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Vacation plans, or is it staycation?

Thursday, July 08, 2010

It is a stay-cation all the way! Woo Hoo!! I do have a couple of things planned. Water park at least a couple of days. A local park and the zoo another day. Will meet my mom for lunch one day as well. I will workout each day before the activities planned and I will watch my food intake. I plan to maintain my healthy lifestyle even then!

That's it. Only seven more work wake-ups til vacation!

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RWETHAIRYET 7/8/2010 8:16PM

    My next time off will be a staycation, lol, the last few times off I've had have been way too busy for my taste!!
Of course, I was informed that there would be no more time off for me, once again...seems they barely survived it, haha.

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STEELKICKIN 7/8/2010 11:04AM

    Yay!!! Staycations are the best! Unless you get a chocolate factory yanked out from underneath you...then it's the PITS!

Have fun....may the rest of your work week go quickly.


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LMB-ESQ 7/8/2010 10:25AM

    I want one!

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GEEMAWEST 7/8/2010 9:23AM


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BKNOCK 7/8/2010 8:58AM

    Sounds like a good time! I am sort of doing that in August except that I fly to Florida and take a staycation at my friends place. We go to the pool and go to the beach and go out to lunch!

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BETHGILLIGAN 7/8/2010 8:23AM

    I love those kinds of vacations!! Sounds great!!!

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FITKAT2010 7/8/2010 6:26AM

    How fun!

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SUZYMOBILE 7/8/2010 6:25AM

    Sounds good, and even better if it makes it easier for you to stay on plan!

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DONNAORLENE 7/8/2010 2:22AM

    Sounds like a cool vacation! Laid back and fun!

emoticon emoticon emoticon


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USFBULL 7/8/2010 12:42AM

    emoticon emoticon

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Holiday for some, not for others

Monday, July 05, 2010

Since the fourth of July fell on a Sunday this year, many businesses counted today as the holiday. My company did not. However, many of the people I work with did take today off. Made for a very quiet day!

I was able to update one of my spreadsheets, create three or four new Gantt charts and add them to the correct page and send out some forms to our subcons. The hardest part of the day was staying awake, though! I was up late due to the fireworks but still had to get up at my normal time to get to work.

The good news is that the day actually went by very quickly. Only nine more wake-ups until vacation! (I'm not counting the weekends.) emoticon

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RWETHAIRYET 7/6/2010 8:50PM

    hmmm, yes I had yesterday "off" Let's see, I was out late the night before at the fire works with my daughter and granddaughter (after being up early to catch my flight from PA to NH. I was up at the crack of dawn, unpacking, doing laundry, trying to track down all the cheerios the grandbaby had stashed everywhere while "housesitting" with her mom and get things picked up with overnight guests coming in the evening. Picke up son (30 min drive in heat and high humidity with no airconditioning to pick up youngest son, take him to the apartment he just got evicted from so we could retrieve the things he most wanted/needed (again, heat, humidity, no airconditioning. Took him home, did two pet visits for the hubby and then came home and collapsed.
It was almost a relief to go to work today after a busy extra long weekend of traveling/weddings/fireworks/etc...
..especially since it was airconditioned there haha.

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SUZYMOBILE 7/6/2010 7:21AM

    Yep, and today won't be as much of a shock for you as it will be for me, starting on my ambitious new to-do list for the rest of the year. Can you do up a Gantt chart for my projects, LOL?

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MRE1956 7/6/2010 4:06AM

    While I was "off" yesterday, I didn't find this to be a holiday in any way, shape or form......long, unpleasant story that's not even worth sharing as I've vented enough about my "bad patch" for a while......glad that you got things done (I've also noticed that quiet days are good for accomplishment).....

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PECHEY3 7/6/2010 12:53AM

    I am glad you had a good day at work yesterday was a work a day for me with out holiday pay. emoticon

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DONNAORLENE 7/6/2010 12:39AM

    Sounds like you got a lot accomplished and it was the best Monday you've had in a while! Good for you! It's great you've got vacation coming up! Have you got plans or are you just going to wing it? Knowing you, it's probably well organized by now. LOL!!! BTW what did you think of the picture on Steelkickin's Blog? Pretty funny huh? But not quite as cute as Biker Babe! LOL!!! Well, take care and have a great week.

emoticon emoticon emoticon


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GEEMAWEST 7/5/2010 11:32PM

    This was my regular day off so I really didn't get a "holiday" day. But I'm taking Saturday off and will have 3 days off next weekend. Glad you had some peace and quiet at work.

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STEELKICKIN 7/5/2010 10:36PM

    At least you had a quiet day. It's nice that you have a vacation to look forward to. It should help the rest of your work days go by a little quicker. Or, if you're like me, when I was working, it made them go SLOWER....

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AUNTIEANNE22 7/5/2010 10:16PM

  I worked yesterday and today is my usual day off. I worked until 9 this morning and I'm back at work now. The hours in the middle were hours off.
I was going to try for vacation this summer,but I'm having to use my earned time to make up for hours I lose due to shift cancellations. I guess my three days in Minneapolis will be as close as I get to a vacation this summer.

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CARRAND 7/5/2010 9:48PM

    I'm so glad I didn't have to work today. I needed the rest. But tomorrow will be harder with things stacked up for me to do.
You'll really enjoy your vacation, I'm sure.

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BKNOCK 7/5/2010 9:44PM

    Wow, you had to work? I guess it is a good day to get a lot done! Tomorrow I go back after 10 days off. Have I told you that I am not ready? LOL! My next vacation starts on July 24th for a week at the beach. Not much of a vacation though because I usually end up cooking all of our dinners but it is a change!

Take care!

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DIDMIS 7/5/2010 9:34PM

    Glad you have a nice vacation to look forward to.

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HAPPYMOM8 7/5/2010 9:30PM

    Good for you! Your quiet day payed off anyway! Now you can look forward to your own longer vacation with those jobs behind you. Pat

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Happy Birthday Donna!!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Today isn't Donna's birthday, but today is the day she had a BBQ at her house to celebrate both the 4th of July and her birthday. I met Donna through SparkPeople and found out that we live less than an hour from each other. When she mentioned that she was having a party, she invited me (and Michelle!) to come as well.

Yay! I thought...I can go meet Donna! Yippee!!! So, I did. I've never been to her hometown, even though it is fairly close and I have lived in the area for years. I Googled directions, got all my groceries bought and put away, my exercise done and off I went!

Donna and I had a very nice chat and I got to meet many of her family members. Luckily there was no quiz on names or else I'd still be there! LOL! We did do a shout out to Michelle since she lives in Ohio and couldn't quite make the trip.

Here's a picture of Donna and me in her back yard.

And here's a picture of us with a special "hello" to Michelle.

I believe this one was titled "Neener Neener Michelle!" LOL!

It was a very nice visit and I am really glad that I made the trip to meet Donna! It was awesome!!! Even though I made a wrong turn on the way home and got lost! Visited two more towns I had never been to before! LOL!

I'm home now and tired. Time to read my book and then get ready for bed. Happy Fourth y'all!

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AUNTIEANNE22 7/4/2010 8:56PM

  Glad you were able to meet a fellow Sparker. We had a NH get together, but I was working. Aren't you glad there wasn't a test on names? I'm always terrible with them.

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BKNOCK 7/4/2010 7:39AM

    Oh no, you had to do that to Michelle? Life is going to be interesting!

Looks like you not only had a great day but a great time! Sorry you got lost on your way home! Everything looks different in the dark.

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STEELKICKIN 7/4/2010 2:09AM

    LMBO! Adorable, you two! It is 2:05 am here in Ohio and the biker cookout thingy just got wrapped up; I tripped over myself getting to the computer to go to your page...hoping to see some pics...and I got NEENERED!!! Payback is gonna be suh-WEET!

I'm so happy that you guys had such a great time. But seriously, you got lost on the way home? What's up with that? Exactly what kind of beverages did Donna have?

Thanks for the made my day!

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GEEMAWEST 7/4/2010 1:51AM

    That's great, Barb. I absolutely love the "Neener Neener Michelle" picture. It suits her. LOL

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DONNAORLENE 7/4/2010 12:30AM

    Great Blog! You beat me to it! I just posted my pictures in my photo album. I was so thrilled you came! It was a great day and getting to meet you made it even more awesome! Once in a lifetime experience!
But I can't believe you got lost on the way home!!!LOL!!! Where else did you visit before you got home? You are so funny! And to think I was just telling my brother and my son how super intelligent you are!! LOL!! Well, I'm absolutely worn out and so I'm going to go read and go to bed too! Thanks so much for making the trip I Know it took a lot out of your day! And thank you for the Birthday present too! It's Awesome!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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New recipes? For this family?

Saturday, July 03, 2010

It's payday so that means that tomorrow is grocery shopping day. I ask the family every two weeks what they want to eat in the next two weeks. They keep naming things until I have 14 dinners written down.

Tonight, I found out that my daughter no longer cares for lasagna. emoticon Add that to the tacos that she "tolerates" and I'm starting to run out of foods that she will eat. Found a new recipe for salmon cakes. Okay, it wasn't was in the O magazine's January issue. I'm just way behind on reading my magazines! Anyway, DS is excited about trying salmon cakes. DD was lukewarm about it. DH said Umm...NO!

So, I'm making salmon cakes! Next weekend. While DH is out town. They sound really good and with my luck everyone else will love them. Oh well.

I did find a recipe in a Weight Watcher's magazine for "wings" but you use drumsticks. I marinated them overnight this time before baking them. The WHOLE family liked them! Even DH who always bitc....complains about having chicken. emoticon

Oh well...I have fourteen dinners written down and ready to be plugged into the calendar and then ingredients to plug into the grocery list and then groceries to buy. The exciting circle of life. emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

BIG_SCOTS_LASS 7/4/2010 6:58PM

    Sounds like DD needs to go and spend some time where they eat rice and beans morning, noon and night, *then* she'd appreciate your lasagne and tacos!

When I was growing up we had the same menu, week in, week out. Sunday was a roast (beef, lamb, chicken, pork), then Monday & Tuesday were soup or stovies (watered-down minced meat & potatoes - bit like a thick soup or stew and nicer than it sounds) made from the bones and left-over meat of the roast. Wednesday was mince or stew & potatoes, Thursday was fish & chips, Friday was either smoked haddock or tripe (vile and vile! I always went hungry on Friday nights!) and on Saturday it was liver and bacon.

We had variations in the summer, with cold meat & salad or potted meat with new potatoes and cabbage, but it was all much of a muchness. And if I didn't like it, I went hungry, which did me no harm whatsoever. If DD doesn't like what you're cooking, maybe it's time she took a turn in the kitchen? Just my tuppence worth.

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LADYIRISH317 7/3/2010 11:51AM

    You COULD always say that those who are not satisfied with the food are welcome to take over the cooking themselves...

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LMB-ESQ 7/3/2010 9:58AM

    Well, congrats! You're doing better than me!

I think in my old age, I've run out of patience for finicky eaters (humans, that is... I'll still tolerate finicky-ness in my pets) You don't want to eat what I'm making? Fine, then don't eat. Of course, around here, most everybody feeds themselves most of the time anyway. I ran out of cooking juice a long time ago!

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TORNADO40 7/3/2010 8:29AM

    Sounds like you have a really picky family. My DD was picky back in high school, but when she went off to college and had to deal with getting her own meals together she got a lot less picky.

Do you do all the cooking or do they help out?? If it is just on you then you might want to get them more involved in someway. Good luck...sounds like you are running a diner with really picky customers!! emoticon

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CARLANNIE 7/3/2010 7:33AM

    Hey, lady - you receive all my admiration! If I plan two days ahead of time, I'm feeling pretty darn good about myself, LOL! Your dd sounds somewhat like mine did when she was about 14, before she went to the vegetarian side. One by one, foods were crossed off her list until she realized she didn't like meat. She does now, so it makes my life a whole lot easier.

Salmon cakes do sound yummy! Enjoy the Fourth!!!

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BKNOCK 7/3/2010 6:54AM

    You sound like a really nice mom! My mom put it on the table and said to bad, eat it!

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MUSIC66 7/3/2010 1:10AM

    salmon ckes sound yummy.

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Catching up

Thursday, July 01, 2010

So, the trip to Korea? The one that I wasn't going to get to go on? was cancelled today. Or at least put on hold until November. Probably won't go then either, but I can start the drama all over again then! LOL!

Things have slowed down a little at work. I know, I shouldn't have said that! I just jinxed myself!!!

One of the guys I work with is off tomorrow and Monday. The other one is off Monday - Friday next week. Translation? I am on my own on Monday! emoticon How can I delegate anything when there is no one there to delegate to??

That's really about all I have tonight! Hope you all have a stupendous Friday!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

JOHNTJ1 7/2/2010 8:16AM

    If I didnt have any drama in my life I'm afraid I would be bored. It follows me around like a four year old.

Ah well, if you are a passionate person concerning life then I guess there will always be just a tad bit of drama going on somewhere.

It's what makes us normal Barb

much love


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BKNOCK 7/2/2010 8:09AM

    I love the drama updates! It is almost like a soap opera, well not quite but you know what I mean!

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CAROLEHZ 7/2/2010 8:05AM

    I agree with USFBULL you have time to get your passport. It's expensive and takes time. Your employer will probably pay for it so may as well take advantage of that (even if you end up using it for your own travel later, it's good for 10 years) and also, it will show that your ready when the time comes to go...if that's what you want to do...then you can have drama without real drama ( of having to have a rush passport which is a lot more $).

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DONNAORLENE 7/2/2010 12:30AM

    Can't wait for the drama!!! So are you coming Saturday or not? You can bring the whole gang! Well, If I don't see you, Have a great 4th of July!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon


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USFBULL 7/2/2010 12:06AM

    That gives you time to get your passport just in case you decide to actually go. Not that I would push in that direction emoticon emoticon You just might enjoy the trip emoticon emoticonJust something to stew about emoticon emoticon A emoticon emoticon

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