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Spark Trivia Mind Blower

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Today there was question on the trivia, "if your friend becomes obese what are your chances of becoming obese, even if that friend lives far away? "

I think I chose 27% which I thought was high, but Spark came up with 57% -- and it can go as high as 71%. This factoid has many ramifications. I wonder if there is an article on it somewhere.

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SCOTMAMA 2/13/2012 8:49PM

    I think it's because you tend to go along with what your friends do. So if your friend is having a whopping big bowl of nacho's -- chances are you'll eat some too! Same with other tempting treats.

Guess that's what it means when it advises you to chose your friends wisely.

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ZEEDRA 2/12/2012 10:50AM

    Birds of a feather? Enablers?

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ARTJAC 2/9/2012 12:24AM


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FISHINGLADY66 2/8/2012 8:25PM

    WOW! Very Interesting.

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VINGRAM 2/8/2012 11:12AM

    57 percent sounds high....have you "googled" friends obese and see what comes up? emoticon emoticon

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GAILRUU 2/8/2012 9:43AM

    I can see how friends would influence my eating. It doesn't make much sense, but having friends who overeat seems to justify bad decisions in making food choices.

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PLATINUM755 2/8/2012 7:49AM

    It's shocking but there's tons of literature about this topic. Here are a few links below you can copy and paste in a new window. The good news is that it can work in reverse as well, healthy habits/lifestyle can rub off too!

"Are Your Friends Making You Fat?"

"Obesity spreads to friends"

"Bad Company: When Friends Sabotage your Weight Loss Efforts"

"Obesity is Socially Contagious"

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Mind Meld

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I feel groggy because I took a sleeping pill at 3am, just could not stand another day of five hours of sleep.

So, I am here, groggy, spinning the wheel, and I think, " it is about time it landed on the 25 points" and it did!!!! Wonder if I have some psychic powers!!! (just kidding)

My pattern seems to be 5-6 hours of sleep every night. How about other people? Is it age related? I do recall when I was young, being horrified at my in-laws who would stay overnight. They would stay up until 11 pm and then wake up at 5.

Now that seems to be me. I get really tired by 9 pm, fall asleep and wake up at 3 am. - 6 hours

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MEME102 2/7/2012 11:40PM

    well I'm no help to you -- I can go to bed at midnite and I could sleep til 9 or 10 in the morning!!! (now that I"m not working) But I try to be up by 8 everyday just to give myself a pattern....on Tues/Thurs (volunteer day) I'm up at 7:30 -- I can sleep so much dh thinks I'm a hibernator -- all year long!!

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FISHINGLADY66 2/7/2012 9:12PM

    I go to bed about 10:30 every night and get up around 6:00 every morning. Just like clock work with no alarm.

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VINGRAM 2/7/2012 12:04PM

    Not me........I only have "sleepless" nights a couple of times a year. Most days it's hard to get me out of bed! I slept until after 11 yesterday.......13 hrs of sleep!

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JEANNE229 2/7/2012 11:49AM

    Your pattern and mine are identical...including the groggy morning after a 3 a.m. pill.

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Walking- with company

Monday, February 06, 2012

Walked six miles yesterday with a wonderful walking group. Lots of fun, saw many new things, little hidden parks, flying parrots, all sorts of wonders. Would never have gone that far by myself. A month ago I had made a commitment to do it with a friend, so could not chisel out at the last minute. ( a distinct possibility if I had been doing it alone!!)

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VINGRAM 2/6/2012 5:43PM

    emoticon wonder how many steps are in 6 miles!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!? emoticon you did it! vista

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FISHINGLADY66 2/6/2012 4:48PM

    emoticon Job.

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Sunday, February 05, 2012

I was complaining that the trivia questions were too repetitious and it was getting boring. (As if that were important enough to complain about!!!)

Well, today, it hit me in a flash: because I have moved from 67% when I started a year ago, and now am at 90%, I am more confident about changing my food and exercise habits.

Spark knows what it is doing: By seeing progress on this silly little quiz, I see that I could make progress on my weight!!!

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FISHINGLADY66 2/6/2012 4:48PM


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VINGRAM 2/5/2012 5:25PM

    See....there is a means to their madness! emoticon

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NCSUE0514 2/5/2012 10:20AM

    My percentages are improving, too... but nowhere near yours!

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VETTRANGER 2/5/2012 9:49AM

    Way to go!

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GARDENCHRIS 2/5/2012 9:43AM

    I know! Doesn't that make you feel good! emoticon

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Pleased with self

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Pleased with yesterday, yes, very pleased indeed. Accomplished quite a bit, even though in the morning, I was having trouble.

1. Walked more than 1 mile to library. Not upset when realized it was closed, even though I checked the schedule. I thought it was Thursday, but really yesterday was Friday!!

2. Did exercise band workout with Coach N. up to the leg raises. Will try to go further today with it.

3. Got pots in garden ready to be planted. Actually cleaned up after myself afterwards instead of leaving a trail of potting soil, garden trowel, and uncoiled hose like I normally do.

4. Recorded all foods. Tracked dinner AHEAD of time. Wow, it truly is better to track what you think you will eat ahead of time. I see that it tends to influence you to eat less.

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JOANNS4 2/5/2012 7:33PM

    emoticon emoticon

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FISHINGLADY66 2/4/2012 6:07PM

    emoticon Keep up the good work.

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VINGRAM 2/4/2012 3:22PM

    emoticon emoticon You're on a roll~!!!! vista

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WINWIN1 2/4/2012 11:09AM

    Way to

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CCBULLDOG 2/4/2012 9:20AM

    emoticonGreat job! Keep up the great work!

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