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Beginning of second weight loss competition

Sunday, October 14, 2012

So today is day 1 of another weight loss competition my friend wanted to do. Couldn't come at a better time. I had pretty much lost all motivation and gained weight back. I don't really know exactly how much weight I gained back because I have been eating a lot of sodium and it's that time of the month. But my starting weight for this competition is 258.2.

I have been in some serious denial about my weight gain. Then I started noticing my pants getting tighter and tighter and last night, when I was getting in my car after getting some gas, I split my jeans in the butt. I was so glad it happened when it did because I had worn those jeans all day to Sea World and if it happened at Sea World, that would have been mighty embarrassing. Plus, I was on my way out to the bar when I stopped to get gas and was still close to home so I was able to run home to change my pants. Geez.

I am hoping this "break" from weight loss will allow me to lose a decent amount of weight during the competition. The competition is going to last 20 weeks. It ends March 3rd which means I gotta get through Thanksgiving and Christmas while still showing a weight loss. The loser pays the winner $250. It's all done by percentage of weight loss. I know my friend will give me a run for my money in the beginning, but she is good at giving up after about 6 weeks. I am going to try not to focus on that and give her a run for her money from the very beginning. Our starting weight is very similar. She weighed in at 260.5 and I weighed in at 258.2. So the playing field is quite even.

I will do as I did previously by blogging weekly. I am going to go back to the gym starting tonight. If I don't make it to the gym tonight, I will at the very least walk/jog around my apartments tonight. I am excited to get started. I actually missed tracking my food and working on losing weight. Unfortunately that wasn't enough to get me back on track. I have going through a hard time lately and have just been completely miserable and emotional eating took over. But I am not going to focus on that anymore. I have something else to focus on.

Yes, I have to re-lose the weight I had previously lost, but I am hoping it won't take too long to get back down to my lowest weight of 231.6. That means losing 26.6 lbs. Maybe my goal will be 7 weeks to get back down to where I was. It will be a push but since I took a break, my body might react like it did when I first started and let me drop a significant amount of weight in the beginning. I know I need to make good use of the first 6-8 weeks and I plan to.

So here are the beginning stats:

Beginning Weights:
Me - 258.2
Shayna - 260.5

Let's make this a great week everyone!

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SHERA8805 10/17/2012 7:04AM

    emoticon emoticon

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EVER-HOPEFUL 10/17/2012 5:52AM

    Y O U C A N DO T H I S:love your friends name by the way lol.the jean story should definately do the trick to get you back on track even more than the 250€ lol.or it would me.funnily enough i had the opposite happen to me today on the way back from the drīs-my trowsers fell down,lol.luckily it is cold here at the moment and i had a long trench coat on first i thouht i forgot to do the button and zip back up after the drīs but no zip and button done up.guess that is a cue to go shopping,lol.wish i had a friend near me to do such a challenge with. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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RUNNERMOMTO3 10/14/2012 9:34PM

    Make a list of goals that you want to accomplish with your challenge. Make daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals and then check them off one by one! You will rock this!

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BLC Weekend Challenge #1 - 12 week plan

Sunday, September 16, 2012

As you can see, I have not been posting any blogs lately. I need to get back on it. Luckily for me, the first weekend challenge includes posting a blog.

Quick note, I usually weigh in on Sundays and then post a blog to go with the weigh ins but for the BLC we weigh in on Wednesdays so I am switching to Wednesdays. My starting weight was 243 lbs. Yep, I gained. It's ok though. I will get the weight back off. It should be cooling off here soon so I can start exercising. But I really need to get my eating back under control.

emoticon MY 12 WEEK PLAN emoticon

emoticon MY GOAL emoticon

I will lose 24 lbs in 12 weeks by exercising 3 days a week, strength training 2 days and week and tracking my calories. I will see the progress by the consistent decline on the scale and looser fitting clothing.

emoticon MY FITNESS PLAN emoticon

I will exercise 3 days a week by either going to the gym, walking/running around my apartments or dancing around like a lunatic in my bedroom to loud music. Regardless of which option I choose, I will spent at least 45 minutes doing it on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I will also strength train 2 days a week. I will match that up to the TNT schedule of Tuesday and Thursdays. My goal is to burn a minimum of 2800 calories per my bodybugg which will be worn daily and complete a total of 10,000 steps daily.

emoticon MY NUTRITIONAL PLAN emoticon

I will log my calories every day. Good or bad. Whatever I eat, will be entered into my food tracker. I will attempt to eat no more than 2000 calories for the first 2 weeks. The remaining 9 weeks I will attempt to eat no more than 1800 calories. I will take my lunch to work with me 3 days a week and on the 4th day, I will allow myself to eat either Subway or Chipotle. I will continue to drink my protein shake for breakfast on the days I work and will eat a small breakfast on the days I do not work. I will spend the first 2 weeks not eating any sweets. No ice cream, cake, cupcakes, etc. I need to break this sugar addiction I've recently acquired. I will take a minimum of one fruit and one veggie for snacks at work and on the days I do not work, I will eat one fruit and one veggie (this has been difficult for me). On the weekends, I will try a new healthy recipe.

emoticon BEGINNING PICTURES emoticon

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NEWLEAF16 9/18/2012 2:16PM

    Great plan! I hear you on giving up sweets, those are a weakness for me too. Going 'cold turkey' for 2 weeks is a great idea. You got this! emoticon

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JACKIMARIE2 9/16/2012 3:56PM

    Good Luck! If you need encouragment add me!

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EVER-HOPEFUL 9/16/2012 3:52PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon love the pink clothes can do this row hard.

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Joined the BLC20

Friday, August 24, 2012

I decided to join the BLC20 because I need something to give me that extra push. When I first joined SP back in 2007, I had participated in the BLC and remember enjoying it. So when I saw a new one was starting, I jumped on it. I need a push to get me back on track to exercising and to help with willpower to stop blowing it at night with eating.

I haven't been to the gym in over a month. I stopped going a week before my vacation and just haven't made it back. I have lot of excuses but no valid reasons. I am hoping to get a job that I applied for and should know by the end of the next week if I get it or not. One of my excuses has been that if I start this job, my schedule will change dramatically and I didn't want to get into the habit of going to the gym just to have to stop.

So while I have no immediate plans on going to the gym, I do plan on getting some walking in this weekend and possibly running. Since I am haven't exercised in over a month, running might be a bit of a challenge, but I will still try. I also need to get back on the ball with strength training. Even though I am no longer working with a trainer, I know what I need to do to build muscle and I remember the exercise routines. I just gotta get myself to do them on my own.

I am not going to pretend that I will do great nutritionally this weekend. The actual BLC20 doesn't start until Wednesday, so I am going to get back on the ball Sunday. I had only a little over a pound to lose to get back to my pre-vacation weight but it's that time of the month and craving chocolate has been torture...and I have succumb many times. I expect a gain this week, whether or not it is real, is beside the point. We'll see what happens.

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MRS_PALMER 8/24/2012 12:06PM

    I am with you, I joined as well. Good luck to you! emoticon emoticon

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Weight Loss Rewards (revisited)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I want this to my on the first page of my blogs as a reminder for myself, so I am just reposting my reward list.

Right now, I have about 12 lbs to go to meet my next reward. I made some changes to the order of the rewards based on what I want most right now that will help push me forward. I hate my radio in my car because the volume button is totally screwy and when I want to turn the music up, it goes down and when I want to turn it down, it goes up. It has a mind of it's own and I know if I ever get into an accident, I assure you it will be because I am trying to doing something with the volume of the music. So I want a new stereo ASAP. Motivation, come and get it!

Instead of rewarding myself every 10 lbs I decided to spread them out based on weight loss percentage. For every 5% of my current weight I lose, I get a reward. I will also update this when I earn a reward and when it falls to the second or third page of my blogs.

Beginning Weight: 318.6
1st (302.6): Pedometer - Met! 08/07/11 emoticon
2nd (287.4): Workout shoes - Met! 09/25/11 emoticon
3rd (273): Digital food scale - Met! 11/27/11 emoticon
4th (259.4): BodyBugg - Met! 1/22/12 emoticon
5th (246.4): skipping this reward but technically Met! 04/15/12 emoticon
6th (234): Comforter set - Met! 06/03/12 emoticon

7th (222.4): New Stereo for my car

8th (211.4): Hair dye and cut professionally

9th (201): Skydiving

10th (191): Weekend at the beach

11th (181.6): Facial

12th (172.6): Boxing Lessons or something similar

13th (164) : Massage/Spa Day

This of course is a work in progress and I want to get below 164 lbs, but this is just the beginning. I have a long way to go, but I will get there.

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DOUBLEMME 8/12/2012 3:53PM

    emoticon emoticon

Excellent work progress!
My best wishes for the next steps
(written by a person in a similar condition)


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Week 59: Lost 3 lbs this week

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I don't know how I did it, but I stepped on the scale and showed 234.8 lbs. That means I lost 3 lbs this week and only have 2.8 lbs left to get back to my pre-vacation weight. I don't know how I did it. I mean, I did pretty good on my eating for 4 of the 7 days, but there was no exercise. Overall, I had a calorie deficit of 1555 calories.

I am not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Instead, I am going to make the most of this week. I don't promise to exercise, simply because my son starts school tomorrow and that means getting up earlier than I have been for the past couple of month. If it's anything like last year, I think it is going to take about 2 weeks for my mind and body to adjust. So I expect lots of tired days in which I know I will not exercise. As long as I keep my eating in check, and move as much as I can during the days, I will hopefully see a loss of 2.8 lbs this week.

While I know it is unlikely to see another large loss, my goal was to get back to my pre-vacation weight by August 19th. If I don't make it, that's ok. I will be close and that is all that really matters.

While my goal was to get down to my pre-vacation weight of 232 by August 19th, I have adjusted my goals and will adjust every time I meet my goals. So my goal is to get to 228 by September 9th which will put me at 90 lbs lost. Then I will adjust to 218 by a specific date. This way, I am not looking at the big picture or how far I have to go....or the infamous onederland and how far I have to go to get there. 10 lb increments are manageable and encouraging.

So since I am getting back on the horse, I am going to change the way I have been doing things. I will lose the weight. It's really just a matter of how long will it take me. I don't want to push myself too hard. I will have slip ups. I will have bad days. But as long as I don't let those bad days completely knock me off the horse in a way that I can't or won't get back on, I am still a success.


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