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Mid-month reflections

Sunday, September 18, 2011

If you have never had the experience of getting an Elementary School Sickness, I'm going to tell you that you should thank your lucky stars. Thursday morning I went to the gym for a little swim, and by Thursday afternoon, I was on the couch passed out. I slept all of Thursday afternoon and night, and then again all of Friday night when I got home. Nyquil + Motrin = a happily snoozing Carrie. All that's left of my sickness is a little stuffy nose, but I can deal with that!

Saturday was my Crappy Errand Day. I had to go get my oil changed and then go get my picture taken for my new drivers license. Oil change took almost four hours. I have no idea why nobody told me it would take so long, but I did manage to re-read The Happiness Project, which I wanted to do anyway.
After that, it was off to the DMV. Saturday is the WORST day to go, but I didn't really have a choice. It was the only day I could go. So three hours later, my new drivers license shows my official married name! I am so super excited.

So it's the middle of September - how I am doing?

Workouts - really well! I've managed to make it to just about every scheduled workout.

Sleeping - I've been doing pretty well with this. A few days of less than eight hours when school started - I was really underestimating how much time it took my to do things at night. So I've started getting everything done right when I get home - packing the next day's lunch, putting things away, doing things around the house... that way I can eat dinner and then relax until it's time for bed.

Eating - (this is where you should play the "wah-wah" trombone sound.) My eating has been all over the place. I do really really well and then BOOM I have a crappy day and it's Chinese food and chocolate cake for dinner. Back to doing well doing well doing well and then BOOM I sit in waiting rooms all day without eating ALL DAY and then it's a hoagie and ice cream for dinner (although I made the hoagie at home and Brad and I shared the ice cream; I didn't eat the whole pint in one sitting). I am really struggling with my food journal. I feel so much better when I keep track of what I eat, I'm just having trouble getting into the habit of keeping track. I'd love to hear suggestions of what you all do to make sure you track all your food!

I'm feeling pretty good all around. My tons of water have been really good for my skin - I can't remember when my skin looked so good (thanks to the water and the five skin prescriptions I use!). I changed my makeup, and I think my skin is thanking me for this.

My lunch is packed for tomorrow; all I have to do yet is figure out what I'm going to wear tomorrow (although it *is* a dress-down day - I think jeans sound pretty good right about now) and get my gym clothes ready. Tomorrow night is kickboxing, but I think I'd like to do a little running in the morning.

Off to get ready!

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HIKINGLEAH 9/19/2011 9:07AM

    Great job moving toward your goals. I have trouble with eating too - for some reason it seems to be the hardest part. Workouts are a piece of cake, but I have a mental block when it comes to eating sometimes.

Also, great idea in tracking sleep as a goal. I might have to steal that one. :-)

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KALIGIRL 9/19/2011 8:34AM

    You should be feeling good - you're doing emoticon

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TABBALOOSA 9/19/2011 7:54AM

    I love how up you are even when there's some bumps in the road or mundane stuff like long oil changes. Keep it up! Have a fab week!

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GOTTALIVEFREE 9/19/2011 5:43AM

    I seem to have hit a wall too. I think it might have something to do with the season changing. But. I'm not giving up! I had some very encouraging weeks and guess what? Those Calvins? They are back into the rotation! :) :) :)

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    I am having trouble with the eating part as well. I am just like you a bad day and I have a bag of chips in my hands. I am starting a new 12 week challenge Where I must follow my food plan and fitness plan.

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Le sigh...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

So a few blogs back I complained about not being allowed to have lights in my classroom. Ok. Fine. So I went out and bought "Classroom Light Filters" to cover up my fluorescent lights in my classroom. Fine. They are made FOR those lights. Anyway, very long and annoying story short, I am not allowed to have those on my lights, either. Apparently head of maintenance doesn't want them covering my lights. But when I asked why, there was no reason. Just "no."

So here's the REALLY annoying part. If someone gives me a reason for something, I will let it go and deal with it. But there was no reason for this. Just "no." And what really gets my goat is that I purchased these things based on research that says filtered light is SO much better than straight cool fluorescent lights. But nobody seems to get that. They think I'm doing this to "make my room look pretty." I say if I wanted something to look pretty, I'd spend the money on my own house, not the darn school.

And like I said, I usually let things go. But I can't let this go. I really believe this is the right thing to do... so I'm documenting EVERYTHING at this point. My headaches (and yes, I did have one yesterday), the kids' behavior (and I DID notice a change yesterday - document that sucker!) and my squinty eyes. And it just so happened that last night I had an eye doctor appointment - I asked her about the lights, and right away she said "oh those things can cause really nasty headaches." So she was nice enough to write me a letter (it's in the mail) about the lights and how they aren't good for you.

I don't know if I'm going to do anything yet, I have to talk to some people and decide if it's worth it. I like my job, and would like to keep it.


Ok enough complaining.

- morning swim
- afternoon chiro appointment with a massage!!!
- lunch packed by my hubs
- it's Friday Eve!
- the weather will be cooler!

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COOPSM 9/17/2011 4:08PM

    Carrie---hope you get your will benefit all.....are you union??

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PILLOWFOOL 9/17/2011 2:53AM

    it sucks that they won't let you make a change that only has benifits for both you and your kiddos! I'm so sorry. I hope that the letter helps you out!!!

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    I hadn't realized all that but it makes sense. now I see on the sept. thtread you're sick. hope you're feeling better soon. We're getting the same stuff thru our house.

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TABBALOOSA 9/15/2011 9:04PM

    Sounds like you're going about it with a positive approach. Hang in there! It's neat how much you care.

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KALIGIRL 9/15/2011 8:18AM

    Great daily goals

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BILLALEX70 9/15/2011 6:10AM

    Good luck with a peaceful resolve!

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Here comes the hump...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I already got my strength training done for today. I love going to the gym in the morning - the only small problem is that I never seem to have enough time to get everything done. I already cut my rest time in between sets in half (The New Rules of Lifting for Women does plans where there are two minutes (!) of rest in between sets)... and I stretch and do box jumps between the sets, but my abs work and/or my interval stuff suffers.

But anyway... my day always seems to be much better when I've gone to the gym in the morning.

- water water water! I've been doing well with drinking all my water, so I just need to keep it up!
- eye doctor after school. This is down at my mom's house (yes, I still go to the eye doctor an hour away. She knows my family history well.) so we are meeting for dinner before my appointment.
- Figure out what I'm wearing tomorrow. I had a little panic attack (well not really an attack) this morning when I wasn't sure what I was going to wear. Turns out I forget that I had already picked out my dress for today when I got home from school yesterday. Ha!
- Stay positive! I'm reading The Happiness Project right now... it's a wonderful book and I'm learning a lot from it. It's inspiring my to start my own Happiness Project... and while I didn't plan anything yet, I'm working on staying positive.

Well that's it... Happy Hump Day!

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BILLALEX70 9/14/2011 8:47AM

    Happy Wednesday!

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LUVS2BIKE101 9/14/2011 8:32AM

    You have a great positive attitude! And your "planning ahead" will only help you succeed on your journey to better health. Enjoy today and every day!

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A totally unexpected side effect of getting healthy

Monday, September 12, 2011

My self esteem used to be in the toilet. Even in high school when I had lots of friends and had a great time hanging out with them, I was the fat one, the one with the pimply face, the one wearing the baggy black clothing... ugh I try to forget about that. Never in a million years did I think I'd be confident enough to smile, wear my hair back, and even go out in public without makeup. But really, I never thought that I'd EVER feel attractive.

So I found Brad and he loved me but my self esteem was still very low. It was hard for me to imagine someone finding me attractive and loving me.

I found Spark and totally turned my life around. I am so different from the girl I used to be - I look at people now, smile more, and wear much better-fitting clothing (my mom actually found this funny the other weekend when we went shopping - she commented on how I used to wear such big baggy things and now I was wearing more fitted clothing and it looked good). My self esteem is (most days) pretty high... and today it totally skyrocketed.

- one of the kindergarten teachers told me how pretty I looked today. I love being called pretty.
- the kids at school commented on my nice nails (OPI Big Apple Red - I LOVE this color) and my dress (a cute purple shirt dress - fitted!). And I teach K-2 - they don't lie. They tell you if your hair looks funny and ask you "what is that?" as they point to a giant zit on your forehead.
- Brad called me from work to ask if I got the money for the contractor and said to me "is he there yet? I don't want you there alone with him for very long."

The last one is really what this blog is about. The contractor. Only a couple years ago, I would see someone who looked like the contractor and freeze up. No eye contact, no smiling, I probably wouldn't have even hired him because I was afraid that he was looking at how fat and nasty I was. But now? He came to the house over the summer to give an estimate, and there was no self-consciousness. I smiled, I made eye contact, and I did lots of giggling and flirting (I guess it was, I don't even remember how to flirt!). And I think this got us a pretty good deal on our siding. We got a nice cash discount and I felt like I could ask for things because I gave him a smile.

So anyway, it's not like in a million years anything would ever happen - I'd be a fool - but it was really nice to feel like Brad was worried about me and the contractor being alone! And ladies, this is one sexy contractor. Today he was working in his cutoff shorts and his muscle shirt, and I think I caught myself staring more than once at his biceps. Ha!

So shallow? Yeah, a little, but I think I saved us some cash because of my self esteem. So I guess getting healthy is good for lots of stuff. It felt so good to come home today and not have to worry about sucking it in just because the contractor was here. It felt good just to feel good in my own skin and not have to think I had to change anything to make myself presentable to anyone else.

I am totally worth it.

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    How sweet is that??!!!!! and yeah, I'm with Lynn-where are the pics of this hottie??? LOL!
I've come a long way,too-love it when hubby told me that the young mechanic at his shop thinks I'm hot(yes, he has no fear to tell his boss that.) And I love it much more when hubby himself says,"You are so hot." or "I love watching you walk away in those shorts." ooo-la-la!!!!
I'm thrilled for you,Carrie. Your blog title is so true-there are many bonuses to being fit and healthy! I'm so glad you're enjoying them.

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MARIAGRACE111 9/13/2011 12:11PM

    Love this! Hooray for healthy self-esteem! And hooray for good deals!
I'm with the others. Time for some stealthy pic taking

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KALIGIRL 9/13/2011 8:52AM

    So glad to hear it!

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    emoticon Good for you, sweetpea. Learning to love yourself is one of the greatest gifts ever.

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TABBALOOSA 9/12/2011 10:38PM

    You ARE totally worth it! I love what you said about feeling good in your own skin - that's an awesome way to be, isn't it?!

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    Kids are so honest and funny! LOL. Proud of you for being more self-confident!

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    My self esteem was pretty low as well up until a few years ago. It is amazing at how the weight loss changed our out looks on things.

Any pics of those biceps it is so easy to get pics these days with cell phones lol

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LYNNANN43 9/12/2011 8:55PM

    What a cute blog! emoticon

But next time, take pics of the cute contractor;-) emoticon

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COOPSM 9/12/2011 8:51PM

    You are WORTH It!!! SO lgad for the personal changes you have made...I struggled like you with the self esteem...its nice to feel better about yourself!!! Pix of the contractor??? You can sneak one can't you?? LOL

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GREENTHUMB70 9/12/2011 7:23PM

    No kids that age don't lie lol. They have found out how to engage their edit buttons either. emoticon

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BLUEANGELLK 9/12/2011 6:55PM

    I am tearing up just reading this. You have come so far. It is so hard to build up the "steam" in self-(e)steam. Good for you!!!

P.S. If you can, post a picture of this contractor, I might need to have some work done!!! LOL!!

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

I don't know if this is cheating or not, but I am counting today's cleaning and marathon cooking session as my cardio. I had cardio scheduled on my calendar... it looks like I'm going to have to schedule in some more rest days since I'm really working hard on my strength training days.

So I was in the kitchen all day today, making food for the week. I love having good food ready to go for dinner and lunch.

Even managed to sneak in a nap today!

Not much else to report...

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BILLALEX70 9/12/2011 6:00AM

    Sounds like a perfect day!

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MIAMIA7 9/11/2011 8:28PM

    What did ya make Carrie? I really need to make food on Sunday for the week. Bobby does most of the weekly cooking but we get stuck on what to have every day. We still have Derek home and try to cook for him also but still try to eat right. Good job on being organized and yes I believe you can count it as cardio.

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COOPSM 9/11/2011 8:20PM

    Sounds like a good day.....don't get burned out!!! Nap sounds great!!

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    I could use one of your naps, lol.

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