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Staying focused

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 4 of staying on track and it feels so good. Getting more creative on how to spend my calories and it's all healthy. And it's not like this is new information. LOL Fresh veggies from my garden and fruit at its peak all add up to a good pack for the punch! In addition I'm eating more filling foods and trying to chew more and more mindfully. One of my favorites since we have tomato overload are tomato/mozzarella/basil mozarella stacks with balsamic vinegar. The cheese is sliced thin but just gives enough flavor. I have started writing affirmation notes daily and living "as if" I'm already at goal. I remember what that feels and looks like. Standing in that future while being anchored in the present feels inspiring. Watching how this spills out into other areas of my life is interesting - more organized, more energy (yay!), more focused, more present - less foggy, less lethargic. And every day I have to work at staying here. It gets easier as it goes along.

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PSCHEP 8/11/2011 8:24PM

    Keep up the great work! emoticon

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Switching focus - 4/18/11

Monday, April 18, 2011

Well, blood results show the high end of normal for blood sugar. I often hear stories of people who change their diets and this improves. Not new information at all - I've been ignoring it. And the possibility of adding medication to my BP and cholesterol meds doesn't make me happy. I've just been feeling yucky. Not so much because of blood sugar but because of just feeling bleh - not so great energy and moody. And I got a huge boo boo on my leg that is slowly healing. Nothing to do with blood sugar but it's big and ugly and hurts sometimes. And it got me thinking - what if?

This past weekend I decided to change to the diabetic tracking diet which focuses on carbs. Not that I'm going carb postal - LOL - but I'm watching. Diabetes runs on both sides of my family and when I was a little kid my numbers ran high. You would think this would have been enough to motivate me. Well, now I'm thinking... And guess what! I feel more energetic already as I try to stay within the limits. It's really only taking some minor tweaking and it's not like I don't know the deal. And the best part is that SP is there to guide you without having to scour all kinds of websites for sketchy information at best.

So my question is...why do we wait til we are pushed against the wall? Or til something happens that gets us thinking in real time? I guess if any of us were truthful about any of these kinds of questions we'd be rich...and thin. So as I try try again here' s hoping that these numbers stabilize, that I'm on the path to a more radiant healthy weight and all that comes with it. And yes, I have checked with my doctor about what I'm doing since she said to drop a few. My goal is 40 lbs and see what that's like. Maybe go lower but I'm not looking at model looks, just feel good, look better and get those #'s down. Exercise includes a stepper (the Brenda Dygraf one which I love), Leslie Sansone walking tapes and Zumba !


Springing forward....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Can recommend a fun book to read - The Cinderella Pact by Sarah Strohmeyer. It's about a group of friends who are shunning in a restaurant and who embark on a weight loss journey, focusing on one's trials and tribulations with the stories of the other 2 weaved in. It was hard not to laugh on the train while reading it. It's a nice size book but a quick read (because you don't want to put it down) and for me it put a few things in perspective.


4.3.09 - Keepin' on

Friday, April 03, 2009

It's funny how I pay attention to stuff, or not. Like trying to be so mindful of what I eat, and when. I've been out of focus for awhile and that isn't just with my food plan but with everything. Feeling scattered might be a good word, too. I just can't seem to get myself together, but then again, I am. I'm not sure what magic thing I'm looking for should it come together, and will I even recognize it? I know one thing that I definitely need to do...stay off the computer in the evening. Sometimes I find myself digging deeper for info that I get lost in it and before I know it, it's too late to start anything constructive. I know I'm rambling and I look at that as a start to get things moving and together, or at least start making sure that everything has a place.

So, an early goal....take at least 30 minutes every evening to work on reorganizing something - maybe my computer area at home, or my putting things in folders on my home desk. Better yet, tossing what I don't need to make the room. Believe it or not, I STILL need to mail out some souveniers from China and the trip was 6 MONTHS AGO! And it will probably only take a 1/2 hour!

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MRS_TOAD 4/4/2009 3:00PM

    Don't feel to bad! I still had my carry-on out after the last trip some 8 months later. Organization is something I need to work on!

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Back From China 081016

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I've returned from 2 weeks in China, volunteering at the panda research base in Bifengxiao (which is spelled wrong, I'm sure). So what did I learn? China is as magnifent as I thought it would be. And old. The Great Wall is a sight to behold. There are alot of people. Traffic is horrendous and it's a miracle I didn't get hit with a bike or motorbike. Chengdu was my favorite city, followed by Xi'an and Ya'an. Beijing was ok, not real green and very busy.

I could say so much about our volunteer experiences with the pandas from cleaning the enclosures of the adults who watched our every move (and made their cute little panda noises), to playing with the kindergarteners (1-2 year olds) to bathing! the 60 lb 1 year olds. To have those little eyes look up at you, or have them "hold my hand" with their paw threw me over the edge of happiness. Watching a 3 week old cub pick up its head brought a sigh from all of us.

I wasn't sure if I'd have a major aaaahaaaa enlightenment moment; you know, where you go someplace hoping to find all the answers to the burning questions, or if it would be a disappointment. It was a trip full of surprises. I thought I would see more feng shui cures for sale, or baguas placed over the front door of a home. I managed to hear about a few feng shui things and never saw a bagua. Never saw anyone doing Tai Chi either which was a big disappointment because I was ready to join in. So I found a spot early in the morning in a park and stumbled through my routine.

Which brings me to ... food. Meals took, on the average, close to 90 minutes to eat. There was 10 of us, and we had a variety of dishes to taste. All dishes were placed on a large lazy susan and we spun it and took what we wanted with our chopsticks. Usually there was just enough for all of us to sample the dish. Towards the middle of the trip we placed spoons in the dishes because most of the travelers (not me) caught colds. LOL Our plates were a little smaller than a salad plate - maybe a little bigger than a saucer. Needless to say, you didn't fit much on the plate, and it always looked full. Rice was served at the end of the meal. There were no eggrolls, wonton soup, chow mein noodles or chow mein for that matter. All the food was freshly prepared with just enough sauce to flavor it. Corn and potatoes were a big staple (surprisingly to me) and were yummy. Bok choi was infused throughout the meal, as were tomatoes, bamboo, string beans and lotus. No salt on the table! Oh, and we drank beer with lunch and dinner (mostly because we were so sick of bottled water). The glasses were small juice glasses which reduced swigging it down. And by the time the rice came, you were comfortably full. Dessert? After every meal we were served thin slices of watermelon. Occasionally there were other melons on the plate but usually it was just watermelon.

So what's my point? Nothing more than what we haven't heard over and over again. Sit and savor your meals. Enjoy the company of others. Share your thoughts about the food - well, maybe we were making yummy noises only because it was different to us. But converse about pleasant things. And we would voice an opinion if something wasn't "that great". Everyone would relunctantly try that dish and either agree...or love it! Engage the senses. Have joyous conversations and look at each other instead of focusing down on your plate. Laugh. Go ahead and try using a smaller plate to help with portion control. Spice it up to bring out the flavor of foods. And try chopsticks - if you have used them, you will fine tune your skills (try rice and corn!) and if you haven't, you'll learn. There's no wrong way as long as you can get the food from dish to mouth. I'm sure my stick handling was observed as being mediocre at best. But it worked, a few kernels at a time. They will definitely help in slowing you down. Enjoy what you have termed "off limits" by having smaller quantities - use a smaller glass if you want some beer and let someone finish off the bottle. Two weeks later and my senses are still engaged. I'm still reaching out to turn a non-existent lazy susan. It took a day or 2 to get used to a fork - I'm gonna get some chopsticks. And yes, I'm using a smaller plate! (and no beer!).

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RGIBSON3 12/4/2008 8:49PM

really loved reading this blog!! :) it was so neat to hear your travel experience and to hear what it is like to eat a meal in China! And the panda's sounded so cute! Thanks for all the descriptions, it was just fabulous to read!



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PEPPERJ8CK 10/28/2008 12:07AM

    I am so jealous. Wow! This must have been an experience of a lifetime for you. Thank you for the blog or I would never have had the vicarious experience of visiting China through you.
Laurie emoticon

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ERUPERTO 10/16/2008 5:47PM

    Welcome back!

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