. A special shout out to my momma for always checking in on me daily to let me know she's there for me (and reading my SCD stuff-that's a dedicated momma right there!) and another shout out to my baby sister who can ALWAYS make me smile (welcome her to Spark at SIERRA8605-I call her SAWA!).

So...what's your PUSH goal??
Healthfully yours,

This is me with Sawa on my wedding day-isn't she just gorgeous? I am partial to her:)

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    Gorgeous picture of you and your sister! I am so thankful for your friendship, accountability, and that you are PUSHing me as well emoticon

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LeadByExample: Injuries

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Even the best of us can get injured from time to time (including yours truly:) and it often creates for a less than happy active person. While focusing on overall wellness (strength, cardio, flexibility, nutrition, sleep, etc) can help to reduce injuries, they do still happen from time to time.
The good news is that it doesn't need to completely derail your every goal! Here are some tips on things you can do to stay active:

* If you are burning less calories (and thus spending less time working out), use this as an opportunity to focus extra time on your nutrition (super clean eating!), sleep, and relaxation/stress management (which are often areas of neglect!). I will sometimes do a Cleanse (see my blog on Shakeology Cleanse) since my body is at rest more.
* If your doctor tells you to avoid weight bearing activities, try biking, swimming, or yoga. Core work on the ground is also a GREAT thing to do without ever getting on your feet! I put a link below as well that talks about running on a treadmill in a POOL to lessen impact (yes I said POOL!).
* Take a few days or even a week or 2 completely off. Sometimes injures happen as a result of our bodies being too stressed. The world will NOT end if you take a few days off (disclaimer: this comment was intended for the regular active peeps:). Use this as a great time to put your body into Recovery.
* LISTEN TO YOUR DOCTOR AND YOUR BODY! Obviously you need to find a good one who understands you and injuries well first, but if they give you things to do-DO THEM. Also, learn to listen to your body. It often will tell you if what you are doing is wrong.
* BE CREATIVE! I was put on a week rest of no weight bearing activities and was used to going on walk breaks for time away from "the cube." I started bringing in my stack of Oxygen mags (LOVE them!) that I was behind on and reading them while peddling on a stationary bike in the gym a few floors down. Not only did I get some movement, away from my desk, and not aggravate my injury-I also am catching up on my mags (and using my mind too:)

If YOU get injured or sick-contact me anytime for help with ideas:)
Until next time,

Happy Spring:)

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SKILL133 1/12/2012 8:56AM

    OMG...this is totally what I needed to read this morning!!!! Guess it pays to search your blogs. :)

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JIBBIE49 11/20/2011 12:32AM

    Hope ur doing well now, since you are THE MOTIVATOR OF THE DAY. emoticon

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RDARLING 5/12/2011 1:58PM

    Thanks for sharing. Might have to consider these after next weekends HM!

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RRP546 5/12/2011 1:37PM

  great advise

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To all the momma's! Or wanna be's...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hey everyone,
Well with Mothers Day just over...I wanted to take some time to post some links and info for all those mommas out there (and wanna be/future mommas too!). Some of the few places I have liked looking at:

Links just for Mothers Day and below it is the momma version of the site/blog:

Also, for those of you that love the mag Oxygen..they often have a page or two dedicated just to current moms and expecting ladies!
And to all you dads-feel free to read away too.:)
Til next time,


LeadByExample: Quote

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A fellow health enthusiast of mine shared this with me and I wanted to share:

“Hard work can be defined in many ways. Work can be physically hard or mentally difficult or something so unpleasant that it is hard to make yourself do it. Most people will look for the easiest way out and avoid hard work all together. That is exactly why doing the opposite sets you apart from others.

When you have the discipline to work hard, you gain results that other people aren’t willing to work for. More results will fall into place if you have a greater capacity for hard work. Hard work does not have to be overly challenging to the point where it is painful or uncomfortable. A major key to success is to learn to enjoy the challenges that come along with work. Instead of running from the challenge, embrace hard work and you will gain the ability to execute your goals no matter what it takes.” J Reynolds

The past week has been an uphill battle for me personally. Needless to say-my trip to Dallas this week will be perfect timing to take a short break from it all.
I will be on a short break from Spark until next week-until then..use the above to keep you moving!

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CTRACIN 4/20/2011 4:57PM

    So true! Yesterday I did not feel like running - weather was terrible. I made myself and felt much better for doing so!

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