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Turtling along!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I'm on the Slowest Losers Team and I feel like a turtle. My weight loss is non-existent. I gained a pound instead of losing. I am trying a bunch of different stuff. Hypnosis, low carb, veggies and cutting calories. Nothing seems to be working. I walk 1.5 miles each day,5-6 days a week and that tones my belly a little, but nothing else. Where am I going wrong? I see other blogs and read how long it has taken some people to lose, but this is ridiculous! Nothing to show for my efforts. I would have thought that by now I would have lost at least 10 pounds. NO!!!!!! I am stuck at 237. There is now way I'll ever met a goal of losing 50 pounds in a year. Of course I need to lose more than that, but that is what I set my initial goal for. I thought it was doable. Joke! It can't be muscle weight. I have made progress in little things along the way and am proud of that. I am eating healthier, drinking water and exercising. I almost like the exercise...mind you I said almost. I still have days where I dread getting on the treadmill. Like today. I didn't want to walk and went to my husband to complain. I told him I needed encouragement. He gave me some and encouraged me to walk just a little. I figured I would give it 10 minutes. Once I got to the 10 minutes I said just 10 more and managed to walk my whole 41 minutes. I felt good about it when I was done. I just don't feel good about not losing any weight.

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I.M.MAGIC 7/24/2011 2:18AM

    Seems like everyone is feeling that way today--maybe its' the weather! LOL

You know, making lifestyle changes is like planting a garden. You have to work at it, and a lot of the changes that take place are not ones that you can see or measure--if you yank a plant out of the ground to see if there are roots, you destroy it! If you let discouragement expose the roots of your lifestyle changes to doubt and disbelief in the goal, you destroy them.

Let it go, m'dear. Each step has its season, and this is about SO much more than the weight loss, and when the time is right that will come too! emoticon

Be well!
Kathy emoticon emoticon

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CJEANNEM 7/23/2011 9:04PM

    Hello, My son, Craig (civpro1), lost 182 lbs. He says that when he stopped losing weight, He upped his calories quite a bit for a day or two. You might gain a pound or two, but then the weight starts to come off again. He is on my Sparkpage in the Friends list. Take a look. I think he has his email for any one who had questions for him. He just got back from Afghanistan and is looking for a new job so keep him in your prayers. I live in a rest home (no proper food for a diet or a diabetic)and get around in a wheel chair. Don't give up. Keep trying. I am. God Bless You, Cheryl emoticon

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ROCHELLE62 7/23/2011 9:03PM

    I'm losing, but slowly. I'm so sorry that you aren't seeing the results you want. Check the tape measures, see how your clothes are fitting, and don't quit. When I started, I made a deal with myself that even if I didn't lose a pound, I would consider this a success if I didn't gain, and if I didn't lose mobility. Sometimes I just need to tell myself that even if I remain huge, I can accept that if I can have the energy to do the things that are most important to me. Check with your doctor about your concerns. There may be medical answers.

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Odds and Ends

Friday, July 22, 2011

Just some Friday ramblings. I have come up with a nice salsa for my roasted chicken and steak. I use a slice or two of fresh garden tomato, some fresh garden green pepper, onion, diced jalapeno, and garlic. It is delicious. I used jarred jalapeno, Mt Olive sliced jalapenos to be exact.

I am trying soem glucomannan as recommended by Dr. Oz. It is for weight loss and blood sugar control. Can also be used for lowering cholesterol. I got some from the Vitamin Shoppe. I started taking it at lunch today. You have to take 3 capsules before each meal. I'll see.

I am doing a little better on my exercise bike. I did half a mile today. I rode for 2.5 minutes and am going to go for 5 minutes in the next few days. I am doing this in addition to my 1.5 mile treadmill walk.

I am eating more veggies lately. Limiting my carbs. I don't find myself craving the carbs as I used to. Not sure why this is happening. Of course when the garden is done my fresh veggies will be gone too. Boo Hoo!!!!!!!

All in all despite the scale not moving I am doing well and making progress in other areas. I'll just keep doing my own thing.

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    Keep on working at it - the scale will eventually have to reflect the changes. WTG on the veggies!

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Two Weeks of Hypnosis

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I am at day 15 of my hypnosis. I weighed myself at the two week mark as directed. Surprise, no loss!!!!!! What does it take to lose a pound or two?? I've been here on SP for 9 months with no significant weight loss. BUT...I am NOT giving up. I will continue with the hypnosis as the skills I am learning are great. If the doctor can't come up with a reason why I dont' lose weight I don't expect my addled brain to come up with one!!! I bought the Atkins diet book. Not sure I can do that diet. Low carbs. I do not meet my carb allotment as it is, so it shouldn't be a problem, but I like milk, cheese, and bread with my eggs. They advocate getting only 20 net carbs during the first phase of the diet with those carbs coming from veggies. As the diet continues you add in more foods. I do use their snacks because they are low sugar and low carb and fit well in my diabetic diet. they taste great too, especially the peanut caramel cluster bar, almost like a PayDay. I did bring in my exercise bike but I am having trouble using it. I have limited range of motion in my right knee and I have a hard time doing the pumping motion with it. I do a little on it a day to try and work out the range of motion. I wanted to add it to my walking routine. Like I said, I'm not giving up!!!!!!

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I.M.MAGIC 7/21/2011 11:00AM

    I don't know if your bike can be adjusted but sometimes, if you can change the angle and height of the seat, you can make the range of motion necessary for use a little less stressful on your knee joints--that's what they do at the physical therapy clinics, they start you out far enough from the pedals that you extend your leg a bit farther but can still reach with your foot flat on the pedals--that way you don't have to lift your knees quite as high--it takes some of the stress away from the joint without reducing the workout benefits. As you improve they change the angle again and again, until it's at a normal setting... of course, their bikes are made specifically for that, but maybe you can come up with an idea for the same sort of thing with yours?... maybe a pillow on the seat...Hm LOL

Good luck with it!
Kathy emoticon emoticon

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LOVESTYPOS 7/20/2011 7:03PM

    You have a plan and you're working that plan. Congrats on that. For some reason, I believe that some bodies just hold on to the weight no matter what we do to try to change that. If your doctor has done blood tests for thyroid and other conditions, and has found nothing, then at least you know you're healthy in that respect.

Keep on doing what you're doing. You'll get there. emoticon

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CJSARGENT1 7/20/2011 7:00PM

    Hang in not give up..........this is your life we are saving.

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BENTONHEALTHY 7/20/2011 6:47PM

    You have a great attitude. Just keep learning and practicing and you will lose some weight. I agree you need something that works for you. Checklist: move a little more each day, eat 5 times a day and include a little protein with each, it's hard to get fat on vegetables, watch additives to what you eat, use SP and post any time you like. I think it will all kick in and you will have success! Hypnotism is interesting.

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Paying for the binge!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My binge yesterday was a disaster! I was so full and bloated after dinner. I felt terrible!! Actually felt like I was going to be sick. I was miserable. It was not the way to go. I didn't make myself feel better. It certainly didn't solve the problem, not that I expected it would. Of course at the time I was eating I wasn't thinking of the consequences. Now I can see the light. I doubt I will do that again. No problem is worth eating all that food. I don't know how I used to do it all the time! As badly as I felt last night cured me. To think I used to feel like that all the time. Stuffed, bloated, full to being sick...ugh!!!! I am back on track today. I am laying off the carbs today and am filling up on veggies. I did my walk on the treadmill. I feel better and am coping with the finances and doing the best that I can.

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I.M.MAGIC 7/19/2011 12:46PM

    I guess sometimes we have to learn the hard way, huh...

I'm glad you're feeling better!
Kathy emoticon

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DOBSONSM 7/19/2011 12:19PM


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A Binge Today Over Finances!

Monday, July 18, 2011

I thought I had the finance problem solved with a debt management program. Today while I was doing my walk I got a phone call from Novadebt, the debt management company, and they said Bank of America, my creditor, wouldn't accept the proposal for the loan I have. Bank of America recommended the debt management to me to solve my problem with not being able to make the payment on the loan. Bank of America didn't want to budge on lowering the monthly payment. Well, they lowered it $42 which is a drop in the bucket. What part of "I can't pay the loan" do they not understand? The payment is $466/month. The debt management proposal was for $255. No dice, they want $424 or nothing at all I guess. I have been only able to pay $166 and it was going to be tough to make the $255, but I was willing to do it. Now they make me not want to pay anything at all. I have applied for a home equity loan to see if I can get the money to pay of the loan with Bank of America. I'll never do business with them again. The problem is they call several times a week asking for payment. They ask me every time why I am late and I have to explain myself over and over. From now on I am hanging up. coping mechanism today was food. Mistake, I know, but I was at my wits end. I ate a tomato sandwich for lunch, then had 2 Smart Ones dinners, a mini bag of popcorn and some potato chips. After that I went to bed, never finished my walk, actually didn't care if I ever saw the treadmill again. Besides that I plan on having a nice big bowl of pasta tonight with homemade spaghetti sauce. I know, I know, I'm not hurting anyone but myself. I feel guilty enough already, but I can't stop the wheels.

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I.M.MAGIC 7/18/2011 10:51PM

    Oh, my dear... Please note that though they are still allowed legal redress for the debt... it is ILLEGAL to harrass you. You are entitled BY LAW to live without harrassment, especially when you are doing all you can to alleviate the situation. Tell your debt manager what is going on, and ask them if they would be willing to draft a letter for you to sign requesting that the harrassment stop. If not, draw one up yourself, sign it and send it off. The bank and ALL debt collectors are required by law to follow the instructions, once they receive WRITTEN NOTICE to cease and desist. At that point, the only contact they are allowed is to notify you that they won't be contacting you again from that time forward. If they try, contact a lawyer. Google "harrassing phone calls from creditors" and there are several good websites addressing this issue. Check them out!


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JOELLEY23 7/18/2011 8:28PM

    creditors are the worst! i don't understand why they think that calling you every day is going to make you pay them any faster. I just look at my caller ID and don't answer it at all if i don't know the number.

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DREAMS2LIFE 7/18/2011 7:05PM

    Sorry to hear you are going through such a rough time. Can you cut the pasta in half and replace it with vegetables (zucchini, broccoli, etc) with the noodles and spaghetti sauce. Cuts the calories and carbs way down, adds veggies and still get to feel indulgent with a big bowl of pasta. Dealing with financial woes can be the pits. I've been there. Seeing about a home equity loan is a good idea, pay off the uncooperative buggers and deal with the ones that will woprk with you. Hang in there! Don't let indulgences add to your troubles! emoticon

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