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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

After a really disruptive month, with my new grandchild and other family matters, I am desperately seeking Spark. Success for the day

1. did balance exercise; did wall pushups before breakfas
2. bought a exercise band yesterday at Ross
3. ate blueberries and banana for breakfast
4. spun the spark wheel, did trivia (am now getting 100%, wonder when I will get bored with it?) and did this blog

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GEMINISUE 1/26/2012 5:41PM


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DEMETERSCO 1/25/2012 8:54PM


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MEME102 1/25/2012 8:44PM

    well you've done more than I've done today then!!

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FISHINGLADY66 1/25/2012 5:09PM

    emoticon emoticon job emoticon

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VINGRAM 1/25/2012 4:18PM

    Good for you! emoticon vista

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JEANNE229 1/25/2012 1:46PM

    It kind of feels good to get back into a routine you know is good for you, doesn't it. Me, too.

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Late for spark, 1 pm

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Late sparking today, but I did remember. I used my smart phone to do the food tracker. You know what? I think it is easier to enter it that way. Not sure. Need to practice more, but then I can enter the calories away from my desk.

Success for today:
1. Light breakfast, however, I was very hungry by 11 am
2. Okay, because am going to have dinner at 5, so need to eat an early lunch.
3. Treated myself to bagel dog, but only ate half the chips. And it has been MONTHS since I have done this treat.
4. Did balance exercise and wall push up.
5. Got books from library in money-saving maneuver

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FISHINGLADY66 1/24/2012 8:17PM

    Way to go. I've bee gone most of the day. Just now posting. Have a great evening.

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MEME102 1/24/2012 7:04PM

    I did some SPing earlier today but am just getting around now to do the I'm really late!

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VINGRAM 1/24/2012 5:21PM

    Good girl! I'm late today also.........been BUSY, BUSY! emoticon vista

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Monday, a new day

Monday, January 23, 2012

Well, today is Monday. I have been neglecting the tracking, the water, the exercise. But today is a new day. I will set some goals with a note of how to achieve them.

1. Measure the foods and track them on Spark people.

How? Put measuring cups in prominent place.

2. Check the feedback report at the end of the day.

How? Ask--- Did I get enough calcium? fiber?
If not, eat a cup of beans!! ha ha

3. Drink 8 cups of water throughout the day.

How? Set the water up ahead of time. In glasses! When you open the refrigerator, you will see them, sitting there, lonely.

4. Do my balance and strength exercise for ten minutes.

How? Do while my hair is drying from shower.

Another strategy: edit after writing this
Achievements so far 10 am
drank 2 cups water/ did balance exercise/ did wall push ups/ ordered exercise bands from Amazon so can do coach nicoles workout

2 pm. Recorded nutritional info from cooking magazine into my spark recipes. Drank more water, but too much going to the bathroom because of it.

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FISHINGLADY66 1/23/2012 2:43PM

    Great goals. Stick to them. Make notes for reminders. One Day at a Time.

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TWNOMWE 1/23/2012 1:39PM


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VINGRAM 1/23/2012 12:11PM

    I actually did everything except the exercise yesterday! WOO HOO!

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Having my four Apple devices does make it pretty easy to keep up with the food tracker. But people really get irritated when you pull out your iphone to slowly tap out "pizza - five slices" So what do you do? Maybe go to the bathroom to secretly record your latest binge?

And I really understand the irritation. When people are on their devices, and actually this includes the big technology bomb: tv --well, they just are not focussing on you. It makes you feel rejected, shut out. But even if they are reading a book, this feeling can happen. However, it is easier to look up from a book than to shut off your iphone.


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VINGRAM 1/22/2012 10:19AM

    Or sometimes I track it BEFORE I go.....if it is a restaurant with nutrition info on the web and I can know beforehand what I can fit into my calorie limit.

Unfortunately (sigh) I need to get back to tracking every day!


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MEME102 1/22/2012 10:17AM

    So I guess I'm wondering - who got irritated!!!??? What/how you do is your business. But if you really want to be politically correct I have to agree with Nell - write it down to track later or depend on your memory of which I have none!! Hope the party went well!

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NELLJONES 1/22/2012 10:07AM

    Personally I track on paper. I know some people who jot food down and enter it later. In any case I don't much care what people think about what I eat, but I don't like to concentrate on my phone for any reason when I am with company. A quick scribble on the back of the check gets me home.

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Technology Arrghh!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

I am a bit embarrassed about this; it may seem excessive. I have a 27 inch desktop apple computer, an apple laptop, an ipad, and an iphone!! Four devices!!! I use all of them, but in different ways. Now, of all the applications, wouldn't you say that the calendar is one of the most important? So, why are they not synchronized? If I enter an appointment in the calendar on the computer, it does not go to the iphone (unless I connect the iphone) However, if I enter an appointment on the iphone, it does go to the computer. None of them seem to go to the ipad. Have not checked the laptop yet. Supposedly they are all connected in some cloud above us. I need to go to the Apple store, but have been so busy with both daughter and mother.

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    Hope the people at Apple can figure it out for you.

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JEANNE229 1/21/2012 5:52PM

    MOST of the time, tech wins. Good luck! You'd think that would be an easy one!

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MPLANE37 1/21/2012 4:39PM

    I envy you! I have a Mac Book Pro and an Iphone. Would love the 27" computer. I could make it dance and sing. May be some day...

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UMBILICAL 1/21/2012 1:57PM

  Sometimes tech wins.

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VINGRAM 1/21/2012 1:56PM

    You are MILES ahead of me..,...I just got a "smart" phone....not an iPhone - and don't have an iPad either. I think I have reached my peter principle!

vista emoticon

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