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Adventure at the DMV..

Friday, November 05, 2010

Bill and I married on June 2, 2008. Before that, I had gotten my OR driver's license back in April 2007. Finally, today, I made it to the DMV to get my license changed to my married name LOL

Last time I went, within 6 weeks of getting married, I was told I had to have my birth certificate, to show who I used to be. I didn't have one on me, so I had to go home and get one.

I went back to the DMV, and this time, they said I had to have my old marriage certificate to show how I went from Gibson to Fritz, before changing to Bailey.

Really? Y'all issued me the DL with the name Fritz on it, and now I have to show you how I became a Fritz?

I became frustrated, and while I ordered the stinkin' defunct marriage certificate, I couldn't be bothered to go back to the DMV. Social Security accepted my name change, work accepted my name change, I just live a double-life as a Fritz and a Bailey.

Today, I decided I needed to finally take care of the name change s'far as Oregon was concerned, and I had all my certificates, I was prepared to go into battle and duke it out with the DMV. I was sincerely worried they'd say I had to get a copy of my divorce decree - I'd lost the original (along with EVERYTHING else but our clothes) in a flood in Ohio in 2004, and never gotten a replacement.

I walked in, picked up the appropriate form, took a number, and moved to a table to sit down to fill out the form. I took a Shape magazine with me for passing the time, and before I could even put my things down, one of the ladies at the front desk called my number. I twitched, and shamefacedly admitted I hadn't even filled out the form yet, figuring she'd tell me I'd have wait.

Nope, come on up, it's fine, she said.

WooHoo! That was the speediest, best experience I've EVER had at the DMV LOL. It took me longer to drive to the office and back than it did for the entire process. The lady even told me she didn't need my defunct marriage certificate. I wasn't about to argue.

Here, for all to see, if a scan of my old DL, from April 2007, and the pic from today. I'm quite pleased with it, if I say so myself!

I should have the permanent real DL in a month or less.

Now, how should I fill the rest of my day? C25K W4D1? Another turn on the elliptical? How about some wandering around at the Holiday Gift Fair? How about all of them? I have more time on my hands than I expected LOL

Have a Spark-tacular day my wonderful SparkFriends!

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MRSBENNETT2 11/9/2010 10:01PM

    That's quite a change! I think I've only once weighed what my ORegon drivers' license says for about one afternoon, six years ago. My AU license doesn't have a weight on it. But it would be in kilograms which if you don't do the translation, is mighty satisfying. I'd be UNDERweight then. emoticon

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ROBBIEMARIE 11/6/2010 3:00PM

    Too funny! Glad you are no longer suffering from multiple personalities! Hope you are enjoying all your free time now.

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GAYEMC 11/6/2010 2:55AM

    LMBO Candy. Don't you just hate government red tape? Sounds like you lucked out today.

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NUTTYSNOOPYFAN 11/5/2010 11:16PM

    So glad you were pleasantly surprised! Wow, you can really see a big difference in your face! They're both nice pics, but I can see why you like the new one. Very nice! emoticon

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HIPPIE44 11/5/2010 6:25PM


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KAREN42BOYS 11/5/2010 6:03PM

    what a full happy day you've had! congrats on getting your name the same everywhere!

btw, this is a really pretty sparkpage.

Comment edited on: 11/5/2010 6:05:00 PM

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Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis, Dec. 5 in Portland OR

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

I hope this isn't violating any SP rules or regulations.

Dear Friends,

Bells will be ringing this holiday season as thousands of runners and walkers hit the nationís pavements, pathways and park this winter to fight arthritis, the nationís most common cause of disability.

I will be one of those people, tying jingle bells to my shoelaces to participate in the Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis, a 5K fun run/walk to benefit the Arthritis Foundation. And YOU can help, too!

'Tis the season for giving! Won't you sponsor me in my effort to raise funds to fight arthritis? Arthritis affects more than 46 million Americans, including 300,000 children, costing the U.S economy over $128 billion annually. The Arthritis Foundation needs our help.

Please visit my Web page to join my team or make a secure, online contribution to help me reach my fundraising goal. The donations I raise will help fund the Arthritis Foundationís mission to prevent, control and cure arthritis.

Follow This Link to visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support Arthritis Foundation, Pacific Northwest Chapter



  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ROBBIEMARIE 11/4/2010 1:32PM

    Great cause and wonderful of you to be doing this.

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GAYEMC 11/3/2010 8:46PM

    I've registered for the walk my self, and am a suffer of arthritis so I know how important this is. Sorry though, I have my own fundraising to do, lol. Looking forward to seeing you and Mina there!

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KNITTERGAL73 11/3/2010 2:11PM

    Good luck with your fundraising. I wanted to sign up for our local chapter this year, but the company I work for has laid off most of the employees and I feel bad trying to beg the others for donations. I wouldn't mind volunteering at the walk, but haven't heard back from anyone since I put in my request earlier this year. I hope you raise lots of $$$$.

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November is MY month..

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

No really, it is.

I'm turning 43 next Monday.

My 6 month Sparkversary is this week.

I stepped on the scale this moring (yes, I'm a daily weigher) and it read 235.4.

That means that by my birthday, 6 months into this journey, I'll have lost 50 lbs.

I know, ANYTHING can happen between now and next Monday - like gaining 10 lbs suddenly, but I'm NOT going to let that happen. I WILL be under 235 by then.

I'm involved in three different holiday challenges - one for Fierce Fabulous & Unstoppable Spark Warriors, one for 40-somethings w/ 50-99 lbs to lose, and one 10 lbs in 10 weeks holiday challenge.

I'm on track for each of them. Actually, for FF&USW, I'm ahead of schedule. Yay! These challenges are really going to help me stay on track, because.....

I wasn't going to say anything about it, but I realized to be successful, and to be accountable, I need to put it out there.

My last cigarette was yesterday.

I've smoked for... decades. Bill and I have tried to quit, together, about three times in the last year. I think my longest stretch was 3-4 weeks, and then I caved like a big ole sniveling baby.

Not this time. This time, it's different. This time, it's not about the money. It's not about anything but wanting to fully commit, all the way, to being healthier and stronger.

We've talked about it, we've sort of planned for it - I started cutting back on the amount I smoked even more. Used to be ~15 smokes a day, give or take. I dropped back down to ~7 for several weeks. Then, yesterday, that was it. My quit day.

We have the patch, and we'll see how that goes. Yes, Bill is quitting with me. Actually, he told me yesterday that we weren't going to buy any more smokes. That was BEFORE I told him that I'd had my last smoke, and put on a patch. I was going to wait and tell him when I got home that I'd started, but he beat me to the punch.

Was I cranky yesterday?

Uh-huh. I realized I was snappy, and I apologized to him about it.

It'll get better. It's fine at work, because I'm busy, and while I am getting up and walking away at my normal smoke break time, I'm simply getting outside for fresh air and a chance to stretch.

Did I expect to be able to breathe better during successfully completing C25K W3D2 last night?
Yep emoticon

I know, I know, it's going to take some time for my system to clean out the toxins/poisins/damage from my lungs.

Patience, grasshopper. It will come.

Ok, so that's not a grasshopper, but it IS green, and it DOES hop!

You all have had some great October recap/November goals blogs, and I've enjoyed reading them, and will catch up with more, soon.

For me, October pretty much rocked because I broke through my hovering at 245 and cruised on in to the 230s. I was a slacker more often than not when it came to Strength Training. I struggled getting into Week 3 of C25K, and I'm now behind on the schedule. That's alright, though. I'm still working it, I'm still determined, and I'm still going to run the 5K on Dec. 5. Well, walk and run.

So, besides celebrating a birthday, 6 months of Spark, losing 50 lbs, and quitting smoking, what else am I going to do?

Spark On. And On. And On.


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:


    Ok, so somehow I missed this blog last week when you wrote it, so I'm late on congratulating you on your 6-month SparkVersary. Sorry about that. And I'm even a day late on the birthday wishes. But you know what? Life goes on without me!!! So I hope both events were special for you, and I'm rooting for ya with the quitting smoking. My mom is a big smoker and I fear it will be the death of her, literally. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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NORCHARD84 11/4/2010 1:14PM

    Congrats with losing 50 pounds, that's amazing! Best of luck with quitting smoking. I used to smoke and I think quitting was the best thing I did for myself. Today, I don't miss smoking one bit and I will never smoke again! Keep up the great work!

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ANNESYLVIA 11/3/2010 12:26PM

    Wow girl 50lbs that is terrific! Keep it up! You can do it!!

Well, Happy 43rd B-day! This was my year of 43. Not a bad year still can say "early forties" LOL
In about two month I'll be 44. I let you know if there is a difference.

Anne emoticon

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    You WILL have a great month!


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GAYLEP67 11/2/2010 10:00PM

    This IS your month!! Congratulations on all of it Candy. I have said it before and I will say it again, you are truly an inspiration. emoticon on choosing to quit smoking - that's emoticon. I have to tell you, I LOVED your grasshopper!! I laughed so hard and these days, I welcome the laughter.


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ROBBIEMARIE 11/2/2010 8:52PM

    WOW, I'm feeling the love! It's the love that you are exuding for yourself and it is so incredibly heart warming and exciting. I am inspired reading about your successes and head on approach to the smoking cessation. Your body must be rejoicing and and oh so happy for all the wonderful changes you have made for it. Have an amazing November. emoticon You are an inspiration.

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HIPPIE44 11/2/2010 8:19PM

    I am a former smoker. You'll love how everything smells that much more, how everything tastes and yes, your lung capacity will improve.

I've got a great idea!

Not sure how much smokes run you guys where you live, but think about the substantial savings now! Hey - do an experiment - take the money you would have used for a pack of smokes weekly and place in a jar. By the time you reach your goal weight - can you imagine how much money you'll have for a new wardrobe??


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WALKAWAY 11/2/2010 6:35PM

    emoticonYou are doing so fabulously. Keep up the great work. emoticon

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BIGMAMAT 11/2/2010 5:13PM

    My beautiful emoticon! You are totally cruisin through this journey! woohoo! so proud of you! xoxoxo Tricia emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ADESSO1234 11/2/2010 4:55PM

  I am soo proud of you!! Wow girl- you have come so far and accomplished so much in 6 months. You are an inspiration!

You must feel great! Good for you for quitting smoking. My husband was a lifelong smoker, and he's quit a few times. I'm hoping that it sticks for him this time. I've seen how hard that was for him...he did the patch as well. Hang in there, it will get easier as you know. This is all part of the new, healthy you- Way to go:))

Julie:) emoticon emoticon emoticon

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GAYEMC 11/2/2010 4:48PM

    What great accomplishments you have over the past 6 months! And congratulations on no more smoking. I wish I could say that.

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MRSBENNETT2 11/2/2010 4:33PM

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! 50 pounds is huge!
Committing to stopping smoking is even huger! Good for you! Isn't it good how making healthy changes in your life seem to make big issues like smoking easier to deal with?
Your commitment is inspiring!


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THEMIGHTYLEX 11/2/2010 4:30PM

    I know November is going to be an even stronger month for you!!!! Keep on shining!

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Man. The Myth. The Legend!

My very own Mr. Bill!


Yea, it's not like I talked him into joining SP or setting up a Spark page simply so we can add his fitness minutes to Portland's quest to overcome Seattle in the Spark America Fitness Challenge or anything. Ahem.

Have any of your spouses taken an active interest in SparkPeople?

Yep, this is the man who has been doing all our cooking lately, and quite well I might add. Last week, we had several SP recipes on our menu, and there wasn't a bad one in the bunch!

We started off with New Orleans Red Beans

While it's a vegetarian dish, we added a few roasted red pepper and spinach chicken sausages, and served it over rice. Talk about YUM!

Next was the Slow Cooker Chicken and Hominy Chili

We were a little skeptical - chili, after all, is RED, and this wasn't. Let me tell you though, it packed a punch with the spicy zippy taste of the jalepenos and cumin. So so good!

We rounded out the week with Turkey and Black Bean Sloppy Joes

This one needs a few tweaks, but overall, it's really good and tasty. People at work the next day were coming by and sniffing my lunch and asking where I'd gotten it LOL

Each recipe made enough servings that I could take some for lunch the next day. That's always a bonus. We even froze a few bowls of the red beans to have something delish and quick if we needed a lunch in the middle of a busy weekend. It's perfect.

Speaking of eating.. we have our grocery list and menu all planned out and printed this morning. I admit I'm lollygagging about and being slow to get up and get moving, but then.. isn't that what Sundays are for?

I have a few more blogs buzzing around in my noggin today that I hope I can get out soon. Until then, Spark on my peoples!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

GAYEMC 10/31/2010 11:30PM

    HooRay for Bill! Sounds like some good meals. I love it when there's stuff left for lunch. Steamed clams and rye bread for me tonignt. Have a good week!

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ANNESYLVIA 10/31/2010 10:05PM

    How lucky you both are to have each other. I tried asking my husband more than once but he is just not interested. However, he has lost about 9lbs and would like to lose about 20lbs so only 11 more to go. He is basically following my advice that I receive from SP.


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MRSBENNETT2 10/31/2010 4:46PM

    Yay! A man who cooks AND is supportive!
My husband is supportive, but when he cooks it's either Pizza Hut or grilled fatty sausages. It's the Australian WAy. emoticon

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    Welcome Mr. Bill!

Trying new recipes is a great way to focus on the positives and not the dieting mentality. I actually like the food I eat now better than before!

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NUTTYSNOOPYFAN 10/31/2010 1:50PM

    Stopped by and left Bill a welcome message. If he's cooking for you, HOLD ON TO THAT MAN! emoticon Thanks for sharing your Spark Recipe finds. I think one of my goals is going to be trying 2 new recipes a month. I was doing this with some other healthy cookbooks, but got busy w/kids and other stuff. Hubby and kids really liked trying new stuff, and most of the time they love my choices, especially hubby (thankfully, he's not hard to please!). You keep on going, girl! You're doing great!!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon Christine

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NUTTYSNOOPYFAN 10/31/2010 1:47PM

    Stopped by and left Bill a welcome message. If he's cooking for you, HOLD ON TO THAT MAN! emoticon Thanks for sharing your Spark Recipe finds. I think one of my goals is going to be trying 2 new recipes a month. I was doing this with some other healthy cookbooks, but got busy w/kids and other stuff. Hubby and kids really liked trying new stuff, and most of the time they love my choices, especially hubby (thankfully, he's not hard to please!). You keep on going, girl! You're doing great!!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon Christine

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ADESSO1234 10/31/2010 12:18PM

  Yum!! I wish I could get my husband to cook for me!
Hope you have a great Sunday-

Wishing you a healthy & happy November!!

I so appreciate all you support and kind words:)


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HIPPIE44 10/31/2010 11:49AM

    Welcome to SP, Mr B!

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Backfield in motion...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

This blog may (may? It's me, of course it DOES) contain TMI. Consider this your final warning.

So Monday evening, when I updated my status with " C25K W3D1 - Fail. Will have to nail it on Wednesday. Grrrr." I was pretty discouraged, and y'all came through for me with such encouragement and truths, and I really Really appreciate it!

Part of the problem started on Sunday. My backfield ~ahem.. a.k.a. booty..~ stopped being productive on Sunday evening. Just stopped. Food going in, nothing coming out. I was an uncomfy camper, but figured it would pass - literally and figuratively!

With no sign of relief on Monday, and an aching right shoulder, I went ahead and tried to do an easy 20 min. of yoga before trying W3D1. I should have listened to my body during the yoga. It didn't go well. My shoulder prevented me from doing the simplest things like downward facing dog or even a catback. It was just not good. I stubbornly kept going though, and climbed on the treadmill, mostly miserable, and tried to run.

It was a disaster. My shoulder hurt even more, and my back starting seizing up. It hurt, but I kept trying to power through it, until I simply couldn't anymore. I was gasping for air, my feet were dragging, it all was just bad. I opted to abort my mission before I caught a foot on the tread and Really hurt myself.

I was dejected, posted my status update, and tried to stretch and unwind the rest of the evening. When I went to bed Monday night, I favored my right side. I usually sleep on my right side, half on my tummy, my right leg straight out and my left leg hitched up. Instead, I ended up staying completely on my side, and staying in one place. I could hardly sleep though, because my back was getting worse, and so was my shoulder.

At one point, I got up to take some pain reliever to see if that would help. Well, I managed to roll myself out of bed, and nearly let out a shriek of pain. I couldn't stand up, I could sit back down on the bed, I was hunched over and miserable. I hobbled my way to the kitchen and back, pain reliever gulped down. I tried to potty on the way, and found myself nearly toppling over from the pain of trying to take a seat on the potty. Good grief.

I crawled back into bed, and tried to find a comfortable position, but it was too late. My back was too jacked up and every move brought a whimper, squeak or squeal of pain. Eventually I dozed off, but by the time the alarm went off, I was no better off. I actually called off (emailed off? Thank goodness for Crackberries) which I rarely do.

I spent at least an hour on the floor, stretched out, trying everything I could think of to ease my pain. Slowly, surely, the pain subsided, and I felt like I could move with relative ease again. I took it easy though, the rest of the day, until I opted for a nap in the afternoon, to make up for a bad night's sleep.

I slept the same way, on my right side, without really moving. When I woke, I was stricken with the same back pain. Is it the bed? What the heck? So more stretching and slow movements until I'm loosened up enough to be able to move about without looking like the Wicked Witch in the Snow White cartoon!

Through all this, my backfield has been silent. Not one movement, shall we say. Nada. Since Sunday. Yea, that added to the misery, to be sure.

By Tuesday night, I was able to get into bed and find a comfortable position, not quite exactly the way I'm used to sleeping, but my back and shoulder had stopped hurting, so I slept relatively well. I went back to work on Wednesday and made it through the day alright. No pain, a little stiffness, but generally ok.

I opted to sit Wednesday evening's fitness activities out. I should have tried W3D1 again, but didn't want to risk that being the impetus for my pain and going through all that again. Again, I slept well, better at least, but still nothing from the backfield.

This is just nuts!

Let me say here, we've had a great nutrition week. Spark People recipes each evening, all very tasty and healthy. Nothing that would stop the normal functioning of the backfield. It was all just too odd.

This morning. Ah Thursday, and relief! I won't get graphic, but suffice to say, my backfield was in motion again, and all was right with my world. The last vestiges of back pain was Gone! No achy shoulder, no twinges of "don't move that way", no stiffness, nothing. I felt so good, I came home this evening, and promptly ran W2D3. Yea, it's a step back, but I knew I needed a success under my belt before tackling what had defeated me already this week. I'll get it done, W3D1, just a little later than I originally thought.

So.. if you've made it through this far LOL I have a few questions to pose.

Has anyone else noticed back pain increasing rather than decreasing as you've lost weight?

Has anyone ever experienced such back pain possibly related to your own backfield refusing to move?

What in the world about running could cause my shoulders to ache? My left shoulder this evening was achy after my run, and I'm just baffled as to what I'm doing that might cause it. Any ideas or suggestions?


Finally, my thanks, again, to AnneSylvia, CookWithMe65, and NuttySnoopyFan!
You ladies came through with comments and advice today when I got skittish about having so much chocolate, easily accessible, at work. I truly appreciate it!

That's it for me tonight kids. That's more than enough I'd think LOL We're looking at a busy weekend, but I'm hoping I'll be able to report back about our yummy SP recipes from the week at some point. Check out my shared nutrition tracker if you're curious. There wasn't one bad dish in the bunch.


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

GAYEMC 10/29/2010 5:32PM

    Although I know it wasn't funny, I did get a couple of good chuckles. Glad you are feeling better. I have arthritis so a lot of my body aches, and I've always had a bad back so I'm not much help with your questions. I would, however, take it easy on the exercise until the pain is gone and your body is healed.

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ANNESYLVIA 10/29/2010 11:16AM

    Question 1...Yes, I have I believe it is because my back muscles are not use to me being so active. You may think it is the lost of weight but reality suggest it is the more physical movements you are now doing. Your body is probably not use to this yet. I know it has been almost 6 months but chances are you probably only really start getting into it a few months ago.

Question 2...I have no idea. Though anything is possible.

Question 3...Running may cause pain to the shoulder. Think how you run? You are moving your arms right? I had rotator cuff and bicep surgery this pass February. I was told that I would not be allowed to go to the gym until May. (This is why I started SP) My doctor then said I would only be allowed to use the recumbent bike. He did not want me using the elliptical or treadmill until my shoulder had a chance to heal properly. I was confused? What do you mean I can't use them. They are mainly for my legs. Than he explained to me how I most certainly use my shoulders when I am using proper form on these machines. Wow! Who would have thought. I could not even use the stationary bike because I would have to lift my arm (including shoulder) to hold the handle bars at shoulder height! With the recumbent bike my arms are at my side. (Hey I did what I had to do.) So, I do believe running can cause shoulder pain.. Be mindful.

As for the backfields...well even healthy food can cause a shock to you system and confuse your plumbing. However, if it had continue instead of adjusting itself I would have suggested seeing a doctor. Actually if any of these dilemmas continue I would see a doctor. May be a chiropractor!

And you are very welcome! Thanks for once again letting me see my humble name in one of you blogs!!!


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IFDEEVARUNS2 10/29/2010 10:04AM

    Can't help with the questions, but no doubt that interruptions in normal bodily functions can cause back pain - I've had that happen for sure.
I have noticed, though, that my dog will run around the yard a lot before settling down and doing her thing. When my DD complained of constipation I suggested she go run around the yard. That earned me a scowl. emoticon

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HIPPIE44 10/29/2010 8:52AM

    This is why tracking our food is so important. I bet if you go back a few days, you can see if there was anything you don't normally eat was added into the equation. You need to go back a day or two before the troubles happened because sometimes it takes that long for food issues to show up.

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    Whew! Glad things got moving!

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MRSBENNETT2 10/28/2010 10:58PM

    You had some extreme pain going - I think it's plausible it could have been related to the backfield issue since we generally don't feel at our best when things just ain't working correctly. My knees always hurt when that happens to me.
When you titled this blog "Backfield in Motion" I thought it would be something along the lines of "have you ever stopped jogging but your butt doesn't".

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NUTTYSNOOPYFAN 10/28/2010 10:36PM

    Well geez Candy, if I'd known you were going to blog about issues in the backfield, I wouldn't have sent you a goodie of DARK chocolate! emoticon Ewwww...I know you can handle it though!

As for your 3 questions, I have no clue about any of them, but might I suggest that if you have a regular doctor to call that person's office and ask them to have a nurse or PA call you back so you can ask those questions. Maybe someone on here can give you some advice on it, but getting some legit medical info might be a good thing at this point.

Glad things are moving again! Sometimes you've just gotta wonder what the heck Mother Nature is up to!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

emoticon Christine

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