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Storm cloud pic #2

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

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LINDA! 6/10/2014 10:12PM

    Wow! Scary cloud.

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BEATLETOT 6/10/2014 10:43AM

    Really cool!

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NITTINNANA 6/10/2014 8:13AM

    Cool pix!

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YMWONG22 6/10/2014 1:22AM


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DANCINGJILL 6/10/2014 1:02AM

    ooo that looks gnarly! Hopefully it won't be too harsh if the storm hits you! Stay safe!

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Storm cloud pic #1

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

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MAGGIEVAN 6/10/2014 3:30AM

    Great clouds, thanks for sharing.

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You talking to me??

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Last night, I turned on the tv to watch the first half of The Voice finale. I popped some popcorn, poured me a glass of tea and snuggled down to watch the final three contestants battle for their lives....or at least their music careers.

Part way through the show, Usher was mentoring to his last remaining contestant. As he was giving him advice on his singing career, I had an out of body experience.........kinda.

This is what Usher said to Josh in my version of the conversation-

"You can't get go so wrapped up in the end, the grand finale, that you forget that the journey IS the destination."

......wait,...what? I rewound the show and played it again.

"You can't get so wrapped up in the end, the grand finale, that you forget that the journey IS the destination."

I had to really think about that for a minute because it was like Usher was talking to me! I mulled it over, and thought hard as to why Usher's message to Josh before he took center stage was affecting ME so much.

I swear I heard the light bulb click on. I am not sure what a 2X4 to the head sounds like, but I am pretty sure I heard that too. I get it.

This journey of a healthy lifestyle IS the destination. There is no grand finale... no finish line... no second place. There is no such place as "done" when DOING a healthy lifestyle. The DOING is the done.


Usher was trying to convey to Josh that the music career that he was chasing...was the music career he was already doing.

It is so easy to get wrapped up in the pursuit of a magic number, or an imaginary finish line, that we forget that we are doing it.

The healthy lifestyle that we are striving for is the healthy lifestyle we are living day in and day out by the choices that we make, in nutrition and exercise.

I will be the first to admit that I still have setbacks, and that I am in no way perfect, but I am doing it. One choice at a time, one day at a time...I am doing it. I am in it, a fight for my life, and I am doing it.

"The journey IS the destination!"

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ABISMITHY 5/22/2014 4:29PM

    That is such a good point. We can live/are living our healthy lifestyle now!


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LADYOLIVER 5/22/2014 3:32PM

    emoticon What a light bulb moment. Thanks for sharing. This helped me... I was wondering what would be my plan for maintenance, grande finale. Uh hhhhmmmm keep on living because it ain't over.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SUSANELAINE1956 5/21/2014 12:58PM

    That's a lot to think about. Thanks for sharing. emoticon

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DEBB1313 5/21/2014 9:59AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon I agree you are doing it! Great message to remind yourself of each day!

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NERISSAFAYE 5/20/2014 9:14PM


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LOOPYLOU0363 5/20/2014 6:30PM

    I love your true! Never thought about it that way. emoticon emoticon emoticon
I will be watching the voice tonight on DVR and will listen for Ushers message!!!

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PJB145 5/20/2014 6:22PM

    emoticon and so true. We forget that we are not striving for an end because we are seeking a new lifestyle we can live with. We are not on a die-t we are on a live-it.

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Mind over matter~ BLC recovery blog

Saturday, May 10, 2014

One of the requirements for this weekend's challenge is to post a blog with our action plan for recovery when we get off track. Negotiating this new, healthy lifestyle is just like everything else in life. I don't have all the answers, and no magic rule book appeared out of thin air the moment I decided to embark on this journey. It is a journey of trial and error. A journey of positives and negatives. It is a journey that depends on planning ahead. Some things you can get by with flying by the seat of your pants. But not this journey.

I have learned that in pre-planning, I dictate my choices. The chaos of life, and unplanned circumstances don't get to choose what I will eat for the day or when I will find the time to exercise.....That all sounds so good, right? But the truth is, life does sometimes get in the way. We are thrown for a loop, or we have a bad day, and "forget" our healthy meal plans so painstakingly put together in advance. Our hormones fluctuate, and we eat things we shouldn't the handfuls. Or spoonfuls.

In pre-planning our meals, and our exercise for the day, or week, we can be more prepared for the days and the weeks. So, it only stands to reason to have a plan for those times when we do stumble.

My stumble recovery plan is simple.

I have gotten in the (bad) habit of staying stumbled. If I eat a bad meal, then I throw away the whole rest of the day. And because I blew a whole day, that wrecks my whole week, and I will do better...starting Monday. And then Monday rolls around, and I have a bad meal, and I have already blown a meal, then another day, and then another week, and then I will do better.... next month. It is a vicious circle of self-pity and self-hatred, and shame, and well, just about any negative word you can think of will fit in the blank here.

My stumble recovery plan is simple because all I have to do is to stop the circle. If I have a bad meal, it is just that. One meal. It doesn't have to wreck my whole day, or week, or month. If I plan ahead, I can actually undo the damage of a bad meal the same day by adjusting my sails, and not letting the winds of self destruction rock my boat off course. If I regress into former bad eating habits, I need to regroup quickly. The faster I regroup, the faster I recover.

See, it is simple~ REGRESS. REGROUP.RECOVER.

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LINDA! 5/11/2014 8:02PM


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KRZYKAT3 5/11/2014 6:25PM

    emoticon emoticon
ONe step at a time and your path will soon be long and at your goal!

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LASTXAROUND 5/11/2014 1:38PM


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BEATLETOT 5/11/2014 7:00AM

    emoticon I like this blog a lot and can SO related!!!

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LMALSBURY 5/11/2014 1:26AM


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SLIMMINGSHAY 5/10/2014 11:35PM

    Keep your head up. if you struggle, ask for help. We are always here!

Good luck!

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ROXYCARIN 5/10/2014 10:33PM


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Fitness Test- BLC 25 May 2014

Monday, May 05, 2014

These are my results for the Fitness Test at the beginning of BLC 25:

1~ Pushups done in 1 minute: 21. Puts me in the good category for my age. emoticon

2~ Crunches done in 1 minute: 24. Puts me in the good category for my age. emoticon

3~ Run/walk 1 mile: 14:12 This puts me in the excellent category for my age. emoticon

4~ 3 minute step test: 78 This puts me in the excellent category for my age. This number may be a little skewed. Test was to be completed using a 12" step, and my step is only 9". emoticon emoticon

These tests will be re-done in the middle, and again at the end of the challenge to hopefully see improvement in my fitness level.


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