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Summer Scavenger Hunt

Monday, June 23, 2014

Flip Flops
Garden Salad
Bar B Q
Paper Plates

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LADYANDREA2012 7/25/2014 2:01PM

    Wonderful!!!! I need almost all of them right now. Kind of sad, kind of bore, kind of down with myself, so you Blog Spark my day. Hugs, Carmen emoticon emoticon

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QUERIDAANA 6/24/2014 12:55AM

    Great idea! emoticon

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SNOWYOGA 6/24/2014 12:29AM

    Very nice! emoticon emoticon Thanks

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CALIDREAMER76 6/23/2014 9:09AM

    Great visuals, hope all is well with you!

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PMRUNNER 6/23/2014 6:26AM

    Great list! Sunscreen, kids out of school, boating, and lots of other summer fun. Your garden looks great!

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GOANNA2 6/23/2014 5:26AM

    Looks like you had fun. Thanks for sharing.
Looks like you have nice weather. emoticon

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    For someone as busy as you are, you sure had fun and made it happen! IMPRESSIVE!

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CHRISTINEBWD 6/23/2014 1:42AM

    WTG - I couldn't do this - looked like fun! :)

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Garden Project #5 - May 28th

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Finally, something to post!!!

Actually, I wanted to post early last week, as my husband had tilled the garden, and then I had some planted. But spending the week at training in the city, and not taking a picture before I left, made for no garden blog.

The white tubs have my tomatoes in them, the last thing I planted - just last night.

I have 100 hills of potatoes, 300 sets of onions, peas, carrots, beets, beans, cucumbers, acorn squash, sunflowers, corn, zucchini, peppers, cabbages, two types of lettuce, Swiss chard, and spinach. A friend is also going to give me some plants that she started indoors, so then I'll have spaghetti squash too.

This just makes me grin.

I love my garden, and all the fresh produce. I process/can/freeze a lot of it too, but really enjoy it fresh.

You can see that the pear tree at the back of the garden is just starting to flower. The leaves are beginning to come out, and the grass has turned green. Ah.....SPRING has finally arrived!


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FITNFUNJEN 6/2/2014 1:39AM

    Oooh! I'm so jealous!! I LOVE gardens!! I seriously LOVE to visit them and walk through them . . . they are so calming to me. I CANNOT WAIT to see your garden when it's all grown up.

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FITNHEALTHYKAL 5/29/2014 10:29AM

    Holy cow; that is one HUGE garden!!!!!

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GOANNA2 5/29/2014 9:01AM

    You have a green thumb and I hope you get good crops.
It's nice to see the green grass again.

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LAURELSPARK 5/29/2014 8:11AM

    Just think of all of the great exercise that you are getting!

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MISSY455 5/29/2014 2:33AM

    emoticon sounds like lots of yummy veggies come summer and fall. Look at all those tomato! Enjoy your gardening :-)

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PKCTTS 5/29/2014 12:23AM

    Huge! Can't wait to see it grow.

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SNOWYOGA 5/28/2014 10:49PM

    I'm not having much luck yet, but i'm starting a mega juicing, so feel free to bring by any extras you don't want emoticon It does really look good!

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CHRISTINEBWD 5/28/2014 8:04PM

    emoticon emoticon Nice Garden!

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BGOLIC 5/28/2014 7:34PM

    WOW ! That looks amazing! Part of me misses having a regular garden, but since we found out there was a gas line running through it, we ended up doing raised beds. Sure does make things easier but less space. Your garden is so nice !

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Seriously, it's all cake!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Look again, everything in that picture is cake - except for the spaghetti ladle. Even what looks like tablecloth is edible. The bread, the pots and pans, the ravioli, the spaghetti - all cake.

I volunteered at a pasta supper and package pick-up for a new race this past weekend. One of the race participants also owns a local restaurant, which also sells cupcakes, and she does custom designed cakes as well (weddings, birthdays, pasta suppers, whatever event you want).

The cake was amazing, and I just wanted to share a picture of it!

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NORASPAT 8/27/2014 10:34PM

    Fabulous. My mom was a cake decorator and she taught me to do it but I am not really in to sweets. So I just keep all the bags and icing tips. Pat in Maine. Thanks for posting it. It is an amazing accomplishment. emoticon emoticon

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GWEN2WIN 5/27/2014 10:29AM

    emoticon Hope you guys won, it sure looks great.

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BE-THE-CHANGE 5/27/2014 8:18AM


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GOANNA2 5/27/2014 5:55AM

    Looks so beautiful and must taste amazing also.

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MISSY455 5/27/2014 2:58AM

    Some people are so talented! That is awesome!!

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CHRISTINEBWD 5/27/2014 1:21AM

    Wow that's amazing!!! Thanks for sharing this with us!!!

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MAUIMA 5/26/2014 11:28PM

    haha...very cool. I certainly had to take a closer look. How did she do the tablecloth????

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Camp Wanna-Be-Fit: Week 6 Reflections

Sunday, May 25, 2014

I missed last week's reflections, as I was away most of the week at training in the city.

Week 6 was another great week of camp, even in different surroundings (eating out for meals, living in a hotel room for four days, etc). Even with that, I managed to lose 2 pounds this past week -- and that's an average of about a pound per week (6.2 pounds lost in 6 weeks).

I swam two mornings in the hotel pool, however I can't count those for points as there isn't a swimming category. I ran more this week, about 20 miles in total. I didn't get any bike riding in at all.

My eating was good, however, it was a bust for tracking food. Some of the food I was eating, I didn't even know what it was. Two of our meals, breakfast and lunch, were provided for us, so I couldn't even read off a menu as to what it was. But it couldn't have been too salty, as my weight usually goes up when I travel.

I was able to continue with most of the camp activities while I was gone. My crocheting, reading, meditation, and yoga were all done away as at home. My strength training was dismal though, as I meant to throw in my strength training elastic bands, and I forgot them at home.

All in all, it was another great week at camp. I am loving all the renewed energy I have through this process.

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KAYOTIC 5/26/2014 12:16PM

    Nice work being active and eating well while away from home, it's so easy to make excuses, especially at hotels....maybe you need a bodyweight strength routine for those moments when you have no equipment? emoticon

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GOANNA2 5/26/2014 8:17AM

    You did so well. Good for you and keep it up. emoticon

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MISSY455 5/26/2014 2:55AM

    Awesome job staying on track while traveling! emoticon on the weight loss too!

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DEBSZOO74 5/26/2014 1:17AM

    It sounds like you did great and did your best to follow your plan under the different circumstances of being away from home. You did a good job planning ahead so that you had your crocheting and reading material with you, as well as other things you might need.
Camp is pretty great! I was a late joiner, so I'm going into week 3.

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CHRISTINEBWD 5/25/2014 8:41PM

    Hi, I just thought I'd better tell you that there is a place to track swimming. You have to sign up for "Hikes, Bikes & Other forms of Cardio". Swimming laps (30 points for 15 minutes). I love camp too!

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Camp Wanna-Be-Fit - Week 4 Reflections

Monday, May 12, 2014

Wow, week 4 started with a whimper. I was visiting my Mom and Dad last weekend, and Dad got sick to his stomach. I guess I brought that home with me, cause Monday morning I woke up with not so nice stuff happening. That lasted for 2-3 days, including a big dehydration headache on Wednesday. However, I got back on track, and had some great days following.

Cleaner Eating: easy to track those three days where I wasn't eating! But then I found I was craving sweets again. It didn't help that when I went for groceries on Saturday, they gave me two packages of ice cream treats (one for every $50 in groceries spent). I thought they would be for the guys, but I've already had two revello's and one fudgesicle. No more of that!

Fitness walking - this was pretty lame last week, due to the travel on Sunday and then three days of illness.

Bicyle Club - HOORAY!!! My outdoor bike made it out of storage, and I've gone on a couple of smaller rides already. Total miles for the week were 22.

Running Club - 8 miles in total, again a small week due to the illness.

Clutter and Chaos - I actually did all seven of my procrastination items, although they were doubled up toward the end of the week. Pretty stoked about that. I love how I'm finding things to do in my house that I have either never done, or it's been ages. When my sister said she was going to come and stay overnight on Thursday night, there was no panic cleaning - her room was already clean and sparkly (including the windows). Then she got the flu and couldn't come.

Strength Training - zero, nada, zilch. This was bad, but I'll blame it on the flu. I'm not the best at strength training, and it doesn't take much to throw me off.

Yoga - I did a little bit, mostly extra stretching after the runs. I did not go to yoga class this week (again, due to the flu).

Book Club - okay, so you'd think that with so much down time, I would have read a ton of books. Not so. I didn't even feel like doing that. So nothing new this week.

Connections: I did do several hours worth on my baby blanket that I'm crocheting. I got in some good meditations, and feel really good about how that is progressing.

Art of Self Reflection: After three weeks of working on getting to bed by 10:05, my focus switched this past week to tracking all of my food. Again, the flu interefered with this, as there was very little to track. But I'm getting very consistent about tracking, and even started measuring my foods now.

So my points were down last week (no mystery there), but I'm back hitting the week as a regular player now.

Highlight of the week - no question, it was getting my bike out and getting to ride it outdoors again. I also lost another half pound, and even with the slow start to the week, I ended up with 11,500 average daily steps for the week.

The camp is a private Spark Team, however, there are always openings as people drop off. If you want to join camp, please send me a SparkMail (or reply below), and I'll get one of the leaders to send you an invite. There is a waiting team that you join first, and then as openings happen, they move people into camp from there. I've really found it beneficial for me.

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GOANNA2 5/13/2014 7:28AM

    I hope you are fully over the bug that you had.
Glad to see the weather has improved enough for
you to go bike riding. You are doing great. emoticon

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MISSY455 5/13/2014 2:56AM

    Sorry you were so sick last week, but sounds like you pushed through. emoticon on getting the bike out, and wow 22 miles on a week you didn't feel well.... you rock!

Comment edited on: 5/13/2014 2:57:07 AM

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SNOWYOGA 5/12/2014 4:40PM


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PKCTTS 5/12/2014 12:23PM


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