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The puppies are here!

Friday, April 17, 2009

My sweet little doxie, Heidi, delivered her puppies on Tuesday night--two boys and four girls. Sadly, the last puppy, a little boy, was stillborn. That really broke my heart. Thankfully, the rest are healthy and doing great. The smallest weighed only 3-3/4 ounces, and we are supplementing her with puppy formula to help her get enough nourishment. She's up to 5 ounces as of today. The largest one, also a girl, was 7-1/4 ounces at birth and is up to 10 ounces now! I posted pictures on my web page if you're interested.

I'm so proud of Heidi--she is a terrific mama!

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CARAMBA09 4/19/2009 2:39PM

    They are precious!

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JAZZYJUDE 4/18/2009 10:40PM

    Grace! They are ADORABLE! Thanks for letting us see your new family additions!
emoticon Jazzy!!

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DINA:-) 4/18/2009 6:29PM

    aahhh, so cute! thanks for sharing the pics!

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KAREN2771 4/18/2009 4:28PM

    AWWWW!!! Nothing smells better than puppy breath and the top of a baby's head! Enjoy it!
Cograts to Heidi, and gramma!!

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LEXIESGRAN 4/18/2009 11:40AM

    Congratulations! Thanks for sharing photos with us, Doxies are my favorite. They are so cute, hope all continues to go well for all of you. emoticon

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MACHER3 4/18/2009 8:09AM

    Oh, how precious! Congratulations mama Heidi!

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What a gift!

Friday, April 03, 2009

I just had to take a minute to share what a gift my husband is. He has loved me through thick and thin (well, much more thick, really) and never, ever made me feel bad about myself for being overweight. In fact, he can make me feel beautiful even on the days when I feel I'm at my worst. In all my weight loss endeavors, he has always supported me and never judged or criticized me when I didn't do everything right, or even when I gave up. He takes walks with me anytime I ask him to help me get my exercise (and of course, he knows he needs the exercise too) and he regularly tells me what a great job I'm doing.

Tonight, he made me dinner--all healthy, and extremely delicious! Sauteed spinach with garlic, grilled asparagus, and my favorite AmyLu chicken sausages. Yummy!! And to top it all off, he agreed to start using Spark People also to try to lose some weight and get healthier. (He's about 30 pounds overweight and has a lot of heart disease in the men in his family). I hope I can be as supportive to him as he is to me!

I don't know what I ever did to deserve such a wonderful gift in my life. I guess it's just one more example of God's grace!

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IAMSOWORTHIT 4/9/2009 8:59PM

  I am so happy that you have such a wonderful husband and helpmate. I feel truly blessed that I am married to an equally wonderful man. I thank God every day for the blessings in my life; especially my dear husband. Keep up the great work and support for each other is key with weight loss. I love that the two of you are doing it together! Great job! emoticon

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PJNISSON 4/8/2009 5:36PM

    Congrats! What a wonderful hubby you have. I wish both you and him luck on your weight loss endeavors!!!

Thanks for your support!!!

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JAZZYJUDE 4/4/2009 8:20PM

    Hi Sweetie! You are taking the words from my own month too. My hubby is the same as yours, very supportive and LOVES to pamper me with whatever I need to be successful! Like the shoes he bought me, the endless meals he has made, getting up early to make sure I am doing my exercises. He is the best cheerleader on my team! Sigh...he is a keeper, like yours!
emoticon emoticon...GREAT post! Jazzy!!

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DINA:-) 4/4/2009 7:45PM

    that is wonderful that you have a supportive husband! and now you can both support each other! it makes a big difference to have someone else with the same goals.


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CASE4GRACE 4/4/2009 6:29PM

    Thanks for the laugh! That is just so true!

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KAREN2771 4/4/2009 6:50AM

    Isn't it great to have a wonderful husband?! Just remember that when he drops his clothes on the floor, right beside the hamper!!! ;-{}

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What does success really mean? A new way of thinking...

Saturday, March 07, 2009

This past week, I was invited to a catered dinner event at work. At first, I didn't want to deal with the temptation, figuring I'd probably "blow it" like I always have in the past. But I knew that attending was the right thing to do, because one of my employees was being recognized at the event, and I wanted to be there for her.

In the past on the day of the dinner, I would have eaten very little to "save up" my calories so I could indulge that evening. Of course, that thinking ultimately backfires because I'd be so hungry by dinner I would eat everything in sight, and then feel guilty that I failed. This time, I decided to play it a little different. I ate healthy during the day, maybe a little lighter, but really not much different than a normal day. Before I went to dinner, I was nervous--I didn't know what was being served, so I had no idea what kinds of choices I would have available. I knew I needed to mentally prepare myself. The single most important thing would be to avoid the "all or nothing" trap that I usually fall prey to, so I decided to base success or failure on my ability to stay in control and eat appropriate portions. I figured tracking my food and calories in SP would be challenging, so for this special event I would just use the Note in my food tracker to journal what I ate, but give myself the leeway to not have to figure out the calories.

Dinner started with a salad--delicious greens, apple pieces, with walnuts and cheese and some kind of strange dressing I've never had before. I ate most of the salad but decided to leave some on the plate just to prove I could. So far, so good. Dinner was both a chicken breast and beef tenderloin, with mashed potatoes and veggies. Wow, too much food! I took very small bites at a time and ate slowly, and in the end I ate only about half of everything on my plate. This is easier than I thought it would be! Then came the real test...dessert. It was a rich, creamy, chocolaty, layered something-or-other, and it spelled trouble! Do I just politely say "No, thank you." and watch everyone else eat theirs? I knew that would only lead to me feeling deprived, which usually ends in sabotage down the road, and I just didn't want to risk that. So, I decided I had come this far, I can do this too. This was the first real "naughty food" I had eaten since starting this journey. I took the first bite and savored it slowly. I decided pretty quickly the bottom layer and crust were good, but the top was the best, so I would just stick with eating the top. I ate it slowly and enjoyed every morsel. When I was done, the bottom layers laid on the plate, and I could feel the temptation rising to just eat the rest of it, but I resisted, and it felt good.

In the end, I left feeling proud of myself and the decisions I made...never before have I left half of any food on my plate. That was a first! And, I felt physically comfortable, not bloated and heavy feeling like I usually would have been from eating everything. All the way home, I thought about how good it felt to stay in control, and even though I'm sure the calories were higher than I should have had, and the desert especially was not a "good choice," I knew this was a major victory and a very positive step in my journey. I picked up the next morning as if nothing had happened--I stayed on course--and that really is what it's all about.

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SMILEYLADY 3/8/2009 4:01PM

  You did well!! Proud of ya!

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BUBBLES1541 3/8/2009 11:06AM

    Way to go! I'm always tempted by good food but I'm developing a new relationship with food. :)

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DINA:-) 3/8/2009 1:14AM

    congratulations on staying in control! this is what it's all about- you should be very proud of yourself. it's okay to have those naughty foods, but in moderation. and it's okay to eat some extra calories occasionally as long as you are in control. way to go on overcoming the "all or nothing" mentality!


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JAZZYJUDE 3/7/2009 6:40PM

    WOO...WAY TO GO! That is such an accomplishment you should be proud of yourself! Also, you are totally right about "if" you didn't eat that dessert, you would feel deprive. It's okay to eat these tempting foods...but in moderation. And you did just that! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!

You've got the right concept about choosing the right food eating out...AWESOME blog!
emoticon emoticon Jazzy!!

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That darn scale...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I woke up this morning and weighed myself, and the scale has hardly budged even though I have been working hard at doing things right and have consistently stayed at or below my calorie limit and started walking on the treadmill again. I was frustrated, and I heard that little internal voice nudging me to just cash it in "If you're going to work that hard and not see any results, what's the point?" But after a deep breath and a little attitude adjustment, I decided that I'm not going to allow the scale to dictate my measure of success. Small steps in the right direction will eventually lead to success on the scale, but for now, I must accept that success is in the fact that I am continuing to take those small steps.

And, I made it through another day on track, including zero snacking with cards. Now that's a first! emoticon

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BUBBLYHARP 2/24/2009 12:41AM

    I hear you! I'm kind of going through the same thing. Eating, exercise, the whole thing, but then all of a sudden, BOOM, I quit losing and start gaining, how depressing, I just want to throw up my hands and say "What's the use?" But that doesn't help, does it? I've been slacking on my exercise, depression setting in. Just stay true to yourself, think good and happy thoughts and it'll come around. I'm trying not to fixate on the scale, all that does is really depress me! I just get on briefly to make sure I am not too far off track, not ready to give up the scale entirely tho, lol. I weighed 191.5 early this morning and then went back to bed and was 189.0 when I got up again. I did my Nordic Track today and worked with the exercise ball and bands, so at least I did that right! I was eating less than 1000 calories, then I stalled, so upped my calories a bit and we'll see what happens in the next few days. Hopefully I'm out of my starvation mode and I'll start to lose. One pound a week is my goal. emoticon

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LISA_BURT58 2/9/2009 5:02PM

    I know how frustrating it can be to not see the scale move. However, this is a lifestyle, not a diet. Try to find your triumphs in following the plan and let the scale be the gravy :)

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KAREN2771 1/19/2009 3:46PM

    I hear ya sister! But, are your clothes fitting differently? Remember, muscle weighs more than fat, so, even though the scale says the same thing, I've noticed my clothes getting a lot looser!
I can guarantee you are making progress; but, in the same line, your body is fighting to stay the same! It really doesn't like change! After all, we've been out of shape for years, and it's much easier to just let me be, and stay the same. ( this is your body talking)
Well, take care, and be sure to keep up the great work; your body really WILL thank you later!

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HPLANDER 1/18/2009 10:05PM

    Hang in there girl. I know what you mean. I haven't lost anything since the beginning of January and have been working my but off. My guess is you may be losing inches. I have found when I stop losing pounds, it is usually the inches coming off. I have lost several of those the last two weeks. I'm glad you fought the urge to quit. You can do this.

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DINA:-) 1/18/2009 4:00PM

    the body is a funny thing and everyones' is different. your body actually doesn't like to give up that stored fat so sometimes you won't lose even if you did all the right things. just stick with it and the weight will come off. you are doing great with all of your small victories- they add up!

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SUGAFREE4ME 1/17/2009 10:36PM

    Do let it bother you. The greatest thing is that you are eating healthier regardless. It sound like you readjusted your attitude to think positive, which is a good thing! Keep up the good work!

Comment edited on: 1/17/2009 10:36:47 PM

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Small Victories

Friday, January 16, 2009

Well, it's only been a few days since I determined to give up perfectionist all-or-nothing thinking, and I've already been tested a few times. I have had 3 work meetings in the last two days that involved lunch and/or breakfast, and tonight family movie night with pizza. Thankfully I made it through all of these without jumping ship and actually had results that I am proud of. Instead of getting nervous about how I would make it through without eating things I shouldn't or wouldn't know how to count, which usually would have led to me taking a "break" and eating whatever I wanted, this time I went into each situation mentally relaxed and prepared to make good choices with what was available. I decided not to worry about whether or not those choices would fit the plan I am on to a "T" or whether I would find a way to record them in my food journal, because those things were not as important for the moment. I stayed in balance and kept my portions small, and in the end, I even maintained my calorie limit. I also chewed well and kept beverages during mealtime to a bare minimum. It feels really good to know that I stayed in control. Tomorrow we are having family over to play cards, which is usually accompanied by snacking. I am hoping the victories from this week will provide some momentum to continue making good choices.

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BUBBLYHARP 2/24/2009 12:46AM

    emoticon GOOD JOB KEEP IT UP! Hubby bought me Almond Roca for Valentines Day it was gone quick, sigh!

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    Good for you! I think when those situations come up I just panic and throw my hands in the air. I'll remember to breathe next time. Good luck tonight with the cards and snacking.

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DINA:-) 1/17/2009 12:24AM

    good job! this is what it's all about- no depriving yourself, no guilt- it's all about self control. i love that you are practicing eat slowly and chewing well- it's good to form that habit now for when you have the band. good luck to you!

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