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How did I miss Thursday?

Friday, December 02, 2011

Is it Friday already? I missed doing the Thursday blog. I am going to get back to reporting successes and non successes throughout the day.

9 am Success
365 calories for breakfast
3 strength exercises executed

12 noon Score one success/ one non success
walked 2.2 miles
felt starved and ate apple pie leftover from thanksgiving

5:30 pm had a horrible lunch, food is very important to me, and for some reason the peanut butter sandwich I tried to eat was awful. So I had to eat more apple pie to get my groove back.

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SCOTMAMA 12/3/2011 10:17AM

    Any excuse is better than none at all when it comes to cheating!

Yes, you read it right -- the "C" word. APPLE PIE

At least you balanced it out by getting in some terrific exercise! You're doing better than me.

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COMPUCATHY 12/2/2011 9:51PM

    Hang in's all about balancing out the good and the bad! You can do it! Keep up the good work! Thanks for your encouragement! Spark on! emoticon

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FISHINGLADY66 12/2/2011 8:19PM

    Great job on getting back on track. emoticon

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VINGRAM 12/2/2011 1:56PM

    Great start to a weekend! emoticon vista

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  Great job! Have a good weekend!

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Hat and mittens

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Walked 2 miles first thing this morning, getting ready for 5% challenge. Want to get cute matching hat and gloves for cold weather walking!! Will be motivating. Any excuse to spend money. ha ha

Have to admit, have not really lost much weight with spark, and really pigged out at party last night, but I am much more healthy. The 5% challenge is to lose 5% of our body weight, and this time I really want to succeed. We will see.

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CHARLOTTE1947 11/30/2011 8:58PM

    5% can be a lot to lose. I'm working on those last 7 pounds - my 5%. It's a slow go. But, my body fits me better now with 24 pounds gone. As the pounds go, the motivation increases.

Good work with your walk. I stayed in today. Off to the gym tomorrow!
Charlotte emoticon

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LINTPICKER 11/30/2011 7:25PM


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FISHINGLADY66 11/30/2011 5:06PM

    You gotta take it just One Day at a Time. Plan your meals and snacks. It takes time to change old habits. emoticon

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VINGRAM 11/30/2011 2:09PM

    emoticon choice at a time...

Note to self: pay attention! Do what you say!!!!!!!!!!

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Ritter Sport

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oh, my, I was so proud of myself yesterday. I needed computer paper (after printing out all those spark recipes), and instead of mindlessly getting in the car and going to Office Max, where it is cheaper, I decided to walk to Walgreens, where it is more expensive. After all, saving money is not worth my health, right?

Now, as I was waiting to check out, you know how all these stores entice you with rows and rows of candies right at eye level. I spied "Ritter Sport". This is a rather expensive candy made by an old company in Germany and they have about 30 incarnations--- dark chocolate with whole almonds, milk chocolate with rum soaked raisins and hazelnuts, milk chocolate with flakes of coconut in the center. My favorite happens to be chocolate with peppermint filling.

What was such a gourmet candy doing in Walgreens? It is actually a little bit hard to find, and thus, is my downfall. I had to buy one, I mean, they are rare, imported from Germany, right?

Okay, now these come in a bar that is divided into darling little squares. I now have the package in front of me. It says: serving size 6 pieces/ servings about 3/ calories 210.

So first I broke off 6 pieces for the 210 calories. Then about an hour later the next 6, and in the evening the last 6. So, you see I actually had a 630 calorie candy bar and I just blew half my spark calories for the day.

So, my healthful trek to Walgreens ended up with unhealthful eating. Why, oh why, could I not stop at the first 6 squares?

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COMPUCATHY 11/29/2011 10:49PM

    We can all relate. It's called a "trigger food." There are some foods that we have a REALLY hard time controlling ourselves with. Chocolate is a lot of people's trigger food. So what do you do? Take it as a lesson. Realize that this is a trigger food for you. When you do decide to purchase it, buy it in the smallest quantity possible, because you're going to want to have all that you purchase. That's the best advice I can give you. Does it sound like I've been there? I have. And this is the conclusion that I came to for myself with my trigger food. Hope it helps. Keep your spark burning bright! Keep up the good work! Thanks for your encouragement! Spark on! emoticon

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VINGRAM 11/29/2011 6:22PM

    Understand.....I had TWO king size chocolate bars for lunch! emoticon

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JEANNE229 11/29/2011 10:31AM

    Sounds all too familiar...including the "why oh why?"

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FISHINGLADY66 11/29/2011 10:24AM

    It has happened to all of us at one time or another. We should learn a lesson from our mistakes. lol.

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The retired life....

Monday, November 28, 2011

Woke up at 4:45 am!!! Am going to join the 5% winter challenge. And being holiday season, it truly will be a challenge!!! Since I retired, though, I have to admit, my life is really easy. I have plenty of time to do spark, look up calories, go for walks. Do not have to be trying to "fit in" exercise. Now I do it when I get bored with all my free time!!I

I do get annoyed with the new age mantra of it is not what happens to you but how you respond to it. My life is definitely better now that I do not have the stress of working. What happens in your life is real and it really does affect you and you are not bad if you cannot "respond" to it in a calm, meditative way!!!

I admit that it is true that two people can have the exact same horrible experience happen to them,and one responds in a way that leads to good things, and the other responds in a way that is negative. But do any of us really have this much free will to choose how we respond? Some people are lucky that they are born with good coping skills and others simply do not have them. I feel so badly for my daughter who does not have the personality to handle life's slings and arrows. She is so wonderful, and has to suffer so much.

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CHARLOTTE1947 11/28/2011 9:42PM

    I'm so happy retired. Every day is Saturday. I have so much to do that's fun as a volunteer. No pay, just fulfillment.

My son on the other hand . . . My son's girlfriend broke up with him and he is so despondent that I think he's suicidal. I tried getting him to call the county mental health dept. today to talk to a psychologist, but he put it off. He's so fragile right now. At age 30, he's stuck, financially dependent on us and unable to move on in his life, to find a job, to overcome his shyness, to even set goals. He sleeps all day long. I take it one hour at a time and pray he doesn't kill himself tonight. I've lost all credibility with him. You can only make so many suggestions before he turns you off. He needs medication and a different, professional viewpoint. Sorry to unload this on you. I just need a shoulder right now. My husband rolls his eyes when I tell him our son NEEDS help!

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FISHINGLADY66 11/28/2011 9:40PM

    Wonderful blog Carol. Thanks for the food for thought. I have been retired for a while now and sometime I think I'm too busy to enjoy life. lol. I do spend too much time on Spark, but I really enjoy all my Spark friends. God Bless

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QUANYIN1 11/28/2011 11:44AM

    I hear you loud and clear , been retired for two years you are right on target about all the free time,for me it helps i do gym first thing in the morning and feel great after,there are so many things i can do but being lazy have not started any,these days i choose to be happy and not anxious when i can sometimes it does not work`,i turn my day over to GOD,and practice seeIng the good and love in others,and this works for me ,my fear is reduced or gone and i feel better.I follow ACIM,enjoyed reading your blog .Have a light filled day,Namaste

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JEANNE229 11/28/2011 11:14AM

    I will be retiring in the spring, and your words make me wish it would be sooner.

I, too, have a daughter suffering from depression, and I'm helpless to change what is. She is smart, pretty and talented, but that doesn't seem to matter. It is a struggle.

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GRANDMA1951 11/28/2011 11:07AM

    I'm so jealous that you're retired. I keep saying that work is interfering with my life!!! There's so much more I want to do and am busy all the time. But, you're right. People do deal with things different. I always thought I was a person who didn't get upset easily until trying to deal with someone who thinks everything is her way or no way. I have to say I didn't handle it well so am going to step back and not have much to do with her. We all must do what we can to cope with the every day things around us. Enjoy your retirement!!

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SCOTMAMA 11/28/2011 10:53AM

    Carol, I'm not a psychologist (but would love to be) but I think the reason people react differently to the same problems is that their emotions are so different. Some people are just naturally more compassionate, some don't give a darn what is happening, especially if it doesn't affect them directly too much. I suppose other emotions enter into the scheme of things also; such as jealousy, selfishness, ego, being standoffish, and any number of things.

I have realized I was born with an abundance of compassion, and my eyes fill with tears even when I see bad things happening to absolute strangers. And I've had a hard time coping with the fact that my two sons do not stay in contact with me. While my daughter used to phone me daily, since she moved in with her boyfriend I find I'm lucky to hear from her once a week. But I have also learned you can't live their lives for them, you can't take pain or hard knocks for them, and you cannot change the way a person is. You have to accept (maybe not LIKE) what you are offered from each person.

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MEME102 11/28/2011 9:01AM

    I couldn't agree more, Carol! I LOVE being retired. I know some people worry about what they'll do or will they get bored but so far I've not found that to be true. All the plans I had for subbing and volunteering haven't come to fruition yet but I'm sure in time they will. Now, I'm just enjoying 'being' without the pressure of a clock, paperwork, people who 'don't get it', and just the busyness of it all! I also agree that some of us have those coping skills and some don't.....I have a dd who is a new mom at the age of 37 and b/c of our life problems (her dad dying when she was 4 and then her sister when she was 15) has decided it be best to keep me at 'arm's length'....So b/c of that I don't get to see my grandson as often as I might like. But I've also learned that I can't let her feelings -- control me. So I DO feel for you and your dd.....that part of life is hard.

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NELLJONES 11/28/2011 8:58AM

    I had to learn to cope with stress and reverses. The 12 step programs are all about how to do just that. If I couldn't learn, I would have reverted to an addiction that was (literally) killing me. But it isn't like going to school then taking the test. I still, after all these years, lean on others when I cannot handle something well. I developed an abiding faith in God and that took willingness and lots of work. Some people intuitively know how to do this. I had to be dying in order to be willing to learn. It IS possible but it isn't easy because it starts out by asking for help with something that seems stupid to ask for help with, picking up that 200 pound telephone and call a friend. For many of us those coping skills we weren't born with can indeed be learned. I found God and some very true friends. Sounds dopey but there it is.

I wish you and your daughter well.

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Thanksgiving Four Day Weekend

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving seems to be a four day weekend in America. I was happy to see all the people out and about, in restaurants, and in coffee shops, in the park, and at the ocean ---with their families who were visiting. I feel very sad because my daughter and husband, who usually come, and really enjoy it, did not. My daughter suffers from depression, and actually when i think back to when she was little, even then, she had signs of it. She has coped with it, but now at 38, it seems to be overwhelming her. There is nothing I can do. It is awful to see your child in pain.

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VINGRAM 11/27/2011 5:59PM

    Yes it is difficult to see your child in pain. Warm thoughts coming your way!

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