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Why is it that you want to eat more...

Monday, June 15, 2009

when you've just decided to eat better? At least I do. My calorie range is down since my weight range is up. My meal plan gave me plenty of food, spaced nicely so I always had food when I got hungry. So, what did I want? Lots and lots of whatever food I didn't have. Chocolate chip cookies sounded particularly good. And what did DH bring home from work? Yep, chocolate chip cookies. emoticon Yeah, I ate five of them.

The good news is that I did go to the gym. I did day 1, week 3 of the HPC and day 1, week 3 of the squats challenge plus cardio. I am starting again (right now!). My calories look good for tomorrow and I will work out. I will lose this extra five pounds and be able to go back to maintaining. Or die trying! LOL!


Scales lie!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Okay, it's not the scale lying, it's me lying to myself. I set my range to be between 130 and 135. I have consistently been over the 135 for the last two weeks. Not much over, just 1 - 2 pounds, but that's enough. I'm going back to my weight-loss mode for the next couple of weeks so I can get back into my range.

Of course, today wasn't the best start. Had breakfast at Carl Jr.'s (600+ calories). Made a plan that could still keep me in my range, but halfway through the afternoon my blood sugar started to drop. Needed to have some sugar to get it back up. So, I bought some old fashioned donuts. Yeah, I ate three. emoticon Didn't need that many, but they tasted good! Starting again right.....NOW!

On a positive note, my daughter actually asked to go to the gym today. Her Seventeen magazine came with a little pullout with 16 different exercises and she wanted to do them. So, we did! She had some problems with some of the moves and her shoulders hurt (we were working shoulders!), but she stuck with it. Hope to get her to keep doing them.


Do you know what happens when you microwave a cell phone?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I do! Yesterday, I get a phone call from a number that I don't recognize. I usually don't answer if I don't know who it is, but it was a local number and I thought it might be my kids calling. It was. My son was on the line and almost in tears.

We don't have a land line. We all have cell phones (well, the kids share one). My son had accidentally left the cell phone in the freezer and he was calling to tell me what he had done. I'm laughing (without him knowing, of course) because he is so worried and I know all you have to do is let it thaw and dry and it'll be fine. Then he tells me the next part.

When you have something that is frozen and you want to eat it right away, you nuke it. Shouldn't it work that way for phones too? Apparently not. emoticon He swears it was in the microwave for only five seconds, but I think it was longer than that. The SIM card is fried, there are melt marks on the case. In short, he killed the phone. It was funny and it was sad, but mostly it was funny.

Since he told the truth, my son did not get in trouble for the great phone incident. He did, however, learn a very valuable lesson. I also let him know that it is always best to admit a mistake rather than trying to cover it up. Because sometimes, the cover-up makes things worse.

BTW, the new phone is due in on Monday and cost us $50 to replace. The microwave was unharmed and no noxious odors were released. All in all, a fairly inexpensive (though priceless) lesson.

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NICOLE31397 6/14/2009 8:39AM

    LOL sounds like what my daughter might do. Sounds like you had the phone insured so it didn't cost 200 like ours did when it was broken in half...don't

On a sad/positive least it was a phone in the niece years ago was playing with the kittens and spilled water on one..and yep..micro... it was very sad, but she was only 4..not sure where her mother was all that time.

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RENA1965 6/14/2009 2:53AM

    Cross in the house, I thought my two ADHD teenagers did funny things but there is still time for them lol.. My ADHD boyfriend locked himself out 4 times of his appartment and we have a extra key so he doesn't lock our keys in too lol.. ROLFMAO!! I guess i have been lucky with teenage silly stuff as yet lol..

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_MAOMAO_ 6/14/2009 12:30AM

  Omg ROLFMAO! Of course, I had to click asap when I saw this blog title. I thought, oh no, no one would really do that - would they?

Btw, 2 or 3 years ago my mom called me, panicked. She'd run her phone thru the washer. I suggested she take the battery out, she also took the card out. She didn't try it again for 2 days. It worked great. Now, of course, the phones are so much more moisture sensitive than even several yrs ago, her newer phone probably wouldn't fare so well.

I feel SO bad for your son, really. Please let him know there's sympathy out here. You're welcome to tell him my Mom's story, too!

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JANTWO 6/14/2009 12:22AM

    I am glad all is well and that you have a very sweet and honest son!!!!

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Progress and Initial tests

Saturday, June 13, 2009

So, I started the 200 squats challenge today. According to the chart, if I could do more than 31 (for my age group) I ranked "excellent". I did 70. That's excellent even for the young whipper snappers (under 30)! Woo Hoo! So, I'm starting on week three for that challenge. Tomorrow, my legs will probably tell me that I'm an idiot for doing so many, but tonight I'm basking! emoticon

Tonight was also the progress test for the hundred push up challenges. In my initial test I did 23 pushups. Tonight, I did 30. I'm getting better! And, I get to stay on the third column! Tee hee!!

I'm still not starting the 200 sit up challenge until I finish these...or at least get to the last week. I don't really want to kill myself. Plus, softball starts in just under two weeks. That will use some muscles that aren't used to seeing action!

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_MAOMAO_ 6/13/2009 3:19AM

You only did 30 push-ups? Braggart! Squats, I have to watch those. If I squat too deep at least one knee pops every time!

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Challenges and dinner - no, not related!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Okay, dinner first. DH made tacos. Yum! Even if he made stuff I hate (like Sour Patch Kids), I would have still said THANK YOU and eaten it. emoticon

On to challenges. I just finished week 2, day 3 of the hundred push up challenge (HPC). Tomorrow I will do the progress test to see where I am on the chart for week 3. Planning to stay in the third column! The same website has two other challenges. One is the two hundred sit ups and the other is 200 squats. I've decided I'm going to do all three challenges. Not all at the same time, though! I think I'll start the 200 squats challenge tomorrow with the initial test. I think I will be able to do quite a few. Of course, I thought that with the pushups too. Boy was I disappointed by that test!! emoticon

I'll let you all know how I do on both tests. The sit up challenge will have to come in a couple of weeks. All three at once would probably kill me!

Oh, here's the link in case you're interested.

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MOVIEFREAK00 6/13/2009 10:17AM

    Thanks for sharing the hundred push up challenge website!! I really hate push ups but I think I may try to "push" (no pun intended) myself to do this!! I don't have strength training in my workout routine right now and this could be a great way to get it in!

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THATMARY 6/12/2009 4:16PM

    You can do it! And I agree doing all 3 would be really hard. You'd have to be a super hero to do all at once. My arms hurt just thinking of 100 push ups! You go girl!

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You are one go getter!
I got winded just reading your blog.
I might try the squats thou', will they count the squats that I do when I sit down to the table to eat? That would be the only way I could get them in these days.

When I wrestled in college, I did a minimum of 1,500 sit ups a day, and who knows how many squats and push ups. Those were the days, huh!

Keep up your great work
I'll squat down here at the 'puter and cheer you on,
does that count as another squat for ME?

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DONNAORLENE 6/12/2009 1:03AM

    Of course you would have said thank you no matter what...'cause your such a sweet person!! LOL!!! And you sure aren't gonna' look a gift horse in the mouth, huh? Where the heck did that come from and what in the world does it really mean anyway?!?!?!?!?! I don't know! But I'm glad your DH cooked dinner for you and you enjoyed it! However, I don't know if you'll be around to enjoy many more if you keep taking on all of these challenges...What are you crazy? Or are you really just trying to do yourself in? Why not just try running all the way to Homedale when you come to see me? Just kidding, I would kind of like to enjoy the visit once you get here. Let me know if you really can come and feel free to make it a full or part family outing if you want...the more the merrier...isn't that what they say? Or if it doesn't sound real exciting to them you can come alone...I'm sure we won't run out of things to say. Anyway, let me know and have a good Friday and a great weekend!!!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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