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Oil change

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I decided that it was time to get my oil changed. I knew that it was past time, but I didn't realize how much past time it was! As daughter and I were driving to the nearest Jiffy Lube, I noticed that my sticker was still up from the last time. I took it down and started looking at it (I know, not safe while driving!). So, I handed it to daughter and had her read it to me. Next service date? 8/23/08....Yeah, it had been 14 months since my last oil change. Oops! emoticon

The good news is that the next service mileage said 150044. Current mileage is 1595xx (can't remember exactly). That means that I drove onl 12500 (ish) miles in 14 months! That's below average!! And that's a good thing! Maybe my ten-year-old truck will last until I can afford a newer vehicle.

Bonus: While getting the oil changed, one of the guys came in carrying my driver's side windshield wiper. It was shredded! It had been for awhile, but I hadn't gotten a new one yet. After all, it was 104' today and no sign of rain! They replaced it and for less than I would have paid at some other places. Two birds, one stone!

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I've got to give you a hard way to go about not changing your oil and trying to save money to buy a new one. What happens when you ruin the motor because the oil was dirty or low? If you don't have time to change the oil, how are you gonna have time to have the motor replaced, much less find, buy another car?

We have a courier service and with 5 vehicles running the miles we do per week, I found myself needing an oil change every week to ten days on average per car. My first little secret was to change the oil filter when the recommended mileage called for it and top off the oil with another quart of oil. That was I got twice the mileage on an oil change and the oil filter was cleaning the older oil all over again.

My second little secret was I started using Amsoil synthetic oil and their filters too. Their filters really clean that oil up big time and when I change my oil filter ( at extended mileage of synthetics recommend) I also add another quart of new oil. None of our vans are very new, the newest year is 2001 all the way back to 1992, but they all are running very good at the time being, KNOCK ON WOOD.

I hope you take the chastising with the assistance that it was intended. In my opinion, if we cannot take care of what we have, how can we afford to take care of something even better or newer?

Have a great day
because it is one!

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How do you know when it's time...

Friday, July 17, 2009

To buy new clothes? Maybe when you don't need to unfasten your britches to take them off? Or how about when you almost lose said britches when running across the street? Yeah, they were good hints for me too! LOL! I really like these shorts and I LOVE the belt that came with them (I have a few girly tendencies).

BUT (and not the one hanging out them britches!), I'm sure they are not flattering. And when I have to pull them back up, it's probably not the best impression either. emoticon

Looks like I need to start saving for a shopping trip. Probably by the time I get the emoticon together, it'll be fall and time for jeans!

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Waiting for fall to buy new jeans.

Which fall is it that you are waiting for?
The time of the year right after summer


the time of the year that your jeans hit the pavement, AGAIN?

Kudos to you for your efforts and losing weight.
Kudos to you for allowing me more opportunities to see your undies when you drop your drawers in public, LOL

Have a great day, YOU made MINE!

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HICALGAL 7/18/2009 5:52AM

    looks like you and Gracie on the Calorie Killer's team have something in common...check out her latest blog if you haven't already and warning...don't be drinking anything either!

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Dosh Garn Mercy Rule!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Tonight was our second game of the season. Our uniforms are aqua emoticon and we played John Deere (a green team). Our shirts almost matched! We were visitors, so we were up to bat first. I batted clean-up, which is just silly! You're supposed to put a strong batter there to "clean up" the bases and get the first three batters home. Yeah, that didn't happen. I hit the ball but they fielded it cleanly and I was out.

After the first inning, it was tied, 2 all. We came up the second inning and just couldn't seem to get in a rhthym with the batting. By the bottom of the 4th, we were down by 6 runs. Held them and started the fifth inning. No runs in for us either, but still plenty of time to play, right? Well, they scored...and scored...and scored...and I don't know how many, but they scored a lot! Next thing I know, blue is calling the game. Mercy rule is in affect (effect?). That means they were beating us so badly that the only merciful thing to do was to end the game right then and there. emoticon I wanted to play some more!!!

Oh well. Practice again on Monday. I'm guessing we'll work on batting. emoticon

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Next time I have a bad weigh-in, I'm gonna call

Thanks for the alibi.

Have a great weekend

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Who (or is it what?) would win the fight?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Yesterday, one of my cube mates offered me a chocolate chip cookie. I thanked her very much, but turned it down. This morning, she asks me "Since you didn't want a cookie, would you like a cucumber?" My eyes lit up!!! Fresh cucumbers from a garden!??! Heck YA! I'll take a cucumber!! Woo hoo!!! (I took two!)

So, later in the day I started thinking about the choice...cookie or cucumber. And I was a little surprised to realize that the cucumber sounded SO much BETTER than a cookie! emoticon But, really, have you had fresh cucumbers. They totally win that fight! I did let her know that if she has excess any time through the summer I will be happy to help her consume them!

Now all I need are some fresh tomatoes and I can have cuke and mater sam'ich! Yum, yum! emoticon

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    Then ;send ME the cookies,
The Cookie Monster

Ha Ha Ha
You made the right choice!
Have you put the cucumber on the nutrition tracker to see how much cucumber you get for the calories of a single cookie? Amazing!

Have FUN putting your cuke mater sammach together.
I'm over here lickin' my chops

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TIGGAKITTEN 7/16/2009 3:48AM

    Sounds like a great idea emoticon
Good on you for making the right choice.

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Did you know that boxers are big?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I mean boxer puppies, who grow up to be boxer doggies. LOL!!! Our 12 week old baby girl is bigger than our 3-year old 1/2 Sheetzu (sp), 1/2 Pappillon (Yep, he's a Sheetzon! LOL!) Boxers (apparently) need to be walked every day. When they walk, the "leader of the pack" (yep, that song is going through my head!) walks in front. Scooby (the old man) leads the way. Abby (the baby girl) follows. She is doing VERY well on the leash now and it's only been a week!

DH mentioned today, however, that as she grows, these two-mile walks are NOT going to cut it. Got me to thinking...maybe I'll have to teach her to run with me. Of course, that means I'll have to run more often!! Our poor Scooby was EXHAUSTED after that walk. We covered almost two miles in just under 40 minutes. We had been doing about one mile.

Both dogs are asleep right now. Sweet babies... emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    Hello Barb,
I always like your blogs, BUT...

Neither Scooby nor Abby are the pack leaders.

YOU are the pack leader. Just ask Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer.

If you are the pack leader, you will have much less problems with either of the dogs down the road. They WANT to be followers and they want YOU & your DH to be the pack leaders.

When you walk your dogs, I have found that they do much better when restricted to be BESIDE you or just behind you, rather than being in front of you. This works when leaving the house on the walk too. If you allow them to go out the door BEFORE you go out, they are the leaders, If you walk out before them, YOU are the leader, and they "get it".

Good luck with your doggie endeavors.


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