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One more day!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Only one more day until softball practice! Yippee!! We practice at 8:30 at night. emoticon Kinda late to start, but okay. I'll be there! I should be done being sore from Saturday's games by then. Tee hee hee!!


Quiet time....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

or, why can't I have any? Since school is out, the kids don't have to get up early in the morning. Because of that, I haven't made them go to bed at their normal bed time. I mean, it is summer, right? Because they stay up later, I don't get my hour to myself that I'm used to. I'm going nuts not having my "me" time at the end of the day. I think we need to start "quiet time" every night. We'll start at 7:00! emoticon



Sunday, June 21, 2009

Today is my Spark People one year anniversary! I would also like to brag just a little bit, cos I'm pretty excited about it. I have logged in and spun the wheel every day for the entire year! I know, in a way that's kind of sad (no real life), but I'm still pretty excited about it!

I've also tracked calories eaten and calories burned for the full year as well!

Spark on everyone!!

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DONNAORLENE 6/24/2009 11:01PM

    Oh Wow!!! I'm sorry I missed this post! But Happy SPARK-i-versary anyway! emoticon

Andwhat's more incredible is 365 days of logging in and keeping track and everything! That's amazing! emoticon

I only wish I could do that! Maybe the second year, since I've already messed up this one. LOL!!!

Well, here's to another year, not only another year of success, (which by the way your weight loss success has been amazing too!) but another year that we can count on being friends! You're an amazing friend too and have been since day one of my journey with SPARK people! So Congrats and thank you all rolled up together my friend!!! Take Care and keep up the good work!

emoticon emoticon emoticon


(bet you didn't know I could be serious for so long, huh?!?!?! LOL

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MDTWEETY 6/22/2009 7:51AM

    Happy Sparkiversary, and GREAT JOB!!!!
Keep on Sparking on!

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What a great day!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Yep, today was the day that I got to play softball. First game at 8:00...yes, that's AM! I had to borrow a blue shirt from my daughter. I don't have any blue shirts in my closet!! I couldn't believe it when I checked.

I played left field, right field and third. We played three games, won one, lost two. I hit the ball every time and all but one time got out at first. The other time, I was out at second. emoticon I was definitely impressed with how well these women could play!! They are flippin' AWESOME!!! I hope to some day be that good.

By the time we were done playing, it was 3:00. I had to hit the GF store before they closed and get gas (for my car, BIG DOG!), so I didn't get home until 4:00. Of course, I couldn't just sit down and relax. Nooooo! I had to unpack my bag of extra clothes, sunscreen, etc. Unpack the cooler. Fold the, three loads of laundry that my kids had gotten dried while I was gone. (BTW, I only did mine and DH's clothes. The kids take care of their own!). Finally, at 5:30, I got to sit down for a little while.

After dinner (hots and brats!), daughter and I took a walk around the neighborhood and I chatted with the neighbors for about 30 minutes. Will definitely sleep GOOD tonight!


Softball tomorrow!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Tomorrow is the softball tourney that I signed up for! So glad that I only signed up on Wednesday. I'd be going nuts if I had signed up earlier and had to wait longer! LOL! I've packed an extra set of clothes (there's a no-blood rule, whatev!), verified that I have my mitt, bat and gloves and, as soon as I'm done Sparkin' folks, I need to make my lunch.

My first game is at 8:00 tomorrow morning and I need to be there 30 minutes early. We get to meet each other and prepare the "panty pitch" ball. Apparently, the idea of a panty pitch, for those who don't know (I didn't!) is to attach a pair of panties to a softball using whatever we want, except glue/paste. The ball is then pitched to a batter on the other team. If the player hits the panties off the ball, it is a home run. If the panties fall off during the throw from pitcher to catcher, it is a double and all runners advance two bases. With my luck, I'll be the one who has the panty ball pitched to me and I'll be laughing so hard I won't be able to swing!

Need to head to bed early so I can get up early! Later taters!!


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