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Losing slowly....... and knee still hurts!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

It has taken me 4 months to lose 15 lbs. But at least I'm losing and that makes me happy! 5 of those lbs have come off just in the last week and a half after trying the 5:2 fast diet. I feel very motivated to see if I can continue to lose with this diet. It feels easier to me to calorie restrict (500 calories a day) for just 2 days out of the week and then eat regularly (while not overdoing it) for 5 days. I do the 2 fast days when I'm at work and don't have time to eat or snack whenever. I'm also interested in the health benefits that studies on intermittent fasting are finding.
On another note, my right knee has been hurting and making it difficult to exercise since the end of June. Finally had an MRI and found to have a lateral meniscus tear of the right knee. This is a degenerative injury that fat and/or older people get, not a repairable injury that young athletes get. Got a cortisone shot and it feels much better. Still, the doctor thinks I should have a knee arthroscopy and a partial lateral meniscectomy. I think I will wait and see how long the relief from the cortisone shot lasts and maybe just give it more time. I really do not want surgery!


Knee still hurts

Monday, September 02, 2013

I have been experiencing right knee pain, catching, and snapping sensations for over two months now (after doing a 90 degree wall squat.) Stupid me, why did I do that?! The acute, "keep me up all night" pain has subsided, but get sharp pain if I twist it even a tiny bit in either direction. Think I might need a knee arthroscopy. Maybe there's a piece of torn meniscus getting caught in there. In the meantime, in an attempt to keep up some calorie burn and tone muscles, I am doing upper body exercises on my bow flex machine in addition to wall push ups and plank exercises until the knee issue is resolved. Lost 6 pounds since last weigh in and even maintained it on vacation. Down to 262 now and can't wait to get into the 250's. Haven't seen the 250's in a long, long time!

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WOUBBIE 9/3/2013 11:46AM

    Good call! Play it safe and see the doc. Focusing on the rest of your body is a great idea. You don't need a lot of cardio to lose weight, but you do need to keep your strength up. You can probably even do some conditioning of your leg muscles and hip joints by using isometrics that don't involve the knee.

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Ouch, aches and pains :(

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

I'm encouraged that I've been consistently doing some exercise everyday, even if only ten or twenty minutes. Discouraged though at how much my right knee is hurting. I guess my body is protesting. After all, I've asked very little of it for years, now all of a sudden I'm making it work. I've mostly been using my elliptical and I think that might be what's hurting my knee. I'm thinking of switching to walking and see if the pain improves. Don't want the pain to become an excuse to stop exercising.

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RABBITART 7/13/2013 11:58AM

    keep the good work. You can do it!

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CARNETTE2 7/10/2013 11:46PM

    I did ice it a couple times and took some ibuprofen. That helped quite a bit and I was able to go for a walk!

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WOUBBIE 7/9/2013 10:59PM

    And don't be afraid to take Advil or another pain reliever. Ibuprofen reduces inflammation as well as killing pain.

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JO88BAKO 7/9/2013 10:47PM

    Keep up the good work. Your knee will get stronger and the stronger it gets, the less it will hurt.

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Here goes......

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

This is my first time ever to post a blog. My story I know will sound all too familiar to most. I have lost and gained weight multiple times throughout my adult years, always gaining back more than I lost each time.

I've never been thin. I was a fat baby, a fat toddler, a fat child and teenager, and a fat adult most of my life. I am one of 6 siblings and none of my siblings were fat. I don't know how it happened that I was the only fat baby and child. I know why I remain fat as an adult and want so badly to reverse things and become the healthiest I can be for the rest of my life. I have two young boys, a 12 and a 13 year old, and I want to be around for them.

I first joined SparkPeople in Jan 2010 and was at my highest weight ever at 292 lbs. I had the desire to lose at that time, but never did anything about it. In May 2012, I started watching my carb intake and got down to 265 lbs. I lost motivation and went back up to 282 lbs. About a month ago, I started having a lot of heart palpitations and some pains in my chest and back, which scared the h--- out of me. Had stress test, ECHO, and holter monitor tests done yesterday and am waiting for the results.

Once I started having all the palpitations, I resolved that my state of health must improve. I don't want to be this big and this unhealthy anymore. I have let too much of my life go by being obese. I remember saying "I'm in my 30's, I'm going to lose it and not be fat anymore" then "ok, I'm in my 40's, now I'm going to lose it once and for all." And now I'm 51 and still in the same place.

I think the other times I was going about it wrong. It was always "I'm going to lose x amount of lbs. by this time." My goals were usually unrealistic. I didn't gain the weight overnight, but I sure wanted to lose it overnight. I've been reading a lot on the site about setting small goals and making small changes at a time and it will add up. I've already started doing this and am beginning to see that it does make a difference.

I am down from 282 to 269. I don't want to become a slave to the scale which is something I've always done in the past. I am allowing myself to weigh in every 2 weeks. I will take my measurements once a month including my BMI (which right now is 46.5 - morbidly obese - I'm 5'4")

I was always extremely resistant to doing any kind of journaling or tracking. I just thought it sounded way too tedious and boring and how was it going to help me anyway? Well, I've started to track my food and it's not so hard, especially with the tools here on the site. I'm tracking my exercise and water also. It really does make me more aware of exactly what's going into my body and helps me want to make healthier choices.

Another strategy I've implemented is to stop thinking about taking action and to actually take action. No matter what it is. No more "I'll walk later." No, put on the shoes and start walking, even if only a short walk. Everything counts. It all adds up. Taking action makes me want to take more action. I'm very excited right now, kind of in a honeymoon phase and I don't want that to diminish. I know I will have ups and downs so I will make sure to log into the site daily if possible to get a dose of incentive and support from others on the same journey.

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WOUBBIE 7/4/2013 11:00AM

    Excellent! You'll get where you need to be this time because your attitude is different!

I've been a fan/follower of FlyLady for many years, and one of her reminders is to just "Do it now!" Any time you put off doing something that you'd rather not do at all, you've probably subconsciously told yourself that "nope I'm not going to do it later either." LOL! You're definitely on the right track there!

Another thing she reminds people of frequently is to just "jump right in." Her site is mostly about housekeeping, but it applies to all aspects of life. People's houses get overwhelming too, and they just don't know where to start. Her attitude is to JUST START. Babysteps, doing a little bit every single day, setting a timer to get done the things we don't really like doing... Lots of good ideas there!

I think you're going to do great! Keep posting, even if it's just to update your daily status or track your food or get your SparkPoints!


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RABBITART 7/4/2013 12:05AM

    You are on the right track. Keep up the good work.

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ROSINVN 7/3/2013 11:57PM

    sounds like you are in the right place to begin making changes. Start with small ones that you can maintain. Remember to think of exercise as your second job, just got to do it, no excuses. It is your commitment to your future. Your story sounds something like mine and I am now about 40kg lighter, still on the journey and definitely taking it one day at a time, but you can do it. Giving up for me is not an option. Blessings on your journey emoticon

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