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Long time no blog...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

So it's not just blogging that I'm ignoring. I am not posting much, not entering my fitness stuff much, for sure not entering my nutrition information. I did a whole month of Spark Boot Camp, not missing one day (NOT ONE DAY). Lots of cardio, lots of strength training, and a little bit of scale going up. So depressing. I can't think of anything I'm doing differently than last spring, when at this time I weighed in at 155.

I have even been considering taking a spark holiday and just not worrying about it, but I know that's what got me into the first mess.

We renovated our main bathroom this week. Gave hubby something to do while it was raining! It looks so fresh and clean now. We still are missing the vanity, as we have to order a new one. He made the first one, and now wants to replace it. We haven't settled on a design yet, so no mirror. But the rest of the room looks awesome.

My garden is also looking great for this time of year. I think if the rain stays away, I'll hill my potatoes later today.

Tried phoning dad this morning for Father's Day, but he was already out the door (at 7:30 am) and over working on the golf course cutting the tee boxes. Always volunteering somewhere. What a guy! And a great role model.

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    Sorry things are so frustrating right now. I'm here for ya, Cass!

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TX_WILDHEART 6/15/2008 4:27PM

    well... whats got you outa your normal routine? All that renovations? They says renovations are the most stressing thing right after weddings!

Dont slack off! Get back with the live longer and fit mentality! You look beautiful and I think you just need a kick in the booty!

Consider yourself lovingly kicks! ahah.

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Blog meter

Saturday, May 17, 2008

You can tell when I'm feeling great about my program, cause I blog almost daily. When I'm not, it is a week or more between blog posts. Well, I've had a rough week mentally. I have been having pains in the top of both feet after runs for the past couple of weeks, so I decided after Monday's run to take a full week off. So then by Wednesday night, my shoulder was aching. Got up at 2:30 am and took some Tylenol before getting back to sleep. It ached all day on Thursday, so again I took Tylenol before going to bed. I have figured out that when I don't run for a few days, my shoulder starts to ache (this is the frozen shoulder that plagued me most of last year). So on Friday morning, I decided to go just for a little run. Two miles at an extremely "easy" pace. My shoulder felt a little bit better, and I slept without drugs last night. I am soooo not a pill pusher. I really hate it when I have to give in, but my family knows I'm in real pain when I start taking something for it.

I also had a great thing happen this week physically. When I left the house for my bike ride on Tuesday, there was no wind. I got going down the highway, and it felt really good, so I kept going farther than I've ever gone before. As I was slowing down to turn back, I looked over and noticed the bend in the weeds in the ditch. "On no", the wind had picked up and was pushing me along. No wonder it felt so easy. Now I had to turn around and go into that wind for that extra distance that I had gone. This has happened to me once before, and it was murder going home. I was kind of expecting the same, but it really wasn't that bad. I have gotten so much stronger - it amazes me sometimes.

Today we are going to a wedding. Hubby has said he will take the time off the tractor to come with us, so it should be a fun day. Hopefully he can leave his work behind and relax for a bit. Won't be a late night, as I'm sure he will want to be going again by 6 am tomorrow morning. We are almost finished seeding, so I can understand his wanting to get it done.

The scale finally moved downwards this morning. I'm happy about that. Can you tell? I'm blogging again!

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CJROMB 5/23/2008 1:46AM

    I love how you get down, but then you pick yourself back up. You move through it, you keep going. I still admire the tar out of you for running that race despite having full permission and good reason to bag. You're still my hero. :)

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XO=HEART 5/23/2008 12:15AM

    Wow that is so true about the toothbrushing. Thanks for coming by I hope to be active for a long time to come. Keeping in touch with my first friend ever on SP. Hugs...

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XO=HEART 5/22/2008 5:35PM

    Congrats... my scale moved down too for a change. I've been eating clean for 2 weeks and have been exercising. I have been active on SP too. Hope all your other aches and pains go byby too.

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Energy has returned! Yeah!!!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

I received another blog entry this morning, wishing me renewed energy, so I thought I had better update this with a new week! The great news is that my energy has returned, along with my "want to", and I have ran Monday and Wednesday, biked Tuesday, and just finished up a yoga session. My resting heart rate was up to 63 this morning, so thought I'd better take it easy today.

Work has been busy, and I am loving it! I would much rather be working and focused than trying to think of things to do.

The weather here has been cool. Hubby tilled my garden on the weekend, and I still haven't even made a footprint in it. That is so very strange. I'm usually out there following behind him, putting in my onions and peas!!

The boys and I are heading into the city on Saturday. They are both attending a football camp, I'm the chauffeur for them and two others. I will be taking my swimming stuff along, and catch a lane swim while I'm in there. It will be a full day, so I will have lots of time.

Take care fellow Sparklers! I love this site.

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    And, my dear Cass, we love you....I love your reality checks. And as far as giving up? NEVER!

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WOODHEAT 5/9/2008 9:11AM

    ...and we love you!
Life is good!

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    I was glad to have you going through the half with me, as well! We ran 13.1 miles -- how great are we?!?! Nothing can stop us now! Sounds like you have a great weekend ahead. Enjoy that swim!

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Feeling the "Drain" that should have been last week....

Friday, May 02, 2008

So last week I was still "flying high" and riding on the energy of completing my first half. I should have taken the week off, but felt so good, I just kept going like I never did the race at all. Lane swimming on Saturday was fun, and I think I'll do it again, but since then, I haven't had any energy to do much of anything. Went for a two mile run on Tuesday, but haven't been motivated to do much more than walking back and forth to work. I know I'm just catching up this week to what I should have done last week. It's just odd for me to feel this *drained*. Thankfully, I know that it's just another step in the process. Now it's off to get some extra rest. I'll see how I feel in the morning and whether or not I run.

Either way, I'll live with the decision!

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CJROMB 5/8/2008 12:52AM

    I'm still in awe that you even did the half in the first place with that nasty weather looming! I hope your energy returns super soon.

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    If you heard someone you knew just did a half marathon...and was tired, and didn't feel like doing anything for a while afterward, wouldn't you understand? So, my dear, enjoy "being lazy" while being kind to your body. It is begging you to allow it to recoup....I know you will listen.
You are amazing.

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    It took me until this past week to enjoy running again. It gets better, I promise!

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JACKYCW 5/2/2008 4:12AM

    Hang in there sweetie and listen to your body... if it asks for a break just let it have it... you'll be back running soon!

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RACING4ME 5/2/2008 1:14AM

    ahhh, chicka, I had a really hard time with the "after run". What helped me was to do something completely different. I did tai bo, and it seemed to help. Let me know if you want to chat:)

>BTW, I don't know if you read my last post in the April thread....talking to my massage dude, he recommends doing the herbal approach before doing the hormones. I am convinced!!!

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Blanket of snow (again!!)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

This morning when I got up, it was totally white outside. Probably about three inches of fresh clean snow. It is beautiful like that. It sure has been a mixed up spring for weather here this year.

Getting a hair cut today, and then heading to the pool to try lane swimming. I've never done that before, but there's this "Try-a-Tri" being held on May 10th in Saskatoon. The swim distance is only 200 m. I think that is totally do-able for me, even if I haven't been swimming much (last summer was a blow out because of my shoulder injury, but I did get to the point where I was treading water). Anyway, I just want to go and see how it goes. The pool is about an hour's drive for me, so not something I will be able to do often, especially with the price of gas hitting $1.30 per litre this morning.

Oh, and my younger son wants to do it with me (the tri on the 10th). I think he's got the bug now, since I did the half on the weekend. He also wanted to run in the 10k in Winnipeg on Canada Day, but he will be in camp that week, and so he won't be able to. Love the fact that I've inspired my son to try some of these things too.

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    How cool that you've inspired your son! I'm also curious about tris. I'm in the process of searching for a bike. Starting with whatever I can get for cheap or free while saving for a decent road model.

Way to go on trying something new!

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