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Challenge day 8

Monday, October 08, 2012

Wow, it has been a full 8 days. I am coming down with a cold, but I am one that pretends to never get sick. Most of the time the symptoms are minimal and so far, this is not an exception. But, I do feel run down and I have been congested/drippy. I seldom take medication because I don't like the way it makes me feel, but I did take a decongestant both last night and again this afternoon. In addition, I ate a few pieces of candy which threw me over my calorie counts - AGAIN!!!!

I did however, go to a pilates class and do my shoulder strengthening video. I am trying to do things right, even if I am not perfect. I guess it is a bit like learning to ride a bike. Each time you fall off, you get one time closer to the time you learn not to.

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SCHECK5 10/12/2012 12:39PM


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MAMASPRIDE7711 10/8/2012 11:53PM

    Keep up the good work! I had a handful of m&ms but I was sure to leave the snack open to incorporate them! It may help you to leave something out so you dont go over! Take Care & Fell better soon!

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Challenge day 7

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Yes, I overate again today. I can see why I haven't been losing weight. I have to make changes.

One change I have made is I am l logging the calories. I am writing in this blog. I can see where I need to make changes in my diet.

"The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live." ~ Flora Whittemore

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SCHECK5 10/12/2012 12:38PM

    Keep pushing you can do it emoticon

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1EMMA2011 10/7/2012 9:05PM

    Great idea! Tracking food in SP helps a lot!! emoticon

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challenge day 6

Sunday, October 07, 2012

I love to make new recipes. Today I made oven baked fish nuggets and baked potatoes with plenty of steamed cauliflower on the side. My husband and son completely detest fish, so I have plenty of lunch leftovers for the next few days.

I did eat a bit more at breakfast than usual. We went to the breakfast buffet as usual. I became a bit grumpy, but tried to control things a bit better. I usually feel overfilled and skip lunch, but then get hungry before dinner and snack on junk food like the rest of the family. Today I opted to have a light lunch and it was much better. Next time I ought to eat salad to get in my vegies...

The rest of the day I was less active than usual and after eating my dinner I feel bloated so I wonder if I ate too much. Sometimes the tracker (or the tracker input person) is less than accurate and even though it says I ate in range, I certainly didn't burn the calories as I usually do because I feel overfilled. UGH! I guess I felt pressured to eat a "full serving" because I made it for me and my husband and son were expecting it - since they chose to eat hamburgers.

I am counting my blessings though, my youngest daughter stopped and spoke to me for about 30 minutes today before running off to hang out with her friends.


challenge day 5

Friday, October 05, 2012

Okay, i missed yesterday. Things were so busy yesterday and then I decided it was more beneficial to go to bed early than log calories. And i skipped dinner.

It may have been beneficial yesterday, but today I had a hard time staying on track, ultimately eating too much. I shouldn't have done that! (as I slap my wrist with a wet noodle).

Perhaps I should have gone to bed early today too and I would have eaten less. In any case, I am worried about the weekend when I seem to let go a bit more.

My DH starves himself of good food all week relying on junk to get by and then insists I go the buffet on weekends. I try to take small smart portions and eat very slowly but the food at those places makes me feel grumpy and I have little self control the rest of the day. We fought a lot about this very issue the last time I lost weight. I told him I didn't want to go tomorrow and I would make a healthy breakfast, but he is already getting defensive. Losing weight will make me feel better, so giving up is not an option. How can I convey this to the man I love without hurting his feelings- or is there a way to eat out and not be grumpy?

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MAMASPRIDE7711 10/6/2012 9:43PM

    My husband is the one who tells me we need to limit eating out so I am Thankful for that, if its just the weekend go ahead and eat out just make it a healthy meal. This week we've only eaten out once & that was soup & salads! It's hard but it can be done! Stay strong!! emoticon

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Challenge day 3

Thursday, October 04, 2012

All evening, as I rushed about paying bills and making treats for Pack Meeting tomorrow, I worried that I had eaten too many calories and wouldn't be able to remember where I had taken them from. (I only tasted the spoon twice, or maybe three times, honest.)

It was a busy day and a bit off my regular schedule. I have been busy at work and tried to fit an 8 hour day into 4 as I had meetings all afternoon. I didn't pack a lunch but planned to stop at home and grab something on my way to the meeting, which I did. I still ended up being late and sitting alone in the back. No problem.

When i got home, I thought about all the things on my list at home to do and decided I needed to pay bills. By the time I was done, it was dinner time so we threw some leftovers out and those were hard calories to count since I made it before I started counting again. Then I had to decide between a walk and making cookies. I didn't want to let my cubs down so, I made cookies.

Then, as I sat down to count my calories, I was shocked that I had partaken less than yesterday. Could that be true? I haven't felt hungry, but I did feel less in control. I can only do the best I can each day and today I feel like this was as good as I could be.

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MAMASPRIDE7711 10/4/2012 12:54AM

    This is my first week and I have days like this! Good luck on your journey!

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