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Griping can be effective

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My status yesterday mentioned that I was tired of cooking. I mentioned it to my DH as well. He has agreed to cook dinner tomorrow night! Yippee!!! Every once in awhile, you just gotta let people know when you're done and they can pick up the slack. Ahhhhhh...... emoticon emoticon

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    I see said the blind man!
I hope you enjoy HIS cooking, and hope that he doesn't bring home something from McDonald's or White Castle, LOL.

I always enjoy your take on the situations in your life. Keep up the great work. Let us know how HIS dinner goes, if it's that good, I'll invite him to our house tomorrow night, and of course, you would be invited too, LOL

Thanks again, have a great day
Tony emoticon

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DONNAORLENE 6/11/2009 12:43AM

    Good for you! And you deserve it too! Hope you enjoy it to the max! And then kick back and's not even your week to do the dishes! Hee, hee, hee!
Have a good rest of the week!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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It's bad, but I laughed pretty hard...

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The guy I car pool with is an avid cyclist. The road to and from work has a portion that is VERY windy with no shoulders. I personally would never ride my bike on that road. Drivers have difficulty seeing other people on the road and there is no cell reception on that road. So, if you have a flat or an accident or whatever, you have to rely on the kindness of strangers.

That said, he has been riding his bike home (~21 miles), weather permitting. Today, he left at his normal time. Just as I was hitting the area with no cell reception, I get a phone call from him. Before I can find out what he wants, the call gets dropped. By the time I get reception again, I have two voice mails. One from him, one from his wife. Both telling me that he has two flat tires and can I please pick him up. I laughed sooooo hard. There's a history there that made me think that it served him right!! Since it didn't rain on him (and I was praying for that!), the two flats are second best! LOL!! I know, I'm terrible. But I laughed!

After I took him home (with windows WIDE OPEN!), his wife got in the truck to let me know how grateful she was to me for picking him up and irritated she was with him. Apparently, they are disagreeing on "priorities" and they are going to have a "discussion" tonight. Tee hee. He's in T-R-O-U-B-L-E!! Again, I'm terrible, but enjoying a giggle.

Okay, I'll be good now. Nite nite!

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_MAOMAO_ 6/13/2009 3:22AM

Hey, you may be terrible, but he'll live longer!

Oh, wouldn't you luv to be a fly on the wall when they had that 'discussion'?

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8-minute mile and more

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Okay, I was supposed to do an hour long DVD for my workout today. My heart just wasn't in it. So, I decided to go for a short two-mile run/jog instead. About two minutes into it I decided to see if I could run an eight minute mile (one of the books I just finished had the main character's daughter bragging that her mom could run that quickly. She couldn't, but that's beside the point.) See what reading can do to you?

Anyway, I just happened to be in a good spot to be able to easily measure one mile. Checked my watch and off I went! One mile later I looked at my watch. Eight minutes!!! Woo Hoo!! Of course, I was walking by then and sucking air, but I had done it! I walked/jogged back. At one point, I decided that I could walk once I hit a certain landmark. As I neared the landmark, there were two joggers headed my way. I couldn't stop jogging and walk while they were watching! That just isn't done! So I kept jogging until I was sure I was way past them and they weren't watching. By then, I was practically done, so I just finished it at a jog/run. Over all, the two miles took right at 20 minutes. I'm pretty happy with that!

After I had cooled down a little, I did day 2, week 2 of the HPC. Sets four and five were HARD!! But, I feel good that I have restarted this challenge. I know I'll make it to 100 push-ups this time! Yay me! emoticon

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THATMARY 6/12/2009 4:19PM

    Woohoo! You go! Now if you could just go run that 8 minute mile for me I would really appreciate it. :)

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Girl, you are rockin'.

I could have quit walking after they were 2 miles behind me and they still could have heard/felt the ground quit shaking, LOL

go get'em

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A nice lazy Sunday

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Slept in until about 8:30 this morning. DH made breakfast (YUM!) and then I headed to the gym. Oh, did a load of laundry first. Only took a little over two hours to wash and dry the entire load! I LOVE having my dryer vent clear! I will definitely be keeping up on that!

After lunch (sandwich, tomato, carrots) I sat in the sun and read my book. For dinner, DH BBQ'd some steaks and I cooked some mushrooms. It is the boy's week for dishes, so he loaded the dishwasher and then we started making some Gluten Free chocolate chip cookies. He did most of the work, so he's doubly excited. He helped and he gets to eat cookies!!! While he was working on those, I cut up the watermelon DH brought home and cleaned the strawberries. I bagged some of the strawberries for me to take to work. The family can fight over the watermelon (I don't like it!).

After I finish my Sparking fun, I will go finish my book and begin another. I'm reading The Jester by James Patterson. VERY good.

Hope you all have a good evening (and tomorrow, until I meet you again!).

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DONNAORLENE 6/8/2009 12:18AM

    Sounds like you had a good weekend. Mine was a bit on the lazy side since I'm sick again, but I guess it gives me an excuse to lay around and read and crochet. Couldn't get out in the sun, that's for sure! Definitely not bikini weather. Of course I wouldn't be out there in one any way. (No body wants to see a beached whale, especially when there's no beach! LOL!!!!) Anyway, hope you have a good week!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Tired, but done good...and dryer news!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

I slept in until 8:00 this morning. I didn't really want to get up, but I had things to do and only a few hours to do them (like every other day!). I got some laundry started and then told the kids I was going to the gym. The ONLY thing they had to do was transfer the clothes from the washer to the dryer and keep the dryer running. Guess what?!?! Yep, they didn't do it. So, after I got home, they did. AND, daughter did dishes (both loading the dishwasher and by hand), son cleaned the bathroom. Both kids pulled weeds and planted some flowers. By then, my mad had worn off so they were allowed to play again. But, the dryer was kept running the whole time I was gone grocery shopping!! emoticon

The other day, I found a flyer in my door. Usually, the flyers just go straight into the recycling. But not this time! This flyer was for cleaning dryer vents - only $20! I checked with by BBB, no record of this company at all. Figured it was a new company (hence, the flyer!). Checked a couple of other places. One only had a busy signal. The other charges $50 (which sounds standard) and up. I asked how long my vent could be before the price went up. They would not tell me over the phone. I would have to have them come out, do something (that I would have to pay for!) and THEN they would give me an estimate. Um....NO! So, I called the number and left a message. He called back about 4:00 this afternoon and answered my questions thoroughly. So, I asked him when he could come out (thinking at least a week, right!). He was at my house at 5:30 this afternoon, done by 6:00. AND, he changed the clamps on the hose from the dryer because he didn't like the way they were holding the hose. And guess how much he charged me?!?! Yep, $20. And, he offered to come back in six months to check the amount of build up....for free! Of course, if he cleans it again, the price will go up. But, it's worth it and I would definitely hire him again. If you live in the Kuna/Boise area and need your vents cleaned, send me an e-mail and I'll give you this guys name and number. One load shouldn't take 3+ hours to dry now!!! emoticon

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MOM2ACAT 6/7/2009 4:33PM

    $20 is a great deal on that dryer vent cleaning; and money well spent too, knowing that your vent is clean and safe now.

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MRDAYS 6/7/2009 3:22PM

    Best $20 you can spend. I had a dryer vent fire in my old house. The irritating thing about a dryer vent fire is that it conveniently sets the inside AND outside of your house on fire at the same time. It's not cool. I'm now the Katie Couric of dryer vents.

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    Wow Barbara,
I was afraid that your story was gonna be "the horror type story". Glad it worked out for you.

Wanna trade kids for a while? Your's do way more than mine ever did.

By the way, weigh day for me is Wednesday.
or should I have said

By the weigh, way day is Wednesday?


Thanks for the post, glad it worked out to your advantage

Tony emoticon

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