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Monday, January 23, 2012

OK, so I'm a bit late for the New Year resolutions. But here goes.

2011 was spent losing and gaining the same 5lb frustratingly many times. If only I'd lost it and not regained it, each of those times, I'd be close to my target by now. I wouldn't be snoring so much, and I wouldn't have this persistent heartburn.

So, what can I do differently in 2012?

Use the Sparkpeople site EVERY DAY and record food and weight honestly. If it goes in my mouth, it will go on the tracker. Also, planning stuff to go in the tracker is a good idea as well.

Move more. And record exercise in the exercise tracker.

Change my evenings. They are the single worst time. I can eat sensibly all day but then go berserk in the evenings. No food after 8pm. And particularly no biscuits, crisps, crackers, cheese, chocolate... this will also have the hugely beneficial effect of helping my heartburn.

Set myself some really motivational rewards. I already have a pair of black jeans that will fit when I am at target. And I'll be able to wear my rings again.

Ask my friends and family for support. Ask them to cheer me on if they notice a change, to keep me buoyed up if I am struggling, to help keep temptation out of my way.


It never rains...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Am feeling knocked sideways at the moment.
Monday last week I went out for dinner with an old friend. I've been moderately troubled by red patches on my cheeks & nose for the last few years. But I thought they were just one of those things, and I could just about cover them up with make-up.
My friend, who is a doctor, looked at my make-up-free face last Monday and said "I don't want to worry you, but have you had those red patches on your cheeks checked out at all? Because it's a while since I've done dermatology, but those look rather like Lupus to me."
I confessed that I hadn't had them checked out, and that I'd assumed they were sun damage (looking back, this is unlikely as I avoid the sun) or else rosacea. But she was convinced by neither of these self-diagnoses, and urged me to go to my doctor as soon as possible.
So, I went on Friday, really hoping that the doc would say "Oh, that's NOTHING at all like Lupus, what you have is.... [insert name of trivial and easily-fixable condition here]."
Instead, she said "Oh yes, I see what your friend means. It does look a lot like it, but as it's so uncommon I'd like to get a second opinion" and called in one of the other GPs who has a special interest in dermatology. He thought it looked a lot like Lupus as well. So I had a lot of blood taken yesterday - they're testing it for absolutely everything they can think of - and will need to wait 2 or 3 weeks for the results. Of course, in the meantime I've been googling Lupus and it's not great.


Oh dear... I am talking to myself sternly today.

Sunday, May 08, 2011


Time to take a careful look at myself and what I want and how I'm going to get it.
Yesterday, fuelled by raging PMT and carb cravings, I made some really unwise food choices.

This morning, lying in bed and feeling a bit sorry for myself, I regretted the unwise choices I had made yesterday and started to think about what I want and how I can get there.

Obviously, I'm not going to wake up one morning and find that some kindly fairy has waved a wand and that my 35 surplus pounds have magically disappeared overnight. That might be what I want, but it's just not going to happen.

BUT, the revelation occurred to me today that OK, it certainly won't happen tomorrow morning, or the day after, or even next week some time, but that IF I take better care of myself and how I feed and exercise myself, then one morning I WILL wake up and find that those 35lb have gone. If I lose weight at 1lb a week, then that magical day will be 35 weeks from now. If I lose it at 1.5lb a week, that will be 22 weeks from now. OK, so both those dates are in the future. But will those dates - and those results - be in MY future? Or will I still plod on, wearing my lard overcoat and leggings (and extra chins), because I didn't care enough about myself to try? 22 weeks away is 9 October; 35 weeks from now is 8 January next year.

OK, so they're a bit disappointingly far off when my inner toddler is screaming "BUT I WANT IT NOW!!!!" and there are the known hurdles of summer holidays, having to feed the family (2 teenage boys and a husband who all eat like there's no tomorrow, but don't have the same problems with their weight that I do) to deal with.

So, moving forward:

I WILL track all the daft things I ate yesterday, as a wake-up call to myself, then stop beating myself up about it and move on.
I WILL track all my food faithfully for the next 2 weeks (and hopefully after that as well)
I WILL drink my water and record it for the next week (as I've been pretty slack about that and I don't think it's done me any good - maybe if I'd been fuller with water then those doughnuts and those fruit gums would have been just a shade less tempting?)
I WILL record my pedometer steps every day (who knows, perhaps that will encourage me to walk some more?)
I WILL take care of myself. If I can't care for me, how can I expect anyone else to?
I WILL ask for support and encouragement for those all-too-frequent moments when my motivation is wearing thin.

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DDBRENNE 5/8/2011 7:27AM

  Get it have a solid plan. That is half the battle. Now also find something you can compliment yourself on today.
Happy Mother's Day

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JANETMT2 5/8/2011 6:39AM

    Good luck emoticon
feel free to add me as a friend if you need support.

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Stuck at 6lb gone...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

and I have been using my trackers faithfully. I'm doing pretty well on them, so it's a bit disheartening not to have had a loss at all this week. But hey - if I keep on keeping on, I will get there. This week's aim is to drink more water - I'm often not reaching my 8 cups a day. I'm sure that will help. I'll check back in in a week and see how I'm doing.


Another test...

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

...of my self control.

On Monday I had an all-day meeting with lunch. I managed to avoid the delicious-looking Danish pastries served on arrival, and the granola bars, and had a cup of coffee and a couple of dried apricots instead.
Lunch was a buffet with hot and cold items - salami and various cold meats, smoked salmon, salads (both dressed and undressed) and mushrooms and olives swimming in oily dressings. The hot items were meatballs, rice, vegetables, individual cheese souffles and baked pieces of white fish.
Conscious that I would need to put everything in my tracker afterwards, I had undressed salad, one slice of lean parma ham, a couple of olives and mushrooms as a starter, then lots of vegetables and a couple of pieces of fish and half a spoonful of rice with a meatball on it.
Then came the further temptation of the desserts - a huge plate of cheeses, a couple of rather rich and delicious looking gateaux, and thankfully, some yogurts. One yogurt later, I was feeling comfortably full and also pleased with myself for not going completely berserk and piling my plate with as much as I could cram in.
Tonight it's a birthday celebration at a Thai food pub. I know to avoid the dishes that are heavy on the coconut milk, and the fried noodle dishes. But a chicken stir-fry with lots of veg and chilli and not too much rice will hit the spot nicely - plus a low-cal soft drink. I should be able to track it all and not exceed my daily limit. I am DETERMINED to get those scales reading lower. I can - and I will. The only thing standing in the way of my success is me, and I know how much better I am already feeling - tummy noticeably diminishing, double chins not so billowy. Why would I want to stop that progress?
(Note to self - ask myself that question lots of times next week when the dreaded PMS kicks in.)


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