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Thursday, May 28, 2009

It was just a cruddy day. And, the sad thing, it was all my own darn fault! Nothing really bad happened. I even finished a couple of projects at work. I just woke up in a funk and couldn't seem to shake it. The only good thing is that my crankiness pushed me out the door for an extra walk this evening. Maybe I'll stop being such a whiner and actually enjoy my day tomorrow! Or not. emoticon You'll have to tune and see. LOL!!

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NICOLE31397 5/28/2009 9:25PM

    We all have those day Barbara. Especially when the weather is bad like it is here. Rain all day for days on end.

Chin up the sun will shine and you will feel better as well.

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Some days are just like that, and some weeks are too, LOL
Cheer up sweet thing.
Yes, I'll tune in to see if this well be like the soap opera, Days of our Lives, LOL

Hope you have a SUPER Great day!

PS, you're not a whiner



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Who else hates air conditioning?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Every day, I wear a jacket or a sweater or some other long-sleeved article of clothing into work. In the summer, especially when it is truly hot outside, I get grief about wearing a sweater. My answer is always the same. If I were outside, where it's warm, I wouldn't need the sweater. Instead, I am inside, where the air conditioning is on high and therefore I am cold. I even have a space heater to keep myself semi-warm at work.

And don't even get me started about the temp at home!! emoticon DH is warm-blooded and if the AC is higher than 68, he swears he's dying! I will be huddled in a blanket and a jacket and he's comfy in shorts and short sleeves. And he pretends to not understand why I go sit outside in the sun so often!

Any way, I'm just hoping that someone else out there suffers with me. AC, in moderation, is fine. It's just that no one else seems to agree with my definition of moderation! emoticon

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DONNAORLENE 5/27/2009 11:43PM

    Would you like a little "whine with that cheese"? Oh come on now, you know you missed me!!! Even if I wasn't gone that long!! Hey you know what, I missed you too!! And in catching up, you've been one busy lady...WOW!! And guess what else? I agree with you!!!! We just left winter behind for cryin' out loud!!! I sure don't want to be freezin' butt cold in the summer!! I'm with you, I want to soak up some sun. So have a good day tomorrow and know that I'll be thinking of you sitting at work in that dang sweater!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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_MAOMAO_ 5/27/2009 1:51AM

  I don't have AC at home. Fortunately I live with east & west windows & often there's a cool breeze. But at my Mom's it's different. Even though it tends to be a bit cooler here, the breeze is missing & she can't stand to have any windows open. Aaargh! I know allergies are serious, I have them too. But it gets so hot in her place. The AC blows right on the puter chair & rather directly on her recliner & the bed. I've been known to sneak open the window behind the puter & leave the curtains closed. Later I'll shut the window while she's in the bathroom. Aren't I wicked? I'm one of those folks who doesn't want my truck's AC really really cold. It's just weird to get out of the car then. Yes, it's great in moderation. I sure wish I had it at home. But overdosing on it bites!

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Glorious day off!

Monday, May 25, 2009

What a great day off this was. Slept in. Went out for breakfast. Came home and read my book. Sandwich and salad for lunch. Read my book some more. Headed to the gym. Made dinner and went out for ice cream. Now, it's time to read my book, do the crossword and watch TV. Yippee!!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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_MAOMAO_ 5/25/2009 10:35PM

  A day off's a treat, isn't it? This is my first holiday off in a long time. I got out of bed about 1030! I did my strength training. I haven't done much cardio yet, but the day's not over!

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

I have decided to restart the Hundred Pushup Challenge. Last time, I did 18 pushups in my initial test and got through week 3 before an injury side-lined me. I took the initial test again last week (23!) and did week 1, day 1 today. Apparently, the JM workouts are paying off. It would be really cool if I could actually do 100 pushups, in a row! I mean, it will be cool WHEN I can! emoticon

In other news, I think I'm finally caught up on my to-dos. I went grocery shopping today and went to the gym. I also trimmed the lawn so my daughter could mow it. DH is getting ready to grill some steaks (YUM!) and I'm going to read my book! Finally time to relax. YAY me!!! emoticon


I didn't do it...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I did not finish my to-do list, not even close.

Planned to get up early, head to the gym and then come home for the yard sale. Didn't happen. Got to bed waaaaaaayyyyy too late to get up that early.

Planned to run the yard sale, put everything away and get my son to the birthday party by 2:00. Did all of that, but he was 10 minutes late to the party. (Side note - made $170!! All of that is going into the Wii fund! Woot!)

Planned to get my menus and grocery list done. Menus are planned, grocery list is not complete.

Planned to go grocery shopping. See above.

Most importantly, planned to go to the library. Gathered my books, had my list for what books to check out and headed out! Yay!! Got to the library...they were closed. emoticon I guess I missed that they would be closed for the holiday weekend. Bummer!

I did head out to the gluten-free store to get the stuff I needed there and decided to hit Wal-Mart while I was out. I had about one and half hours to drop off the donations from the yard sale, hit two stores and make it back to town to pick up my son from his birthday party. Easy, schmeezy, lemon squeezy, right? Isn't there a saying about man plans and God laughs. He was ROTFLHAO (the H is HIS instead of my, in case you were wondering).

I get to Wal-Mart and some guy in the parking lot flags me down. My front passenger tire was flat. (Thanks, dude, for telling me! I might not have noticed! How could I not notice? Good question...wish I had an answer!) The valve stem had separated from the rest of my tire...same thing that happened to a different tire about six weeks ago. (yeah, I'm getting the other two checked ASAP!) Luckily, I was at Wal-Mart which just happens to have a tire center. They were able to fix the tire for just under $10. That part is great. The not so great part is that they finished with my truck at 3:50. I needed to pick up my son at 4:00. I was about 25 minutes from home...

This is where having older kids and living in a small town come in handy. My daughter was able to walk over to the party (about 1/2 mile away), get my son and walk him home. emoticon Once we got that figured out, I felt MUCH better. But after finding the flat and before working that out, I was feeling a bit o'stress! (Note the understatement! LOL!)

Finally made it home and waited to hear from DH. I try to time having dinner ready to when he'll be home, give or take a few minutes. Of course, he doesn't answer the phone when I call. Or when I call 10 minutes later. Or when we call from the kids' phone ten minutes after that. Fine! I started dinner without waiting to hear when he would be home. Guess who walks in just as I'm putting dinner on the table. Yep! That man lives a charmed life (and not just because he's married to me!) He apologized for missing my call. Good thing I wasn't waiting for him to fix my flat!

So, my to-do list has been continued on to tomorrow. I will finish my grocery list, workout, go grocery shopping. And that's it. I'm not adding anything else to the list...except laundry and that doesn't really count. There is ALWAYS laundry to do!

I will sleep well tonight...pure exhaustion will do that to you! Sleep well Spark friends!

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That is some blog!
I got a kick out of you trying to "finish" a to do list.

I learned not too long ago something from my late father.
He told me the secret to working on to do list.
First, start page one
when page one is full,
start page too
(One other point to mention, we both use small index cards for our to do lists)
when page two if full
start page three
and throw away pages one and two
No matter if all items were completed or not.

The moral of the story is:
You never have too many things on your list!

Cute idea, but actually quite true.
If an item is on the list more than three days,
it did not need to be on the list anyway.

Hope your weekend is a good one.
Thanks for posting, I have nothing better to do
than to read all the fun stuff that others do, LOL

Tony emoticon

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