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You worked out at what time?

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I started up the stairs around There's a reason for this and I'm gonna tell you! LOL!

Mondays are a long day for me on a regular basis. My group at work deals with companies in Korea, China, Singapore, etc. on a fairly regular basis. Each week, we have a conference call with Korea on Mondays (China is on Wednesday, Singapore is as needed...I skip the Tuesday meeting). Because of Daylight Savings Time and the fact that Korea is on the other side of the world, our meeting doesn't start until 5:15. That means the soonest I leave work on Mondays is 5:30...more often 5:45.

Tonight, I left around 5:35, drove the 35 minutes home and made dinner (leftover ham, who'd a thunk it! emoticon) Grilled the ham with some cheese. Yummy! Anyway, by the time I got everyone's sandwiches made, it was 6:20. DD's first softball game of the season was due to start at 6:30 and I was not dressed for the weather. So, picture this...I take my sandwich and Diet Pepsi with me into the master bedroom. In between bites and sips, I am putting on long johns, two pairs of socks, three layers of shirts and some boots. The sandwich inhaled and me looking like the Michelen man, I run upstairs and grab a couple of blankets. Kiss everyone goodbye and I am out the door!

DD's game goes well (they didn't win, but they played well...mostly). By the time we get home, I can't feel my toes. I guess I needed three pairs of socks! I warm up, eat some popcorn, Spark a little and decide I'm ready to work 9:15. Well, the kids go to bed at 9:30 and I need to tuck them in and make sure they actually get in bed. Can't work out until they are safely tucked. By the time they are, it's 9:45.

Now, other nights, I might have said "To heck with it!" (Literally, I have said that, out loud!) BUT, one of my goals is to do the Shred EVERY day for at least 10 days straight. I'm on a two-day streak. Tonight, I did it! Three days! AND I hit one of my other goals. I was able to do all of the traveling push ups on my toes! Woo Hoo!!!

The point of all this? Apparently, goals can be motivating! Who knew? LOL! Not only did having a very tangible goal get my butt up the stairs and into the wokout, but those same goals kept me from eating everything in the house. Healthy choices and within calorie range again today! Day 3 for that streak too!! I'm on fire!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

Okay, time to put out the fire and get some sleep. Spark y'all later.

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GEEMAWEST 4/7/2010 12:26PM

    You are definitely On Fire, my friend. Keep up the good work!

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RWETHAIRYET 4/6/2010 10:34AM

    hmmm...I was collapsing into bed just about that time, lol...
Good for you for keeping your streak alive!

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AUNTIEANNE22 4/6/2010 8:46AM

  I knew you would keep your streak going. Were you able to get to sleep? I find that if I am too active close to bedtime I can't sleep.

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_MAOMAO_ 4/6/2010 1:54AM

  I'm glad I'm not the only Sparker working out at bizarre hours!

Sometimes I just get this notion that I will not go to bed till I do my workout duty. Then I'm doomed to do it b4 I get to sleep!
emoticon emoticon emoticon then emoticon

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ITTYBITTYYI 4/6/2010 1:35AM


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DOOBIE893 4/6/2010 1:27AM


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STACIJ40 4/6/2010 1:24AM

    Good job! Goals and Streaks do seem to be motivating, don't they?!

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Easter Sunday and I'm doing just fine!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Holidays and going out to eat are my downfall. Both are special occasions in my world and special occasions are a reason to celebrate (translation: eat!).

Yesterday, DH and I went out to dinner, just the two of us. He asked me where I would like to go. I hate choosing because he is much more particular about his food than I am. We actually had a discussion once trying to determine if there was a place where we could go eat that he would eat and I wouldn't. We couldn't think of one. He even tried the local gas station, but no dice. They have a hot deli, lunchables and frozen burritos. I'm good! emoticon

Anyway, one of the ladies I work with talked about taking her son Goodwood BBQ for his birthday. That sounded really good to me. DH is not a fan of BBQ. I suggested it anyway. He decided that we could go there because they do have steak that is not BBQ. (Yay) I ordered the BBQ pulled pork with a baked potato, sour cream only and on the side, and steamed veggies. AND I only ate half the pork. Stayed in calorie range for the day! Woo Hoo!

Today is Easter (duh!) and we had (for us) the traditional Easter dinner of ham, mashed potatoes, green beans and deviled eggs. Mmmm...deviled eggs. Love them! I only made eight halves and there are four in our family, two each. DD didn't like hers, so I gave her extra to DH. I still have over 200 calories to use, if I want to!

AND, I worked out today and yesterday. Eight more days of L3 to meet that goal!

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DUTCHIEKIWI 4/5/2010 9:20PM

    You are becoming the person you've always wanted to be! Congrats!!



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RWETHAIRYET 4/5/2010 1:09PM

    You know, a holiday is not the best time to implement a new plan, lol. But sounds like you did great!

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    Wow, you really behaved yourself!

Not so sure that I did THAT well.

Glad you enjoyed that pulled pork too, we have two GREAT BBQ places near our new place and it's hard to tell which one I like the best. They both have some good sauces, but the smokey flavor is what I've learned to LOVE.

We had a similar Easter meal. I didn't GIVE any of my deviled eggs to ANYONE! I guess that's why I'm so devilish!!!

emoticon emoticon

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AUNTIEANNE22 4/5/2010 8:36AM

  Great job! Making choices is easier when you have goals.
I worked all day yesterday and ate limited food. Walked between clients. We can do this.

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DONNAORLENE 4/5/2010 12:03AM

    Congrats! You're doing a great job! I told you you could do it! And of course you knew that I knew!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon


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BKNOCK 4/4/2010 10:00PM

    Great job! I am glad that you enjoyed your weekend! Mine was too crazy!

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GEEMAWEST 4/4/2010 9:16PM

    Way to go, Barb!

I didn't work out today but didn't pig out either. Actually found myself to be full after not eating much. And I had saved calories all day for "The Big Meal". I think I'll use my extra calories on a nice glass of wine.

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SANDIE4HLTH 4/4/2010 9:13PM

    It's great that you met these challenges -- staying within your calorie range while eating out AND working out as you promised yourself. Way to go!


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MUSIC66 4/4/2010 9:06PM

    that was great glad you enjoyed easter.

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As promised....drum roll please....

Sunday, April 04, 2010

I have developed some of my goals and am now ready to share them with y'all! I can feel my chair buzzing with your excitement now! What? You're not that excited? Hmmmm....wonder what that vibration is then. emoticon emoticon

On to my goals!

I will attain a weight of 126 pounds. Exactly when isn't completely determined, but I should say in 8 weeks or less.

I will set a weight loss goal for myself each week. This week, my goal is 2 pounds. I'm higher than I want to be and need to bring that number down quickly. Okay, I don't "need" to. Just really, really, really want to!

I am going to do Level 3 of the 30-Day Shred every day for ten days straight like I'm "supposed" to. Today was day one!

In that workout, I have two smaller goals. The first is to be able to do all of the traveling pushups on my toes and not have to go to my knees for any of them. The second is to be able to do jumping lunges for the whole time and not have to revert to normal lunges. Those are HARD!!

After I do those, I'll have a new goal. It might be getting to the gym every day for a week. We'll see.

This week, I will stay in my calorie range every day. Afterthis week, I may be able to give myself one cheat day per week. I may look at three cheat meals instead, but that could be dangerous. Very, very dangerous.

I'm stopping right there. Too many goals and I'll get overwhelmed and unable to focus on any of them.

Quick recap (more for me than for you, but feel free to write them down!) emoticon

1. Lose 2 pounds this week.
2. Do my DVD workout 9 more days straight.
3. Stay in calorie range every day this week.

I can totally do this! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

RWETHAIRYET 4/5/2010 1:08PM

    Short sweet and to the point! My favorite kind of goals!

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MOM2ACAT 4/4/2010 3:43PM


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USFBULL 4/4/2010 1:59AM

    emoticon emoticon

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DUTCHIEKIWI 4/4/2010 1:43AM

    Okay okay... hang on....
First of all, lady

Don't you go enjoying any vibrations without me now you hear!!!

And second,


You're goals will be done and dusted in NO time at all....

well for the dvd's 9 days and the others a week, but still...
you catch my drift! ;0)


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DONNAORLENE 4/4/2010 1:31AM

    Piece of cake - at least for you! I know you can do it! And I'll be right here rootin' you on and praying for you. I wish I could be half as organized as you are. So hang in there and before you know it I'll be sending my congratulations to you!



emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SANDIE4HLTH 4/4/2010 1:02AM


It's great to have concrete, written goals to reach. I wish you all the best -- you can do it!

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GEEMAWEST 4/4/2010 12:28AM

    You can do this, Barb. I know you can. I have faith in you. Please don't fail me now! LOL

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SKUEHN01 4/4/2010 12:21AM

    Good goals!! emoticon

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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Okay, that's all I can remember of that song. Unless I'm singing along with my Shrek CD and then I know all the words. Of course, my kids shush me if I'm actually singing in their presence, but that just encourages me to sing more loudly and more poorly (more badly?). Anyway, I am a "for myself" kind of singer! emoticon

Now that that little bit of "off the trackedness" is out of the way, on to what I really wanted to put in writing. Part of the purpose of this particular blog, in my mind, is to get what I want to do straight in my own mind. The thing is, I've been hovering between 4 and 8 pounds from my goal for the past six months, maybe longer.

Part of the problem is that I'm not completely sure that I want to get to my current goal. It is a number that I pulled out of my, um, ear. emoticon About six, maybe seven years ago, I started WW and I set a goal of 130. My leader agreed that 130 would be a good goal weight for me. I'm 5'1" (I swear I used to be 5'4", but I think my feet must have been fat too. LOL!) and 130 is at the top of most every range for my height. Since I carry my weight in my thighs (all muscle, I tell ya!), 130 was good for me. This time, I thought I would go for 126. Maybe that last four pounds would make my stomach look that much closer to flat. Or my thighs rub together just that much less.

But, what if I get to the 126 and I don't like it! What if that 4 pounds came off my face and I look skeletal! emoticon (Skeleton tree, cos I couldn't find a real skeleton. Didn't look too hard either.) Or worse. What if I really like the way I look, but decide I can look better?! What if I change my goal to continuously "improve" my appearance? What if I will need to be on the weight loss portion of this journey forever! emoticon Okay, that last fear ain't likely to come true. I like eating too much to make "continuous improvements" like that.

Anyway...I DO want to get to 126. If it turns out that it is too hard to maintain, I can go back to 130. Good. That is decided. do I get there? Basically, I need to make a plan. I need to make changes in my daily, every day, normal life because what I'm doing right now is not getting me where I want to go.

Tomorrow, in between cleaning out cobwebs (house AND head!), hanging pictures, working out, laundry and hopefully a little reading time, I will put my plan to pad and paper. (That can't be the right saying, can it? Pad and paper are basically the same thing, right?) Anywho...I will keep my plan, on my pad and on my paper, in a place that I will see it every day. Preferably a few times every day. I will blog it here and ask for accountability.

That's all I have right now. A fairly long blog that eventually gets one decision - I want to get to 126 - and one action item for myself - make a plan!

I'll let you know how it goes!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

RWETHAIRYET 4/5/2010 1:04PM

    heehee, when my kids were little, they'd start squabbling in the back of the car...and I'd start singing Patsy clines "Crazy", louder and louder. One day, when they started to drive me nuts, I started sing it...and before I could get through the first line, my then 5 year old daughter heaved a heavy sigh and said "I hate that song!!"
She's still not much of a patsy fan...even though she likes almost every other kind of music there is, hahaha.
Sounds like you've made the decision...go for it!

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USFBULL 4/3/2010 5:54PM

    So your like setting a goal emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    Hang in there! emoticon

I decided that I want to weigh 126 also and what do you know, when I stepped on the scale this morning, I watched so very closely and voila, it said


only for a nano second
then the numbers kept rising, ROTFLMAO

You know your body and goals better than me. Good luck with whatever you decide!

The other method of weighing less is from a blog of mine a long time ago. It's a photo of a woman lying on her back on the floor with her legs in the air with the scale on top of her feet, LOL. That might be the way to go, just don't let the scale drop on your head.

TTYL emoticon

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LMB-ESQ 4/3/2010 11:54AM

    Good luck! I'm pretty much in the same place... last few pounds... won't go away! I'll look forward to reading about your progress. emoticon emoticon

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AUNTIEANNE22 4/3/2010 8:08AM

  The last little bit is always the hardest. Putting your plan to pad and paper should help. There is a website where you can find your happy weight. That's how I arrive at 139.

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DONNAORLENE 4/3/2010 2:12AM

    Sounds like a plan to me!

emoticon emoticon emoticon


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Chips and salsa

Friday, April 02, 2010

My son is watching a show about how different companies make tortilla chips, taco shells, etc. They discussed the health benefits of baked vs. fried tortilla chips and that fried tortilla chips tasted better.

Now I'm craving chips and salsa. The really good fried kind that you get at a real Mexican restaurant. And nice thick chunky flavorful salsa. Yummy! I have some tortilla chips in the pantry and some salsa in the fridge. Not quite the authentic stuff, but yummy just the same.

But, I am done eating for the day. I am making myself hungry with this blog, so I'd better end it now and head to bed!


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

RWETHAIRYET 4/2/2010 11:40AM

    That's why they're not allowed in my house!! Now I'm craving them...thanks a lot!!!

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    I'm just reading your blog and YOU have me hungry for salsa and it's only breakfast time.

Maybe I'll have salsa with my eggs, hmmmmmmmmm, good

Happy Easter

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LADYIRISH317 4/2/2010 10:09AM

    One time a co-worker brought in chips and salsa for everyone to share. I picked up the jar of salsa, looked at it and said, "But this stuff's made in New York City!" (Imagine a hokey Texas accent here.)

I could hear laughter from several offices around.

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AUNTIEANNE22 4/2/2010 9:08AM

  I've had some recently, but have managed to control the portion size. Had to get salsa for a recipe and didn't want it to go to waste so I bought the chips too.

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AUNTIEANNE22 4/2/2010 9:08AM

  I've had some recently, but have managed to control the portion size. Had to get salsa for a recipe and didn't want it to go to waste so I bought the chips too.

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BKNOCK 4/2/2010 7:46AM

    So, did you dream about tortilla chips too?

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SUNNYARIZONA 4/2/2010 1:52AM

    Goodness, that is funny....good thing you weren't watching Rachel Ray at this hour!

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KKP4673 4/2/2010 1:41AM

    Way to blog about your experience AND end with you knowing you are ready to stop!! Great job!!

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DEEJ2U 4/2/2010 12:57AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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