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Never Forget

Saturday, September 11, 2010

In total 3,497 people died in the attacks on 11 September 2001.

•2,735 civilians in the World Trade Center died
•87 passengers and crew members aboard American Airlines Flight 11 that hit the North Tower
•60 passengers and crew aboard United Flight 175 that hit the South Tower
•343 New York City firefighters and rescue workers and 23 New York City law enforcement officers, 47 Port Authority workers and 37 Port Authority Police Officers, lost their lives when they rushed in to save the victims in the World Trade Center
•36 passengers and crew aboard United Flight 93, who gave their lives stopping four hijackers over Pennsylvania
•64 passengers and crew aboard American Airlines Flight 77 that crashed into the Pentagon, killing them and 125 people in the building.

The 19 homicidal maniac murderers on the 4 planes are not included in the above count, nor should they be.

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VOLLMELD 9/11/2010 9:20PM

    Thank you for sharing. emoticon

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    We spent the day watching the footage on the History Channel.

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NELLIEC 9/11/2010 5:52PM

    The many crosses call to us to return to Jesus first! Yes, we shouldn't forget, but we should also remember why Jesus is first. He is based on LOVE, not hate.

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GLAMNGLOWDIVA 9/11/2010 1:27PM

    Thank you for sharing. God Bless America.

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WARMSPRINGDAY 9/11/2010 12:28PM

    Thank you for this memorial!

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GRANDMA624 9/11/2010 8:08AM

  I'll never forget. emoticon

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Homemade DIY Furniture

Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm interested in the modular desks and modular bookcases.

Does anyone have other DIY free sites, online only (not TV, not magazine)?

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    Not for buying online. Homemade. DIY. Make it yourself.

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DEVORA4 9/11/2010 3:53AM

  I don't buy anything on line except some books Sorry

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JANC319 9/11/2010 1:14AM

  I would try
there are lots of DIY projects and instructions.

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    Not for buying online. DIY.

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    Sorry, I seldom buy anything online.

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    I meant online only per email only, not TV or magazine, thanks I'll add that to my blog.

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PATTYKLAVER 9/10/2010 7:42AM

    I believe the do-it-yourself TV channel has its own website.

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The Honest Food Guide, & Out On A Limb

Thursday, September 09, 2010

The Honest Food Guide (HFG) is now available for downloading free of charge and is:
*Free from the corruption and influence of various food industries (dairy, beef, junk foods, etc.)
*Designed to benefit you, not Big Business
*Offers genuine nutritional information, not watered-down information designed to boost the sale of milk, beef and grains

Today is Thankful Thursday, lower body ST and walking. I'm checking out a free class tonight that has exercise set to contemporary Christian music. And since I didn't clean out the fridge yesterday, I'm behind the 8-ball today, have alot of chores to get done.

But right now I'm going outside for a walk as soon as it gets light enough, it's 5:22am.

Have a great day SparkFriends!

OUT ON A LIMB . . . or branch, blade, blossom, stem . . .
(I love the ones that look like they're precariously perched, barely there, or hanging off of something)

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YW84FRIDAY 9/11/2010 10:58PM

  Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing.


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NELLIEC 9/9/2010 4:22PM

    Hmmmmm, if you take these pictures yourself, have you ever thought about a career in butterfly photography?

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    They are almost flowers in themselves.

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SUNNY332 9/9/2010 8:53AM

    We have had lots of butterflies in our yard recently and even have seen some Monarchs. The journey south should be starting soon.

Take care and do have a GREAT day. Thanks for the food guide.


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PLAYBLUES22 9/9/2010 8:48AM

    Sweetie, thank you for the info and the butterflies they are so beautiful

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BEESPARKLE 9/9/2010 8:19AM

    I wish I had those colours of butterfly's in Canada. Flying about .

We just have the Monarch and a odd blue one.

So my son had bought me a calendar so I have the same as you are showing. All variations.

How caterpillars so creepy crawly in appearance can turn out so beautiful. Afterwards.

Sort of like us.
From pleasantly plump at one time to extremely Awesome Beautiful.

You think. emoticon

Comment edited on: 9/9/2010 8:20:37 AM

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JANC319 9/9/2010 8:03AM

  We've had lots of butterflies in our yard lately. Everytime I see one, I think of you.
Wish I was good with a camera, but, alas, I always shake and every picture is a blur.

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SinuFix, Wellness Formula, Declutter Your To-Do List

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I like TRINITYROYAL's organizational secret very much:

"De-clutter your to-do list
Evaluate every item on your to-do list by asking yourself these 2 questions: 1) Is it required to meet my family's basic needs? 2) Does this action bring me closer to my life goal? If the answer to both questions is no, remove it from your list. If the answer to either question is yes, keep it. You will be surprised at how many things you strike off. Be sure to ask the same questions about any new items you plan to add."

Very wise, very timely advice for this time of the year when I'm thinking about goals and goal setting.


A thread on one of my teams, Natural Healing, sparked me to do research.

I use SinuFix by NaturalCare, one per day, and don't get sick. I had chronic and acute sinus infections for decades, every fall and every spring like clockwork. During bad years I'd get them in the summer too, or, stay sick for a whole 6 months, fall through spring. Just miserable. I am still today recovering and repairing my body and health from all the damage done by the antibiotics I took regularly for decades for extended periods, due to sinus infections. SinuFix changed all that. 2-3 per day are usually enough to clear up the sinus infection in a few days, though you can take up to a maximum of 4 per day. No antibiotics, no office visit, no copay, and no prescription needed.

I personally ship ONLY to a PO Box (not a UPS fan), so I don't use iHerb though I've heard lots of Sparkers like iHerb. Their shipping is only free if it's UPS, and iHerb won't ship - at all! - to a PO Box if the order is more than $80. No thank you.

Also Swanson's and Vitacost's shipping is only five bucks - very inexpensive. In addition to that, they ship to PO Boxes no problemo, with no minimum nor maximum order amount. In addition to that, they frequently have specials for free shipping, or specials that value more than $5 which is the same thing as getting free shipping. In addition to that, their price is always a few dollars less than iHerb. In addition to that, you can checkout via PayPal with Swanson and Vitacost, something I appreciate very much. I almost never use my cards online. It has to be for something pretty rare, like a plane ticket.

When doing research today, I included iHerb since so many like the company and enjoy their free shipping via UPS.

On the thread several people brought up Wellness Formula by Source Naturals. Since several liked it and I've heard it mentioned before by Sparkers, I decided to look into it. And since some on the thread were using it the same way I use SinuFix, I decided to compare the two as well.


Echinacea, garlic, Vit A, Vit C, and Zinc

Andrographis Aerial Parts Extract (10% andrographolides) 100 mg †
Angelica Root Extract (1% ligustilide) 30 mg †
Astragalus Root Extract (10:1) 20 mg †
Bioflavonoids84 mg †
Boneset Aerial Parts Extract (4:1) 90 mg †
Cayenne Fruit 40 mg †
Copper (as copper citrate) 300 mcg 15%
Echinacea angustifolia Root Extract (4% echinacosides) 15 mg †
Elderberry Fruit Extract (5% flavonoids) 246 mg †
Elecampane Root Extract (4:1) 114 mg †
Eleuthero Root Extract (5:1) 75 mg †
Ginger Root Extract (5% gingerols) 30 mg †
Goldenseal Root Extract (5% alkaloids) 48 mg †
Grape Seed Extract (Proanthodyn™) 30 mg †
Horehound Aerial Parts Extract (4:1) 54 mg †
Isatis Leaf Extract (4:1) 18 mg †
Isatis Root Extract (4:1) 36 mg †
Mullein Leaf Extract (4:1) 47 mg †
Olive Leaf Extract (15% oleuropeins) 129 mg †
Pau D' Arco Bark Extract (3:1) 33 mg †
Polygonatum odoratum Rhizome 270 mg †
Propolis Extract (2:1) 216 mg †
Propolis153 mg †
Selenium (as sodium selenite) 60 mcg 90%

Astaxanthin complex
Butterbur (Petasites vulgare) (root extract)
Calcium (as Calcium ascorbate) 23 mg 2%
Grapefruit (seed extract)
N-Acetyl cysteine (NAC)
Nettle (leaf extract)
Oregano (leaf extract)
Peppermint (Mentha piperita) (leaf extract)
Vit B-5 (Pantothenic Acid as calcium pantothenate) 92 mg 920%
Vit B-6 (as Pyridoxine HCl) 27 mg 1350%

Between Wellness and SinuFix; and between iHerb, Swanson, Vitacost

SinuFix capsules are only avail from manufacturer in bottles of 60
SinuFix svg size is 2, 30 svg per bottle
SinuFix Swanson $17.35, 58 cents per svg
SinuFix Vitacost, $17.45, 58 cents per svg
SinuFix iHerb, $19.89, 66 cents per svg

90 tabs Wellness, svg size is 3, 30 svg per bottle
Wellness Swanson $11.91, 40 cents per svg
Wellness Vitacost, $12.22, 41 cents per svg
Wellness iHerb, $13.16, 44 cents per svg

120 capsules Wellness, svg size is 6, 20 svg per bottle
Wellness Swanson $11.41, 57 cents per svg
Wellness Vitacost $11.70, 59 cents per svg
Wellness iHerb $12.60, 63 cents per svg

180 tabs Wellness, svg size is 3, 60 svg per bottle
Wellness Swanson $22.30, 37 cents per svg
Wellness Vitacost, $22.87, 38 cents per svg
Wellness iHerb, $24.63, 41 cents per svg

240 capsules Wellness, svg size is 6, 40 svg per bottle
Wellness Swanson not avail
Wellness Vitacost, $22.35, 56 cents per svg
Wellness iHerb, $24.07, 60 cents per svg

SinuFix from Natural Care best price:
60 capsule SinuFix Swanson $17.35, 58 cents per svg (or half that if you only take 1 like I do)

Wellness Formula from Source Naturals best price:
180 tabs Wellness Swanson $22.30, 37 cents per svg

Something I never noticed before doing this exercise; apparently the capsule form even within the same brand and formula, i.e. Wellness, is more expensive to manufacture than tablet form.

That would be one reason SinuFix is more expensive than Wellness, aside from the other differences, i.e. NAC is expensive and Wellness doesn't contain NAC, etc.

I am intrigued enough by Wellness Formula to try it. Not sure I want to give up SinuFix though, since it works like a charm for me.

Of special note to me: I like that Wellness has astralagus, angelica, elderberry, and extra bioflavanoids. I like that SinuFix has NAC and Vit B5.

I want to look up the herbs in both that sound familiar but I can't name the function of off the top of my head.

NAC takes care of mucous naturally, very important in upper respiratory infections. In addition, Dr. Blaylock MD, board-certified neurosurgeon, says of Vit B5 (tho a dif form) and of NAC:

Pantethine - this vitamin is the enzyme form of pantothenic acid. It plays a vital role in enhancing the aldehyde dehydrogenase enzyme (for detoxification).

N-acetyl L-cysteine (NAC). This is a substance that in cells is converted to glutathione. Glutathione is your cell's major protection against free radicals produced by toxins. In addition, NAC removes mercury. NAC also enhances detoxification.


Yes it goes without saying it's definitely better to do things the REAL natural way, which is to eat organic fruits, vegetables, and dark leafy greens to prevent things from coming on. But when you get a cold or get a sinus infection anyway, then what do you do? Yes of course the disclaimer is you must always ask your doctor. But for me, natural is better than antibiotics, and doctors only wanted to prescribe and do surgery, not cure (I used traditional doctors then). SinuFix and Wellness Formula are worth their weight in gold if they keep you well, in my opinion.

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NELLIEC 9/9/2010 4:15PM

    One thing which I have discovered has cut down on my colds (which used to be about 13 times per year, ack!), is my soft collar "brace" for my neck. I have a weak disc in my neck and wear the soft collar at night during the cooler months. I rarely have colds now! emoticon

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Email Subscriptions?

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

What email subscriptions do you subscribe to?

My Email Subscriptions - no RSS for me:

$5 Dinners - she cooks from scratch, too

A Year of Slow Cooking newsletters - several (I read in print view):

Bible Gateway newsletters

Blue Letter Bible devotions
subscribe.cfm devotionals - several

Dave Ramsey's newsletters - all

FlyLady Digest Emails (digest form equals 1 email per day)

Hungry Girl - WAAAY too much processed food (advertising revs) here, but she has the occasional tip, good idea, and simple food recipe I can use (when it's not processed):

I'm An Organizing Junkie

Dr. Mercola's newletter - disclaimer I sometimes unsubscribe due to all the "selling" and especially his videos REALLY get on my nerves, but some of the informational articles are good:

Mountainwings (thank you Sunny)

Natural News (I read in print view)

Pioneer Woman

Puritan's Pride (supplements)

Reverse Diabetes newsletter

SP Teams' New Threads - Start/Quick Links/My SparkTeams/New Thread Notifications

SparkPeople's newsletters (I read in print view) - Start/My Account/Email

Sunday Coupon Preview

Swanson (supplements)

Vitacost (supplements)

I am an information gatherer. If you have any you think I might be interested in, especially natural, organic, and do it yourself, decluttering, reducing personal belongings, organizational, and if they offer non-RSS subscriptions, please SparkMail me a clickable link. If there are any make-it-yourself-bookshelves-and-tables subscriptions you know of, and/or handyman (handywoman!) fix it or do it yourself, would like those as well.

I am a city girl and live in an apt, just so you know; so how to milk your own cow or grow a garden is not going to help me / not applicable (not THOSE kind of do it yourself!)


From The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
The stronger you are -- the more genuine your character, the higher your level of proactivity, the more committed you really are to Win-Win -- the more powerful your influence will be with another person. This is the real test of interpersonal leadership. It goes beyond transactional leadership into transformational leadership, transforming the individuals involved as well as the relationship.

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WARMSPRINGDAY 9/10/2010 4:08PM

    Here is another one I subscribe too that I missed giving you.

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    I don't subscribe to nearly as many as you do; I wouldn't find the time.

Here is one I enjoy that I don't think you mentioned.


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    I don't subscribe to a lot of newsletters as I don't have a lot of free time. I do like and at one time was recruited by one of their contributors for a job there. I'm a member of flylady.

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LUNADRAGON 9/7/2010 1:42PM

    Fly lady on Big tent, also No excuses workouts with Jonathan Roche - link through Fly Lady.
I only use rss through igoogle, the rest of the time, I click into bookmarks. Too many e-mails.

These are very good. I will add a couple, there goes the in box!

Comment edited on: 9/7/2010 1:48:24 PM

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SUNNY332 9/7/2010 8:45AM

    Great selection of newsletters. I get several of the ones you get and don't always have time to read them. I liked what you said about reading them in "print view". That is something I am going to definitely do. Thanks for that great idea!

Do have a Terrific Tuesday.


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CPESCE1 9/7/2010 6:38AM

    Wow! Must take you forever to get through all those emails! I also subscribe to Dr. Weil's daily emails. Some helpful and good tips on that one.

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    Information gathering is a hobby of mine. That, and I have no children . . .

Also if read in PRINT VIEW you have a more readable page, not broken up by annoying advertisements and other crud, so it's much much faster.

Comment edited on: 9/7/2010 6:14:26 AM

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JACKSMIMI2 9/7/2010 6:01AM

    Wow! I'm impressed! How do you find the time to read all of this?

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DEVORA4 9/7/2010 5:24AM

  First of all Happy Rosh HaShona. I don't know if I should be annoyed with you or me. I will tell you why. I am a freebie email junkie and we do get several of the same BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
............ there are some you listed that look very interesting to me.

I am an acquarius and they say we have a great general knowledge because most subjects interest Us. I can't make a blanket statement here but the description is right on about me. emoticondebby

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