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New mouse, new hair

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We finally have a new mouse for our computer!!! emoticon The old one would randomly double click so it was very difficult to do anything. There were many times I closed pages that I didn't want to close and copy/paste was out of the question. My DH must have gotten tired of hearing me complain because he went out tonight just to get a new one. He didn't even pick up cookies or candy or anything! True love!

I am finally getting my hair done this Saturday. I'm in a bit of a quandary, though. I really like my daughter's hair - the cut and color. I'll be dyeing my hair red, just not as dark as hers. The problem is, I don't want to have the same hair cut as my kid. I do, but I do not want to be one of those mother/daughter duos who have the same hair cut. I think we each deserve our own look. The thing is, we have similar hair. Naturally straight. Mine is thinner (one place I don't want to be skinny!) and tends to go flat VERY quickly after styling. I even took a picture of my daughter on my phone so I can show it to my beautician. I'll tell her "Don't do this!"

In other news, day 2 (third attempt) of no DP. Feeling good. Still no pushups for me. My back is getting better, but I'm not ready to tax it yet. Maybe by Friday?



Restarted over, more time

Monday, March 16, 2009

Had DP yesterday (a lot) and started again today with having none. Feel good when I don't drink it, so not sure why I keep going back. I'm doing better and drinking a lot less than I was. It helps that I told DH that I don't drink DP anymore. Therefore, in his world, all of the DP in the fridge is his! LOL!! Actually, it helps. It's not mine to drink. If I want some, I have to go buy it and I am CHEAP!!

Falling way behind on the HPC. Back still hurts. Yesterday while at the gym I decided to try a knees pushup to see if pushups used that muscle. YEP!!! Stopped before I really started. I figure its better to heal and then start over than it is to push and possibly do some permanent damage.

Stayed within my calorie range today. Planning to eat well all week and then have a night off on Saturday (Bunco!). But, just Saturday night for the two hours I have company. Not all day and not after everyone has gone home. Gives me nice, solid boundaries to enjoy the splurge and stop when it's time.



Productive Weekend

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Usually, on Sundays, I sit on my bum and read. Today I was actually pretty busy. I'm hosting Bunco next weekend and my house needed some serious attention. I decided I needed to start working on it this weekend, or it would NEVER be ready in time!

First thing I did was knock down the spider webs. Felt tons better just doing that! Then, I cleared off the desk (right in the dining room/living room area) and the table next to it. Beautiful!! Next, I fixed my vacuum cleaner so I could vacuum. Then I had a better idea. I had my daugher vacuum instead! How wonderful of an idea is that! emoticon

During that time, the family also went out to lunch and a small shopping trip. Forgot to get a new mouse. Oh well. After the shopping/lunch trip, I headed to the gym for an hour cardio session and then came home to finish up laundry.

Tried a new recipe, Tortilla Chip Casserole. My DH told me that it was "adequate" which to me means BLECH! Of course, he's had three or four margaritas and thought he was being cute. emoticon The important thing is that the whole family said I could make it again. And it makes a ton! Leftovers for me and the boy for days!!!!

My back is still hurting, so I'm behind on the HPC. Looks like I'll have to start over on week 3 sometime next week...I hope!

Time to go sit on my bum and read now!!


Not too bad today

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My back is still hurting, but I was able to work out (no upper body stuff, tho!). After the gym, I made menus for the next two weeks, wrote the grocery list, gathered coupons, library books and items to return and headed out. (Laundry was getting done too!)

I was out of the house from 11:30 until 3:30 getting all my tasks done. The nice thing is I don't have to go back out tomorrow! I took an apple and a bottle of water with me so I could have a healthy snack. At Wal-Mart, I bought another water since mine was empty. So close to buying DP, but opted out of it. (Pat on the back for me!) Finished up my shopping and determined that I had room in my calorie budget to have a snack to help tide (is that the correct spelling?) me over until supper. Stopped at the nearest service station and wandered the aisles. I know, I know, not the best idea. But, it was better than stopping that the McDonald's right by the grocery store! I ended up buying pretzels and two liters of DP (they were on sale). I ate ~one serving of pretzels and gave the rest to my daughter. And, I've only drunk about 1/3 of the DP. Switched to tea at home. Yay for me!!!

Hoping the back chills long enough for me to get the next workout on HPC (hundred pushup challenge). I really want to meet this goal!



So much to cover...

Friday, March 13, 2009

and so little time. emoticon

So, I had a can of DP today. It was at the end of the day and b4 I went to the gym. Speaking of the gym, I changed into workout clothes when I got home from work, because that is what I do. I was seriously considering skipping it because I am really tired. But, my family talked about how much more tired I would be when I got back from the gym and just took it for granted that I was going. I thought "Wow! This is awesome! I have trained them to expect me to be gone. How wonderful is that?" So, of course, I went! Yay! Good thing too, cos today has been an eating day. Cookies, a fried burger and tots, candy. Lots of food. It's okay. One day every once in awhile won't kill me. Back on track tomorrow.

Didn't do my pushups today. I did something to that muscle right below my shoulder blade on the right side. You know the one. It's the one you use when you cough, sneeze or (oh yeah) BREATHE! It's getting better, so I'll try my day 3 week 3 tomorrow. Wish me luck!

I am an uber-organizer. Because of that, I was writing down all of my to-do's for tomorrow. Looks like they will run into Sunday! After I get all of the to-do's written down, I will put them in order and plan my route! The cool thing is that one of the to-do's is Jillian Michael's No More Trouble Zones (assuming I can breathe! LOL!) I'm very excited to start the DVD! Expect a report tomorrow.

It's getting late. Need to go finish watching WNTW and then head to bed.

See you on the flip side!


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