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I'm not off track im off to the gym!

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Basically the title says it all. I haven't been on in awhile, however I am working and work has been crazy busy and right after work i've been working out at Planet fitness! I also signed up for the Warrior Dash 5k that's in September and has 12-13 obstacles so I am getting myself ready and my body as well. I also will be signing up for my second Electric run 5k that's in Seattle in August. I'm excited because my goal this year was to run more and do more of these 5ks! Hope everyone had a good New Year!


Baby its cold outside!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I told myself I was going to go to the gym after work yesterday. Got home and my house was freezing. I turned up the heat, put my sweats on, and soon after I was enjoying a hot bath. Oh ya Courtney you were supposed to go to the gym!

When its cold outside what do you guys do to get yourself to go to the gym? I'm sure the obvious answers are to get your gym clothes on and go right? Duh. I obviously can't keep making excuses to not going to the gym. Good news is I'm on week 2 of no soda or coffee. emoticon

Friday is my friends birthday. I will drink, but I limit myself and I dont drink the sugary drinks. I usually stick to Whiskey and Diet soda. This is the only time I will drink soda.

Anyway just checking in!

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CCHESNEY 12/12/2013 1:17PM

    Thank you guys. I agree I think its a great idea to start bringing my gym clothes to work! I actually went straight after work yesterday and it felt amazing!

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SENNAIRA 12/10/2013 5:19PM

  Well I live in Miami so we don't really have a winter here. but my best advice is to pack your gym clothes with you so that way you have no excuse to even go home. Or, wake up early to get a work out in before work

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GOTTALUVPINK 12/10/2013 3:38PM

    Hi Courtney... For me the trick is going directly from work, no stopping home or anywhere else. Everyday I bring my gym clothes and change at 4:55pm! When the clock strikes 5 I am on my way to gym. I have been doing that for three months and its finally routine. Good luck!

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Same song and dance

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Guess who's back? Back again? I did what I always do when I return to this website. I go back to the very start of my blogs and skim through and see where I was losing weight and how excited I was, then see myself go up and down and up and down from 140's to 150's etc and then I start it all again. This time around I almost wanted to delete my account and start a new one because the blogs of my failure are getting old, but whats the point in that? I guess the way I see it is once I get off the failure train I can look back and see what a struggle I went through, but look where I stand now.

Until about a month ago I was doing pretty good. I was back on my gym addiction and eating pretty well. Well some family issues came along and my stress level was at a high and I turned to alcohol and any junk food, fast food, etc without a care. I weighed myself and it was horrible! It shows im currently about 160!!! Not only is this showing in the way my clothes are fitting me, but its showing in my bank account. Each month I was almost in the negative or struggling to find clothes to fit. SICK!

Monday December second I gave up Coffee and Soda and honestly I already feel better. I haven't stepped on a scale lately, but I feel good where I am starting. I also only have ate fast food ONCE and thats because after work I had to go straight to an appointment so I got Burger King, but I just got some chicken. Anyway I dont want to get into much more, but im starting again on the right track and I just wanted to check in.

Thanks everyone.


First February weigh in!

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Remember that pretty smoothie I posted yesterday? Well I didnít even drink half of it. Through out this sickness I have forced myself to eat because I need to and I dont believe in skipping meals unless I had the flu to where I was throwing up and just couldnít keep something down, but yesterday I just felt full and didnít want to finish it. I did however wake up around 12am almost 1am and open one of those diced peach cups. I am not a late night eater nor have I ever woke up to eat, however I was starving to the point I felt nauseous and that wasnít my plan so I ate! I do not deprive myself. Today was my weigh in day and guess what!

*Drum Roll*

I lost 2.9 this week!!!!!!!!! THATS HUGE! I finally broke my plateau and I am 148.4. You can NOT say itís late of me eating, because I ate EVERY meal while being sick and even cheated a little. Monday night I ate vanilla ice cream that probably put me a little over my calories. Tuesday I used peanut butter that was 210 calories because my PB2 is out and I was to sick to go to the store, however I didnít have a huge dinner. I couldnít believe the scale when I saw the numbers hit 140s!!!!! Iíve been waiting for this moment. When I did the Belly Fat Cure I got down to 145, but then after I stopped it I went back up to 158! Now im down! Im so freaking excited.

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JULIACOLLINS62 2/6/2013 4:10PM


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Review of January

Saturday, February 02, 2013

January I had my usual sicknesses. I dont get sick often, but the times I do its always the month of January, but that's ok because I get it out of the way! This month I fit into 2 pairs of pants that I haven't been able to squeeze comfortably in in months! I also wore a shirt I bought months ago, but never wore because it was a little snug. January I lost 4lbs and that was without ANY exercise ( I failed miserably at that) however I tracked my calories all month. Now I'm onto month 2 and I can only see it getting better and better. My goal this month is to WORK OUT. I want to do anything I can including gym, walking, and work outs at home. I will continue to track calories still as I am addicted to Myfitnesspal App and It really makes it fun and easy to use.

Tonight I have family night, which we hold once a month. It is at my aunts house and she has been impossible to get hold of so I have no idea what we will be eating. In instances like these I make sure to watch what I eat prior to where I am going and then practice portion control. Valentines is right around the corner and I will be wearing a dress and I want to feel beautiful in it! Let's stay motivated this month everyone!


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