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Saturday, July 12, 2014

I gathered my first big broccoli harvest of the year, 7 1/4 lbs! This is more than I have grown in previous years, 10 heads of the 17 plants were ready at once. We washed them, chopped and blanched them, and now in the freezer for later, and had some with cheese for supper. The plants will continue to branch and produce smaller heads. I planted 17 and lost none to the dreaded cutworms this year, so we have a few more big heads coming. I love my broccoli!


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Sunday, June 08, 2014

I have been pretty active lately with fishing from the shore at the State Park, I don't own a boat so all my trips are when fishing is good near the land.

I went out May 21 and caught a limit (25) of bluegills, caught a bunch of creek chubs at the stream for catfish bait on May 24, took my nieces for bullheads at their pond May 25, and caught a limit (10) of big channel catfish on May 28 (with the bait from May 24). The next week I caught another 6 nice catfish before the rain storm pushed me off the lake (June 4). Today I was at the stream catching more chubs for catfish bait (26 fish), I hope to get out for catfish later this week or the next. I've had a great summer so far, looking forward to the rest of June!

Here are some pics from my fishing excursions.

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ONTHEPATH2 6/10/2014 1:28PM

    Yum!!!! Gotta love Lake Michigan!!!

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CATFISH_FAN 6/9/2014 7:11PM

    Thanks for the positive comments. Keep your lines tight!

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PAULKNUTH 6/8/2014 1:57PM

    There some serious healthy fish dinners there!!


Keep having fun and catching fish!

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JLAMING263 6/8/2014 1:54PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Weekend Good and Bad

Monday, March 03, 2014

This past weekend I spent at my friend's home 3 hours away across the great state of Michigan with a couple of other old college buddies. Hard to believe it has been so long, we graduated in '96 and still get together every several years. I had a great time visiting with my friends Friday and Saturday nights, coming home Sunday.

Friday started with my mother's lung specialist appointment, I went and waited in the waiting room during the 20 minute appointment. Which took 90 minutes. I guess they take extra time when they are explaining that you might have lung cancer... emoticon

Saturday night while I was at my friend's house, still processing the Friday news, I overindulged on drinks (I'm not a drinker in general) and burned my thumb and forefinger on a hot pan. Not being in a proper state of mind, I didn't simply burn my fingers slightly, it is superficial second degree burns with blistering, oh I am so incredibly proud of myself... emoticon I didn't even know the extent of the burn until I awoke Sunday morning.

So there are consequences. At least I didn't hurt anyone besides myself. It is a setback though. I'll heal, although it will take a couple of weeks.

Strange weekend. Hope to not repeat anything of that sort for a long time to come...

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CATFISH_FAN 3/4/2014 4:03AM

    Thank you for the nice replies. I might not even be hard on myself at all if there hadn't been an accident, I understand that the overindulgence was a momentary thing that won't be repeated. And it is true that I will heal, thank you for the understanding. Still, I can't write much with one hand and I woke up early this AM to burn pain. I can pray for my mom and be here when I can and am needed to help her.

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DLYNCH86 3/3/2014 2:58PM

    Sorry you had such a hard weekend. I agree - don't be so hard on yourself, that kind of news knocks everyone sideways. Hugs to you and your mom. emoticon

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HHOLT6 3/3/2014 1:39PM

    VALIENDRA... that is a beautiful reply.

CAT_FISH fan - what a weekend! I hope that things get better today...

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VALIENDRA 3/3/2014 1:00PM

    It's never easy to learn someone we love might have cancer. Don't be too hard on yourself, most of the time, coping with that kind of feeling puts us in difficult places where we might do stupid things. Your hands will heal and hopefully, so your mom.
I'm with you.

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Helped my friend move today

Saturday, February 15, 2014

No guy likes to get called to help family or friends move. My closest friend is moving from Michigan to Texas and needed help loading up his car with large items that aren't being moved by the shipping company. He had a skiing mishap and wiped out his knee, so he couldn't manage on his own. I spent much of today driving (my friend lives, or rather lived, 90 minutes away) and carrying large heavy items down stairs from his apartment to his Subaru Outback. That car can hold a lot of stuff!

I got in my workout for the day, 180 minutes tracked. How about you?

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HELLOADDISON 2/16/2014 3:03AM

    It was nice of you to help your friend! it was good to get in to 180 minutes tracked as well! emoticon

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CATFISH_FAN 2/16/2014 12:23AM

    Thanks for the positive comments, and encouragement.

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ALICIA214 2/16/2014 12:16AM



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MLEHTO 2/16/2014 12:07AM

    You are a great friend to do that. emoticon

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May be the flu...

Friday, February 07, 2014

My fever isn't too high yet, but body aches and head aches, stomach aches, very tired, and kind of nauseated, these are not regular cold symptoms. The flu is going around here pretty hard and I didn't get my shot this year. I feel like going to bed, I think I will.

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DJ4HEALTH 2/7/2014 3:32PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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