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Ideas for trying new foods!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A long time ago, I was actually trying new whole foods and posting blogs about them each week. This didn't last too long though. It seems I ran out of ideas quickly, and really liked the ones that I did try, so I kept buying them instead continuing to try new ones. EG: Polenta. now on my plate at least 2-3 times a week. Same with quinoa.

So does anyone have suggestions on other things that I can try? They have to be easy to prepare, and I only feed myself and my bf, so nothing that you make too much of. Maybe a new fruit or veggie?

Short blog - yes, but I cut my thumb washing dishes, so typing is... tiresome. Five stitches though, yikes!

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KALISWALKER 1/17/2010 10:04AM

    I am eating high fibre dinners this year. I cook a big batch of brown Basmati rice, a pot of beans (cooked in beef broth) and baked squash or sweet potatos. I serve them as side or integrate them in other recipes. I haven't found it boring.

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TALLTABBY 1/16/2010 9:08PM

  I would sugest getting a new cook book. Those tend to be full of new ideas. My new favorite is Hungry Girl 200 under 200, there are so many great things to try in that book.

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Searching for my lost motivation

Saturday, January 09, 2010

After having read The Spark and realizing that even though I've met my weight loss goals I can still use the book as a resource for other goals, I've had a lot to think about. At the end of the week, and after much journaling, I've pinpointed the following goals I have for 2010:

1. Pass the CPA exam.
2. Land a professional, full time job that will make me feel proud of myself.
3. Continue to build and strengthen my relationships with friends, family and my boyfried.
4. Run a 5k (Well, this IS, after all! There has to be one health goal!)

It is very hard to me to stay motivated however. I was supposed to take the CPA exam last year. After two years of taking accounting classes, I was told that I could not sit for the exam because one of the requirments is that yoou have to have a four year accredited degree. They do not care what the degree is in, so long as it is accredited. Well, I THOUGHT it was! Before I started loading up on accounting and business courses at my community college (another requirement) I called my school up and made sure that my degree was accredited by the CHEA, which I was informed it was. Turns out, however, that my degree was not accredited by the CHEA until AFTER I graduated. Seven months after, to be exact! After challenging the CPA board and getting documentation of all my coursework in an attempt todemonstrate that my degree was accredited in substance, if not form, my case was lost after a couple months and I was told I'd have to resubmit my documents.

This was a battle I was not going to win.

So, I have spent the last year pursuing a BA in management becuase it is the fastest way I can concievably earn an accredited degree. But it is draining me mentally (as I sit in classes that I have either a) taken before or b) are below my learning level) and financially (thousands of dollars in student loans that I was never prepared for when I initially saved up to retturn to school) and emotionally.

I am tired, and hoping that I can find the motivation to continue with this. Every day for the past two years I have heard nothing but how there are no jobs, and as I get older I am very aware that I am not a fresh out of college grad but someone who's resume is a scattered mess of part-time jobs, unrelated degrees no measurable accomplishments.
! emoticon
I've been pluggin along becuase I just don't even know what else to do. People say I'm motivated and they admire my able to continue pursuing my goals, but really I just don't know how else to go on. My hope is by using the techniques of The Spark I can rekindle the motivation and energy I had when I initially started my pursuit of the CPA and when I hit my goal weight. I've found thusfar that motivating others on message boards helps keep me positive toa point.

Thanks for listening as I send this off into the internet wilderness! I think I feel better already just writing this out even if no one reads it.

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KALISWALKER 1/9/2010 6:35PM

    I am a professional accountant in Canada. I went to night school for 7 years, so I know how exhausting it is. Towards the end I was ready to give up, but thankfully I didn't. I had great career opportunites and great earnings. The current state of the economy will not last forever and in the future you will have your CPA designation and your choice of jobs.

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Taking control!

Monday, January 04, 2010

OK, I have been a bit overwhelmed by a lot of stuff that has been going on for a long time now. I will post "my story" some other time, but know that 2009 was a STRESSFUL year for me. One of the reasons I joined sparkpeople and launched a healthy lifestyle is becuase I felt, and still feel, like it is the only part of my life that I CAN control. I can't help that I needed to start my education all over again, or couldn't find a full time job, or am now completely broke, living with my parents/boyfriend, etc. etc... BUT - I could take control of what I was cramming into my mouth (McDonalds, cookies, chocolate) and get up and MOVE.

I'm really proud of my accomplishments. It took me almost a year to lose that 30 lbs. but now I'm healtheir than ever and feeling like I've regained some control in my life. That being said, I look at what is ahead for me in 2010, and I am terrified! I have such goals and I've been working towards them for so long, I feel like if I don't reach them in 2010 I just will not be able to cope with it. I know that isn't true, really, becuase I said the same thing in January 2009, and I'm still alive and kicking, with a loving family and boyfriend and my health. Still, it's overwhelming...

I am very glad I just read The Spark. I am going to use it to help me reach my other goals. I know how to live a healthy lifestyl. In fact, I just lost the last bit that I gained over the holidays without hardly even trying and today is my first day of not depending on the nutrtition tracker. I am learning intuitive eating and working out is a habit. However, it seems to me that I can apply the same techniques and strategies I used to lose weight to reach my other goals. I just need to plan out how and break things down into little spark streaks like when I started losing weight.

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FIT_MAMAD 1/8/2010 8:55PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
Sounds like you've taken quite a journey! I'm sure 2010 will be a successful year for you.

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    Great Blog!

I have only started reading The Spark but I agree that you can use the principals in the rest of your life too! Great book!

Congrats on losing 30 lbs forever! Good luck with your Intuitive Eating Plan!!

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Winter tragedy

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Alas, my little blue car has been the victim of winter weather. I was going to turn left into a gas station over what looked like a harmless little strip of snow leftover from the snow plows, only to get my car TOTALLY STUCK in the middle of the busiest road during rush hour because the harmless strip of snow was in actuality the *ahem* median. Soooo embarrassing. Police are all over, the fire department shows up because gas is leaking all over and I had to be towed. Traffic was moved off to side streets and everything.

BUT - was amazed me is how calm I've been. I never panicked or got overly frustrated. I only swore once or twice to myself, I let the cops handle everything, and when it was over I had my boyfriend pick me up and get some nice hot curry in me.

It got me thinking - if this had happened a year ago, I would have been near tears and completely angry at the world. I honestly think that eating better and exercising has been a big factor in this change in attitude. I was calm and had an "Oh well" attitude that I've never really had before. Yeah, I'm still mad at myself, but what can you do? I'm lucky I wasn't hurt, I have insurance, and friends and fam to help me get around until my car is back up and running!

I just wanted to share, because I feel really great about how much better my life has been since I've been making healthier choices, and I definitely think that how I dealt with this has been a dramatic change from how I've dealt with similar "panic moments" in the past!

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LADYAMELIA 12/8/2009 11:26PM

    Thank goodness you're okay!

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No new food this week. :-(

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Well, the couscous that I made was great! It seems like it's a little high in calories, but it's totally worth it! So that is now a staple along with the polenta and quinoa.

I don't really have a new food to try this week though. I'm still waiting for these persimmons that my boyfriend bought to ripen. It's been a week though, I think maybe it's time to just eat them.

I did play around with tofu a bit. I've made it before, this time around I fried it up with some brown rice and veggies. Very good with a little soy sauce.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


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