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Update to the one day - no stimulants decision

Sunday, April 25, 2010

First, thank you to one and all for the suggestions to taper off instead of cold-turkeying it (is that a word?). I appreciate your concern and took your comments to heart.

I did get lots of sleep. I was in bed and asleep before 11:00. Didn't get out of bed until 9:30. Ten and one half hours! Got up, ate the breakfast that DH made for me and promptly curled up on the couch and took a nap! LOL! emoticon

Didn't really get moving again until around 1:00 this afternoon. Had lunch and headed to the gym. During all of this time, I had water and tea, no DP, no energy drinks. Oddly enough, I had no headaches either. I was fully expecting one as I have been through caffeine withdrawals and headaches suck!! I'm thinking that I had some caffeine still in my system so my body used that instead of kicking the stuffing out of my head! emoticon

As I was cooking dinner, I started really craving a DP. No headache still, but a strong craving. I learned awhile ago to go ahead and have the craving (especially when it lasts for longer than 30 minutes). Otherwise I eat my way around it. I ended up having two cans of DP with dinner. And guess what! Yep, now I have a headache!! emoticon (that's DP in the martini glass, honest!)

Oh well. I'm planning to have DP tomorrow. Just less of it than normal.

Thank you, again, to all my friends for worrying about me!

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LMB-ESQ 4/26/2010 4:03PM

    Interesting... when I have any "caffeine hangovers" they never include headaches. I get all the other stuff... tired, achy, that draggy, stuffy feeling (kinda like sinus pressure almost). Sorry you got a headache from the DP... that's weird! Usually caffeine makes my headaches go away!

Hmmm... good luck with it!

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BKNOCK 4/26/2010 2:42PM

    Wow, sounds like a great relaxing day! I am ready for one of those! I am glad that you gave in to your temptation but sorry that you got a headache! Doesn't really make sense does it?

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BIG_SCOTS_LASS 4/26/2010 2:27PM

    I'm glad your wee experiment didn't have any adverse effects. Cutting down gradually is the best approach. Soon you'll be able to do without it entirely and you'll wonder why you ever drank the stuff in the first place.

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GEEMAWEST 4/26/2010 1:51PM

    Hang in there, Barb. You can do this!!

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AUNTIEANNE22 4/26/2010 12:28PM

  Happily I don't really like soda. I used to, but the carbonation is too much for me. I do drink coffee though and go through withdrawal headaches if I drink it regularly. I am prone to migraines so I try not to get hooked on coffee. Just a cup once or twice a week.

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STEELERCRAZY 4/26/2010 6:26AM

    You're welcome! We love ya and don't want a cranky CARTOONB! You'll get through's all baby steps and you'll figure out a plan that works for you! In the meantime, keep plenty of Advil or Tylenol on hand....

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SANDIE4HLTH 4/26/2010 12:57AM

    It is amazing to me how insidiously sodas work on our bodies and our psyches and compel us to drink them. I've noticed that when I am not careful I will begin to quite literally crave soda (diet whatever) and lose the motivation to drink water. Soon I feel the sodas taking over -- and I haven't even been aware of it!

I think it's great you're making the conscious effort to cut down and I wish you success. I agree with the other Sparkers that cutting down a bit at a time is the way to go.


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One day - no stimulants!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

That's the plan anyway. For Sunday.

Okay...let me explain stimulants. emoticon emoticon First, any and all stimulants I take are 100% legal. Maybe not healthy, but legal. I am specifically referring to caffeine (Diet Pepsi in my case), "energy" drinks and plain old sugar.

Today, I awoke at six (after going to bed at midnight) to get my workout in before my daughter's softball game. Before my workout, I stopped by the convenience store and bought a NOS. It is an energy drink that I'm starting to really like. emoticon I drank it right before and in the first 5 minutes of my workout. Did I need it? No. But I liked it! (Switched to water for the rest of the workout, BTW.)

After the workout, time for softball. Took a liter of DP with me and drank it during the game. Went grocery shopping after that and got myself another NOS. Bought 20oz DP at my last grocery stop. (Side note - I drank 12 glasses of water during this time as well.) (Side side note - I do know where the bathrooms are EVERYWHERE I go. LOL!)

Went to dinner, had iced tea. Came home, ate three Golden Oreos. Finishing up another can of DP. Everyone say it with me "Too many stimulants!"

It may be obvious to you now why I think I should go stimulant free tomorrow. Here is my plan.

No Diet Pepsi - none!
No NOS (or any other type of energy drink)
No sugar - such as cookies or donuts or candy. If my enchilada sauce has sugar, I'm not going to worry about that.

I am going to allow myself to have iced tea. It doesn't have "too" much caffeine and it gives me a different flavor besides plain old water.

I will drink a minimum of 12 glasses of water.

I will sweat out all the caffeine I took in today. Okay, so I'm really going to shoot for one hour of exercise. If I tried to sweat out ALL of the caffeine, I would miss half of my next work week! LOL!

I will sleep at least eight hours tonight. Preferably 10. And yes, even with all the stimulants, I will be able to sleep. That's just the way it is for me.

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BIG_SCOTS_LASS 4/25/2010 7:30PM

    I hope you're prepared for a killer headache, if you're used to taking in that much caffeine on a regular basis. I used to drink a 6-pack of Diet Pepsi every day when I was a teenager. I had to quit when I started to suffer from IBS (fizzy drinks are a trigger for me) and I suffered terrible caffeine withdrawal for a few days afterwards. The good news is that it does pass and you'll feel all the better for getting it out of your system.

Best of luck with your experiment.

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BETHGILLIGAN 4/25/2010 3:11PM

    Listen to all of these good Sparkers!!! The headache is like nothing you've ever had!! Killer headache for sure. Great idea-but tapering off is the best idea for this plan!

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RWETHAIRYET 4/25/2010 10:14AM

    I'm going to repeat the taper off speech. Those caffeine- withdrawal headaches are pretty nasty.
When I cut out a lot of my caffeine, I cut it in half...then in half...then in half again (I drank a LOT of coffee!. I still had headaches, but at least they were manageable.

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CARLANNIE 4/25/2010 7:33AM

    All these folks are right on target about the withdrawal headache. Revamp your plan and cut back over several day's time. High five for you, though, in getting rid of the nasty stuff. I, too, favor DP (it tastes extremely bad on the East Coast, btw. I think Coca Cola reigns there) mostly because I get tired of water, but I know the stuff isn't good for a body. Let us know how it goes this week without Stimulants.

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BKNOCK 4/25/2010 7:02AM

    Wow, I hope you can make it without a headache. Are you sure you shouldn't have just a bit like maybe only 6 diet pepsi's so that you don't get a headache? I went cold turkey with my Mountain Dews and survived but it wasn't pretty!

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DEUSMACHINA 4/25/2010 1:42AM

    Oooooh! Good luck!!

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GEEMAWEST 4/25/2010 1:21AM

    Oh My! Please, take Michele's advice and taper off. Don't go cold turkey on this one. You have great intentions but you will most likely get severe headaches. Let us know how you're doing.

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LMB-ESQ 4/25/2010 1:21AM

    whew... I know where you are with the caffeine! These days I need it just to feel alive! But Michelle's right... taper off. The tea is a good idea, and so is all that water, or you'll be fighting off the withdrawal all day. It's a lot like a hangover!

On the other hand, at least you're working out! And your stimulants are legal! Believe me, I've felt like I've needed some illegal ones in the last week or so, and I can't find time to exercise unless I petition congress for an eighth day of the week!

You're doing great though.... weight loss... eating according to plan.... working out... wish I could say the same!

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ELYMWX 4/25/2010 1:19AM

    I [twitch] know [twitch] just [twitch] you [twitch] are [twitch] talking [twitch] about!

But seriously, I drink a lot of caffeine myself, but I'm seriously impressed with the amount you're drinking. If I tried to do that I'm sure I would NEVER sleep!

Good luck on your no-stimulant attempt. One word for you: NSAID. Keep some handy just in case your head feels like it's going to blow from caffeine withdrawal...

(and yes, I also know where the bathrooms are...)

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USFBULL 4/25/2010 1:05AM

    The head will be hammering in a day or so. Look up caffein withdrawal. It is no joke and your doing the sugar at the same time... you are going to be bonkers for a few days but it will pass. Good Luck emoticon

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MUSIC66 4/25/2010 12:30AM


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STEELERCRAZY 4/25/2010 12:28AM

    Oh no! CAN YOU SAY MIGRAINE?? MAJOR HEADACHE? Sweetie, your head is going to feel like it's going to blow off...taper down your caffeine consumption. Like coming off any other stimulant, your body will go through withdrawal. I KNOW. Just a word of advice...from a nurse. From a survivor.

Only because I care...really. Us big sisters gotta look out for the little ones!


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Is it rude/wrong of me to make my daughter stay home...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

so I can go out on a date with my husband? Let me start by saying that I do not plan to do it. But I did think about it! emoticon

Saturday's, DH and I have been going out for dinner. Just the two of us. We're not gone long, but we enjoy ourselves and it's nice to have time to ourselves. Since DD is 13 (practically 14!) and DS is 11, we feel comfortable leaving them alone for a couple of hours. More comfy if DD is home since DS has his moments. tee hee

Tomorrow, DD has a birthday party to go to that just happens to be a sleep over. That's Saturday! Do I have to let her go? No. Am I going to? Yes. DH and I will either not go or take the boy or let him stay here. Or who knows. Either way, it's the weekend, so all is good. DD can go be a teen and I'll step up and be the mom...but just for a couple of hours!! LOL!

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USERNAMEDD 4/25/2010 7:12PM


How'd it go with the 2, 3 of you?

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GEEMAWEST 4/25/2010 1:49AM

    I read this a bit late. It's Saturday night, almost 11:00 on the West Coast. So what did you do? I would be very nervous about leaving the 11 year old home alone but all kids are different. Let us know what you did and how it went. Hope you and DH got some time alone somewhere along the line.

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STEELERCRAZY 4/25/2010 12:32AM

    Or you could do what I did and chain 'em up to the doorknobs to the basement and go have your WELL-DESERVED FUN!

OMG! How TERRIBLE I MUST BE!!'re the mom and YOU KNOW BEST!!

emoticon and emoticon kindred spirit!

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AGAINALWAYS 4/24/2010 6:26PM

    Or you could move your dinner date to a lunch date, or have it on Sunday instead.

To my Scottish friend: In the states, the guideline is closer to under 12s, but each state has their own definitions of what the legal age is. I started babysitting when I was 13 for families in my neighborhood. It's really about the maturity of your 13 or 14 year old.

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BIG_SCOTS_LASS 4/24/2010 6:03PM

    Um... isn't it illegal to leave an under 14-year-old alone at home? It certainly is here in the UK.
I know you and your hubby enjoy your date night, but is it really worth getting Social Services involved? I think not. Why not pack your son off to one of his friend's for a sleepover too? That or stay home for once. Have a good weekend anyway.

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BKNOCK 4/24/2010 8:24AM

    Rent him a good movie and go for an early dinner? If your home before dark he should be fine!

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AUNTIEANNE22 4/24/2010 8:04AM

  Kids have to be kids. How often is your daughter gone overnight on a Saturday? I agree that your son may be a little young to leave alone in the evening. I left my son home alone during the day at 11, but he would have been very nervous about being alone in the evening.
How often is it an opportunity for you and your husband to interact with just your son? Take him somewhere kid friendly and let it all hang out.

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CALIMAN1 4/24/2010 2:44AM

    oh come on now...what could your DS possibly do to the house, the cat, the dog, the fish, the television, the curtains, the yard, and the other car in a matter of 2 hours????

Ummmm, maybe you better stay home after all.... emoticon

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I'm getting to be very picky about certain foods.

Friday, April 23, 2010

For example, I worked in a bakery during my junior and senior years of high school. Yes, I tasted every single one of those doughnuts! Had to!! You can't recommend a good donut if you have not personally tasted every variety, right?

Anyway, every morning, the baker would come in and bake the donuts. Some Saturdays, I would pull the morning shift and be there right as the donuts were coming out of the fryer. Do you have any idea how delicious a doughnut, straight out of the fryer and freshly glazed, is? Oh...I do! emoticon And because I do, donuts are not usually a food that I eat. Because they're not fresh. The closest are the Krispy Kremes when the line is running. But most of the time, I'm not willing to spend my calories on donuts.

Another example is candy. If I really think about how the candy will taste, I almost always walk away without buying any. The flavor just isn't quite "it". Most sugar-based foods fall into this category for me.

However, I've never met a cheeseburger that I didn't like (okay, one, but I still go back. What's up with that?) French fries? I don't think you can screw up french fries...even if they've been sitting in the warming bin for awhile and someone puts them back in the fryer to"freshen" them up. I'll eat those! As you can tell, I'm more of a salty cravings kind of girl than sugar.

Any ideas on how to make myself budget those calories on salt as well as I do on sugar? Anyone have a french fry?

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RWETHAIRYET 4/23/2010 9:26PM

    I can understand the craving for cheeseburgers and fries...but I'm even picky with those. Every time we go to my favorite hole in the wall breakfast/lunch place, a little place where everything, even the bread is, made from scratch, I HAVE TO get their cheeseburger club and their hand cut french fries. Any other place, especially the fast food junk, is just a waste of calories.
I used to buy and eat donuts...just because, but figured out fairly quickly that I just wasn't enjoying them why waste the calories. But there is a little mom and pop bakery near work that starts making their donuts at midnight, open their doors at 6am and pretty much are sold out of donuts by 8:30 am...On the rare occassion that I can get one of their lemon creams, I enjoy every last bite.
So whatever the craving, I generally just try not to give into it more than once a month.
Chips? those I don't allow in the house, hahaha, because once I start eating them I can't stop. So I only get a small bag when hubby and I are splitting a sub...and we split those too.

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BIG_SCOTS_LASS 4/23/2010 10:09AM

    I've never worked around food, although my mother did. She had a job in the canteen of the local biscuit factory (that's cookies to you!) and she would bring home bags full of chocolate biscuits when I was a teenager. I ate more than my fair share of Mint Viscounts, Wagon Wheels (I think you call them Moon Pies), Jammie Dodgers and Royal Edinburgh All-Butter Shortbread. I don't buy biscuits (cookies) very often, as I can't just have a couple, I have to eat the whole packet.

I have a sweet tooth, although I'm a chocolate girl through and through (stick your jelly sweets!). I'll even eat the cheap crap when I'm desperate! I've never eaten a cheeseburger in my life - that plastic cheese is vile and I refuse to ingest it for any reason.
I do enjoy fries (chips, we call 'em) on occasion, but I never go near McD's, BK or KFC (I've never set foot in KFC and I have no intentions in ever doing so). I prefer chippy chips, which are thick cut potatoes, deep fried in sunflower oil or (if you're really lucky) lard.
It was fish 'n' chip Friday in the canteen today and I was sorely tempted to partake, but I restrained myself (with great difficulty) and stuck to the soup and salad I'd brought with me. However, that could still change...

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MOCACHOC 4/23/2010 9:59AM


French fries in moderation aren't that harmful. Make your own and oven back them to take out the fat from grease. Since I've seen Food Nation, Inc. It's a lot I don't like eating. If it doesn't grow naturally or is grass fed which is hard to find these days I don't want to eat it. I shop a lot at the Amish Market to get my fresh fruits, vegetables and meat.

Good Luck


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LMB-ESQ 4/23/2010 8:44AM

    I'm the same way about pizza. I worked in pizza shops in high school and college. When you make the dough yourself, mix up the sauce, follow special recipes for sausage and meatballs, you get SPOILED!! (Since 1983 I've never found a better recipe for meatballs) LOL Pizza Hut? Dominoes? Ewwww!! Forget it! Those places bring in frozen dough from some central location! There's only one place I really like to order from, a little mom-and-pop place up the street that still makes everything fresh every day. Budgeting it? Ummmm.... LOL I don't even bother. It's one of those things where, when I gotta have it, I gotta have it!

French fries I can pass on, but I'm with you on the cheeseburgers too... the bigger and greasier the better! I just stay away from them but for maybe once a month. I just try to allow for one once in awhile and don't punish myself too much for indulging. What's life if you can't enjoy your food at the same time you're being healthy?

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AUNTIEANNE22 4/23/2010 6:45AM

  I had the same problem after I worked in an ice cream shop one summer.
I never crave french fries because I don't like any of the fast food ones and I never make them at home. I do crave salty foods once in a while, but I usually grab a few chips. My blood pressure is so much better when I don't eat salt that it is a good motivator for me.

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BKNOCK 4/23/2010 5:56AM

    I don't crave cheeseburgers ever, well almost ever! Sometimes I really crave a burger off the grill. Sorry fries are not usually my thing either! I would imagine that you could "fit" it in once in a while though but like I said before, don't eat too much the rest of the day! I worked in a chocolate factory once and for some reason after smelling all of the chocolate I don't crave that too often either!

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I need to leave room for a snack

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I plan my food for the next day fairly religiously. If I have relatively high calorie foods, I will be at the upper end of my calorie range. That generally includes three meals and two snacks. But what about my last snack of the day?

I like knowing that I have some calories left to be able to have a snack after I've worked out and before I go to bed. Not a huge snack, just 100 - 200 calories is plenty. I've noticed that if I don't have that leeway, I feel deprived ALL day! emoticon And because I feel deprived, I have a tendency to overeat on those days (yesterday, for example).

That means I need to make sure that I don't have two (or more) high-calorie meals in one day. OR (and this is a novel idea), I could give myself permission to go a little over. Have that healthy snack and be over by 100 - 200 calories instead of the 600 and up that I go over when I feel deprived. Working on both approaches. Doing good so far! Of course, today was day one! emoticon

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RWETHAIRYET 4/23/2010 9:35PM

    I have to have an evening treat...just have too! It's almost a reward for getting through the day. Generally I manage to leave room for it, so I can stay in ranges. But I've learned it's better to have something even if I have been a little're right better a couple hundred over instead of 600.

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BIG_SCOTS_LASS 4/22/2010 6:13PM

    Every day is Day 1 for me at the moment.

I know where you're coming from with the bedtime snack thing. If I don't have enough calories for one I start to get twitchy and obsess about food - even if I'm not hungry. It's a form of madness. We'll beat it one of these days... here's hoping it one day soon!

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STEELERCRAZY 4/22/2010 1:13PM

    I'll give you a little trick that works for me. When I'm wanting "something" I have found that the SlimFast shakes work great...but they have a buttload of calories in them. And the sugar is ridiculous. I just switched over to Glucerna. Yes, the diabetic snack shake. It is only 145 calories (for the chocolate ones) and has vitamins, minerals, fiber and low sugar. And it feels me up and keeps the blood glucose from swinging all over the place. Try it....I think it works REALLY well.

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LMB-ESQ 4/22/2010 8:53AM

    Wow! What timing! I was JUST thinking about this yesterday! When I get home at 10 pm from class, I find myself WANTING something. Not a lot, just a little munchie, and I feel deprived if I can't have it. So I've decided that when I'm planning my meals for the day, I'm going to start allowing myself that 100 or so calories as something to look forward to. Yesterday I was just lucky that it worked out and I ate my 70 calorie serving of crackers, and it was perfect. So from now on I'm going to deliberately plan for it. emoticon Nice to know I'm not alone in my thinking!

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BKNOCK 4/22/2010 8:28AM

    I like that evening snack too. I always try to leave space for it! I find that if I have a big meal at lunch time that I don't eat that much for dinner but sometimes it is hard!

I think that you are doing great!

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AUNTIEANNE22 4/22/2010 6:54AM

  I like both plans, but of course being in range is always good.
Can you make it through with just ab apple or some other fruit? That would make you over by less than 100 calories.

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SARAHF_24 4/22/2010 1:04AM

    I always put a night time snack in my tracker. I usually have yogurt and an apple or some fruit. I make sure to make room for that otherwise I feel like I go to bed hungry and I wake up famished!

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