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Random ramblings about being organized...

Monday, August 11, 2014

emoticon I was born organized... and I love office supply stores! emoticon
You cannot organize clutter!!! Simplify! Less stuff = Less stress!
I received my new day-planner refill for 2015 this morning... it's called BLOOMS.

This is my usual day-planner set up...

I thought I would go with something pretty, as well as functional for the new year... "Blooms" will add a bit of color to my days when they are too mundane and ordinary...LOL!
It helps to shake up the routines a bit every now and then...
I just finished condensing my Zone sheets so that they fit in the pouch of my page-marker insert of the day-planner. Now I can use dry-erase marker to check off tasks, then erase and use again. All 5 Zone sheets fit at once, so I rotate the current Zone sheet to back when finished each week. (I printed extra sheets, in case I wear the originals out sooner than expected. I made a template file, so I can always tweak the sheet as needed and re-print as needed, too.) The Zone is right there each day reminding me what needs to be done.

Waiting on my new wall calendar to arrive, too.

Decided to use a large At-A-Glance this year. I love FLYlady's, but it just didn't fit well where I needed the calendar to go. I'm looking for stickers to use because FLYlady doesn't have any that meet our needs. You go with the system that works for you!

My Mamacave is my office and refuge... it helps me keep my sanity!

This is the one room in the house that stays free of CHAOS!

So you would think I could keep my SPARKING as "well ordered"... LOL!

When you keep things as simple as possible, you can maintain some semblance of order easier.
I admit I do not have total control over everything, and I am only in charge of my own actions and reactions. I'm human and "life" happens.
Some days are good, some are great, and some are the pits... but the world continues to turn and life goes on.
My SparkJourney keeps moving forward. I've made progress.
Keeping records of what has worked before will help create a map that leads to a successful future. One routine, one habit, one day at a time. Goals become reachable when you write them down and place them before you. It's possible to have a plan for success! Look at your failures as opportunities for feedback and adjust your plans to incorporate what you have learned.
All the planning in the world doesn't amount to anything if you do not implement what you plan! Start small; be consistent, persevere and you will eventually achieve your goal!

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NOWYOUDIDIT 8/16/2014 12:22PM

    I thought I was organized!! Day planners never work for me- someone always messes up my plans!
I did get the Flylady calendar. Didn't care for the stickers either. :o)

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4EVERNESS 8/12/2014 12:51AM

    So, just in case, do you put a sheet of paper between the dry erase sheet, so in case of unforeseen mishap, you have a duplicate that only needs to be read in the mirror? LOL We know it would never come into contact with nail polish remover or any such thing.

Organization is wonderful, except when you can approach it from most any logic, and see needs for possible changeups and then have to mentally figure the odds, and you must have disorder to stay sane....:) (example, the spice cabinet, height order? real name or common name? frequency of use? Yes, I do this...and have to watch cleaning that I don't become OCD on the details losing sight of it overall and being totally exhausted-old computer monitors, did you know that a straight pin on tissue works great for each of those little holes as well as where the screen meets plastic to get that dust) You're doing great, keep it up!

Aside: If 'cleanliness is next to godliness' then who decides what moderation is? LOL

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JUSTSILVIE 8/11/2014 9:47PM

    I can relate! I am an organizer and clutter makes me hyperventilate. I am hoping to get as organized on my Spark Journey as I am in the rest of my life. emoticon

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CHRIS3874 8/11/2014 8:17PM

    I am beginning to think this must be a gendered thing as I am constantly getting flak about this. Of course when someone else "cleans up" after ME I cannot find anything for a LONG LONG period of time AND I mysteriously come across various things of MINE squirreled away in one of her drawers.
Still I wish I was a bit more organized. I would really like to be .

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Rambling self-talk about adjusting to my circumstances...

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

I have been rolling along, Sparking each day pretty well. Taking each day as it comes. Then another setback with the heel and knee. No riding recumbent bike for three days... Last night I really felt like throwing in the towel. Letting "whatever happens" happen and not making the effort anymore. I cannot control how my body heals, if it ever does get back to what I consider normal. With RA, there IS no normal. I got up this morning thinking I would not bother with SP today... I went on FB to check in with my SHE friends, and we read Ralph Marston every morning to help us FLY through our routines with a good attitude. Did he have a "word" for me today!!!

"Conditions regularly change, and you have the opportunity to change with them, or even ahead of them. By adjusting your efforts, you can keep creating new, meaningful value."

I do not need to "give up" on my Sparking... I need to adjust. And adjust I will. Yesterday does not determine how I will behave today. This is a new day with it's own challenges. So whatever happens today, I will handle it as it comes. My attitude is all I truly have control over. Each moment is a choice. I choose to adapt to this day, and forget what happened yesterday. It doesn't really matter what brought me to this point. I choose to live in the NOW, making use of what I can do. I'm making the attempt to learn what works for ME... and using it to my advantage!
Thank you, Mr. Marston for sharing truth!

Adjust Accordingly

If what you’re doing is not working, adjust. Rather than giving up on the effort, give the effort the benefit of your experience and informed consideration.

Every time you fail to get the result you want, you succeed in learning more about what doesn’t work. Put that knowledge to good use, and make some adjustments.

Even when you do get the desired result, you’ve likely learned how you could do things even better. Whether you’ve succeeded or failed, make the adjustments that will make you more effective next time.

Conditions regularly change, and you have the opportunity to change with them, or even ahead of them. By adjusting your efforts, you can keep creating new, meaningful value.

The animals, plants, organizations, businesses and individuals who succeed in the long term are the ones who adapt and adjust. Be aware of your level of effectiveness, be aware of your environment, be aware of what changes and what doesn’t, and adjust accordingly.

Even the smallest adjustment can sometimes make the difference between success and failure. Make the attempt, learn the lessons, observe the territory, and adjust your way to success.

— Ralph Marston


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JUSTSILVIE 8/7/2014 11:26AM

    Totally agree and can relate to the feeling of just throwing in the towel, so now I am also working on adapting. Have to admit I do have bouts of anger and self pity and wonder what's next? Your words were perfect and just at the right time.

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NOWYOUDIDIT 8/7/2014 2:22AM

    emoticon emoticon

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NOWYOUDIDIT 8/7/2014 2:22AM

    emoticon emoticon

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_LINDA 8/6/2014 11:25AM

    When the lower body isn't working, there is always the upper. You can do upper body strength training, as important as is anything else. We need to keep ALL of the body moving with RA.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Don't "feel" like it, but I WILL make today a great day!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sometimes you just wake up and feel "BLAH"...There has to be more to this life than "making it through another day". There is no passion behind "coasting", mindlessly following a routine. That's not living, it's existing.

The real battle is in my head... in showing dogs I learned that if you control the head of the dog, the body will follow. Same with people. There has to be a mental change in order for you to accomplish what you are striving for. Belief "in your head" CAN develop into passion in your heart! The phrase "Act as if" has truth to it!

Nope, I do not feel like eating right today. I do not feel like doing some extra moving today. But I AM choosing to do it anyway... I'm setting my mind in the right direction, and my body will follow!

You Can, So Do It!!!

Whatever it is you wish to accomplish, you can do it. You can do it if you will take the time and make the effort.

Very likely you have talked yourself out of it, and others have talked you out of it, too. Nonetheless, you can do it by making the choice and making the commitment.

It will demand the best of you, but that’s a benefit rather than a drawback. Giving your all while working toward a meaningful goal is one of the most empowering things you can do.

And you can do it, without question, without a doubt. You can do it when you choose to start and continue making the choice to keep going.

Whatever may seem to be beyond your reach begins to draw closer the moment you begin to do the work. Instead of complaining that you don’t know what to do, just do what you can and make the commitment to learn more each step of the way.

You are here right now to achieve great and wonderful things. You can, so do it.

— Ralph Marston


Just for today... I CAN DO IT!

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NOWYOUDIDIT 7/31/2014 3:03AM

    emoticon emoticon

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_LINDA 7/30/2014 9:56AM

    emoticon emoticon
Right now I am very tired and sore from all my exercising and cleaning yesterday, but I will push through the pain and lethargy and get done what I want to do!
Mom has trouble controlling Daisy on a leash. She grew up off leash for most of her life and hates it. She understands the leash is on there only until she is led to the play area where she gets to be off leash and can run and swim and play. So of course she is eager to get there and pulls constantly. Mom has tried all the usual things, stopping, making her sit, turning around and going back, but nothing works :-( Ironically, when she is off leash she heels beautifully and if she wanders can be recalled instantly! Mom was even able to call her off chasing a rabbit! Its a shame there are leash laws because this is one dog who doesn't need it! Labs are known for getting obsessed and she is one strong willed dog. When she is off leash in our backyard, she is only wanting to play and will bring her ball or toy to anyone to get them to toss it even if its something they never have done with her! She would play until she drops from exhaustion if she were allowed!!
Have a healthy day!!

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PENOWOK 7/30/2014 8:52AM

    SO right! Keep our heads looking up and everything else looks up too!

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HMBROWN1 7/30/2014 8:42AM

    All great advice! Best wishes and have a great day!

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Yes, there IS strength within ME!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Oh, yes there is!
I awoke to a beautiful, cool Tuesday morning. NO PAIN! (Other than the usual RAD aches) The heel is good. The knee moves like a normal knee... God IS good!
I ate well yesterday, and allowed myself to enjoy what I chose to eat.
I've changed my "ticker" to reflect what the scale showed for yesterday. My commitment is to weigh on August 1, then the first of every month thereafter. That will be it. I am not defined by the numbers on the scale. They are there as a guide, to encourage me to take care of myself.
I am going to move more each day, aiming for 5000 steps a day. It has not been reasonable to go for this number while my right side was in pain. But I am trying to establish a new habit, although the going is slow. The goal will be met in it's time. The key is to not give up.
I'm going to give myself permission just "BE". I am grateful! I am loved! emoticon

Strength Within You

There is greatness within you. Allow it to come out, and let all the world benefit from what you have to offer.

There are strengths and abilities within you, ready to be put to good use. Focus on a meaningful purpose, and allow those strengths and abilities to flower.

You have courage, determination, focus, discipline, creativity and passion within you. As you face life’s many challenges, remind yourself to call upon all those valuable qualities.

There is the power of love within you. Let that love always make a difference in the lives of those around you.

There is unique, original beauty within you. As you live each day, express that beauty in whatever you do, making it ever more abundant.

There is real, true, rich and wonderful life within you. In every moment, every day, live it as fully as you can imagine.

— Ralph Marston


I'm going to live THIS DAY to it's fullest!!!

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NOWYOUDIDIT 7/30/2014 1:24AM

    Beautiful!! emoticon

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_LINDA 7/29/2014 11:00AM

    So glad you are feeling better!! Almost normal -fantastic!
All the best on your goals, you can achieve what ever you put your mind to!

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TATTER3 7/29/2014 10:10AM

    This is a really good read and has a lot of motivation to share!! Thanks for posting!

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1HAPPYSPIRIT 7/29/2014 8:55AM


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IAM_HIS 7/29/2014 8:21AM

    This a great blog... emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SUNNYRAYE 7/29/2014 7:38AM

    Awesome! I'm so happy that the pain has subsided.

I like your attitude about the scale. Being you is rocking - just be you!

You can do this!

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I'm not just "working through"... I'm going OVER!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

My knee went south Friday, a week ago, and the heel pain flared again at the same time. I literally could not stand last Saturday. The knee was swollen, and although the pain wasn't inside the knee joint, the tension/inflammation of the outer ligament was very painful. DH bought a cheap knee brace(one of those "sleeve" types) to see if it would help. I wore it one day at work, and it fell to pieces by the end of the day. Truly CHEAP! LOL! But essentially it worked. So I invested in a good one at CVS, and I am wearing it all day. When I came home from work I would put on ice my knee, then good old Ben Gay before bed. The swelling is better today. I'm going to see if I can ride bike or use treadmill today for a few minutes each(with the knee brace on!). The heel is better, too. Still walking the dog, although slowly. Steps are steps!
I have been eating with no reserve for almost two weeks... anything and everything that doesn't eat me first. My self discipline has flew the coup... Pain is my Achilles Heel(LOL!)
After some prayer and self-talk, I am regrouping. I have to totally go back to the basics. SP works if you follow what you know has worked for you before. Lower carbs, lots of water, sound nutritional choices and moderate exercise is what works best for me. When I lose that balance, I go backwards instead of forward. Tracking everything is very important. Drinking LOTS of water makes a big difference!
Nobody said it would be easy... but it IS worth the effort! I KNOW how good I feel, and how much better my body performs. My RA is more manageable(As if that was really possible! LOL!) emoticon
How grateful I am for so many chances to begin again! The restart will be uncomfortable for a few days. I CAN GET THROUGH IT! My energy level is way down anyway, so what is a few more days of low energy?
I've a gained new perspective about the "power" that carbs have over me... in that I was doing fine, no cravings, and one bite of "high carb" and the cravings flooded back immediately. The mindful brain shut down, and my whole sensible thinking "processes" went out the window. The reality is you do not really find comfort in food... it is an illusion that lasts for a short time. I admit I am POWERLESS when it comes to eating carbs... my "will power" is not actually "real" once I eat carbs. I deceive myself... rationalizing that it's the calories that matter, and small amounts of high sugar carbs won't derail my efforts. I know I need to eat carbs, and I can choose carbs that are of nutritional value. I always have the ability to control what goes in my mouth, but I see there is something going on in the physical brain that is sabotaging my efforts more than I thought. Acknowledgement and recognition are the keys that give me the ability to change! Since there is no such thing as failure, only feedback, I'm using the feedback from the past couple of weeks and turning around. I don't care if I have to do it on a daily basis... in fact I probably SHOULD begin anew every morning... I want to become healthier and I KNOW how to do it!
The obstacle of pain and some bad choices turned into a road block. When I walked off my SP path, I fell down the "cliff of carbs". Because I will not give up, and keep Sparkin' as best as I can EVERY day, I've landed on the solid support and tools of SparkPeople. That's the "miracle" of SparkPeople. Everything we need to succeed is freely placed before us. We only need to use it... over and over and over again, if that is what it takes to become healthier and fitter. The journey always begins with the first step. Every day when I get up, I will take another step. All my steps aren't perfect, but they are still steps and the journey continues anyway.
I forgive myself. I've climbed OVER the mountain that was before me!
The next portion of the journey begins!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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FIT4MEIN2013 7/29/2014 9:08AM

    Forget starting anew every day. Sometimes the focus has to be on the minute. "If I still want it in 10 minutes I can have it". Then walk for 10 minutes while accessing whether or mot you really want it. If so, eat a serving and move on. emoticon

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SUNNYRAYE 7/29/2014 2:24AM

    I loved reading your blog. Starting over is getting up when the carbs have put you in the deep dark pit one more time. The great thing is that the more times you stand up against the dark pit (and it's contents) it becomes easier and easier.

You can do this! I am so proud of your perseverance. You rock!

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NOWYOUDIDIT 7/29/2014 1:57AM

    Those knee braces are a blessing! Carbs are horrible- who invented them? LOL!

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_LINDA 7/27/2014 2:24PM

    So glad you are getting better with the knee and heel!
Carbs is the enemy of most of us! Just one bite and you are going down. Those sugary or salty treats are truly designed to make you crave more!
Wishing you all the best switching to good carbs, The great thing about them is you can eat more of them without so much caloric damage!
Here is to getting your five or more a day!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
emoticon emoticon

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DUTE06 7/27/2014 12:58PM

    You are remarkable ! I think your will to just get UP when DOWN and BEGIN AGAIN
is really something to be admired !
emoticon emoticon

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