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Snow'd in

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

So we started out for hockey practice last night, but soon realized that our roads were icy, slushy, and had packed snow on them, it was lightly raining, and we were leaving at 6:30 pm, so it was just going to get colder and start freezing. No brainer - stay home and be safe.

Got up this morning and did 19 km on the bike. My legs are tired, but again, I only got six hours of sleep last night. I was doing homework, and didn't get to bed till 11:00 pm. I swear, one of these nights will have to be a catch-up night for me! And prefferably before I catch myself making poor food choices --- which I tend to do when I haven't had enough sleep.


Wobble Jog

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Thanks, Maddy, for the term!! Wobble jog. Too funny - when you are running and you can feel your butt moving like jello. Some day I'll get there where I feel nothing but beautiful muscle. I went for the five minute jog/three minute walk series again this morning. It felt more difficult today, but I started the first two cycles at 5.1 mph and usually jog at 4.6 mph. Well that, plus the past two nights have been late for me with hockey practice and game the past two nights. One of these nights I'll get back into bed before midnight so I feel more rested in the morning.

Other than that, things are going well. I am recognizing that I am spending more calories out with the amount of exercise I'm doing and that is why I seem hungrier. I chose better snacks yesterday so yes, I am learning!!!

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    Hi lady! It's been a while...looks like you are doing GREAT! What an inspiration. Yesterday, the doc finally released me for exercise, and I did a 25 minute workout last night. Whew! Can I feel it today! Also went back to work. It has been a long haul. LONG haul, and it feels so good to be back in "the land of the living". I hope I too, can transition from couch potato to ?? After a brief setback, the weight is falling off again, and I am determined to break 200 before the end of the year.

And by the way, I have wobble fact front AND back!

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New Week

Monday, November 06, 2006

Last week I logged over 100 km on my stationary bike, plus a four mile jog on Saturday morning. I was feeling really snacky yesterday, and have decided it's because of all the calories burned. My body was just asking for a little more fuel! Next time I will need to recognize this sooner, and give myself more *good* calories, and stay away from the *bad* snacky choices. Still a learning process, but I will get there. As long as I keep learning, and not give up.


Biker chick!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Went 25.5 km on the bike tonight, while watching Survivor for an hour. My guys were all out of the house, so noone to bother me! They have started making ice at the skating rink, so hopefully within two weeks I'll be able to go down and lace up the old skates! Can't wait - I love the feeling of the wind on my face when I'm out there. And this year it is a form of cardio for me that I can really enjoy! There are things I can do in the winter to stay active - I just chose not to do them in past years.


New month

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Midterm exam tonight. I have studied, I have done my homework, and I have visualized myself writing a successful exam. Wish me luck!

Hallowe'en came and went, I had one treat from the work bowl. Everytime I passed out a treat to our visitors, I thought about grabbing a bag of cheetos for myself. It so very quickly passed each time, just a fleeting thought. No haunting thoughts, no taunting this year from the chips themselves. What a difference a year makes.

Scale said exactly 164.0 this morning. I have fourteen pounds to go to my first goal. It's hard to believe that I am even this close. That is going to be a great goal for me to make, but it won't be my final goal. I am so excited about this whole plan, who knows where it will end up when it's finally settling.

I am not so hung up on what the scale says. I know that this is how I want to live my life from now on. Eating healthy foods, exercising lots, planning and achieving goals - this is the lifestyle that I love and it works wonders for me.


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