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Are You Judging Me?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Last night I went out with some girlfriends from high school. I spent way more time getting ready to go out with them than I would for my husband. Additionally, I worked hard to make it look like I didnít do that.

Why am I so worried about what other people think? Why is that so hard wired into me? Iím constantly worried that someone thinks I look old, fat, ugly. Or gasp! All three! This is one of the reasons I donít go out much or have ďregularĒ girlfriends. Iím just way to self conscious.

But I had a great time. I had shrimp tacoís for the first time (no picís, see the above statement). They were so delish and I loved them so much! When I saw the bill I almost gagged because I could have made my whole fam shrimp tacoís for the $9.75 plus tip that it cost me. I guess I just donít know how much it costs to eat out since I donít really do that.

I stayed out waaaay past my bedtime and was exhausted. I subsequently overslept and missed Sunday School. Bummer! Thatís my favorite part of church.


Today I did the 10-Minute Toning Workout from SparkPeople as a type of warm up. It actually had a new ab exercise in there for me. Loved that!

After that I went outside for Run #6 of the Couch to 5K plan. It was good but I really wanted to get 2 miles in and since Iím incredibly slow (hey, Iíll get there) I wound up walking another 20 minutes.

My original plan was to do yoga afterwards but the route the I took for the walk / jog thingy took me to this:

This is the entrance to my subdivision. No that hill is not exaggerated with this camera. And to top it off once you get to the top, it goes down and thereís another one. This was on the way back so I already had done this whole thing once.

Itís why all the runners in my subdivision have great asses.


This morning when I did finally wake up I had to rush because we didnít want to be late for church.

I had whole wheat toast with almond butter. Here is the downright cruel part. I. Was. Out. Of. Milk. Rrrrr!


Lunch wasnít much better because I totally forgot that I needed to eat again so I just grabbed this:

Honestly, Iím not super crazy about Chobani other than the pomegranate. But I still ate the whole thing because itís so good for you that I felt the need.

Right before I went out for my Couch to 5K, I grabbed a handful of cashews. After the workout, I had chocolate milk because my wonderful hubby went to the store and got some for me.

Iíve also been cooking cabbage in the crockpot and it smells so yummy! Yeah, the buzzer just went off. Woohoo!

Question: What do you drink post workout?

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CARLIALICE 3/18/2012 9:26PM

    WATERMELLEN I don't really hang out with anyone often. I'm really more of a homebody. That's the first time in the last year that I've been out with anyone other than family members. I guess I'm not the greatest at social situations.

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CARLIALICE 3/18/2012 9:24PM

    FITFABJENN I just started in with the Chobani so it's all new to me. I was actually sent a bunch because I run a review and giveaway blog. I do need to try mixing it with something like you suggested. It's really the texture that bothers me the most. I grew up in a hospital due to a birth defect and I have issues with foods that you are likely to receive after a surgery. LOL!

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WATERMELLEN 3/18/2012 9:24PM

    Addiction to the approval of others: Steve Siebold ( says that's the worst addiction of all (and: related to overweight too).

You look terrific in that bright pink Tshirt!! What a pretty woman! Not old. Not fat. Not ugly. Not remotely any of those.

And: why do we choose to hang out with "friends" whom we believe could possibly be thinking such things about us??

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CARLIALICE 3/18/2012 9:22PM

    OOLALA53 You are so sweet! I don't like going to the local swimming pool but I'll go to the one at Six Flags because it's unlikely that I'll see anyone I know (even though it's local). Unfortunately, my mom was very much about appearance when I was growing up so it is so ingrained in me. I'm my worst judge!

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OOLALA53 3/18/2012 8:39PM

    I don't snack between meals whether I work out or not. You forgot that you had to eat? I rarely forget!

You are not alone in caring what others think. I had a thin colleague, thin all her life, ask if any of us in our little lunch klatch (mostly over 50) still put on bathing suits in public. You mean you wouldn't, I asked? She has a body most women would kill for. Yet she doesn't meet her own standard, which means she is probably judging others, too. Women are much tougher on each other than many men are.

I hated my body when I was younger (and weighed less) but I refused to let it stop me from going to the beach, etc. We are not here to decorate each other's worlds! The incessant emphasis on looks, clothing, fashion, etc. is wrecking our ability to see what is really important.

This is not to say I'm not glad that I've lost weight and look different in clothes or that I am completely at peace with my body. I have become more likely to wear longer sleeves because of how crepey my skin is on my arms, but it will not stop me for going to the beach or a swimming pool.

BTW, were you judging the other girlfriends? Would you have not wanted any of them not to come because she didn't look good enough? Of course not!

You are a beautiful woman and deserve to approve of yourself! emoticon

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FITFABJENN 3/18/2012 8:26PM

    I do not care for the 0% Chobani but love the 2%. Have you tried the pineapple or the mango? Those are my faves these days, especially when I mix in some granola and fresh fruit. Yum!

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A Lazy St. Patrickís Day

Saturday, March 17, 2012

What have I been doing this fine St. Patrickís day while the rest of you are out running your green themed 5 and 10Kís? Becoming totally addicted to SparkPeople!

Yes, Iíve been staring at this thing all day long. Reading articles, friending people, signing up for ďchallengesĒ. Itís nuts! Also, for the first time in ages Iíve been tracking my food. Itís not looking good.

Not good, not good. Iím supposed to meet some old girlfriends from high school for dinner at a Mexican restaurant tonight so Iím pretty sure it will be totally wack-a-do before the midnight bell rings. Oh, well. The first step is just starting to track. Right?


I guess I really was feeling the need to do make up for lost workout time over the last two days. On Twitter someone posed a 5 minute burpee challenge so I felt the need to get up and do it. Burpeeís arenít exactly my forteí so I only managed 57. How many can you do in 5 minutes?

As I mentioned I started a SparkPeople Challenge. Itís the Spring Into Shape Bootcamp. On day one youíre supposed to just do the Cardio Kickboxing Workout.

Itís only 10 minutes long and I donít know if Iím doing something wrong or not working out with the right intensity or what. But sheís all doing the ďphewĒ thing and Iím thinking that I can do this three times in a row before I even have to do one ďphewĒ. I guess I need to kick it up a notch. Or perhaps the burpeeís really got me going.

Even though the 10 minute Cardio Kickboxing was the only required part of the Bootcamp challenge (you only get off easy on day 1), I went out and did Day 2 of Week 2 of Couch to 5K since I was behind. I decided that since I know where the mile mark is for my house Iíd head out towards that so that I could see how far I can go. Not far.

All in all according to the fit tracker I havenít even burned off my chocolate milk.


When I woke up this morning I was so lazy that I didnít even make breakfast right away. After an hour of practically howling at me, I finally got up and tended to Jeffrey. Who incidentally didnít need a thing. He just wanted to make sure I was up. Since I was up I decided to make some breakfast.

Keeping with my lazy streak, I had a cup of fat free cottage cheese. I recently read that the low fat is better than the fat free but I actually prefer the taste of the fat free. Weird?

A little later I grabbed a bunch of cashews. I forgot I was tracking my food intake and didnít measure so I had to guestimate how many I ate.


For lunch I had the salad I made for lunch on Wednesday. I guess Iím a little off. This shouldnít happen anymore. Fingers crossed!

It did have plenty of the good lettuce I like, tomatoes, green onion, bell pepper, and some chicken. I pretty much use Newmanís Own Light Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing all the time. Just because itís all natural and easier than making my own.

After my run I had some chocolate milk and grapes. Mmmmm grapes. I was surprised I even found the grapes. Itís hard to keep fruit around here.

Despite the rain itís been a nice day outside. So Jeffrey has been very angry that I wonít let him out on the porch. He bit me a few times to show me heís boss.

He also gets in his tree (which is taller than me) and hangs off the side looking at me like gangsta kitty. Iím shaking in my tennis shoes!

Question: What are you doing this St. Patrickís day?


What Is Your Pain Point?

Friday, March 16, 2012

Sorry no pics today. Iíve forgot my camera the last few days and Iíve been eating pretty crappy anyway. I could put the pick up of all the massive amounts of fruit I eat but I think you have probably figured out that I love fruit. I also didnít work out yesterday or today. Iíd tell you I feel bad about it. But I donít. Which got me thinking about peopleís pain point.

Would I love to have six pack abs? Sure! Would I love to fit back into my size 0 pants without massive muffin top? Sure! Am I gonna? Probably. But not today. Because Iím happy. But not the kind of happy where I throw everything out the window and have to start all over again.

You see, I admit it, Iím a very lucky girl. While I think genetics only plays a small part in your weight, I was lucky to lean more towards my dad in the metabolism area. While my mom is overweight I really donít remember her eating much in front of me so I didnít pick up any bad habits from a behavioral perspective. Although truth be told sheíd shed some pounds if she ate more. EAT YOUR BREAKFAST MOM!

Additionally, my husband loves me at 90 pounds and at 120 pounds. While heíd never admit to a preference, I know heís happiest when Iím somewhere in the middle. Which is where Iím at now. It makes it hard for me to work to the six pack abs point. If I feel good about myself and my husband is happyÖ it sure makes for a happy house.

So this weekend Iíve decided that Iíll go on a fitness bender and eat well and do all my makeup exercises. Iíll feel good about myself and this will continue. How long? I donít know. As long as the scale doesnít get higher (which it doesnít). Iím happy!

You know what else has helped? Turning off the electronics. When I come home from staring at the computer all day I just donít want to look at it anymore. So donít be surprised if I become a weekends only blogger.

Lifeís too short not to be happy. But donít think this means Iím giving up exercise. Never! I do actually love it. I just like to take a few days off now and then.

Question: What is your pain point? What makes you happy?


Food Prep Sunday

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Today was a great day! I had read on the CLICK website about using it as a meal replacement in the morning in order to lose weight so I did that.

Itís in my fave Cool Gear cup that I go everywhere with. Itís awesome! However, using CLICK as a diet tool without any other food in my stomach is a huge no. This is just way too much caffeine for me to deal with and about an hour in I had the jitters. So I either need to take food with this or cut down to a half serving. It just tastes so darn good.

Iím not sure if it was the caffeine or what but today in Sunday school we talked about confession and absolution of sins. I had tears rolling down my face like a big baby. Nobody said anything. But my husband, who I know was having a bad day, said ďLetís go to churchĒ even though I know he wasnít up to it physically. Itís his way of taking care of me without being pushy. Love that man!

We drove Colton to work but we had a little time to spare so we went to Schnuckís. Jason hates going in there because it costs so much but it was the only place I could find a honey dew. I also picked up some turkey burgers, cottage cheese, and Runnerís World (because it was the weight-loss special; I have no idea what all those running terms were).

When I came home I had a plum and cottage cheese with walnuts and a touch of honey. The honey got stuck on my fork and the first bite almost made me gag because it was too sweet. I stirred it up a little more and wiped off the fork which made it a little better.

There was a slight break in the rain so I went outside and finished my first week of Couch to 5K. Was really thrilled that there was a rain break because I wasnít looking forward to the treadmill. Afterwards I did 30 minutes of Pilates to stretch my body. My body is finally getting used to the new routine. Iím going to try one more week at this pace and if Iím still feeling okay after that, Iíll add more weight training back in.

I have the fattest face in the world with my hood up but it was way past my level of cold tolerance out there!

Since my energy was up I started on my food prep for the week. I already had grilled chicken and brown rice from last night so I didnít have much more work to do. I grilled up the turkey burgers, grilled cauliflower, baked a sweet potatoes the size of my first born child and chopped a lot of veggies.

At this point I was so hungry I stuck a turkey burger on some bread and munched on a few pieces of cauliflower. Started reading my many, many mags and the next thing I know itís 6:00 pm!

Couch to 5K Summary:

Weeks Complete: 1

Runs Complete: 3

Dog Mauls Survived: 1

Work tomorrow. I think Iíll go in early since Iím way behind from taking Friday off. And my posts will be back at the usual time Ė really late. I was just so full of energy today I kept going and going.

Question: Do you prep your food on the weekend? What types of things do you do?


Jumping Into the Deep End

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I had a lot of thinking to do about fitness, blogging, my life, and my goals. See awhile back (November Ď10) I had a surgery. Prior to that surgery I really wanted to do a fitness competition Ė although my abs have always been hidden in a crazy layer of fat . I was still in the best shape of my life. But due to my boss refusing to let me off work for this surgery (she did this in her sneaking way always telling me to get another opinion, saying she discussed with her MD brother, etc.) it reached a life threatening situation and I had to get this done. Right then I knew it was time to walk away from a 10+ year job that had totally sucked the life out of me.

When I was in recovery, I started a blog that was intended to be a fitness blog but not having the ability to actually workout and needing money to walk away from this job, I started getting into couponing. I also got my fur baby right before all of this (hubs wanted to cheer me up) and he had kitty issues of his own.

AwwwÖwasnít he a precious little boy? Now heís practically grown. LOL!

This led me to start a coupon blog that led to a review and giveaway blog. Writing posts, advertising, reaching out to potential sponsors, picking winners, dealing with sponsors that donít deliver to winnersÖ.all of this lead to a huge time suck. And a very serious case of blogger butt. The good news is that being the only wage earner for my family this gave me an opportunity to provide gifts and goodies without anything out of my pocket. Yeah! It also supplied all my makeup, hair products, etc. Super yeah! So the question is, can I keep this up?

The last few days I was comparing my goals and ambitions vs. what Iím actually doing. After much thought I decided to phase out my review blog and focus on my fitness and getting back into the best shape of my life. So going forward youíre going to see a whole new me. Iím jumping into the deep in. No more toe dipping in the shallow end.