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Keeping book at softball

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I have coached and/or managed softball for a few years. I have played softball for more than that. I have never learned how to keep the book. Tonight, at DD's softball game, coach gave me the book and said "Here. I need you to keep." "Oh, and BTW, we're home team so you are the official book."


Okay then. I had some basic knowledge about how to keep, but really not sure what to do. I did know to put the names in the book along with numbers in the order the coaches gave me. Step one! As the game progressed, I flipped back to previous games to see what other folks had done and pretty much just copied them! emoticon

At the bottom of the 2nd, the blue asked me what the score was (we were losing badly!). I told him 12 to 2. He pointed at the other team and questioned "12?" I told him Nope! You made me home book and I say we have 12. I warned you! emoticon emoticon Everyone laughed.

by the end of the game, I was feeling more comfortable with the basics. I didn't keep track of strike outs or who made what out. I kept track of strikes, balls, runs and outs. What more can you ask for? I can ask that the lady who usually keeps is at the games tomorrow! LOL! emoticon

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RWETHAIRYET 6/2/2010 8:43PM

    oops, sorry

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RWETHAIRYET 6/2/2010 8:43PM

    Not too bad!! I used to keep the books for my son's little league games and was getting pretty good at it by the time he stopped playing.
It really impresses Bob that I not only know how to do it, but I know silly stuff like infield fly rules, etc, etc. He says it makes me more than just a pretty face and hot bod

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CARLANNIE 6/2/2010 9:46AM

    It's good to have a challenge once in awhile!

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BKNOCK 6/2/2010 7:00AM

    They couldn't have asked a better person with that math genius brain of yours, it must of been a piece of cake!

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GEEMAWEST 6/2/2010 12:19AM

    OOPS! Hit the post button twice. Delete, Delete. Please ignore the woman behind the curtain.

Comment edited on: 6/2/2010 12:19:44 AM

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GEEMAWEST 6/2/2010 12:19AM

    Oh Boy, I remember keeping books for my daughter's softball and my son's Babe Ruth. It was quite intimidating. Especially when you are the "official book". I hated it when the umpire asked me a question because the ump was usually my DH. Scary thought isn't it?

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Power yoga - meh!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I checked out the DVD Power Yoga Total Body with Rodney Yee. It is an hour long yoga workout and this is the first time I've done yoga. I really liked how well the poses were explained and demonstrated. I was familiar with maybe three of the poses, but never felt lost when pose changes happened. Very smooth transitions and explained very well.

I did discover that I am not very limber. Okay, I already knew that, but it came to light (a very bright light!) during this workout. There was no pressure to do more on bend further than I could, so I adjusted as needed. There were two poses that I could not complete as shown in the video. I could not do half-bow (or half boat?). You hold your legs up straight at about a 45' angle and your upper body is also at 45'. I can't hold my legs up like that and upper body too. I tried, but failed! Also, I could only do backward bow twice. Hurt my wrists so I stopped.

Toward the end, I started to get bored. I think yoga is supposed to be relaxing and your whole body and mind are supposed to be directed inward and focused on the breathing. That didn't work so much for me. My brain doesn't (or didn't) shut down and I kept wondering how much longer I had to keep doing this. Looks like yoga is not my next big exercise kick. I'll probably try it again, but it won't be an all the time thing for me.

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RWETHAIRYET 6/1/2010 5:07PM

    Yeah, if I want to relax, I can think of other ways other than the yoga, lol. I don't think I'd last much more than 20 minutes before the mind was wandering!

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AUNTIEANNE22 6/1/2010 10:38AM

  Yeah - calming my mind - doesn't happen. That's why I don't do meditation either.

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BKNOCK 6/1/2010 8:09AM

    Bend that body come on what is up with that? LOL, my body is actually very bendable! Hopefully, it will be able to bend again soon without back pain!

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BRAXO5 6/1/2010 8:07AM

    I do the Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown. It's only 30 minutes long and definitely not traditional yoga, its more strength training and calorie burning. I like that the dvd gives you a beginner and advanced person to watch. Also Jillian is not flexible at all (like myself) so somehow it makes me feel better. It did take me a while to get figure out the poses but I really enjoy doing it.

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LMB-ESQ 6/1/2010 7:58AM

    I don't do yoga either. I like to MOVE. That is, when I can find the time to exercise. If I sit still, I fall asleep! emoticon And when I find my brain empty and quiet, I'm busy looking for things to fill it up! That's what I get for being over busy... I don't know what to do with myself during quiet moments! Hmm... maybe I ought to fix that

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STEVENGO2 6/1/2010 12:58AM

    I have never tried yoga and from your blog I don't think I will. I am not very flexible and would not be able to do most of the poses. I prefer to walk with inspirational music in my ears.

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DUTCHIEKIWI 6/1/2010 12:46AM

    We all have our favs...
I'm with you I'm more into action!!!

Keep it up though... you ARE exercising!!

Remember no food after 8 pm ;0)


still stalking!! ;0)

Regards from the 'grower' LOL ;0)


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Not by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin!

Monday, May 31, 2010

One would think by looking at me and my gorgeosity (yeah, I know, not a word) that I couldn't possibly have chin hairs. And, for years and years and years, I didn't. But I swear, when I hit 40 I started getting extra hair on my chin! emoticon Not much. Just one at a time. And, because they appear one at a time, I play with them. I find myself working on the computer and flipping that one hair, back and forth, forth and back. I keep playing with it until it's long enough to pluck. Yeah, I plucked one today, just now. Thus the title and comments. And this one HURT! Not for long, but it hurt. UGH!

On to more pleasant topics. Had a pretty good day today. Went to the grocery store (by myself!!) to get breakfast supplies. DH made breakfast and the DD and I went swimsuit shopping. It was good because she was the one trying on swim suits instead of me! We ended up getting her a bikini. DH isn't real pleased, but he's getting used to it. The bikini is not too skimpy or else neither DH nor DD would have been happy!

After we got home, we went to the library and Family Dollar (walked). Then, we went to Arctic Circle for milk shakes. I realized that I would have been much happier with a sundae instead of a small shake. I was done half way through the shake. I kept eating it, of course, but I was done. Good thing to know for next time tho!

After all the running around, I sat with my book in the sun. I read for a little while until I realized that my eyes were closed! emoticon Really good book, huh? LOL! I enjoyed it either way.

Watched the movie "The Blind Side" after dinner. That was a really good movie. I didn't cry tho. DH would have made fun of me, so I couldn't do it. If I'd been by myself, tho, tears would've been flowing! emoticon

Going to Spark awhile, play Scrabble on my phone and maybe read a bit before heading to bed.

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RWETHAIRYET 6/1/2010 5:14PM

    I don't have the problem with chin hairs yet.
But since I turned 45, the hair in my head (due to thyroid medicines) likes to fall out with great frequency.
But the hair on my legs and under my arms? It grows in faster than Tim Allens Beard in "The Santa Clause" Seriously...I have stubble on the first leg before I even start shaving the second one!! What's up with that???

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AUNTIEANNE22 5/31/2010 4:44PM

  Lucky you only get them one at a time. Because of a testosterone imbalance i have been shaving since my thirties. It is getting worse!

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BKNOCK 5/31/2010 7:20AM

    Yeah, it is so much fun getting older! I am a plucker too but wow I don't play with it!

I loved that movie too, it is the best one that I have seen in a while.

Sounds like you had a pretty good day!

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DUTCHIEKIWI 5/31/2010 1:12AM

    Okay... I'm gonna share this with you, and ONLY you. I didn't tell a soul.

I have a mole, no THAT'S not the juicy news...

It's left above my lip. I actually quite like it, when I was in my twenties I sometimes coloured it a bit darker with a kohl liner.

But..... now, I am 40 too,
and there is this darn damned hair that keeps growing out of it.
No real problem as it can be plucked... but sometimes I forget for a while.

So my daughter, you know, three years old and all.
Looks at me two days ago and says...
you have a mole mama..
I said , yes I do.
She: 'does it hurt?'
me: No it doesn't hurt at all.
She: eww. yukkie mama, there is a plant growing out of it....

I SWEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT is what she said,


syeesus THAT made me feel old, crusty, hairy and witchy all at the same time.

I RAN to the bathroom and plucked the damn thing out as soon as I could.

Funny? Maybe, but




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SAMMYSWEETPEA 5/31/2010 12:50AM

    I get chin hairs too. Luckily most are blonde so they don't show up much on me, but there are a couple that I CANNOT leave alone. I end up tweezing them every chance I get. Otherwise I'd never get anything done! lol

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EJORDANE 5/31/2010 12:32AM

    LOL at the chin hairs! I get like 3 a week and I HATE them.

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Dining out secret...

Sunday, May 30, 2010

DH and I went out to dinner last night with DS. We were seated and ordered our drinks and dinners. The waitress tried to tell us that we couldn't order a certain gluten-free item (from the gluten-free menu!!) and we had to set her straight...nicely. Then we waited for the drinks and bread to be served. And waited. And waited. And waited. Our drinks finally came and about a minute later so did our food. No one stopped at our table at all between the order and the drink delivery. The waitress stopped by our table three times. Once to get our order. Once because I flagged her down for a refill. And once to drop off the check. Poor service. emoticon

DH and I went out to dinner again tonight (I know, tough life, huh?). We were seated and ordered our drinks and dinners and an appetizer. It took almost 10 minutes for the appetizer to arrive. Food again served fairly quickly after the appetizer was served. I don't know about you, but I tend to judge (yes, I said judge!) how good the service is based on how quickly my drink is refilled...assuming it's not alcoholic. Tonight, DH's drink was refilled twice, by someone other than our waitress. In fact, when we were towards the end of the meal, the waitress dropped off the check and walked off. Didn't even offer a refill! And both my water and DH's soda were empty! Ugh!! Again, poor service! emoticon

So what's the secret? Order your drink. Then, AFTER they bring the drinks back, THEN you can order your dinner. Even if you know what you want before you ever drive into the parking lot, do not order dinner until after the drinks are on the table. If you order early, you will mess up the rhythm and your food and/or drinks will arrive late. Just a few words of wisdom from someone who's been there. You're welcome. emoticon

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DUTCHIEKIWI 6/2/2010 12:09AM

    Thanks a lot for this valuable information, now if you can just come over here and babysit the twins we might actually have a chance to try this in real life... LOL


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USERNAMEDD 5/31/2010 12:25AM


Last time I went out to eat, I ordered and went to wash my hands, taking
only a minute or so.

When I got back to table I had the appetizer, first course and main meal all plopped in front of me.

We were the only customers at this station, so I guess the waiter had better things to do than see if the food was still hot, or the order filled correctly.

Maybe it's something in the air? emoticon

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BKNOCK 5/30/2010 1:50PM

    Wow, I love the way your brain analyzes everything! You would be so cool to hang out with. I would probably just watch your brain at work!

LOL, thanks for the tip.

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AUNTIEANNE22 5/30/2010 12:09PM

  I have to agree with you. I recently went out with someone and our dinners came just after the appetizer. I didn't care though, because I wanted to be done with the appetizer. My dining companion ate 3/4 of the appetizer.
The restaurant was not busy, so there was really no excuse for the service.

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LMB-ESQ 5/30/2010 8:12AM

    Hadn't thought of that. We'll have to try it the next time we eat out.

I've always chalked up bad service to the general overall failure of the customer service trade. Seems nobody believes in it anymore. Kids getting their first serving jobs have often grown up with an attitude of entitlement and their managers at their first jobs seem unable to train them out of it. When I get good service in a restaurant, I'll let the server (and the manager!) know by saying so, in addition to leaving a nice tip. If I get bad service or bad food, I'll let the manager know and I might give the place one more try. If I get bad service AND bad food, forget it, I'll never go back.

Reminds me of a time I went to eat at a fast food place (back when I was still eating that poison LOL) and the server went beyond her duties to be friendly and helpful. I called the restaurant and asked for the manager. I got this very worried voice on the phone that was like, "uh oh, what did we do wrong this time, and who do I have to fire?" When I told him why I was calling (to tell him what a great job this girl did), he was shocked. He said he had never gotten a call like that ever, that he would definitely let the girl know, and said how much he appreciated the good words.

So there's your second secret to good service. If someone is doing a good job, let them know, so they'll keep doing it!

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GEEMAWEST 5/30/2010 1:19AM

    I totally agree with this plan of action. The exact same thing has happened to me.

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STEVENGO2 5/30/2010 1:13AM

    Another secret is to go when the restaurant is not very busy. A friend and I try to get to the restaurant around 11am before the noon rush. That way the waitress can focus on us. We have found this a good way to get decent service.


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Biggest Loser for the Wii, etc.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I got to "play" my Biggest Loser game for the Wii. I started with the workout. It was a good workout with warm-up and cool-down. I'll go up a level the next time I do it, tho. After I was done, DS decided he wanted to play. He did some of the challenges. Those look like fun and I will probably try those next.

Tomorrow is library day. At work, I am leading a team to "Walk to Wellness." The team has 141 minutes to walk to complete their goal by May 31st. I personally have 108 minutes to go! Oops! So...if the weather cooperates, I think I will walk to the library and back tomorrow. It's a little over a mile away, so about a 20 minute walk if I'm by myself. Longer if I'm with the kids. And, I only have DVD's and one book due tomorrow, so not too much to carry.

Speaking of DVD's, I still need to try the third one I checked out. Really liked the other one by the same guy, so high hopes for this one.

I went to my hair appointment today at 5:00, just like it said on my calendar. Unfortunately, my appointment was at 3:00. I was a little late. emoticon No hair cut/color for me today. The good news is that she is going to squeeze me in next Saturday. And, I got her thinking about different shades for my hair color. Maybe a little more brown in the red...maybe. We'll see what we come up with in a week!

Time to get something else some sleep. Later y'all!

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GEEMAWEST 5/29/2010 11:57PM

    Make sure you post pics when you get the new hair color and cut!

P.S. I love Wii!!

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STEELERCRAZY 5/29/2010 7:44PM

    I think Brown Sugar (the hair color) would look good on you. I put a rinse on my hair yesterday before Bre's graduation and when the light hit it, it looked BURGUNDY. Brian didn't say anything about it until I got under the bright lights and he was like, "Ew. Your hair looks creepy."

Back to Walmart tomorrow for more hair color.

Oh, and congrats on the Wii!

Comment edited on: 5/29/2010 7:44:35 PM

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BKNOCK 5/29/2010 6:13AM

    I am sorry you missed your morning workout but sometimes the body needs rest! Good luck getting your steps in!

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