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My Trainer Broke Up with Me

Thursday, April 05, 2012

I am feeling sad. I worked out with my trainer tonight and was sat down and told that he took another job and will be moving to Texas. I am so sad. I hate change and he wants me to work with another trainer who he says he trusts. I am torn. I need personal training because I do not trust myself to continue doing my strength training on my own. He is going to ask the other trainer to come join us with our last sessions next week so we can get to know each other and the other trainer can see the exercises we do and how I work and such. I am so nervous about the change. And sad because I really liked my trainer as a person. :(

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YOADDICTION101 4/6/2012 12:56AM

    It's great that his not leaving you to go find a trainer on your own. I would trust his judgment and try to get to know the other trainer. Who knows you might like them even more. Change can be hard to deal with but is good.

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RUN_BAKE_BLOG 4/5/2012 4:38PM

    Change can be good!
Embrace it the best you can!

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GIRLONFIRE1979 4/5/2012 2:47PM

    sometimes we go from using to food as a security blanket to something else. in both cases, we are not realizing that we are powerful and strong on our own. the trainer helps keep you motivated, and another trainer will do the same. Sometimes when things get switched up it forces us to push even harder. now you have someone new to show off to and show him how fit you are. i know you feel sad, but i also know YOU are the one who has come this far, and that is something that doesn't have to change.

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SHELLYK972 4/5/2012 12:58PM

    How sad! But, I think it's great that he's making sure that you're taken care of! Go for it!

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MAREANNIE 4/5/2012 12:34PM

    Give the new trainer a chance. Sometimes life throws us a curve ball, but we have to keep swinging.

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    I'm sad for you! Trust his instincts with this other trainer.

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VICKLET31 4/5/2012 8:32AM

    I hate when that happens, but trainers can be very unreliable when it comes to always working with the same person, at least in my experience. I'm sure you will get used to the new person. Hang in there! And just keep working hard!!!

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LIBELULITA 4/5/2012 4:21AM

    How professional and kind of him to look after you by finding someone else and inviting him along so that he's not going in blind. It'll give you chance to see if you think it'll work out...and who knows? It may be a blessing in disguise and you may like him even more!! Give him a chance....YOU are worth it emoticon

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Week 40 - Total Weight loss - 72 lbs

Sunday, April 01, 2012

I had a large gain last week and an even larger loss this week. I got on a scale and lost 7.2 lbs. Woo hoo! Let me break that weight loss down for you. I know it wasn't real just as I knew last week the gain wasn't real. There were so many factors that came into play with my gain last week that are also coming into play with my loss. Before my weigh in last week, I had gone a little overboard with eating and therefore I had way to much sodium in my system and also the food (I have stomach issues and don't "poo" like I should so I get backed up often). Also, I started my period this week so I had bloating and weight gain from that. Combine all of that together, and you get my gain last week of 4.2 lbs.

This week, I stayed low on sodium and ate within my calorie ranges for the most part, exercise, took exlax to clean myself out (otherwise I would end up in severe discomfort and pain) and the bloating from my period should be subsiding. Therefore, I got on the scale this morning and saw that I weighed in at 246.6 when last week I was up to 253.8.

I am not getting very excited about this because really, in order to know this weight loss was real, I have to maintain it or lose more next week. But I am just happy to see the numbers down. I will be sticking to my calorie range and exercise schedule this week...hell, all this month. March was a horrible month in weight loss. I only lost 2.8 lbs for the whole month of March. I was clawing my way back and it was a uphill climb, but I think I have finally gotten there.

I weigh in with my trainer tomorrow and he knows not to expect much of a weight loss if any. But I know he is going to be disappointed because he says I am his favorite client. He gets so excited at our weigh ins. I mean, seriously, he gets more excited about my weight loss then I do. It's so cute. So I know even though he knows not to expect anything, he is going to be disappointed.

But I will make up for it at our next weigh in come May. I am determined to make up for my lack of weight loss in March by kicking ass in April. I am thinking maybe, just maybe, my body may be confused enough or have gotten comfortable enough with all the extra calories to maybe let me drop more then the average 2 lbs per week. If I only lose 8 lbs this month, that is ok, but I am aiming for double digits. When I hit double digits in January, my trainer was so excited. I wanna see if I can make him "shine" again.

We'll see. But either way, I am going to do better this month then I did last month.

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TDEVONA70 4/1/2012 4:23PM

    Keep up the good work! Any weight loss is better then none, and you should be as excited as you want to be. Who cares about the what or why?! You did it! Be proud!

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Week 39 - And yet another gain

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I am seriously trying to claw my way back to weight loss. I ended up gaining 4.2 lbs this week. I did really well up until Thursday and then everything just went down hill from there. So I showed a weight gain. I have my monthly weigh in with my trainer next week and I don't expect good results. I am just hoping to be exactly where I was at the beginning of this month. He wants a loss, but at this point, I think that might be asking a bit too much.

I am just going to say this month was a bust...I was practicing maintenance...and we will take it from there.

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    We all hit bumps in the road. It's a blessing that every day is a fresh start. (Or even every hour or minute, if you choose to look at it that way!) From the looks of your sparkpage, you have come a long way on your journey. I know that 4.2 pounds seems very large right now, but in the grand scheme of things, it's not. Not compared to the over 60 pounds you have conquered!
Hang in there!

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LIBELULITA 3/27/2012 1:45PM

    I think you need to work out why you've gone in to self-sabotage mode after doing so very very well. Hope you work out why you are doing this to yourself emoticon

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Week 38 - Total Weight Loss: 69.4 lbs

Monday, March 19, 2012

Thank God for my personal trainer. If it wasn't for him, I think I would have quit this journey. I am trying to get back into the swing of things by counting my calories and getting into the habit of going to the gym. It's so freaking hard and if I didn't have my scheduled, paid for session with my trainer, I think I would just quit. My motivation is completely gone. I am working on pushing through it and just doing it. I don't want to quit. But right now, I am running on sheer willpower and let's face it, that isn't so strong right now either.

I did pretty good last week. Only made it to the gym once last week and that was last Monday for my session with my trainer. He kicked my ass and my legs were sore for the rest of the week. He cancelled our session for Wednesday which I was very grateful for because my legs were killing me. My calorie intake was OK. I kind of blew it two days last week but the other days were good.

I got on the scale yesterday morning and found that I lost the 6 lbs I gained the week before plus an additional .2 lbs to boot. So I am looking at it as though I really maintained the week I went to Vegas and since last week really wasn't that great, I lost .2 lbs last week. But whatever. I am just glad I lost the 6 lbs I had shown as a gain because when I told my trainer I thought it was from too much sodium, he was skeptical. I look forward to telling him tonight I was likely right.

So I am on a mission to find my motivation. If you see it, please let me know.

I am not giving up though. I refuse to give not. And when my sessions with my trainer run out, I will purchase more to keep me going. That is how committed I am. Motivation comes and goes, I know this. And I will do whatever I need to in order to keep myself going during my weak moments.

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LIBELULITA 3/19/2012 5:21PM

    You absolutely must NOT give up! All this time and effort you've put in and you're seeing amazing results. I just posted a lot of "FAT" photos of me on my blog to remind me that I never want to go back to looking like that or feeling like that ever again. Have you forgotten what it was like??? emoticon

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Week 37 - Vegas Vacation - And a gain (pics)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I will start this blog without mentioning the gain. I will save that for later. It was my birthday this week so a couple of friends and I went to Vegas for a few days.

We had a lot of fun, but of course, it's Vegas so there was a lot of eating out and drinking.

And more drinking

I really wanted to stay at the Cosmopolitan because it's a newer hotel and the pictures are really nice, but also because all the rooms have refrigerators and microwaves in them. That would have worked out great for me because we could have saved money on food but I could also have stayed within my calorie range. As we got closer, we decided to go cheaper so we stayed at the Excalibur. That also meant we paid more for food, so I guess it really wasn't cheaper in the end. So I did not bother to count calories. I just let loose. But I still wore my Bodybugg and burned lots of calories each night dancing.

In the picture above, I probably didn't burn as many calories as I did the following night, but there are not pictures of us at the club the next night, so this is the only one I have of us dancing.

The first night we were there, we were celebrating my friend graduating from CalBaptist University so we let her choose everything we did. She chose for us to go to The Phantom of the Opera (BORING!) and then wanted to go to a club. So after the show, we went to Voodoo Lounge at the top of the Rio.

I don't know why I look so scared in the picture. I think I was more annoyed because the lady had to take like 5 pictures so I kept having to scoot back and forth. This lounge was really nice. In the picture, we are in the inside drinking and outside on the balcony is dancing. We were up on the 52nd flood and when you are outside, you can see the whole strip and even further into the distance. It was really beautiful, but unfortunately I didn't get any pictures.

The first day, we were supposed to do this CSI Experience thing at the MGM, but we got there late, so we ended up doing it on my birthday.

It was cool, but not as exciting or fun as I thought it would be. So I don't really recommend it. But I liked being able to take a picture in the vest. :)

After the CSI thing, we went back to the hotel to get ready for our evening. At the Excalbur, they have a show called Thunder from Down Under. In the lobby, a couple of the guys and girls were taking pictures with the guests.

The guy in the red vest was really freaking gorgeous. And he was a really nice guy too. Or at least played the part really well. When he was positioning me for the photo, he felt my arm and felt my Bodybugg. I was actually surprised to find out he knew exactly what it was cause he asked if I was wearing the bodybugg.

That night we celebrated my birthday and I got to choose what we did. I chose a comedy hypnosis show

And karaoke, which surprising ended at 1:30am? It's Vegas, why would karaoke close so damn early?? I was disappointed because I only go to sing once.

Since it closed so early, we decided to hit up a club downstairs called The Rock House. On our way there, we saw a guy that was at the Karaoke Club and my drunk friend Vivien told him he should meet us at the Rock House. Later, while on the dance floor, we saw him so my friend told him it was my birthday so he gave me a lap dance. He was really cute, but a little on the older side. I ended up meeting some guy named Ray and we danced for hours until about 4:30am when my not drunk came over and told me she wanted to leave.

Unfortunately, I only got about 3 hours sleep that morning before check out, but I still had a blast. On our way back, we stopped at the diner called Peggy Sue's 50's Diner or something like that. I wasn't very impressed by it.

That was about the extent of our vacation. I did leave some things out just because they really weren't all that exciting or just too drama filled, but I did have fun. Apparently a little too much fun because when I stepped on the scale, I found that I gained 6 lbs. I don't know if it was all real or not, but we will see over the next couple of weeks. I really don't think I am going to make my goal of 12 lbs this month, but I just hope I will lose at the extra weight I gained.

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LIBELULITA 3/12/2012 8:12AM

    Sounds like you had a wild time and I can promise you that your memoires of this time will last a lot longer than the memory of 6 pounds. You'll lose them again and I'm glad you had loads of fun gaining them emoticon

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BUTEAFULL 3/12/2012 2:32AM

    you really got to paint the town red as they say, loads of fun

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WOLFSHADESS 3/11/2012 7:13PM

    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! Think positive. Those pounds will go back to the depths from which they came in no time!
Looks like an awesome trip!!

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