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Tuesday Domino Effect!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Very disappointed with myself. That lunch yesterday had a ridiculous amount of calories. And I had too much wine with dinner and then was craving sweets after dinner. So that is a double whammy. Then, I could not sleep because of the wine, so now today will be hard to work out!! What a set of dominoes!!! One bad thing leads to another.

My goal to lose 1 or half a pound my Monday will not get anywhere with a 2800 calorie day!!

The good news is I am doing this blog, I recorded every bite, and today is a new day. So, we can start all over again.

I should reread my blogs one day.

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ARDELIAC 2/22/2011 10:45AM

    Yesterday is gone, today is present (rejoice in it), and tomorrow is another opportunity to continue on your determined path. emoticon

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Monday Morning

Monday, February 21, 2011

Weight: 149. Goal next Monday: 148.

Had terrible indigestion all day Sunday, on and off, looked up foods to avoid this morning, and they are the same as foods that make you fat. (except for oranges)

Not sure where to go from here.

Am pleased I figured out a sticky point of parent's taxes. Used my puzzle skills on real life issue. Kind of fun. Lots of websites with various hints led to the solution.


Saturday Morning

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Analysis of yesterday:
Breakfast - fine
Lunch - could have cut amounts in half to be fine, still not bad
Snack - got too hungry by 5pm did not have protein at lunch must be the reason
Dinner - ate in Chinese restaurant, was it really that many calories? horrible. Should have had a dinner at home, but no way to know dinner situation. I am tired of not knowing what is going on with dinner with J. because I cannot plan for a low calories din-din. I could have cooked something for us instead of going out in the rain, spending money, and not even thinking it was that good. Maybe I did not have a whole serving, but there is just no way to know when you eat out. Should I whip out a measuring cup??? ha ha


Friday, 2/18/11 - Water

Friday, February 18, 2011

Goal for today:

Drink water. When I first started Spark, I overdid it on the water, had to go to the bathroom all the time. And at my age, I leak!!! So, then I went in the opposite direction and have not had water at all. I think four cups of water is more reasonable than eight.

Does coffee count as water? I imagine herbal tea does. What about milk? It has water in it.

Please email me about this topic. Maybe should post it somewhere else.


Thursday, 2/17/11- Food Showdown

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Every time I read the Spark Food Showdown, a feature that I like and think is pretty funny, I realize I have no idea about most of the foods they talk about. I never got into the habit of eating like that. I feel so sorry for people who did, and I realize it is a function of time and place. My mom grew up in the depression, and I never ate in a restaurant my entire childhood!!! She would never buy processed food, well, they did not have that much in the 50's, but still she does not buy processed food today. So, I never developed the habit. By the time I got into my own parenting, the vogue was "earth mother" and we all were making our own baby food and growing peas in our gardens. We are influenced by the time, the place, and the culture around us. I am just damn lucky I am not more overweight than I am. Now, it is really my age that has caused me to gain weight. A person simply cannot eat like a young person anymore!!! And I cannot drink like a young person either!!! It is a fact that is hard to swallow. Oh, yeah, we may know it in our heads, but emotionally, I feel like I am still 40. (or even 30) It is an odd phenomenon. My mom at 93, acts like she is 70 or even 60.

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VINGRAM 2/17/2011 3:25PM

    I don't recognize quite a few either - must be someplace else besides N TX....

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